Georges St-Pierre Believes Nick Diaz has to Take Anderson Silva into Later Rounds to Win

November 1, 2014
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Two UFC icons who have been out of action for an extended period of time for different reasons will meet in the UFC 183 main event on Jan. 31 in Las Vegas. Former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva returns to the Octagon for the first time since dramatically breaking his leg at UFC 168 in December 2013 to take on former Strikeforce welterweight titleholder Nick Diaz who has been voluntarily sidelined since March 2013.

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Former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre recently said on Chael Sonnen’s You’re Welcome Podcast that he might have favored Diaz if the fight were at a catch-weight instead of 185 pounds.

Anderson Silva vs Nick Diaz“I would maybe favor Diaz if that fight would have been at a catch-weight because if it’s a five-round, the odds are the very durable fighter – I’ve seen him in very bad positions and in a lot of trouble. He’s very, very hard to finish,” said the Canadian.

“I believe Diaz made a mistake by accepting that fight at 185. I think he should have made a catch-weight. It would have been more fair,” added St-Pierre.

While the former 170-pound king believes Silva has an advantage with the fight taking place at middleweight, he thinks Diaz will find success if the fight goes to the later rounds.

“I believe that, in the early part of the fight, I believe Silva will have an advantage. But if Diaz can survive and weather the storm, I believe he can come back strong in the end, in the last part of the fight, in the fourth and fifth round,” said St-Pierre.

Silva is heavily favored in his return bout by the oddsmakers, but St-Pierre warns that Diaz brings something to the table that he had never seen before fighting him at UFC 158.

“He’s a very durable fighter and he brings — when you fight him, he brings a different intensity that I’ve never seen before,” said the former titleholder. “You feel claustrophobic a little bit. You loose a lot of energy because he’s constantly pushing you forward, and it’s very hard to fight a guy like him, especially in the later rounds.”

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  • uncle

    LOL if he can make it to the later rounds. How will he apply pressure? When
    Diaz will be too busy wiping his face trying to find a way to make his nose
    to stop pissing out blood.

    • Kris-tyahn

      Won’t be an issue if his nose is bleeding, had you said eyebrow or forehead, then yes that would be troublesome, but from the nose?!? Diaz’s cardio is too top notch for a bleeding nose, even it it’s pissing blood to slow him down.
      GSP is absolutely right, Diaz has to fight smart fr the first two rounds, but also make Silva use up energy, preferably not by getting his face punched in, I’m not sold that Silva will have those laser like kicks, b/c if Diaz decides to check them, Silva will very quickly stop throwing leg kicks. It’s a fact, I don’t care who it is in there, you break your leg as severely as Silva did, he’s not going to be 100% mentaly when it comes to leg kicks, well… not with the velocity he used to throw them. I wouldn’t be surprised if Silva doesn’t even throw a leg kick, or keeps it under a dozen the entire fight.
      I expect Silva to DESTROY Diaz for many reasons, but especially b/c…. Diaz will have been out of the Octagon for almost 2 years (since his last fight) & Ring Rust will be a factor, Silva has more power, strength, speed, accuracy & reach advantage, let alone figthing Silva at his weight division. Diaz also just walks straight thinking his punches in bunches will be all he needs to do to win the fight, if he does that with Silva, Diaz will be ZZzzZZ!!!
      If Diaz can “tire” Silva out in the first three rounds, without taking serious damage, he has a chance. But I expect Silva to finish Diaz, if Diaz doesn’t come in with a diff gameplan.

  • Austin, TX

    That’s spot on George. He should have fought him at 178. Hey Diaz. Don’t push the fight in the early rounds. Just take him down if you can. If you plod forward there’s a good chance you’re going to lose unless you clip him He’s slippery. . Wait till the 4th and 5th rounds to attack.

    Learn to back up and be patient. Don’t attack early unless it’s a take down. Just back up often. Early. Box. Silva is a counter striker. Just box early and stay on the outside. Your only attack early should be a takedown. (Unless you’ve been working on something?)

    Fight cold, methodical, nasty. Don’t get lured into a chase. Patience, paw the jab, or switch and paw the right hand. Take him down late.

    Check the leg kicks. But if stands there and gets cocky and motions you in …take him down.

    • Mike mckinney

      Do you think Nick could take down silva if he wanted to? Consistantly anyway?
      Anderson has pretty good takedown defense.

      • Austin, TX

        It’s possible. I mean Silva is vulnerable to takedowns. If Nick figures out how to set it up with punches.. It’s going to be an interesting fight if Nick doesn’t get stupid. And if he can make it past rounds 1, 2. I mean its a bad style match for Diaz. He plods forward which is probably why he’ll lose. But it’ll be interesting. Nick is crafty and resilient. But he tends to chase people. If he figures out how not to do that …he stands a chance.

        (Unless he clips Silva… then he needs to attack all out. But still I think he should take him down and do damage on the ground) Silva is good at pretending he’s not hurt. He was hurt in the 1st Weidman fight before he got clipped. He just pretended 90 seconds that he wasn’t. It’s how beats people. He messes with their minds. If you don’t fall for his tricks and you have good wrestling and power and a good chin and good distance management (that’s the key) you can beat him. He doesn’t have anything for someone like that. I’m just not sure if Nick is that person. I think Luke Rockhold or Jacare or Rashad could beat him just like Weidman. Rashad’s been wanting him for a long time. Shogun also wanted him and he turned it down.(Silva)

        Him (Silva) and Shogun are coaching TUF and they’re not even fighting afterwards. Its dumb.

        • Lucas Freire

          You’re talking about the perfect fighter, or at least a champion. Which isn’t Diaz’s case.
          Nick has no offensive wrestling, no striking power and in no way is able to tire Anderson in any way other than on a striking bout. Diaz also likes to eat shots, and the last guy who liked to eat shots like Diaz, Leben, got KOed by a 99% accuracy Silva.

      • DamianCross

        Nick Diaz has never attempted a takedown.

  • GSP’s Busted Face

    we’ll see how durable he is when he takes a couple lasered punches or kicks or knees. I think silva’s timing will be better

  • Nick Diaz getting his ass kicked by a fighter coming off of a two-fight losing streak and a year-long layoff from the cage thanks to one of the most devastating leg injuries in UFC history is a bad look, no matter who that fighter is.

    • Name

      A bad look?!? Oh yeah, b/c Diaz is coming off of a two fight losing streak himself and hasn’t fought in almost 2 years, 1 year longer than Siva…. Man that Diaz sure is on fire….. FYI: losing to a guy who many consider the GOAT actually does matter junior.

  • Guest

    Very interesting match up. Hard to pick who’s gonna win.

  • Mike mckinney

    GSP is just trying to help hype a can he beat up on to try and validate the fight he had with him. Diaz needs about 50000 rounds, or however many it would take to put anderson in old age, and wheel chair bound.

    • Kristyahn

      WaitWHAT?!? Validate the fight he domnated Diaz for 25 mins? With a torn achilles & aving the flu. Yeah, man GSP really needs to make up some excuse for owning a guy 50-45, especially a guy who was finished twice, the last time was due to a cut/dr. stoppage 7 years ago and the first/legitimate time Diaz was finished was 12 years ago. Yeah how did GSP not finish Diaz who is so “easy” to finish, GSP should be ashamed, only beating a guy who has better stand up then him, on the feet and to dominate a guy who has better BJJ on the ground. Man, that GSP sure is junk….. BAHAHAHAHA you’re an idiot!

  • james j

    PPV and uncle Dana will be the only winners to this sad fight.