Georges St-Pierre Believes Chris Weidman Will Finish Anderson Silva (video)

March 11, 2013
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Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen at UFC 148While the spotlight is currently focused on UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre‘s every move – including his recent verbal warfare with UFC 158 opponent Nick Diaz – the champ is pretty good at deflecting that attention in other directions, notably towards his friend Chris Weidman.

St-Pierre, in a recent Sportsnet Canada, said, not only does he think Weidman will defeat middleweight champion Anderson Silva at UFC 162, but that “it’s a bad match-up for Anderson Silva, very bad” and that Weidman will finish Silva.

Check out Sportsnet’s Georges St-Pierre interview below…

  • bajafox

    I have no doubt in my mind that GSP would prefer Anderson to lose, that would get rid of all the super fight talk that GSP has clearly shown is not up to the challenge.

    • Bruce Lee The Great

      GSP is only 2 fights back from his injury and rightfully defending his division. He has expressed concern about his weight fluctuations and going up only to drop backdown for the fight. I dont know how his metabolism is, but i do hope he is down for the biggest fight and payday in UFC history, small potatos huh

      • bajafox

        If (big IF) he defeats Nick Diaz convincingly and then Hendricks, the only thing left for him to do, IMHO, is to make the permenant move to 185.

        I do remember him saying that he would need to add muscle to make the switch and moving back to 170 would be difficult. But it’s a huge pay day for both fighters if they both get by the next one or 2 contenders.

        • Lesnarenko

          no…GSP is gonna invent some stuff out like Carlos Condit gave him a good fight so he deserves a rematch, Jake Ellenberger and Martin Kampmann pose dangers that are unique. I want to defend the belt for 2 more years…bla bla bla…

          Bottom line, if Anderson is not moving to LHW, why should GSP?

          • Sir_Roy

            GSP asks for ONE fight in his career, and you’ve already got him labelled for a bloke who regularly invents stuff huh? OK. Whatever. He comes back after a long layoff, the welter weight division has NEVER been more stacked, and you blame him for not wanting to fight RIGHT AWAY the best pound for pounder in the world, who just happens to fight in the two weight classes above Georges’?

            As for Hendricks, Diaz is the smarter, and far, far more interesting fight. And GSP is right, Koscheck looked better in the fight against Hendricks (did you even watch that fight?) … So what is he inventing? He’s already stated and admitted to Diaz being the more lucrative match as well, and he’s admitted to wanting the fight more and wanting to shut Diaz’ pie hole … so I repeat, what’s he inventing? He’s been abundantly clear.

            Give the guy a break, take your own advice, and stop the crime fighting. GSP’s done nothing wrong or out of the ordinary in his choices.

            I think he wants the Anderson fight as he flat out said in a recent interview that he has no plans to fight Rory, pointing toward a future that does not involve defending his title in the 170lbs weight division after Diaz.

            He’s smart enough to plan, and fix his own agenda and timing … and too smart to listen to unfounded opinions touting how oh so scared he must be.

            He’s a business man. A far better one than most of us internet warriors posting half baked opinions online.

  • any body can win at any giving day… but damn u cannot i repeat cannot bet against anderson…

  • TOddBev.

    I think that GSP can see the mismatch but Silva is a cat with 9 lives he has only used two with Sonnen.

    • lmao totally agree

      • dathump

        I think he only used one against Sonnen.

        • Lesnarenko

          Yes…he only used one against Sonnen and he had to use one because Sonnen was doping.

  • Bruce Lee The Great

    This would be the biggest upset on a championship match to happen since GSP lost to Sierra.

  • Jdm

    GSP has a s*** eating grin on his face after he says it. Almost looks like he doesnt even believe the nonsense he is saying.

    • lol i felt he was reading dummy cards. That being said i do believe weidman wins

  • Goyito

    GSP has also predicted a victory of Marquadt when he fought Anderson…….

  • stockedandloaded

    lol what a dumbass chris weidman isent gonna finish hes gonna run his big ass in and get knocked out like everyone else, how the f*** can u bet against the modern day bruce lee

  • Darin

    Well, if there’s one guy that knows about finishing fights, it’s ……wait, who said it?

  • Cereal Killer

    I don’t buy one second of this! He is hyping the unknown Weidman for Dana. I don’t think Weidman has a chance in this fight, but there isn’t anyone else for Anderson fight.

    • That didn’t turn out too well for you, did it? lol

  • elliott the cat

    How is it a miss match , Anderson is Bigger, longer, stronger, 5 times the fights, for more title defenses alone than Weidman has total fights, More K.O’s, More Subs, Higher competition with his last 15 fights being number 1 contenders, A championship Belt , Did i miss anything ?
    I could go on and on. Weidman has 9 fights, give me a break. UFC IS PADDING ANDERSON’S RECORD !

    • Lesnarenko

      As to padding Anderson’s record…yes. Chris Leben, Patrick Cote, Nate Marquart, Thales Leites, Demian Maia are not exactly tough opponents, although they are not easy either.

      Anderson does have some good wins, however, Vitor Belfort, Rich Franklin, Chael Sonnen, Dan Henderson and Forrest Griffin. Excluding these 5, I am not sure if Anderson faced the level of competition he should have faced. He should have moved up to 205 a long time ago!!!!

      • Sir_Roy

        Forrest doesn’t really deserve the honorable mention IMO. Both he and Franklin were strong against the Hughes / Chuck / Randy epoch of opponent IMHO but couldn’t, wouldn’t and didn’t measure up (keep up) to the modern day MMA fighter. The best Forrest has done is out point an out of shape Rampage and beat an already broken Shogun (too soon returned from injury).

        The funny part is, the fighters you listed for Weidman comprise the majority of fighters that Anderson has faced as well … it’s not like his caliber (aside from Henderson, and possibly Chael & Vitor) are all that much better than Weidman’s level of opponent.

        The 185lbs division is not very deep to be blunt. So yeah, Anderson’s resume in the UFC is not all that much more replete with top tier talent defeats … it’s the spectacular fashion with which he does defeat them that astounds.

        Personally, I think GSP was asked to hype the fight a bit and, like a good Dana boyscout did as asked (and why not … Dana signs his paychecks after all.)

  • dan

    I’m so sick of this phony robot running his mouth. His interviews and his fighting are robotic. This is a guy who’s only arsenal is 1-2 combo. If he throws more than punch it’s because he fired multiple jabs. Inside leg kick, spinning back kick, superman punch, TDs and elbows to the head for the purpose of cuts. The guy doesnt even throw hooks out of fear of being countered. Stay in the WW division and keep boring us with your banter and fights but close your mouth when you speak about a champion who has finished every guy that people thought would give Silva problems.

    • GetaDayJOb

      Feel better. Your comments are so far from the truth about GSP. He is one of the best mixed martial artist out there. People need to stop acting like he isn’t. Silva danced around for five rounds with Maia. I still think that Silva is the best fighter out there. MMA is more than just running in and throwing punches it takes brains and strategy.

    • Sir_Roy

      You use ‘us’ when who you really mean is just you and perhaps a select few other gripers / haters. Honestly, your banter is far less interesting … along with your opinion … than anything GSP has to say. And far less accurate. Sorry, had to be said. The rant kinda warranted it.

    • Thomas Payne

      Dan a little less cock sucking and a little more paying attention goes a long way. That one is for free douchebag.

  • Kbroesq

    Geeeeezee!!! Can a guy give his freaking opinion about a fight without people reading into it so much. GSP is hoping Weidman wins so he won’t have to fight AS. Maybe GSP just believes Weidman will win the fight, and it doesn’t mean anything more than that.

  • Gamble

    I totally agree that Weideman will end Silva’s reign. He certainly has a shot at finishing him but I think it’ll be a clear unamious decision. Wedieman is just as big (if not bigger) stronger, top notch mma wresterling skills (Silva’s krypnoite). The guy has complete game. Silva has huge striking advantage but Weidman will be able to get him on the ground.


    Anderson play with any of his great or low competition opponents and finish him this is cuz he is the greatest. Anderson vs Jones is the superfight not Anderson vs GSP.

  • samthemmafan

    Wow… I can’t be serious! I mean Weidmann is good but he dosen’t have enough experience. But mabe he can be lucky it’s mma after all.

  • Of course g.s.p does’nt want anderson silva fight, he’s giving up way too much. Anderson fights comfortably at 205, jones is the one ducking the super fight. Silva has like 3 wins at 205, it’s about time D. White stopped playing games and makes it happen. This is the fight that is meant to be. Unlike when Sonnen had silva on his back and did no damage, if jones puts him in that position he will bring those elbows! So please make it happen U.F.C and let the fireworks begin.