Georges St-Pierre Fitness App Lets You Work Out With the UFC Champ

May 12, 2013
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Georges St-Pierre TouchFit-110x77UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre is considered one of the most well conditioned athletes, not only in the fight game, but in the world.

He’s already leveraged his popularity and love for fitness into a popular DVD training series called Rushfit, and has now followed that up with his own fitness app.

Touchfit is available for iPhone and iPad in the iTunes App Store for $6.99.

Touchfit is billed as a “Smart Fitness” exercise app that learns from the way you interact with it, customizing the workouts it creates for you based on your use and performance.

“To get better for each fight, I adapt my training each and every workout, pushing myself closer to my maximum potential. My new app, created together with my Trainer Patrick Beauchamp, will do the same for you,” St-Pierre said about the app.

“It adapts and learns each time you train, tailoring each workout to your current level of fitness.”

Touchfit has over 500 video exercises help master strength, explosive power, endurance and flexibility, while developing neuromuscular control for better balance, coordination and speed.

The exercises require minimal equipment, as to make most exercises available whenever you want and wherever you’re at.

The app also includes nutrition principles for performance and injury recovery.

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  • FightProfessor


    • Ooowillow

      You sound like you would like to lay on someone for 25 min
      My guess is that gsp would ko you in about 25 seconds

      • shakejunt

        the “well, he’d beat you up” defense gets a little tired when the criticism is semi-accurate.

        • urdooomb

          ha! what do you expect from the lil dooomb nerds here.

          “He can kick your arse!!!”
          <–yeah yeah yeah.

    • Nick

      Apparently you missed that 3rd round when he completely outboxed Nick Diaz.

      • FightProfessor

        Apparently you missed the last 60 rounds or so

  • Trevor

    Good on George for making more money off his name…..another app that people can buy and continue to sit on their asses! Btw to all you idiots who would prefer to use this article to critique GSP fights……I really doubt he is particularly concerned with your opinion! and his wallet thanks you for paying his bills! Why doesn’t someone also chime in about a super fight …blah blah blah …the repetitive comments on this website are feeling real old.