Georges St-Pierre Announces ACL Tear, but Quiet on UFC Return

March 27, 2014
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Georges-St-Pierre-026-UFC-124-478x270Former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre may no longer be gracing the Octagon with his presence, but stepping into the training room has still come with a cost, as he announced on Thursday that he tore his anterior cruciate ligament.

While St-Pierre vacated the UFC championship in December of last year, he hasn’t left his teammates in a lurch. St-Pierre has been known to continue training and working alongside his Tristar Gym teammates in Montreal, even though he has yet to talk definitely about a return to the Octagon.

It seems that his time in the gym still comes at a price, as St-Pierre on Thursday said that he tore the ACL in his left knee during training. He’ll head in for surgery in the coming days and then another stint with rehab.

“Just got confirmation that I tore my left knee ACL during training this week… Surgery in a few days and rehab starts right away,” St-Pierre wrote on his Facebook page.

The former UFC 170-pound kingpin spent the better part of 2011 and 2012 on the shelf due to a torn ACL in his right knee. He returned in November of 2012 to unify the welterweight championship with a victory over interim titleholder Carlos Condit. St-Pierre then defeated Nick Diaz and Johny Hendricks before surprisingly vacating the belt in December.

“We all face challenges in our lives and I know only one way to take this one: Pain, hard work, no shortcuts and I will soon be back at 100%,” he continued on Thursday. “Stay tuned and thanks for your amazing support, as always. Merci à tous pour vos encouragements.”

While recent speculation had pointed to a possible return in early 2015, St-Pierre has yet to comment definitively on when or if he will return to the UFC.

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    And queue all the GSP haters. The poor guy’s really going to hear about it for this one.

    • Kenny Powers

      Yea its messed up. The guy is a legend already and has nothing left to prove, but people will still criticize him. Although i didnt find his style the most exciting, i respect how good he was and how long he was on top. You gotta give the guy his due, even if Hendricks beat him haha.

    • Seth

      Why? Im not a big fan of GSP, but why would someone hate him for that? He just trained the sport he loves and to which he dedicated his life…why would anyone hate him for doing what he likes?

      • Kris-tyahn

        Seth & Kenny, people/GSP haters will just make some stupid & idiotic comments that he isn’t “really” injured & that he’s scared to fight Hendricks, Silva & Cain Velasquez … at the same time!
        I respect both your comments, even if Kenny doesn’t overly like the way GSP fights, he still appreictaes & understands how great a fighter GSP was/is!
        I don’t expect everyone to like GSP or even appreciate his style, but at least give the guy the respect he deserves!

        • Seth

          Didn’t he semi-retire? He quit for a while because he wanted to take a brake…so I don’t even link him to any fight, since he was injured way after he left – how is that a ducking someone? People with arguments like that would be simply – stupid as hell.

  • Kris-tyahn

    Oh well, I guess the wondering & hoping of GSP fighting in early 2015 is out the window & so is GSP’s figthing career. He lost a step after his 1st ACL surgery, now he’s getting his other ACL/knee reconstructed. Thats TWO MAJOR ACL surgeries in 3 years, for a guy who depends on his lower body for a lot of his success EI: Kicks, takedowns, takedown defense, speed, explosiveness etc., this is the worst injury GSP could have received.
    I was hoping he would return/fight before April 2015, but now after this HUGE set back, it’s time for GSP to retire & retire on top. Too bad! Maybe him & Condit can rehab together & stay in the same room. LOL

    • uncle

      Damn good point !Condit could also loose a step
      after his surgery, which would be awful for the sport

      • Wolf Ticket

        Thought about it too, but IMHO Condit’s style is not so much about athleticism (compared to GSP), so I think he’ll be much more like his old self when he returns.

  • brad king

    Hurry back champ the ww division is spiralling out of control with cheesiness. Word is that Nick Diaz is yelling for a title shot!

  • dgs

    Tore my ACL and meniscus back in 1995, and held off getting surgery for another five years. I had one of the best surgeons in Dallas at the time (I had absolutely amazing health insurance coverage at that time, otherwise I never could have afforded the $15,000 out of pocket cost for the surgery, heavy duty cast, crutches, meds, physical therapy etc.), and was happy I finally had the surgery. Physical therapy sucked, and I was out of training for about two months, but it was wonderful getting back to training with a knee that finally had stability.

    It is a serious injury however, and no matter how well the surgery goes, the knee will never be 100% again, ever. Georges should stick to acting/movies, a lot more money, and a lot less chance for injury. He has nothing left to prove when it comes to MMA, his legacy is cemented (even if his last fight was a controversial win).

  • snapdad

    who cares about his acl, he’s not even fighting right now!

  • uncle

    GSP has the mindset of a winner ,I can see him overcome this injury

  • RubeKegal

    GSP Should stay retired. Beat everyone he faced and avenged his 2 losses in devastating fashion

  • mario beauchamp

    LEAVE GSP ALONE hes a true mma fighter he needs a brake he will come back when hes ready hes proven himself more than once . u all try wat hes put himself through get get where he is n btw u have to b ocd to get wat wat gsp accomplished .love the guy keep ur head up gsp