Georges St-Pierre Back to ‘Full-Time Training’

June 27, 2012
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Georges St-Pierre UFC 129Everyone has been waiting for word that Georges St-Pierre is good to go and will be able to unify his UFC welterweight championship with the interim belt around Carlos Condit’s waist at UFC 154 in November in Montreal.

Well, we can’t exactly say that just yet, but St-Pierre has given a good reason for hope that it may happen.

“I’m back in Montreal and full-time training! Already tried a few kicks – right knee is super strong…,” St-Pierre wrote on his Facebook page on Wednesday.

St-Pierre tore his ACL in training late last year and had to undergo surgery and an extensive rehabilitation process.

None would be more excited than UFC president Dana White, who has fallen short of main event caliber bouts lately, especially for pay-per-views. White already confirmed that November is the target for St-Pierre’s return, and Wednesday’s post by the champion certainly helps strengthen the odds.

St-Pierre vs. Condit in November would give the UFC a strong event heading into year’s end, and also start the process of unclogging a glut of contenders in the welterweight division.

Jake Ellenberger, Johny Hendricks, and Martin Kampmann had all been knocking on the door. With GSP on the sidelines and Condit waiting for him, however, Ellenberger and Kampmann headlined the TUF Live Finale, Kampmann eliminating Ellenberger as a contender for the time being.

Should St-Pierre return to face Condit in November as planned, Kampmann and Hendricks will square off on the supporting card, setting up the next immediate contender for the winner, save for a rematch.

The way the injury bug has bitten the UFC over the summer, however; it’s probably not advisable to hold your breath on the scenario playing out as smoothly as White would like.

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  • zacharydetal

    I think GSP will be able to neutralize Condit’s attacks with his wrestling or jab. My guess is a lack-luster fight that GSP wins by decision. Not really going off on a limb with that prediction.

    • bajafox

      lol @ Condits “attacks”

      You really think he’s going to engage with GSP?

      • zacharydetal

        I think GSP will be able to take him down at will, so he’ll have to. As far as his last fight against Diaz, I think his strategy was lame, but Condit can finish fights.

      • Mike_Oxafloppin

        If he engages GSP and lands, GSP goes to sleep. GSP’s only option is lay and pray, just like it has been for the past 4 years.

        • phrankthetank

          You are obviously a scholar of MMA so you of course do realize that GSP is a great Striker with a solid chin right? You are also well aware that his last two fights have taken place almost exclusively on the feet correct? Fights where he literally broke a mans face with a jab and another where he out struck his opponent while being nearly blind in one eye. Sounds like lay and pray to me

          • Cptmats

            Well said, Georges impecible wrestling often over shadows his incredible striking(which is even better since hooking up with Freddie Roach). And the only time he really been rock was when Serra hit him behind the ear (a shot that would rock anyone).
            GSP will walk through Condit standing or on the ground !

          • phrankthetank

            I have to give condit his due. I don’t think anyone in the world could walk through him. That being said, I think GSP is better everywhere.

        • MrAdidas

          BAHAAHAHAH – where do you MMA noobs come up with it?!? GSP lays N prays?!? How so … by trying to finish fights, by overmatching his oponents in EVERY aspect of figthing? FYI: GSP has incredible stand up, ask Koscheck! He doesnt use his striking as much bc he can take people down & GnP them or attempt submission after submission, ask Hardy! GSP has 2 losses in 24 fights, one by submission & the other by TKO, so how does GSP going to bed if Condit lands?!? Sure Condit has KO power, but that’s only if he lands CLEAN, which can be said for almost 80% of MMA fighters out there.

  • bajafox

    We’re all screwed if they both show up with the “Guida” strategy from his fight with Maynard.

    I just hope the Condit before the Diaz fights shows up. It’s going to be a snooze fest if both of them refuse to engage.

  • Bajafox you have proved to me you know nothing about GSP and I doubt you know anything about MMA.

    • bajafox

      And what makes you think I care what I prove to you? Do I get points by proving to you I’m “hardcore” and watch PRIDE in it’s hay dya?


  • Bob

    I just hope GSPs knee is totally healed before he gets back in the octagon. It will be hard to chase someone for 5 rounds with a screwed up knee!

    And for Pubekagel;
    Condit Condit Condit Condit.


    Condit ran aginst diaz but i had no problems watching it . I thought it was good fight i knew he was running and i knew he was winning . I wanted diaz to win so bad but i knew he was lose n frm early on FAR frm guida gaynard ! Ellenberger Ebersole for title FALL 2013

    • Cptmats

      In all fairness he didn’t really run from Diaz, he just kept circling back to the center. Unlike Guida, He engaged as much as Diaz. He just wouldn’t stand and trade with Diaz, Not that I blame him. Diaz has a granite chin !

    • MrAdidas

      I believe Ebersole is making his way down to LW!