Georges St-Pierre Doesn’t Want to Fight Anderson Silva, “That’s a Fact,” Says Dana White

July 4, 2013
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Anderson Silva vs Georges St-Pierre 478x270Talk of a superfight between UFC welterweight titleholder Georges St-Pierre and middleweight champion Anderson Silva has swirled for years, but according to UFC president Dana White, St-Pierre doesn’t want the fight.

“Georges St-Pierre would not even think about this fight because Anderson Silva isn’t going to win (against Chris Weidman), according to Georges St-Pierre,” said White following the UFC 162 pre-fight press conference on Thursday.  But there’s more to the story.

When asked if he sensed St-Pierre doesn’t want the fight, White said, “There’s no doubt about it.  That’s a fact.”

“St-Pierre had his chance to pronounce himself about fighting me and he didn’t do it,” said Silva on a recent media conference call.

White doesn’t hold it against St-Pierre for not wanting to go up a weight class to challenge Silva.

“At the end of the day he weighs 170 pounds.  He’s a 170-pounder.  If he weighed 185 pounds and felt that way I’d be real pissed,” said White.  “I’m the man here at 170.  If I thought I was the man at 185 I’d be at 185.  I get it, but it’s a fight that a lot of fans want to see.  It’s a big fight.  It’s a legacy fight.  It’s a fight for the pound-for-pound best in the world.”

While White gets it, he still doesn’t completely understand St-Pierre’s unwillingness to fight Silva.

“What’s crazy to me is GSP opted to take a very dangerous fight at 170 without trying to take a dangerous fight at 185,” he said.

St-Pierre instead faces Johny Hendricks at UFC 167 on Nov. 16.

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  • Lawdog1521

    St-Pierre has ran away from Silva for years. You can spin it however you want but he’s terrified of losing, ever since he lost to Serra. Serra broke him mentally.

    • Ian Price

      That is quite possible, as much as Georges nut huggers are reluctant to admit

    • Rob

      If they were in that same weight class that comment would have merit. They are not so it is meaningless. You are conflating boxing with MMA if you believe your statement is valid. Boxers move up what: 5 pounds? But 15 lbs? Big difference.

      Running away or ducking would only accurately describe a champion who was avoiding a challenger. And certainly does not accurately describe a guy who doesn’t want to add 15 lbs to his prime fighting weight to fight a much bigger man, especially when the champ has a plethora of up and coming talent in his own division. And a division where he has had a lot of success in.

      Personally I would like to see a jacked up GSP fight Silva. I would not be surprised if sometime down the road GSP negotiates a gigantic payday before he takes it. His actions right now would play in to that- although I’m claiming that is his strategy.

      It is interesting to consider that if GSP took that fight – a fight with a built in excuse for him to lose- one could argue legitimately that he was ducking Hendricks.

      • Berry

        bang on the money, also I’d hate it if GSP vacated his title and fought Anderson before fighting Hendricks. We’d be robbed of a very interesting fight!

    • r

      you are right, he plays it so safe now. he will not finish another fight by ko or sub unless he starts taking some risks again. He still has nightmares about Serra, he needs a sports psychologist.

    • Jimmy

      You’re a retard. Go back to Sherdog.

      • Lawdog1521

        Serra must have punched you too hard in the head as well.

  • jeff1976

    The way i see it, George has lots to lose and very little to gain by fighting Silva. The biggest issue is that he is fighting a much larger man, in his weight class, that Silva has dominated for years. George has never fought anyone at 185, to move up and fight the best p4p fighter in the world in your first fight is a big task. The other thing is that if George gets beaten up badly, which is very possible, it taints his legacy and future earning potential in the ufc and through sponsors.

  • biggo

    people don’t realize how weight classes affect fights. Silva walks around at more than 200 lbs GSP walks around generally ata lil less than 200 physically GSP would just be out matched by size some and the power that comes with being naturally bigger as well as the sickening accuracy Silva possesses. GSP Is staying in his lane which is what he should do.

  • Cuntlick

    Glad to hear Dana stfu and stopped the tease

  • Rence

    Well, it does track with what GSP has said for a long time now. He’s said many times that if he was going to move up to fight silva that he’d have to take off 6+ months to add the lean muscle mass he’d need to be a 185’r and that once he did that he would stay in that weight class so he didnt have to take off more time to lose that mass after the fight. Given that he’s already the champ of his division, why give up a year during your prime for one fight outside that division?

    • Conner

      Why does this keep coming up from people and + plus you think a guy who would gain so much from a fight like this (Dana White) to lie; no, not about this my friend. After and before GSP’s last fight he said he was not interested; not to mention Anderson also said Georges turned down the fight offered by him. Now he’s not just standing behind Weidman but cheering for him; WOW!

      • Rence

        Maybe i’m just intoxicated but…huh? I’m not sure if youre agreeing with me or disputing what i said. IDK if you realize it, but youre actually backing up what i said. Youre saying GSP has not shown interest in the fight. Thats what i said. GSP has said that to take the fight he would have to take time off in order to gain the muscle mass needed to fight at 185 and that once he did that he would stay at 185 because otherwise he’d have to take more time off to lose the mass he put on. That is the reason he’s given in the past for not showing much interest in the fight with Silva. Why vacate his current belt in order to go after one in a weight class where he’d be a small guy compared to the natural 85ers? Also i am not sure how you were able to infer that i was suggesting that DW was lying about anything. Yeah, Dana does have a history of interpreting the truth to suit his needs but i dont think this is one of those times.

        But, again, i may just be intoxicated and as such totally missed the point of your post. It happens.

        • George Sperry

          I couldn’t understand his post either Rence.

      • Kris-tyahn

        You realize GSP sai he’d fight Silva at WW and Silva told Dana he coul make WW, so what’s Silva waiting for?! Last time I checked, when u challenge someone to a fight they’re not the one who has to be inconvenienced, the guy making the challenge has to do whatever to make te fight happen. How u Silva but huggers think GSP who never fought above WW before has to go to Silva, when Silva I the one wanting the fight, just shows how stupid you and Silva really are. When was the last time a bigger fighter called out a smaller fighter?! NEVER! Let alone the guy being called out has to make all te sacrifices for one fight. BJ Penn wanted to fight GSP, when he was LW champ, did he demand GSP to come to him?! That’s what I thought. U want the fight, then the responsibility falls on you, not te guy ur challenging, that’s common sense but being so attached to Silvas but sac, I can understand the confusion, lack of oxygen will do that!!! Silva doesn’t want to fight GSP at WW bc he knows he’d get schooled, which is why he wants to fight at MW. Silva fought at 178lbs, while GSP has never fought above WW, but it’s up to GSP to move up?!? Bahahahaha you idiots are some stupid!

        • James

          Silva is already a huge MW. He walks around at about 220-230. It wouldn’t make sense for him to drop all the way down to 170. It was more than 12 years ago the last time he fought at 178… GSP walks around at 190 so why couldn’t he fight at 185? You are clearly a moron so I’m not sure there’s much point in explaining all this to you. At least Silva has the balls to challenge GSP. GSP is too chicken to fight Silva cuz he knows he will lose. Also Silva has offered to fight at a catch weight as well but GSP still won’t go for it.

  • TheCerealKiller

    Anderson should come down to 170. He’s not a “lean” 185 and he has fought at 170 in the past. Anderson easily is carrying an extra 15lbs in every fight I have seen.

    • Lucas Freire

      Maybe he rehydrates after losing weight? Or maybe Anderson is a freak.

      People say he’s a big 185 and should go up to 205 to face Jon Jones.

      People say he’s not a “lean” 185 and should go down to 170 to fight GSP.

      The fun fact is that when someone puts JJ vs Silva on stake, nobody says “Jon Jones should go down to 185”

      I really don’t understand how your minds work. Anderson is the one considered to be the GOAT, yet HE should be the one to go up or down to face other guys? Even more absurd, he should swing on 35 pounds to face the guys that are second and third on the P4P ranking? Shouldn’t it be the opposite? Or the champion challenges the challengers? lol

  • silvas daddy

    If silva really wanted fight he should drop down to 170.gsp would slaughter him

  • Surfing by

    Now that weight, strength, and endurance are so fine tuned a move up or down of fifteen pounds is a very large disadvantage to a fighter. Both Silva and St.-Pierre after re-hydration and eating are 10-15 lbs heavier on fight night. Solid fighters are being chased down a weight class to remain competitive. I think I first really noticed this when B J Penn was chased out of the welterweight division by the new bigger, larger, faster crop of fighters, and reinforced again recently when BJ was dwarfed by Rory McDonald.

    Look at the weigh-in pix for UFC events. Almost every fighter is 1% body fat. All other things being equal, size and strength tip the balance. The non-competitive fighters will move up a class to extend their careers a few more years, weary of maximum weight loss that will never lead to a title. The Champs don’t want to move. They have controlled all the factors possible to maximize success.

    Remember Silva turned down a light heavy weight bout with John Jones and settled for Stefan Bonnar instead. After the fight, Silva said he wouldn’t fight at 205 lbs again. For the Champs, this is a short shelf life career. Unwillingness to give up critical weight, size, and strength makes sense to me.

    • Lucas Freire

      Finally someone who makes sense when talking about champions and going up or down on weight.

    • Mike mckinney

      Wait a sec. When did silva turn down jones?
      Didn’t silva fight Bonnar on the card where jones refused sonnen? Thus, saving the card?

      I do recall silvas camp saying they’d fight any 205er besides jones on that card. On a couple weeks notice.
      I really hope that no one is trying to say jones would have fought silva on that card, that he wouldn’t fight sonnen?

      • I believe you are correct. Silva stepped in at 205 to help save the card.

        • chrisopher

          Wasnt that card where jones turned down sonnen scrapped all together?

  • Giovanni

    I think both super fights should be at a catch weight. 180 for GSP vs Silva and 190 for Jones vs Silva. There’s no point in having titles on the line – that’s why they’re called Super Fights, because people want to see who’s the best fighter and what better way to prove it than just fighting for 5 rounds at a catch weight. Now I love GSP at 170 but I must say he knows he’s getting beat if he fights Silva, because he knows Silva is so much better than he is. GSP is great at his own weight class with fighters at that weight class, but Silva is just on another level skills wise and mentally wise. I think GSP fears/respects Silva too much and that’s what has him mentally defeated before even taking a fight against Silva. Silva on the other hand he respects all fighters but is not afraid of any of them; he’s just looking for what is best for his career.

    • Paul Cowsill

      i guess you forgot that silva was already on the record saying he wasn’t impressed with either gsp or bj penn, before the ufc started sanitizing his personality, and expunged those statements, althougth the stubs are still available on youtube. i also guess you forgot the racial taunting of maia, and afterward apologizing for his performance because he didn’t know what came over him.

  • dan

    Enough with this. Silva vs Jones next year. Make it happen.

  • Bones_413

    To end all arguements, we all know, as fight fans, that the fight between GSP and Silva will only be evenly matched if Silva drops down to 170. There’s no way in this world that GSP would win at 185. END.

  • Bones_413

    Anyway, for me, Weidman’s gonna beat Anderson. I’m not a fan of Weidman, it’s just my prediction and analysis..

  • Rtomas

    Why push GSP to go up to 185lbs. Instead ask SIlva to go down to 170lbs. If SIlva still wins over GSP at 170 then he will be considered not only the pound for pound best but the best fighter ever to grace the UFC.

  • solo

    I dont care about this fight anymore! We still have a lot of good fights to watch.

  • drkdisciple

    If I was GSP I wouldn’t want to fight Silve either! If I was Silva I wouldn’t want to fight Jones and so on…..

  • This fight was never in the works to begin with. Just something Dana was hoping could happen if GSP and Silva continued to dominate their divisions. But in this case we’re not talking a WW moving up and fighting a MW. GSP walks around at like 192 lbs and Silva is a monster who not only destroys all MW’s but goes up to LHW and finishes guys in the first round. GSP is not afraid of anyone. If he was he wouldn’t be champ all this time and fighting every next top guy in the rankings. He has his hands full with Hendricks then probably the winner of Ellenberger/McDonald. What everyone should be talking about is what Silva deserves; and that’s a title shot against Jones. BJ Penn had his chance to hold two titles against GSP. Anderson Silva most certainly deserves that chance.

  • Justin E.

    The real fight, which will also never happen, is Jones/Silva. They are much closer in size than GSP/Silva, and it would be a much better fight. GSP is tiny compared to Silva. Silva looked big against Bonnar and Griffin.

  • David Luu

    GSP is an intelligent fighter. He would not go into a fight knowing that the cards are stacked against him in almost every way possible. There’s a huge difference between walking away from a fight and being scared of one. The fear isn’t the fight alone but it’s the legacy attached to it.

  • Ian Price

    Anderson should be required to take 2 shots of tequila before every fight, you know, to make it interesting

  • adam pitterson

    But dana talks about boxing. You got a dude clearly ducking