Georges St-Pierre Believes Anderson Silva is Still the “Greatest of All Time”

July 8, 2013
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Georges St-Pierre at UFC 145Although many of his peers were saying that Chris Weidman could defeat Anderson Silva at UFC 162 on Saturday night in Las Vegas, not many picked him to knock Silva out cold, which is exactly what he did.

Weidman took the fight to Silva from the opening bell, taking “the Spider” down and working his ground and pound attack, but couldn’t keep him there. Silva danced and taunted Weidman for much of the latter half of the opening frame, and again to start round two.

Weidman remained patient, timed his attacks, and eventually caught Silva with a left hook, flooring the UFC’s longest reigning middleweight champion and finishing him off with strikes at the 1:18 mark of the second round.

UFC welterweight champion and part-time Weidman training partner Georges St-Pierre was one of the fighters who was confident that Weidman could pull off the upset, but even he was surprised by the way it ended.

“I predict Chris Weidman was going to win, but I didn’t think he was going to win the way that he won,” St-Pierre told St-Pierre was competing in this year’s World Series of Poker Main Event when the poker site caught up with him on Sunday.

“I thought he was going to win on the ground with ground and pound or maybe some submission, and he won with a beautiful knockout standing up.”

Prior to the loss to Weidman, Silva had won 16 consecutive UFC fights, and all 11 of his prior title bouts. He held the UFC middleweight championship since October of 2006, and even bounced up to light heavyweight on three occasions, utterly destroying his opposition in the higher weight class: James Irvin, Forrest Griffin, and Stephan Bonnar.

Heading into Saturday’s fight, he was widely considered the greatest fighter on the planet. The loss may shake some people’s opinions, but it’s a distinction that St-Pierre still applies to Silva.

“I think Silva got caught. I think Silva is still the best in the world, but he just got caught,” said the welterweight champ.

“You always recognize a great champion by how they come back from a loss. I know that Anderson has come back from a loss before, from adversity in his fight, and he’s the greatest of all time for sure.”

Although St-Pierre believes Silva will bounce back, he also thinks that his friend could beat him again, should there be a rematch.

“I believe he can win a rematch again.”

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  • Its either Silva or Fedor, both w/ 30+ wins, w/ 1 controversial loss each. Silva w/ 4 legit losses, fedor w/ 3. Silva unbeaten for 9 years and fedor for 10. Its debatable

    • TheCerealKiller

      Seriously, go back and look at Fedors record. He beat Cro Cop and Nog, the rest are mostly cans or open weight freak fights. Sure, it’s still impressive to win that many in a row, but Dan Severn had a streak just as long and he finished 101-19.
      Silva beat everyone in the division, except Weidman.

      • if anyone fought cans its dan severn most of his wins come from complete novices

        • TheCerealKiller

          I was just making a point…

          • Chase Brian Beebe

            well that was a poor analogy

          • Werdoomb

            a doomb point indeed.

      • profan

        i also can say silva has only beaten belfort and hendo,to say only crocop and nogueira this way means you are new in this, what makes them different is that fedor was undefeated 10 years being undersized and he lost to much better competition

        • TheCerealKiller

          With a straight face, who was Fedor’s last quality win? How long did he dodge the UFC?

          Silva has fought everyone there is in the MW division.

          And I don’t want to hear this “undersized” excuse, so is Cain!

          • same could be said about silva, he hasn’t consistently fought the best.

          • Cereal Killer

            Who hasn’t he fought? What promotion has he dodged? I name a bunch of people Fedor never fought that he should have. As soon as he started fighting quality guys, he lost 3 in a row.

          • Baller31

            Fedor never dodged the UFC, and he fought everyone and anyone they put in front of him. And Cain is bigger than fedor, by the way.

          • TheCerealKiller

            “They?” Who are they? Once Pride was gone, the UFC had all of the HW talent, minus Josh B. They few that went to Strikeforce whooped Fedor’s butt!

          • Guest
          • Werdoomb

            You started watching MMA recently huh?

            The middle-weight division is a joke. Journeymen LHWs in Belfort and Chael are running the show there.

            Belfort and Chael can’t even make top 15 at LHW. And AS beat them…oh wow…!! That is some competition!!!

            Travis Lutter, Chris Leben, Patrick Cote, Thales Leites, Demian Maia….yeah….IMPRESSIVE!!!!!

            Look, AS’s only impressive wins are Chael, Hendo, and Vitor.

          • South.NZ.MMA

            All fighters that Anderson fought all made it to the top of the division until they meet the G.O.A.T.

          • Werdoomb

            Pretty much, Cereal Killer thinks every fighter should accept one-sided contract offers from Dana or else is dodging the opportunity to fight the best in the world.

            Cro Cop had a mission when he went over to the UFC. He wanted to escape the shadow of Fedor, establish himself as the UFC champ, and then challenge Fedor (yes the UFC champs challenge Fedor, not the other way around).
            Unfortunately, that didn’t work out.

            Nog got the interim belt when he went to the UFC. But guess what? No one gave a fack! Realizing this, Dana robbed Nog of the opportunity to fight Randy (WTF? a dude that is 4-1 in his pro fight gets a title shot over the interim champ??????!!!!).

            Pretty much, so much crap came out of Dana’s mouth to diss Fedor and Dana’s nuthuggers all ate it.

      • Timothy Malone

        Agree with you on Fedor. Its not that he fought cans necessarily, its that he fought in the early days when most people were one-dimensional. Fedor was not one-dimensional, was ahead of the game, and so could always find a way to win. But MMA caught up with him and when he started facing modern guys that are dangerous in all aspects, it was revealed he wasn’t all that awesome.

        Some people say he was greatest for being ahead of his time, but that argument is so dumb. Whoever the first MMA fighter was automatically has to be the best ever under that logic. You have to evaluate their overall skills, and guys that are on top now in the much more developed fight game are the true masters.

        • TheCerealKiller

          I don’t have the web page anymore, but he was a can crusher. His average opponent was a less than .500 win average.

          • Werdoomb

            it’s the way PRIDE set him up. Pretty much, Cro Cop and Nog did all the dirty work in PRIDE. And then Fedor fought them.

            AA, Tim Sylvia, Nog, and CC were not cans bro. Those guys ruled the HW division in the 2000’s.

            Combined, they beat almost every top HW in the world. And Fedor destroyed all of them.

            And NO! Tim Sylvia was NOT a can, contrary to Dana’s self-serving assessments about his own former champ. Dana is classy!

    • Manuel Lopez

      Don’t go there. Fedor was a classy, humble competitor that got in the ring very workman like to destroy the guy in front of him in any way possible. Silva is an arrogant, disrespectful prick that finally got his due.

      • Brett71

        Agreed, Fedor was a beast in the ring and a gentleman out of it. His list of accomplishments include winning 4 World Combat Sambo championships, a dozen Russian and European Sambo titles and being named 2000s Fighter of the Decade by at least half a dozen publications.
        As for opponents: Nogueira (when he was a wrecking machine) twice, Cro Cop, Mark Coleman twice, Kevin Randleman, Mark Hunt, Sylvia and Arlovski. For 10 years he beat everybody put in front of him and only declined in his mid thirties.

        If only Dana and Finkelchtein (Fedor’s manager) hadn’t both been so stubborn on minor sticking points in the contracts, we would have had some more amazing match ups. We fans are the losers in that one!

        As for Silva, I think his legacy is safe. Weidman concentrated and Silva didn’t = KO! Weidman is a great fighter but it will be interesting to see how a focused Silva goes in a rematch.

        Fingers crossed Belfort gets a shot at Weidman first though…

        • Dragon Kid

          After re watching the fight, Silva was on a completely different level of striking than Weidman just like all his previous fight until he got caught.

          • Werdoomb


            Dude who cares!! Overeem was on a different striking game than Silva before he got caught. So what????

            This is a freaking MMA fight. If he is suck a great striker, go join K-1.

            He got “caught”????

            Oh please.

          • Dragon Kid

            Overeem easily could’ve put away Bigfoot but got pounded out first because he acted too cocky, like silva. And yes Silva got caught with one punch. Weidman wasn’t even connecting with half the punches in the stand up.

          • tyrone

            Yeah silva landed one jab and weidman hit silva at least 50 times. I think weidman won the striking easily and then a lil gnp on the end for emphasis

          • Dragon Kid

            weidman landed some good shots in the ground n pound in round one but he missed most of the majority of them in the stand up until that left hook that dropped silva.

          • tyrone

            Weidman missed some standing but still landed some standing. He outlanded silva standing also. At beginning of fight silva didn’t put on any theatrics and he was still being pummeled

        • Werdoomb

          “Minor sticking points” naw!!! Are you serious???

          There were major, fundamental differences!!! What the fack are you talking about!!!!!!!!

          Dude, M-1 co-promotes events with Fedor as the fighter. So, it would have been M-1 Global and UFC proudly presents UFC 100: Fedor vs Lesnar.

          UFC WILL NOT co-promote. And that was the MAJOR MAJOR difference that prevented the contract from being signed.

          Sambo tourneys, intellectual property rights…were minor sticking points compared to that one.


          • Brett71

            Yeah, there was a little bit of sarcasm in the “mild sticking points” comment!!

            Fedor would have been much better off giving his manager/M-1 the boot in the last couple of years…

          • Kris-tyahn

            That I correct about the cross promotion, that was the killer! UFC didnt need or want any help promoting the fight. I mean the UFC offered him $3-4 million a fight, guaranteed title fight and 4-6 fights starting off, and they still said no bc they wanted a piece of the promoting.

      • F

        How the hell is Silva an arrogant, disrespectfull prick? Just because he fights with his hands down?

        He is always respectful to his opponents and shows pure class after his fights, even if his opponent has badmouthed his family, his country and his ethnicity such as Sonnen did. Silva never bad mouths anyone.

        Just because you don’t like his style doesn’t make him a disrespectful person. He is actually a very generous person and is great with kids and is very disciplined and professional.

        You don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • TheCerealKiller

    I hope they do have a rematch and he comes out and FIGHTS this time. To say you knocked out a guy that was bobbing with his hands at his sides is not very impressive.

    • quit fooling yourself he fought exactly the way he normally fights

      • Werdoomb

        I know. He got taken down, tried to do some up kick. Then got back up. Then tried to do his elusive striking. He got caught 3 or 4 times during the fight right on the button. And then…at the end he started screaming at Chris, taunting him to come forward.

        And then Chris clipped him. And he went down.

        he had no answer to Chris’s game. That is why he put his hands down and started dancing.

        • Sir_Roy

          I’m not saying Weidman could not win. In fact, I had him winning this fight.

          That said, do some homework on Anderson, pre-fight interviews (etc.) then come back firmly believing Anderson was not taunting Weidman to throw hands and not takedowns – as he was clearly presenting Chris his chin ensuring the KO happened. Check booking odds on Weidman winning via KO. Yeah. Sniff around just a little you’ll eventually start smelling the same sh!t.

    • Manuel Lopez

      It’s not only impressive, it’s common sense! I don’t know if you train but if you ever compete in a ring and your opponent is stupid enough to put his hands down and dance… You better knock his head off!! The greatest of all time?? I refuse to call silva the GOAT, he’s an Arrogant, disrespectful idiot that finally got what was coming to him.

      • TheCerealKiller

        Exactly! But I want to see the rematch now that he has been humbled. I think he has been bored for a few years. Go home, recharge and come back with something to prove. No more of this “daring little brother to punch you” s***, he finally hit you.

        • Sir_Roy

          I have to say, I’m a bit astounded we can’t see what goes on with Anderson Silva.

          He plays the bookies. I’ve sung this song after the Maia fight (5 freaken rounds of stand-up with Anderson? Really?? Re-watch it, then dare to disagree), then again after the Forrest fight (Forrest either took a dive, or found a way out of the fight because Silva got into his head. I’m not convinced it’s not the former given Silva’s sketchy record of shenanigans to date).

          This type of corruption is rife in the boxing world. So let’s not pretend it can’t happen here.

          Listen to interviews given before the Weidman fight too. There’s one in which he even predicted Weidman winning via KO – and no, his tongue was not firmly planted in cheek. It was a suspicious thing to say and especially so in the way in which it was said. Passing off the belt to Weidman after pre-fight interviews doesn’t help things nor does giving an interview in which he all but said he would lose his next fight with Weidman – already giving excuses.

          I feel Anderson presented Weidman his chin (taunting him to throw hands and not just take downs) and made a sizable amount of money doing it. Knowing he’ll make even more during his pre-promised “re-match”.

      • South.NZ.MMA

        Anderson is the best whether you like it or not.. until Chris beats Hendo, Chael, Bonnar, hes just the guy that caught the G.O.A.T being careless. yes i train, 6 years in the New Zealand Army, Arms weapons training & close quarters combat training, and currently working on attaining my brown in Jujitsu so yes you could say I’m training.. : )

        • Manuel Lopez

          Well my god with all that training you’d understand what I’m saying. What was Weidman supposed to do? “Oh I’m not gonna punch Anderson as he taunts me, it will not look impressive”.

          • Werdoomb

            Well, it’s always dangerous to fight Silva head on when he has his hands down because now you don’t know where his punches will come from.

            Go ask Forrest Griffin, the HoF. LOL! Griffin and Bonnar are HoF!!! HAHA!

          • Manuel Lopez

            Thank god you weren’t coaching Weidman, if you would have told him that, he wouldn’t be champion right now. Weidman did exactly that, fought Silva head on and knocked the hair out if him.

          • Werdoomb

            Weidman didn’t do that in the beginning buddy. It look him a while before getting comfortable enough to pull the trigger.

            It’s not like as soon as Weidman saw Anderson put his hands down he jumped in.

          • Manuel Lopez

            Yea from the beginning he got in Silva’s face and took silva down with EASE! He took control on the ground and gave up position to go for submissions, silva to his credit got out stood up and began his antics, at that point he had lost that round, and that’s a fact. A lot of people claim that silva was dominating in the stand up in the second round but in fact he WASN’T. Weidman then started his boxing combos as silva kept clowning and got his lights turned off. Weidman took NO DAMAGE from silva at all. My god how long are you people going to deny your own eyes!?

        • Baller31

          The best is the champion, whether you like it or not. Weidman doesn’t need to beat anyone but silva to prove he is better.

          • Dragon Kid

            I’m guessing you thought the same thing when Matt Serra beat GSP right?

            Or when Ben Henderson beat Edgar in their rematch or against Gilbert Melendez?

          • Werdoomb

            oh please.. this is nothing like Serra vs GSP.

          • Robwayne Morgan

            it is just like Serra vs GSP he got hit with a punch he didn’t see ! it happens ! Anderson is the best Most consecutive title defenses Most successful title defenses 10 .

            Most finishes in UFC title fights (9)

            Most finishes in the UFC (14)

            Most consecutive wins in the UFC (16) .Highest significant strike accuracy in UFC 67.8% .most knock outs most knock downs and the list goes on and on one lose doesn’t take that away anyone can get knock out Anderson is the best even with the lost!

          • South.NZ.MMA

            Weeeell yes he does because you know and the rest of the world know Silver is the G.O.A.T p 4 p fighter for beating the best of the best in their prime.. Hendo on of the best if not best wrestler in (L/H) & (M.W) devision!, Forrest (L/H), Mia’a the highest level achievable in jujitsu, Sonnen Olympic status wrestler! But hey thats just my opinion. You are right on one thing Chris is the best in the Middleweight division for now…….

      • TheCerealKiller

        I’m 38, I trained mixed karate(karate, judo and aikido) for 3 years when I was 16 and I agree that you knock someones head off if they do what Anderson did. He has been so far ahead of the game that no one has been able to do it, he got bored. I want to see him strictly business again!

        • Chase Brian Beebe

          Quit making excuses for him. He clearly lost the 1st round and got knocked out in the second.

          • Werdoomb

            Is it the UFC fans or is it Anderson?

            For some reason, there is an unprecedented level of AS haterism among MMA fans.

            I can’t believe people booed AS after the fight. And this dude is the longest reigning UFC champ of all time.

            This is why I have to say that Fedor is on a different level that AS. Fedor had the aura about him that made it extremely difficult not to respect him not only as a fighter but as a great person.

            Only time people booed Fedor was when he announced retirement after the Bigfoot fight, and that was only for 10 secs.

        • Werdoomb

          I love the way you start off with a self-introduction regarding your martial arts background…

          “I am a kungfooo 3rd degree~~! And I knooow what I am talking about…none of you MMA nerds know anything about fighting~~!!!”

          You trained under Daniel LaRusso for 3 years (wait..actually 2.5 years but rounded up to 3) when you were 16…and you are supposed to be credible??

          Give me a break you tool.

          • TheCerealKiller

            “I don’t know if you train but”, he asked me the question. I’m not claiming to be any kind of expert. What have you trained, besides flipping burgers? Go troll some other web site.

          • Werdoomb

            lol at a 38 year old dude telling me to go troll…

            Dude, you are 38. Get a life.

          • TheCerealKiller

            I have a very nice life, thank you. Just like the other guy said, you come here, insult everyone like a 12 year old and act like a total a$$. I will guess you are still in your teens?

          • Chase Brian Beebe

            If you are really 38 you act really immature for someone who 38 years old

        • tyrone

          Im 47, i trained gorilla kung fu with anderson silva and i can break a tree with my finger

  • South.NZ.MMA

    Anderson vs Chris rematch very exciting. Ok Chris Fans great win over the G.O.A.T I applaud you and new champ. watching the fight a few times now i was impressed but not surprised that chris had scored a take down in the first round with some beautiful grnd striking , BUT! in saying that just like the Chael Sonnen fight Anderson did not let Chris out of his full guard this i was very impressed with. second round i believe Silver had began to find Chris timing but his down fall was pushing his game plan to draw in Chris to far, there for getting caught! i am not worried about Chris taking down Silva in rematch as i believe from analyzing the fight silver began to build in confidence after getting up after scamble and a very close leg lock..Chris is the best for now.

  • dgs

    First of all, Anderson needs to get his head screwed on straight and decide if he even wants to be a MMA. If he decides he does, and there is a rematch, and if he fights the way he did when he was first brought into the UFC (with a seriousness and killer instinct he’s lacked his past few fights), there is no one in the 185 lbs division who can beat him. That being said, I believe we’ve seen the best of Anderson Silva, as I feel his head and heart are no longer in the game, so I’m not betting on a seeing a rematch.

    Regardless, Weidman will not hold that belt nearly as long as Anderson did. I believe there are plenty of people in the 185 lb division who can clean his clock, namely Belfort (who is now fighting the way Anderson used to), Bisping (hate the guy, but his skill can’t be debated), Okami, and Kennedy to name a few.

    • Werdoomb

      U are an MMA noob. Noobs don’t know that Belfort chokes on big fights.

      No one can beat Weidman. From the way he destroyed Munoz and not AS, I don’t see Bisping or Okami posing any threat.

      • Sir_Roy

        You’re acting like an insecure schmuck opening every overture to debate with an adolescent insult. You’re either a 12 year old (seriously, who uses “noob” as an insult save 12 year olds?), or an adult with seriously stunted development issues. You can make your point without pointless antagonistic remarks that will do nothing save ensure you grow more and more ignored herein. Probably not too late to clean up your act. Best of luck.

        • Werdoomb

          look dude, I wasn’t trying to be a douche. I just got carried away reading some of the less than well-informed comments posted here.

          I mean, when you run into people that have never heard of Roy Nelson prior to TUF or never seen Saku fight, or missed out of the PRIDE OWGP…and you see those people making comments about the UFC Hall of Fame and Dana’s greatness, what can I say?

        • TheCerealKiller

          I love when doomb comes into threads and hurles insults at people like a 12 year old.

          The UFC and Pride were both founded in 1997. There is no “before UFC”. Pride has been gone since 2007. UFC = NFL of MMA ever since.

          • Werdoomb

            UFC was in existence before 1997. As a matter of fact UFC 1 was held in 1993.

          • TheCerealKiller

            Pardon me, I meant 1993. I watched UFC 2 live on PPV.

    • tyrone

      So so sad. Dont be mad cause your hero got ktfo. Chris weidman the most famous man in the woooorrrrllllldddddddd!!!!!!

  • tyrone

    Right now this very minute, chris weidman is the most famous man in the wooorrrrlllldddd!!!! Behind J E S U S of course