Georges St-Pierre Announces Indefinite Leave of Absence, Relinquishes UFC Belt (Audio)

December 13, 2013
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UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre on Friday declared that he needed to take an immediate leave of absence from fighting, and wasn’t sure when he would return, although he did sound as if he would return at some point. In doing so, St-Pierre said he realized that it was unfair to the UFC and other welterweight fighters to leave his belt in limbo, thus he immediately relinquished his championship.

Listen in as St-Pierre declares his intent to step away from fighting, at least for the near future, and as part of that announcement, vacates his claim to the UFC welterweight championship.

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  • RoBeRtOe

    Love it. George’s doesn’t owe Uncle Dana or the UFC SCHITT!!! He earned that company more money than God, played by Dana’s rules, stayed a class act, was the highest PPV earner, and Dana wants to bitch out by saying he owes more. Go to the next chapter in your life George and don’t look back.

    • GSPRules!

      Awesome when GSP said he’ll return when he feels like it…LOL…I bet Dana was saying, “Oh Shet! He stuck it to us and without vaseline!” It hurts uncle Dana, not every fighter is your marionette…LOL

      That was GSP’s classy way of telling Dana F.U. for talking shet about me and trying to treat me like a puppet! LOL

      Now Johnny Bitch Loser and Lawler can fight for the bone GSP left. Hopefully Lawler will KO that sore loser!

      • Advance*

        How does giving up the belt and saying he’ll return when he feels like it stick it to Dana? If he did that without vacating the belt then you might have a point. Now he’s no longer a champion and Dana and the UFC will keep growing and making more and more money. GSP’s the one who obviously can’t handle the pressure anymore. Maybe in a year he can come back and fight one of the guys who aren’t so worried about losing that they drive themselves insane like him.

    • casey

      I hope all u gsp junkies saw the score cards and the numbers and they all prove that the fight was judged terribly and that johnny won I like both fighters but gsp is the most boreing fighter ever and johny is most exciting there is out there with that being said gsp is a legend but johnny won that fight

  • Big Tuna

    He isn’t relinquishing the belt it belongs to Hendricks and his family.

    • BigTuna=JohnnysBitch

      LOL you’re so pathetic that’s why you are a Big Tuna! If it was Hendricks’s belt then why did Dana himself said Hendricks and Lawler will be fighting for the VACATED BELT BITCH!? You’re such a moron and I guess you love to display your ignorance…LOL…you’re so funny…I’m LMAO. BTW, I posted the same thing on my own in case you try to delete my post for posting under reply to you…dumb bitch!

      • Big Tuna

        Your passion In such forums and lack of a degree from a 4 yr accredited university speaks volumes for your trailer court cohort. FYI it is not possible for “Dana himself to said” anything. Pick up a book flunky. I was rooting for GSP I am a fan of his but he is not the rightful belt-holder he was defeated that night against Hendricks!

        • Sarcasticball

          Look we all know it was a close fight and that Hendricks did more dammage but Denying a fact is useless. The judge give the victory to GSP get over it.

        • CPTObes

          You may want to use punctuation when deriding someone for a lack of education. Just saying…

          Did Hendricks win the fight? Probably. Is it the worst judging job we’ve ever witnessed? Not even close. Nothing worth even posting that initial comment over, IMHO.

  • HendricksIsGSPsBitch

    LOL you’re so pathetic that’s why you are a Big Tuna! If it was Hendricks’s belt then why did Dana himself said Hendricks and Lawler will be fighting for the VACATED BELT BITCH!? You’re such a moron and I guess you love to display your ignorance…LOL…you’re so funny…I’m LMAO.

    • You’re an idiot, and a coward to post under an anonymous login. Go drink some drano so we don’t have to listen to your incoherent babbling any longer.

  • TheCerealKiller

    Kent Murray may be the dumbest fcuking retard I have ever heard on a public forum.

    • Jay Mcgarrity

      who? what did he do?

  • George Sperry

    The end of an era. Truly the classiest Champion the UFC has ever had. He fought them all.
    I don’t know but I do feel the knee injury is the root cause of this. It was a bad injury for a man who needs his legs to ply his trade and it was a grueling re-hab. He hasn’t seemed to be the same GSP to me since his return.
    Best of Luck Georges, you are/were my favorite MMA fighter.

  • wow

    Damien Yoon, owner of ToeBang in Los Angeles likes to suck KOCK.

  • Boxing Judges Gave Him The Win

    Forever known as a tainted champ in the history books! fight hendricks then retire stupid

    • Sarcasticball

      Wow 8 not even close title defense + 2 one side winning victory for the title and only 1 controversial win. Sorry but your comment is ridiculous.

      • CPTObes

        Ignore him, he’s obviously trolling with that embarrassing statement. No one could write that and yet still have enough wherewithal to even click the “post” button.

  • tmac

    No one has to worry about boring fights with Yawn St. Pierre

    • earlsimmons

      I see what your did there! Your so clever….

  • Whackster

    Great champ, blah blah blah. Lets face it. Sometime after the Sera KO, he stopped trying to finish fights. I’m so glad Dana stood his ground and made him vacate. No more 5 round dry humping. No more I’ll hold this guy down and bend the rules as far as I can to get a win. In my opinion, Hendricks kicked his ass into retirement and I am forever grateful. Now that one “athlete” is gone, two fighters will fight for the belt. Very exciting. GSP is all class, blah blah blah. Wanna see fighters back in the UFC. Not athletes. Go ahead and bitch away Canada. Back to the CFL for you guys…

    • CPTObes

      He traded blows with Hendricks that entire fight. He did the same with Koscheck, breaking his orbital bone in the process. I’m guessing the fact that he didn’t put on the disphit routine a la’ Sonnen (or maybe Abbot, miss that guy?) is what really annoyed you. Go back to watching WWE.

  • Salt

    Being from Ok myself I truly hoped Hendricks would win. Upon hearing his post fight commentary I am so thrilled he did not. GSP has fought the best in the world for years, exhibited extraordinary class as a champion, and done more than most any other fighter to build up the UFC to what it is today. Hendricks has yet to pay his dues. I remember Hendricks saying if he touched St. Pierre then he would put him to sleep. Hendricks did indeed land his best punches and 5 rounds later little Johnny was a crying loser in the locker room. Hendricks showed complete disrespect for St. Pierre and so did all the couch fighters after the fight. GSP has every right to step away as a champion. Johnny should have remembered that pride comes before a fall. To every sorry couch fighter out there; if you don’t like it then knuckle up, get in the octagon and be a champion or shut up. Stop blaming GSP, you act as if he did something wrong.