Georges St-Pierre Battles Back from Tough Times: “I Lost the Love of the Sport”

October 11, 2012
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Georges St Pierre Sept GSP 2012_1957Appearances can sometimes be deceiving.

From the outside looking in, UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre was the happiest guy in the world.

He was a long reigning titleholder, a multimillionaire, the most profitable athlete in the UFC, and unanimously recognized as the face of the organization.

Despite all that seemed right with St-Pierre’s world, something was definitely wrong, and it literally took away the passion he once had for the sport he dominated.

“I had a lot of personal issues and I lost the love of the sport. I was doing it because I had to, not because I really wanted to,” St-Pierre said in an interview with Fuel TV on Tuesday.

During that time, St-Pierre suffered a major injury to his knee that required reconstructive surgery, more than a year away from the sport, and hours upon hours of rehabilitation. Not only did St-Pierre have to find a way to nurse his body back to health, but he had to get his mind right.

The only way to accomplish both of those goals was to make some major changes.

“I woke up in the morning and I was happy with my life, but I didn’t have the drive to go further and further,” said St-Pierre.

“I told myself when I took that long time off, I said, you know what, I’m going to do everything. I cannot make everybody in life happy, but it’s time for me to be a little bit selfish and organize my training that I can take the best of it, maximize the potential of my training and make it the best I can be and that’s what I did.”

St-Pierre didn’t go into detail on what changes were made, but he’s a happier and healthier fighter ahead of his next bout, which comes against Carlos Condit at UFC 154 in November.

“I changed a lot of stuff in my life and my training and the result is going to be in the fight,” said St-Pierre

Like any major shifts a fighter can make, it always raises the questions if it was a good or bad decision, but UFC 154 will tell the true story about the  Georges St-Pierre that walked into the injury, and the one that came out on the other side.

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  • respectyouruniverse

    Gsp wins by take down, he will finish the job where McDonald couldn’t due to him gasing

  • Eric Lynch

    Anyone getting the impression that Zuffa’s indentured servitude contracts are ruining the sport of MMA? It seems like fighters are looking for a way out of fighting rather than getting in the cage and finding a way to dominate.

    • Kris-tyahn


  • jpgagne

    I think that training with Greg Jackson is what drove the love of the sport away from GSP, as it will with many others. Not only because he transforms great fighter into boring fighter, but also because he cares only about his personnal greatness and the success of his businesss.

    • I agree wholeheartedly. In his younger days, you could tell he was was having and opening up with everything he had. Obviously the Serra fight had a big thing to do with it, but he’s just seemed so worried about making mistakes as time has gone on that it stopped being enjoyable for him.

    • bjjmma

      I think all that as well and it probably doesn’t help being a multimillionaire, that’s like the top of mountain with everything he’s accomplished. It would be nice to see him reinvigorated again, if he truly wants it. But if he wanted to move on to something else, I wouldn’t blame him.

    • Yea, jon jones is such a boring fighter. You are so easily brain washed.

      • Kris-tyahn

        Pope: Wasn’t Guida one of the most exciting fighters in all of MMA? How did he do in his last fight & how mnay fans do you think he gained? Also, wasn’t/isn’t Condit still crucified for his fight vs. Diaz?!? Since GSP joined with Jackson, he hasn’t had the “killer instinct” – but I guess it’s only a coincidence that those 3 fighters who were known for great fights have been a let down of late. Cerrone vs. Diaz was another example of a Jackson fighter being criticised, b/c Cerrone looked like crap, whatever it was he was trying to do. FYI: Jones last fight vs. Belfort should have NEVER lasted 4 rounds, it never should have made it past the 2nd. I think Jackson is one of the best coaches in all of MMA, if not THE BEST, but he goes about it a diff way with his fighters.
        Not sure how you think people, (which are many), who believe Jackson is turning exciting fighters, “boring”/very careful to get the job done/win, are brain washed. The majority of people vs. one/YOU! Yeah it must be the majority who are brain washed & NOT the minority fool, who’s kidding himself.

        FYI: I’m a huge Jakcson fan, but his fighters for the most part are the ones getting a lot of the flack for “boring” fights, why do you think that is?!? Coincidence I suppose you’re going to say? LMAO!!!

  • fcfighter

    Those who are criticitizing Greg Jackson don’t know **** and buy into all that media hype bull****. Must be the same people who thought that Nick Diaz won against Carlos Condit. Greg was probably smart enought to say “Let’s not stay in the pocket and get knocked the F out like every other people that Nick has faced.”

    What Guida against Maynard was dumb. Even Jackson was telling him to engage more. A coach can’t fight for him just tell him what to do.

    Also GSP had a plan to finish Shields later in the rounds but it went out the door when he got his eye poked.

    Stop listening to just Dana White and the media and start listening to the fighters and trainers interviews more.

  • adj

    boohoo.. poor poor GSP

  • Mark

    Dana should ban Jackson from training UFC fighters. He can if this piece of crap keeps ruining great fighters.