Georges St-Pierre Asks for Nick Diaz; Dana White Says Fight Will “Probably” Happen Next

December 6, 2012

It appears Georges St-Pierre will get his wish for his next fight but it doesn’t involve Anderson Silva or Johny Hendricks.

All signs are pointing towards St-Pierre next defending his UFC welterweight title against Stockton bad boy Nick Diaz at some point in 2013.

UFC President Dana White confirmed the news when speaking to reporters after the UFC on Fox 5 press conference ended. White stated that GSP has asked to fight Diaz next, and the UFC will likely oblige his wish.

St-Pierre has been on vacation in France since his unanimous decision victory over Carlos Condit just a few weeks ago, but now he’s made his intentions known, and it’s to settle a long standing rivalry with the former Strikeforce champion.

On two different occasions, St-Pierre and Diaz have been matched up, but neither fight went forward. Now it appears the grudge will finally be settled next year.

Diaz is still awaiting his suspension to be lifted from the Nevada State Athletic Commission surrounding a positive test for marijuana stemming from his last fight against Condit.

He will be available to apply for a new fight license after Feb 2, 2013, and at that point if cleared he can officially gear up to face St-Pierre for the UFC welterweight strap.

The unfortunate part of this entire scenario is for both Anderson Silva and Johny Hendricks, who wanted the next crack at St-Pierre. Silva has been gunning for a super fight against St-Pierre, while Hendricks has clearly defined himself as the No. 1 contender at welterweight over the last year.

Hendricks knocked out both top five welterweights Jon Fitch and Martin Kampmann, and also picked up a win over Josh Koscheck along the way. That’s still not enough for now to get Hendricks in the cage with St-Pierre, and he will likely end up fighting again in the interim.


  1. i hope so but i doubt it i think hendricks will probaly get the next crack at the ww belt if gsp dosent fight anderson but if gsp asks for this fight that shows he really wants to beat nicks ass

  2. thats seriously bullshit…hendricks is the number one contender and deserves to fight him. theres needs to be more structure in this sport and not so business like. Its like in hockey (canadian) a team kicking out another team but not going through to the next round because its not as popular as a third party team that wasn’t even in the picture.

    • WTF are you talking about? Canadian hockey like it’s a bad thing. Canadians read this **** too “eh”

    • Hahah horrible comparison! .

  3. I guess wins and losses don’t mean anything in the UFC anymore. Hendricks goes on a tear and doesn’t get next shot…Diaz gets offered the GSP fight, blows the opportunity because he can’t handle the pressure, beats BJ, then looses to Condit & gets suspended for a second time for weed and he gets the shot…makes sense!

    • Hey guys, remember my psychic predictions?

      Next up, lotto numbers! 😀

  4. sweet. looking forward to a 2013 card with the Diaz Bros defending their titles for the first time.

  5. how is this unfortunate for silva? he’s the champion he should look to defend his belt. the only person this is unfortunate for is johnny Hendricks.

    • Unfortunate for Silva only in a financial regard…there is no one for Silva to fight at 85 that will generate the revenue of the GSP fight. But I agree, GSP has no obligation whatsoever to fight Silva, unless Silva can make 170. But this is a nut shot for Hendricks, for sure.

  6. i still believe koscheck won that fight from hendricks

    • I thought Kos won too. I hated that Dolce came out a week ago and was all..Johnny was sick blah blah blah. If you get in the Cage don’t make excuses for a poor performance or injury. He chose to fight and if he was that sick im sure he would have been told not to fight in his pre fight medical

  7. This fight is one that I would like to see. I would not be really excited, to see Hendricks fight GSP, just feels like a fight GSP wins and not very exciting.

  8. GSP ducking Silva again. Nothing new to see here.

    • why are people so retarded anderson vs gsp isn’t a fair fight it’s like trying to put dominick cruz vs gsp yes is that much of a size difference anderson cuts so much weight to make 185 only super fight that makes sense is jones vs anderson period.

      • GSP wasn’t too big for Penn was he?

      • you are totally wrong on the size issue. Anderson cuts around 15 lbs before a fight meaning he weighs 200 or so. GSP cuts 25 meaning he weighs around 195. that isn’t a huge difference. People get hung up on the fact that silva gets out of shape and balloons up to 220 before he starts camp. GSP is always in shape and cuts mostly water. He is a huge 170er the big difference in size comes from height and reach.

        • Reach with Siva and GSP is pretty similar. GSP has a 76in reach and Silva has 77.7in reach according to wiki. Jones is too big r Anderson with his 84.5in reach. He should go to heavyweight and fight JDS and leave the Anderson Silva situation to the winner of GSP and Nick


        Educate yourself before you talk

      • You’re an idiot who just says what he sees other people saying. Silva and GSP don’t have that big of a size difference, just height.

    • Do you have the same opinion of Silva ducking Jon Jones?

      • Silva already said he’d take the fight with Jones. Besides, the point your trying to come across is, why would Silva fight the smaller GSP I’m sure? Its not valid, as GSP had zero reservations fighting the smaller Penn. Quack Quack.

        • Yet he didn’t step up to coach TUF against Jones and make the fight cause he wants to fight GSP. Also it wasn’t GSP begging to fight Penn it was the other way around and bj got his wish and serious beating to go with it.

          • Penn got robbed the first fight. And why would Silva waste his time doing a crappy tv show? If they’d offered him TUF Brazil he might’ve been talked into it. Silva will man up and move up waaaay before GSP does.

  9. I think Hendricks makes a good case but Im still not totally sold. He knocked out Fitch who is tough as nails but doesn’t have great stand up and Kampman also tough as nails but always get hit hard by his opponents. I think GSP beats both of them but Diaz is a the big money fight. I think he beats Diaz then he fights Silva and then maybe Retires. I don’t think for a second he is afraid of Hendricks I just think he has been dying to get a Diaz since Diaz called him scarred, which is ironic seeing as Diaz was scarred of press conferences with GSP.

    • GSP is 31 years old…he’s not retiring at 32.

      • He has spoken about retiring early. He has said in the past he doesn’t want to fight into his late 30’s if he beats Diaz and then Fights Silva how does he get motivated after what would be by far the biggest fight in the history of the sport. He has tons of cash and a secure legacy as well.

        • Again, no disrespect intended, but not wanting to fight until you are 38 is different from retiring at 32. I also remember when Anderson Silva said he wanted to retire at 35. I think GSP loves fighting, I think he loves the attention he receives as one of Canada’s most popular athletes, I think he loves being a champion. I’m sure there is a rush and exhilaration that comes from competing at the highest level that is addictive and impossible to find after retiring. Especially now that he says he has been reenergized and found his love of the sport again, I think most of those comments about retiring early probably came before the injury when he was burned out. But just my opinion…time will tell.

  10. I hope GSP tries to stand with Diaz like he did with Koscheck, I want to see how GSP handles DIaz’s high volume punches

  11. I like GSP v Diaz more than I like the Hendricks fight, but Hendricks deserves it, and Diaz doesn’t. I am a big fan of NIck and I absolutely think he is one win away from a title shot, but no one should get a title fight following a loss…I don’t care if it was close or controversial; I don’t care if it is in a different weight class; I don’t care if the fans really want to see it. In my opinion, no one should get a shot at a title following a loss…period.

    • Agreed. He is coming off a loss AND got suspended after the fight as well. I think he needs to have at least 1 fight…and a dominant win against a contender to get the title shot.

      It’s making the UFC look kinda stupid right now that guys like Sonnen and Diaz are getting title shots based on their mouths rather than their records.

  12. Diaz vs GSP is one exciting fight. It will be great to see the most exciting fighter in MMA kick GSP’s ass.

    • I don’t doubt Diaz can beat GSP, but can he beat godawful judging. He’s already been robbed once since his return.

      • WTF are you talking about? It was fairly clear he lost the Condit fight.

        • Agreed. Not a glorious win on Condit’s part, but clear, and respectable, given how hard Diaz is to deal with.

          • 1st- Diaz
            2nd- Diaz
            3rd- Condit
            4th- Toss up, either or.
            5th- Diaz

            My unbiased (and correct) opinion. I like both fighters extremely!

          • Completely agree

        • No it wasn’t. If it was clear then there wouldn’t have been so much controversy. Neither guy came close to finishing or seriously hurting the other.

  13. YES!!!!!

  14. This is absolutely ridiculous. Dana White is making UFC title contention a joke. First Chael gets a title shot for no reason other than his mouth, and now cry baby Diaz gets a title shot for losing, crying about the decision, saying he’s retiring, getting suspended, and talking smack in the media (all in that order). This is getting annoying, I can’t wait for another promotion to start competing with the UFC like Pride used to and Strikeforce started to before getting bought out. Super annoying as a sincere MMA fan. Aaand… end rant now lol

    • Don’t forget Silva dodges Weidman with Bonnar. People need to stop paying for fights that have no merit.

  15. I have really been wanting to see this.

  16. The Silva vs GSP fight has simply always been too good to be true. Its not going to happen :/

  17. This is crazy more about making money then anything Hendricks screwed

  18. What Nicky wants Nicky gets this awesome

  19. Everyone knows this is going to be a big ppv for this
    epic fight just shut up your still going to buy it

  20. pacman lost a close fight to an up and comer……..would u rather see the new guy vs mayweather or still would rather see pacman and floyd???…mayweather and pacman!!! . Nick Diaz vs GSP is a fight that MOSTLY everyone wants to see..and MOSTLY is the key…
    he whooped on BJ and we all know how close the Condit fight was….idk..but DIAZ GSP would be one of the biggest fights in the UFC

  21. GSP has to stand with Diaz if he wants people to
    start respecting him as champ

    • Diaz need to take down GSP and hold him there for 5 rounds if he wants people to start respecting him… Seriously: respect is overrated…

      • Respect is not overrated only GSP

        • Right. How is GSP overrated again?

          He’s beaten every single top welterweight in the division – arguably the most stacked division in the game – defending his title seven consecutive times. True or false?

          He’s out struck each and every opponent. True or false?

          He’s out wrestled each and every opponent. True or false?

          And while he’s won by decision for the most part, he’s still managed to out strike, out wrestle and all round out fight everyone in extremely dominant fashion. Heck, he hadn’t lost a single round (winning 30 consecutive rounds is no mean feat).

          You realize of course that defending a title is significantly more challenging than defeating the exact same opponent in regular competition right? Fighters tend to leave it all in the ring, train harder than they ever had, and are at the pinnacle of their respective careers. GSP has beaten these folks at their very best.

          He deserves every ounce of credit he receives. And don’t kid yourself, he has to soak a ton of criticism as well – some of it also deserved (i.e winning by decision) – but he acknowledges this and does so with class. He flat out stated he knows he doesn’t have the knockout power of a Rampage, the precision of an Anderson, the wrestling of a Chael – he works with what he does have (jack of all trades, master at none would be the best way to describe it perhaps) and makes it work for him.

          And it works in spectacular fashion.

          • Out struck each and every opponent
            when your good striker he will will wrestle
            and if you good on the ground he will
            try to keep it standing he is a smart
            fighter I give him that but forget about his
            stats and just use your eyeballs only
            then watch him play it safe people
            have to stop drinking that GSP kool aid
            when Diaz fought Daley he could have
            took him down and gone for a submission
            win but he didn’t that right there is a real
            heart of a champion and I already know
            GSP won’t dare strike with the people’s
            champ we both know that

          • Right. It’s mixed martial arts bud. If you’re good at striking, and your take down defense and wrestling is sub par (or vice versa), you expect to be champion?? Dream on. You have to be good in every aspect. And GSP is just that.

            Of course GSP will hit where his opponent is weak. You’d be a moron not to. And if you have such glaring weaknesses, then you have no right to be champion. Why doesn’t Diaz exploit GSP’s weaknesses and stop bitching about what GSP will do? Oh, that’s right, because Georges is far more well rounded.

            And y’know what, that’s what everyone said about Koscheck too. GSP will never dare strike with Kos … his big bad right hand will put him to sleep! GSP will never take Penn down, his BJJ is too dangerous!

            Keep on singing there. No one believes that crap anymore.

            Fact is, every fight starts standing, and GSP out-struck every single one of his opponents. If Diaz wants to strike the whole time with Georges, tell him to stop whining, put on his big boy pants, and stop GSP’s take downs. It’s part of the game I’m afraid. What I hear is “no fair! I can’t stop Georges wrestling, I’m afraid of his top control! Wah! Please stay standing and strike with me … at least that way I’ll have a punchers chance! Pretty please?”

            Ain’t GSP’s fault if he’s a more well rounded fighter. If he excels on his feet, uses his strikes to set up his take downs, then beats the crap out of folks in ground and pound and no one can stop him from doing it … well, then that just means he’s the better mixed martial artist I’m afraid.

            Enjoy your kool aid.

  22. This is nuts, its not GSP’s job to pick his fights. Plus Diaz should not even be in the UFC. Take your brother anf go back to you bankrupt ghetto of a city, two wanna be thugs

  23. YES!

  24. It’s all very simple guys.

    GSP doesn’t want to fight Hendricks because there is far, far more PPV money in a Diaz fight.

    And you know what? It’s a very smart move. Let’s not for a minute believe the Benjamens aren’t important here. We can argue about what’s right or wrong, about why Diaz doesn’t deserve the shot due to testing positive to the pipe, losing a controversial (and yes, it is controversial – they both fought like neutered kittens) decision to Condit, ducking out of media responsibilities (etc. etc.) and you’re not wrong. But y’know what? Wrong or right here doesn’t measure up against the very real fact that It’s still the fight the fans want to see most – aside from the Anderson Silva ‘super’ fight that is.

    If GSP chooses to fight Anderson, and I believe he should (the bankroll would be tremendous and he could, indeed, retire if he so chose), it should be after one more fight. He wants to surpass Hugh’s record first I’m sure. Fighting Diaz first is the smart move financially, to cement his legacy in the WW division, and is the right gamble to promoting even bigger returns for a potential superfight. Puts pressure on Dana to anti up.