Georges St-Pierre Denies to Steroid Allegations

March 17, 2013
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Georges-St-Pierre-UFC-129-WO_8325Leading up to their UFC 158: St-Pierre vs. Diaz showdown, Nick Diaz made allegations on a Canadian sports talk radio show that UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre was on “plenty of steroids.”

St-Pierre strongly denied those allegations during the UFC 158 post-fight press conference following Saturday’s event in Montreal.

“I’ve never took steroids in my life.  I’m for Olympic testing in my sport.  I’m up to do the tests, the Olympic tests.  I have no problem with that.  I’m not a cheater.  I never cheat in my sport,” said St-Pierre.

UFC president Dana White refuted the allegations following the UFC 158 pre-fight press conference.

“The guy has fought a million times in title fights, and mostly guys in title fights are the ones who get tested. He’s never tested positive for anything,” said White.  “Never been busted for anything.”

The UFC welterweight titleholder isn’t only for more rigorous drug testing, he opposes the use of testosterone replacement therapy used by many fighters.

“I’m against TRT. I’m against all this, and if you want my opinion, you can test me anytime, not problem.  I’m for the testing, anti-doping.  I think it should be more regulated,” he stated without hesitation.

St-Pierre, always looking for the positive, took the steroid allegations as a compliment.

“For me, I take that as a compliment.  You think I’m a good athlete, so in his mind he says, ‘he needs to be on steroids because he’s athletic.’  For me, I take that as a compliment.  It boosts my confidence by saying that.”

St-Pierre defeated Diaz by unanimous decision in the main event of UFC 158.  It was his eighth title defense.

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  • if you go back and look at gsp from his ufc debut til now you can tell that he doesnt do steroids. He is pretty much the same size he was back then as now.

    • Kris-tyahn

      People are jealous and feel they have to make excuses for being made a fool of. It’s called hard work & discipline. Like GSP says, it’s a compliment bc they’re saying he’s that good, strong that it ha to be from cheating, yet it’s from hard work. It would be different if he ever tested positive like other “cheaters”, then I could understand the accusations, but he never, yet people think it’s some conspiracy. Just like Diaz ASSumes someone told GSP his game plan?!? WTF, this guy is worst than BJ! Diaz said he couldn’t understand how GSP defended the offense He was attempting?!? UGHHH it’s called training, they’ve watched your fights and seen what you do. Call me crazy but I’m pretty certain when someone attempts a move (whether a punch, kick, elbow or submission etc.) isn’t it natural, human, basic instinct to defend/react when something is being attempted on you?!?

      This guy really boggles the mind, half the stuff he says makes absolutely no sense &/or contradicts himself.

      • Sir_Roy

        Why would GSP not take Diaz’ back though? The first thing to do, is take your opponent’s back when it’s offered up like a trophy horse that way … GSP really did appear as though he smelled a trap with more foreknowledge.

        Again, I wouldn’t knock him for informing himself about Diaz’ game plan as much as possible. It’s smart to stack your deck.

  • The_Commentator

    Diaz is hilarious.
    He’s on steroids! I didn’t sleep well! How did he know my gameplan and the counter? Punches clearly after the bell.
    An embarrassment to the sport.

    • Oswald Cobblepott

      Needs to start finishing people! He could’ve really destroyed Diaz standing up but went with the safe game plan it’s getting old

      • Kris-tyahn

        Could have destroyed him on the feet?!? Did you not see the 4th & 5th rounds?!? GSP was gassed bc of the very high paced first three rounds. GSP does that to anyone In The WW division and they are dead tired, except Diaz. So GSP still had to save his energy for the last two rounds bc Diaz wasn’t tired from he first three rounds of getting purely out classed.

        Funny how people like you seem to think its so easy to do this and that, all from the comfort of your LAZY BOY!!! So why don’t you show GSP how it’s done. The guy out classed one of the best WWs AGAIN, but people cry bc he wasn’t finished. He was never finished EVER, a TKO bc of cuts, doesn’t count. Not what we’re talking about. Diaz not only got out struck, but he did NOTHING in the ground and didnt throw half as many strikes as he usually does. Which no one has ever been able to do.

        • bobymmafan

          Wow it’s the first time that I’m 100% agreed whit someone comment… Diaz doesn’t have the best skill but he’s tough… great jaw and my god a got a very big gass tank. So I really don’t think GSP could have finish Diaz on his feet… Look at the and of the third round Oswald!!!

        • Mark McDowall

          The other thing is that Diaz does have a hell of a chin. GSP landed some great shots and Diaz kept coming.

          • Ian Price

            Gonna go out on a limb and say Condit has an even better chin. Did you see him a sorb those 2-3 ridiculous haymakers??! Wtf. I have NO DOUBT those would’ve finished GSP. Not Anderson, but for sure GSP would’ve been wobbled or dropped.

          • Mark McDowall

            Can’t argue with that point. He took a couple shots from Hendricks that put out the likes of Fitch and Kampmann!

          • Sir_Roy

            Curious. What kind of flush shots has Anderson soaked to get a pass on a Hendricks haymaker?

        • punisher

          your very rigth and wrong , im am ex mma figther ,jiujitsu and wrestling local champ and mma and grappling coach,,, i can tell u that everything u said about outclassing is spot on , but gsp can finish his figths he has all the tools to do so and doesnt , simple fact (fear )!!( fear of losing) , !!!! losing ur belt , ur title ,ur money.ur freinds, ur fanz, the champion life style is a hard long road , so infact he could finish his figths , but doesnt cuz hes scard to be not the champ, he holds back !!! simple fact ,,,.. get in a cage and see what it is , see what it is when u win and see what it is when u lose !!!!trust me he was also scared of diaz after the 3rd round !!!,and no hes not on dope!!! hes just that good ppl !!!……,,,,,,,,…..i wanna see a rematch !!!…

  • dan

    Show us the test. Maybe we’ll finally get the results after 5-6 of his past events were never posted or even tested. Just sayin

    • Sir_Roy

      So, is it 5 or is it 6 fights he’s ‘never been tested’? Or, are you just pulling numbers from your arse? Please post a link to validate your claim, or I opt for the latter.

      Just sayin.

  • DamianCross

    Never been busted for anything…’cept Vaseline…

    • bobymmafan

      Said BJ Penn!!!

      • Steven Thurman

        And Dana White..

    • Lucky Luciano

      GSP did say he hired a guy from the crowd to kiss BJ Penn during his entrance before.. I’m seein’ a pattern..

      • Milosc

        I remember that. It was a transvestite, to make BJ feel like a bitch only seconds before entering the octagon

        If you asked me: that’s corny

        And not that it should matter to that great a degree, but I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if he really did have a spy in Diaz’s camp. It’s the champ’s MO to pull cheezy underhanded ‘life is the Art of War’ bs

        • Sir_Roy

          Well, GSP didn’t take Diaz’ back when it was offered up to him a handful of times. Why wouldn’t he of? Seemed weird to me.

          Unless GSP knew he was being suckered. Georges had the money to be informed. So, not to defame his character with it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he did indeed have ‘inside’ intel on Diaz’ game plan.

          • Ian Price

            I think Hendricks Condt and Maia are the biggest threats.

  • Jay crew

    You really can’t even be bothered to proofread your article title Jeff? That is sad. I hope you aren’t paid to write.

  • Mark McDowall

    Comments like this coming from someone with 2 previous positive drug tests is nothing but laughable.

    • GoNoles

      for marijuana? dont see a resemblance.

      • Mark McDowall

        In the real world there isn’t but in the eyes of the athletic commissions they are both fall under the “banned substances” banner.

  • Patrick Kane

    I, like many people posting here I assume, spend a fair amount of time in the gym and it’s usually pretty easy to see who is ‘roiding for mass vs. who isn’t, and I think everyone should agree that GSP does NOT look like he’s using ‘roids to bulk, nor would that make much sense anyway. Micro dosing for recovery is a different issue and doesn’t necessarily make you look any different than a non-user, but with absolutely no evidence to suggest that GSP is doing any PED’s of any kind (as far as I’m aware) it’s completely uncool for Diaz to slander him like that. That goes way beyond trash talking IMO.

    • Ian Price

      Agreed x2

    • Sir_Roy

      You’re right. It’s defamation of character. As clear cut as a case can get. And if GSP wanted to be a real prick, his lawyer would have been in contact with Diaz’ lawyer by now. Guess Canadians are less apt to run to court for such trivialities as their legal system is quite different to our own. But still … Diaz is just too much.

  • Badguy

    GSP out striked Diaz 62-24 standing so yes he beat him every place he wanted to!

  • Steven Thurman

    Lance Armstrong.. ‘Nuff said… He passed plenty of tests. Now look. But personally I dont think he is on roids, and I think Points wise GSP had Diaz in every aspect. But in reality, Diaz was starting to put GSP in danger standing, where as GSP never actually put Diaz into any danger. He was adding up points and setting up take downs. So in reality, Diaz was slightly winning in the stand up.