Georges St-Pierre Defends Rory MacDonald and Says, “I’m not fighting Rory” (video)

July 29, 2013
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Georges-St-Pierre-026-UFC-124-478x270UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre met with media during the UFC World Tour 2013 stop in Las Vegas on Monday.

As he readies for his upcoming bout with Johny Hendricks at UFC 167, GSP talked about Saturday’s UFC on Fox 8 co-main event between his teammate and friend Rory MacDonald and Jake Ellenberger. MacDonald walked away with the victory against “The Juggernaut,” but questions lingered as to whether it warranted a future title shot.

In this video shot by MMAWeekly staff writer Ryan McKinnell, St-Pierre also addresses the mounting pressure of a potential match-up between the two friends and training partners.

St-Pierre meets Johny Hendricks on Nov. 16 at UFC 167 inside the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

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  • Rob

    100% right

  • lowlb

    Wow, that was awesome. “he doesn’t watch the internet.” He’s like an articulate French caveman. (Canadian)

    Who’s Dana? Oh ya, that guy…

    What he said about figthing smart is right on!

    But the friends thing is just wacky. How can pros say no, I don’t get it? I like GSP and I don’t think that Rory can beat him..

    Just fight and remain friends. It’s your job.

    This is also a preview of the Hendrix fight, it’ll go to decision with GSP winning. You don’t brawl a brawler…

    Plus, Dana doesn’t want this fight because it will be boring for most of the fans.

  • Walid

    The thing with fighting team mates is that once you know they are going to fight you you stop showing your best in front of them and they stop showing their best in front of you. Will probably kill the team work and you won’t having people pushing you as hard. Everybody ends up losing. It’s a lose lose situation.

    • Timothy Malone

      The fans end up winning by getting to see the best fighters fight. Without the fans, these guys have no job.

  • Madmaax09

    Than vacate your title and move up in weight. These guys have more than enough coaches and different training options. It’s a business. Fight!

  • Manuel Lopez

    Rory doesn’t have what it takes to beat gsp anyways.

    • Supaman

      i think the biggest question would be if Rory can defend GSP’s wrestling. If not, then yeah, GSP takes it easily, but otherwise, Rory has a chance.

      Rory does have the speed to match GSP (minus the explosiveness factor), but Rory will have a very slight height and reach advantage (about a inch). So if Rory can keep it standing, he may have a shot.

      but no, I don’t see Rory beating GSP anyway.

      I see Johny Hendricks vs GSP going alot similar to Rory and Jake. GSP has a speed and huge reach advantage over Hendricks. GSP will try to jab Hendricks to death ala Koscheck.

      • julian moran

        Rory also has a strength advantage.

        • Manuel Lopez

          How do you know?

  • Guest

    DW wants entertainment. Either GSP goes up in weight, or RM vs GSP is probably going to happen in the future.

  • Fat Bloke

    GSP learned what its like to take risks against Serra, and we just got reminded of it with Anderson. Since then he has taken the view that it is better to fight smart and not risk losing than to take punishment for entertainment.

  • The wizard

    GSP will smash Hendricks and macdonald. End of conversation!!!

    • achjbg1

      gsp needs to man up he wouldnt fight sliva says the weight factor he lays and prays for 25 mins he doesnt never answer a true question about whats next and now i wont fight rory dude grow a pair its ufc test ur self

  • Marc Livingood

    I like GSP he is very intelligent and a master fighter respect the champion. People don’t have respect anymore the reason why people fight so hard to be champion is to have the respect that should come with the belt.

  • Chris



    Coming from someone who’s career is based off boring fights. He would defend mcdonald. N he talks about moving up after silva lost the title.

  • bob

    he effectively defended gsps title for him. Way ta go Rory! WATCH THAT GATE

  • Informed One

    ROFL Bob. Right though, he can serve as the watchdog for GSP, dispatching anybody who may be a threat. Or, perhaps the UFC could instate it’s first tag team champs?

  • Informed One

    Yea after seeing that video, GSP is not afraid to fight him but it’s clear he doesn’t want to fight his friend. GSP is a fairly soft hearted guy and I could understand how that would bother him. It also sounds like they have an inside plan that hasn’t been revealed, so maybe we can put this lame duck of a story to rest.

    If they don’t want to fight, lets see what they do to avoid it.

  • Denny Swain

    This is something dana will never understand , loyalty to a friend

  • Kris-tyahn

    It’s clear those of you who don’t understand why GSP won’t fight Rory, his friend, his training partner and his roommate, haven’t competed in combative sports before and had to fight a very close friend (in a semi pro or pro level). Football, Hockey or even lacrosse is not even remotely close to MMA!!! You can go games or weeks without even coming close to your buddy on the field or ice rink. While MMA/fighting there’s no choice but to hit/injure your opponent/friend. So how people compare team sports to MMA like Dana are not only idiots, but uneducated.

    When was the last time a football or hockey player KO’d/injured their friend?!? When was te last time an MMA fight had injuries and/or KO’s?!? I’m pretty sure body checking or tackling ur friend is quite different than punching, elbowing, kneeing and kicking your friend in the face, head or body. But hey, playing team sports when u may it may not even touch ur good friend is the same as fighting MMA when all u are trying to do is injure your opponent/friend.

    BTW, where does Rory go if he fights GSP?! He’s got to leave his comfort level and train with new opponents that may or may not give you what you want, then there’s the amount of time the new coaches/training partners will dedicate to him. If you think everyone’s going to drop their routine and train some new guy who’s only there for a couple of weeks over their regular fighters/training partners and friends?! But that’s not a big issue right?!? It’s only the biggest fight of his career, what does comfort and familiarity have to do with anything?! But that doesn’t mean shit right?! People need to STFU before pretending they know what they’re talking about. Who cares fight and go back to training, yeah bc it’s that easy, that’s why fighters have been avoiding this scenario for years, but idiot fans who have never competed in PRO fighting know more than the fighters and trainers!!! Fighting a teammate causes problems after the fight must be a myth, that’s why fighters have turned down huge 6 figure fights.

  • Kris-tyahn

    GSP would destroy Rory, for those who think other wise, need to really educate yourselves. GSP is at the height of his career and has fought every type of fighter and up to twelve #1 contenders/2nd best WWs in the world and destroyed every single one of them. GSP is also right about Jake, he needed to take the risk bc he was losing and he needed the finish. He landed 10 strikes in the first 2 rounds, pretty sure he knew he was down two rounds, but didnt do anything about it. Too little too late!

    As for GSP not fighting Rory. Makes sense and only those who have never fought in PRO MMA or pro fighting wouldn’t understand the ramifications of fighting a training partner/good friend/roommate. Rory would have to leave his comfort and his familiarity of training in the city he lives and with the people he trusts, who have his best intentions at heart. Do u think a new camp are going to care or put as much work into a guy who’s only going to be there for a few months, over a fighter who’s been training there for years?! Would you trust people you don’t know, over people you’ve been training with for years and who have done everything for you?! Rory lives with GSP, they don’t just train fools, they hang out and live together. I guess that’s no big deal, just like playing team sports is the exact same thing as MMA/fighting. U can go games without even going near your friend in football or hockey, last time I checked MMA involved punching, kicking, elbowing and kneeing your opponent/trying to injure him before he tries to kill you! The exact same thing right?!

  • Kris-tyahn

    I have a question for those who think it’s no big deal to fight your friend/training partner. Since you all know so much, why is it that fighters/camps have ignored the scenario of teammates fighting each other for years?!? I guess uneducated fans who haven’t fought professionally know more than fighters and trainers!!! (Wink wink). But I guess the Jon Jones & Evans situation turned out awesome, I mean there was no drama or ackward moments between those two or the mutual friends they both shared!!! GTFO of here, if anything that’s the perfect example of why teammates won’t fight each other. One guy might have to up & leave, find a new camp, new place to live, new trainers, new training partners etc. But hey, that’s no big deal right, it doesn’t affect us. If it’s a “business” than why have fighters turned down 6 figure fights?! Bc they know having to possibly relocate and find new trainers/coaches and a new camp, along with all the -ve drama, isn’t worth a million dollars, let alone a few hundred thousand.

    • El Gvapo

      Haha three frickin essays on GSP. Remember when you kept calling anyone that has an appreciation of Anderson Silva a “nut hugger”? Well I think you’ve just demonstrated who is the biggest nut hugger of them all? Do you dream of being balls deep in GSP? Or maybe getting made air tight by GSP and Rory? You dirty boy.

  • Advance*

    I don’t see why it’s a big deal. If Rory is okay with not being a champion as long as GSP decides to stick around, oh well that’s his own mistake. I don’t blame GSP for not wanting to fight a training partner. He already has what he wants and he doesn’t need to deal with that headache. It’ll be up to Rory to leave or get settled in for a long wait. Even if GSP loses the belt at some point you know he’ll be given an immediate rematch.

  • Hugh Shakeshaft

    “mounting pressure” What alternate reality are you living in? The fight sounded like a balloon whimpering air this weekend. Rory, at a minimum, needs to face Condit or Kampmann, perhaps both, before anything else happens. Those two would never freeze up like Jake did.

  • King_DG

    Rory is currently #3 welterweight, hopefully Dana gives him winner of GSP vs Hendricks

  • Ian Price

    This fight ain’t gonna happen. So lets stop talking about it. More interesting is what happens if GSP move up or down, or Rory moves up. Lots of interesting matchups.

    • Fried_Chicken

      Seriously eh. This needs to be put in the ‘super fight’ pile of s*** that just isn’t going to happen.

  • A Tigers Tale

    Gsp= true GOAT period! A class act.