Georges St-Pierre has Returned to the Gym, but He’s Heavier than Ever

November 4, 2014
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Former UFC welterweight kingpin Georges St-Pierre has yet to declare whether he has retired for good or whether he plans to eventually return to the Octagon.

UFC president Dana White is insistent that his former champ will fight again, pointing to St-Pierre recently gaining medical clearance and returning to the gym. That, according to GSP, however, means little.

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Georges St Pierre Sept GSP 2012_1957“I’m going to tell you the truth, I always train. I started training when I was seven years old, and I never stopped. Training is part of my life, so it doesn’t mean anything,” St-Pierre said on a recent Chael Sonnen podcast.

“It doesn’t mean that I’m going to be back or not. Whether I retire or not, or if I come back or not, I’m always going to be training. I like to feel in shape. I like to feel good in my own skin and that’s why I’m training.”

St-Pierre’s return to training comes after he had surgery on the left anterior cruciate ligament he tore during training in March. While it doesn’t mean that the former champion will be back in the Octagon, if he did decide to fight again, St-Pierre would face a quandary over what weight class he would compete in.

Having become the pre-eminent welterweight in the world, St-Pierre said that he is currently as heavy as he’s ever been, leading to speculation about whether or not he might make a shift to middleweight if he were to begin fighting again.

“I’m bigger than I’ve ever been right now. Because of my rehab, I wasn’t able to like martial arts training, so I did a lot of strength and conditioning mixed with a lot of gymnastics. I gained a lot of muscle mass,” he said.

“I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life. I’m 200 pounds right now. I used to walk around at 188, 190. Now I’m 200 pounds.”

You’d think that would naturally force St-Pierre to consider middleweight if he were to fight, perhaps setting up a long anticipated showdown with Anderson Silva, who is making his own return to the Octagon in January.

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But don’t hold your breath on that.

“Still, at 200 pounds, it’s still welterweight,” St-Pierre said. “The guys in my division are over 200 pounds. They walk around at more than 200 pounds. Even before, when I used to compete, I was very small. I have a very large frame that makes me look bigger because I have a long reach, but I’m not very heavy. I’m a small guy for the elite of my weight class actually.”

Again, St-Pierre has already warned us not to read much into his return to the gym, so the discussion about weight class is obviously premature as well, but it sounds like if he ever returns, it will be to his former division of glory.

For now, we will continue to await St-Pierre’s sabbatical to play out… one way or another.

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  • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

    Back on the sauce possibly??? It seems like people who go out of their way to accuse everyone else of using steroids is probably guilty of using themselves at some point in their career. Back in GSP’s hay day anyone could beat those lousy LOW TECH PED tests. Don’t forget alot of GSP’s biggest fights were in Canada and until last few years there was NO testing in Canada. Also only testing that was being done in the UFC during 90% of GSP’s fights didn’t detect HGH, EPO’s, Victor Conte’s (CLEAR) which helped Barry Bonds hit 80 home runs in the late 90’s. Anyone with GSP’s resources would have had any easy time beating those weaker and weak PED tests. Keep in mind GSP had over 8 months to clean up for his very first “REAL” Olympic caliber steroid testing ie: Carbon isotope “BLOOD” testing so to say GSP has ever been randomly tested is incorrect. What basically made me suspicious of GSP’s previous PED usage is how much different physically eh looked at the Hendricks weigh ins. He had lost a ton of his muscle mass and was nowhere near as ripped as he had been before. Sorry but GSP didn’t pass the eye test at all and he looked even worse in the cage taking the worst beating of his career in a fight where every major MMA website had him losing along with every top MMA writer. The ref even cane forward and said GSP clearly lost that fight. Dana had more to lose than anyone (PPV $$$) and he about came unhinged at that horrible decision. Now GSP fans act like it was no big deal GSP won that fight which is total B.S.. What’s even worse is when Dana announced an immediate rematch and GSP refused and ran for the hills. I mean that in itself should reflect big time on his legacy. How would’ve GSP felt if Serra and Hughes refused a rematch. I guess its no different when GSP refused to fight Hendricks the first time and instead demanded to fight Diaz. Tristar and the UFC more than went out of their way to try and get GSP out of fighting Hendricks by having Rory drop out of the Condit fight on a weeks notice and get the UFC to make Hendricks fight Condit ( hoping Hendricks would lose) even though Hendricks had already earned his title shot and was the clear #1 contender. That was pure sleazy on Tristar and GSP’s part. Well at least we now know why GSP didn’t want to fight Hendricks because he got his butt beat real bad

    • Austin, TX

      You’re dumb. 😉

    • Abe Lincoln

      Obvious troll. GSP is a class act and would never cheat. If he needed anything anabolic to heal, he would certainly not fight with that advantage. If we had 7 billion GSPs on earth, the world would be a very kind place to live.

      • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

        GSP has been suspected of PED usage his entire career. That is why he pulled that all that B.S and jumped in bed with Victor Conte and VADA. Everyone could see GSP looked completely different physically after cleaning up for VADA testing for 8 months. GSP thought he could beat Hendricks without his HGH and EPO’s and it back fired and he got his butt kicked real bad

        • Sir_Roy

          You spin your shady facts by ignoring everything that exists to contradict. Especially with regards the “GSP ran for the hills” comment. His imminent retirement was a cat that was literally catapulted out of the bag well before the Hendricks fight. So how is that running for the hills bud? He said he was stepping away RIGHT after being announced the winner, standing in the Octagon, before millions of viewers. Well before an immediate rematch was ever pronounced I’m afraid.

          As to the rest, well, Christ bud, you don’t need performance enhancers to “look” ripped and in shape. Try training hard 6 days of the week and eating good foods. 5-8% body fat will come with the package. Y’know, kind of like how these fighters train.

          GSP passed the “eye” test just fine. He looked no different during the weigh ins (gaunt and dehydrated) in his Hendricks fight than he had in his Diaz or Carlos fight before …

        • Jason Priest

          Your in every thread spewing the same, idiotic drivel. Please shut up now.

        • TrentSki

          You nailed it

    • Sir_Roy

      One last thing … you don’t slowly gain 10 lbs of lean muscle mass over a 6 – 8 month period when injecting. Those are gains that come through training naturally. Average person training optimally can gain roughly 1 lbs of lean muscle mass per month. But the way GSP has personal trainers, nutritionists and the works, he can probably push for more.

      10 lbs of muscle seems just about right bud.

      Easy to gain 30+ lbs in a few short months injecting if your use is geared principally toward lean muscle mass gains with minimal water retention (i.e. using Dianobol).

      But yeah, ohhhh, ah, 10 lbs of muscle mass!!! Wow!!! Must be steroids. Whatever.

    • Guest


  • James Williams

    If the UFC moves to same day weigh ins, all that changes.

  • Aotearoa’s Fedor

    So many comments about GSP being on the sauce, blah blah blah. Of course he’d gain muscle. With his natural frame he could walk around at 240 and still be athletic.

    • Sir_Roy

      Very true.

    • TrentSki

      Maybe he shouldn’t go off the juice again, the one time he did, he got his ass kicked by Fitch

      • Sir_Roy

        What the “F” are you going on about?

      • Trent = King dummy

        WTF are you talking about?!? You’re as stupid, as you look gay in ur pic. Yeah, GSP sure did get his ass kicked by Fitch, I mean Fitch’s face only looked like he got jumped by 3 guys with baseball bats! Stick to ballet junior and let the adults talk/post about MMA.
        P.S your mom is calling, it’s bed time!
        “got his ass kicked by Fitch” – BAHAHAHAHA someone certainly knows his MMA alright!

        • TrentSki

          Cool story bro

          Maybe go back to playing with your he man figurines and leave the adults alone

          Annoying lil shit

          • earlsimmons

            learn to troll bro…your material is old.

          • TrentSki

            How’s being stupid working out for you?

        • TrentSki

          First think, then talk. Dumb ass

  • TrentSki

    When GSP fought Matt Hughes, Hughes looked like he belong in the lightweight division, GSP looked massive in comparison

    • Jason Priest

      He’s a big welterweight. Always has been.

      • TrentSki

        Well he says there is heavier welterweights, I doubt Fitch was heavier, Hughes was definitely not heavier

        • Raymond

          hughes was not heavier than GSP??? Were you even watching UFC then???? Hughes was definitely heavier. Matt Hughes is like 5’9″ and is a corn fed country boy. Even in interviews with other fighters they would say how his neck was like concrete and how heavy he was. Hendricks was saying how light GSP was in the clinch…..hmm go figure dude.

          • TrentSki

            Watch GSP vs Hughes 2 and then talk

      • Jason Pries = dummy

        Are you stupid or just dumb? GSP was never a big WW, and had you read the entire article, you would have knwon that he looks bigger than what he is, which is why he;s gaining size. He looked big vs Serra & BJ, and maybe Hughes, but only b/c Hughes is shorter, but Hughes was thicker.
        Trent: FYI Fitch was over 200lbs when he fough at WW, he actually fought MW before he moved up to WW, and he currently fights at MW now. Fitch, Koscheck, Alves, Hardy, Shields, Diaz, Condit & Hendricks were/are all above 200lbs while they fought @ WW. Look at Anthony Johnson he used to be 225-230lbs figthing at 170lbs. Hendricks cuts from 220-225lbs to 170lbs, even MacDonald & Lawler are above 200lbs.

  • Cody

    No matter what weight division he is in… he will kick ass! GSP for life!