Georges St-Pierre All But Closes the Door on Anderson Silva Superfight

April 24, 2013
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Georges St-PierreThe idea of UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre moving up a division to face middleweight titleholder Anderson Silva in a superfight has been kicked around for years.  It’s a promotional dream, but St-Pierre on Tuesday all but closed the door on the possibility of fighting Silva… at least in the near term.

The 31-year-old Canadian appeared on UFC commentator Joe Rogan’s latest podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, and said he’d likely face Johny Hendricks next.

St-Pierre had cleared out the 170-pound division before suffering an ACL injury that required surgery and extensive rehabilitation while preparing to face Nick Diaz at UFC 143.  The knee injury sidelined the champion for 19 months, and new contenders emerged in his absence.

“I need to do stuff in my division before I take (a superfight) because it has moved now,” said St-Pierre.

If he were to accept a fight with Silva at middleweight, he’d be at a considerable size disadvantage.

“Anderson Silva is very big.  He’s 230 pounds.  He’s a very big guy, walking around very big and I’m 190 pounds.  It’s a lot of weight difference. If this fight happens one day, we’re going to have to decide what weight class and everything,” he said.

“I don’t do a lot of cutting.  It would be easier for me to go fight at 155 than fighting at 185.  I would be more at my weight naturally.  There’s guys at 155 that walk around 190 like me,” said St-Pierre.  “They think I’m big because I have a large frame, but I’m not a big guy.  I’m not thick.”

Silva has competed as low as 168 pounds in Japan, but that was more than a decade ago.  He fought in Rumble on the Rock at 175 pounds in 2006 and has indicated that he thinks he can make 170.

“If he wants to make 170, I weigh 170, and he can (come down to) 170, that’s fine,” said St-Pierre.

Silva is scheduled to face Chris Weidman at UFC 162 on July 6.  Johnny Hendricks solidified himself as the top contender in the welterweight division by defeated Carlos Condit at UFC 158 on March 16.

When asked who he expects to face next, St-Pierre responded, “We’ll see.  (Silva) is fighting Weidman and Hendricks is freaking out.  He wants to fight me.  We’ll see what’s going to happen in the future… probably Hendricks.”

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  • Scared

    • MMAFAN

      lol I would be too, and so would you. Big difference is GSP could possibly beat him. You and me, not so much.

  • bajafox

    What kind of statement is that? **”Hendricks is freaking me.”

    That is exactly why he opted to make the movie instead, wants to hold on to that belt just a little longer


    • justin_e

      He said freaking out. Not freaking me out.

      • bajafox

        I stand corrected. Thanks.

    • Dice_420

      How often do you think he should defend his title? He is entitled to time off in between fights like everyone else. So he decided to take a SMALL role in a movie, didn’t realize that was against UFC rules…

      • bajafox

        His profession is “fighter” not “actor”

        • Dice_420

          And he does fight. What he does in his off time is his own business. You act as if he never fights. I guess you expected him to fight Hendricks the night after his Diaz fight? He’s doing the movie in between fights which is his right to do so. Many fighters are in commercials, are you gonna comment on that? Either way you look at it, they are still acting in small roles…

  • Collideoverme

    St. Pierre is definitely not afraid of Hendricks. Hendricks freaking out refers to him not wanting to wait again to get his title shot.

    • lmao do you watch the fights and interviews? Or do you just worship lay and pray tactics? GSP is gonna be destroyed by Hendricks. This is the exact reason why GSP dodged Hendricks and fought Diaz in his last fight. He knows his time is over and just wants to get some good paydays before he fights true contenders.

      • Dice_420

        I seem to recall people saying the same about Dan Hardy. Problem is, GSP is a pro, and he knows how to control a fight. You say lay and pray, but if that were the case, how bad are these competitors if they can’t get a person who is “laying and praying “on them off? If you want a boxing match go watch boxing, and leave us to watch MIXED MARTIAL ARTS.

        • d00b

          exactly what i was gonna say all the new fans are f****** idiots you want standup period go to boxing quit calling these fighters pussies and shut the f*** up

      • mikes1025

        i hope hendricks does stop his wrestling. but all that really means is gsp will step up his game though. he’s super well rounded and seeing a guy who actually puts up a challenge JUST MIGHT get you to see how good GSP is and not so much Hendricks.

      • Sir_Roy

        I understand if you don’t like a certain fighter … and dominant champions receive their fair share of haters. I get how that works. But Michael, you just sound really dumb spitting out repeatedly herein the “lay and pray” song and dance denoting you have next to no knowledge of MMA at all whatsoever.

        I’m beginning to think your just an attention starved troll.

      • Collideoverme

        Hahaha! No, I don’t worship lay and pray. How did you get that out of what I said? Nor do I think still that GSP is afraid of Hendricks. I think Hendricks has all of the tools to beat GSP to be honest. But that being said…Hendricks couldn’t knock out Carlos Condit hurt hand or not. GSP beat Condit who also has KO power. It doesn’t matter who’s fighting, there is always a punchers chance regardless. So no, I do not think GSP is afraid of Hendricks.

      • Collideoverme

        I think you misinterpreted my comment. No, I truly believe GSP isn’t afraid of Hendricks. And yes, I watch everything. Do I think Hendricks can beat GSP? Absolutely! I think Hendricks can absolutely tko or ko GSP. But…that being said, many have talked about this opponent or that opponent kicking GSP’s ass and it hasn’t happened yet. GSP is smart, he can gameplan with the best of them. I would not even be surprised if he beat Hendricks. So take that how you want…

  • Redskinrey

    I would rather Jones or a smaller heavy weight fight Silva anyways

  • mmafan3322

    GSP is a joke. Why should guys like Fedor, Couture, Penn, and Anderson Silva fight in higher weight classes to have it count against them? They should get extra points for p4p rankings over the years for being warriors. Sakuraba and Wandy Silva should be considered top 5 all-time too. Why should they be penalized for fighting bigger opponents? Anderson Silva has fought in all different weight classes. These people didn’t ask for handicaps. They didn’t ask for time to put on muscle. If GSP fights Silva at mw I highly doubt Silva is going to put on 30 pounds to weigh 215 at fight time. GSP walks around close to 200 pounds. Somehow in this interview GSP switched his weight to less (last time I remember him saying around 197) and he says Silva drops 45 pounds for his middleweight fights. Yeah this got is a real spokes person for the sport.

    • ^idiot^

    • Scotty_O

      Hahaha listen to you. Did GSP bang your girlfriend or something? You seem to have a personal resentment for the guy. What do you mean he’s a joke? He’s one of the top p4p’s of all time. The fact that he banged your girl, or your sister, or your Mom doesn’t change that.

      You have the right to your opinion that’s for sure, but GSP is above all those names you just mentioned.

      And just to finish this off, GSP is a martial artist, not a fighter. Get over it.

    • what the fuck

      wandy silva top 5 are you on drugs the guy has an intense staredown and ZERO gas tank. win 16 in a row at middleweight in pride comes to the ufc and goes 4 and 5. Chael was right pride was rigged. Wandy isnt even top 10 p4p

      • tim

        pride was rigged, good one…LOL

        • Mathieu Drut

          Some of the fights definitely were. It’s not even a secret… Many fighters came forward about it.

      • Meandmyselfandi

        it’s called age you dumbass

      • lol the man beat the best of the best in the world, and after getting up there in age for the sport you down him? You’re an idiot, plain and simple.

        • what the fuck

          the best of the what? i suppose rampage and lidell or some japanese guys that have had zero career after pride qualify as best in the world huh look at his losses when he comes up against the “best in the world” at that time tito loss vitor loss hendo 1-1 lidell1-1 jackson1-1 mark hunt loss (really) and arona loss(lol) and he only fights once a year maybe twice no way he’s top 5 p4p

          • fight medic

            All this sounds like to me is a bunch of couch potatoes who have never put on a pair of gloves, trained in a gi, or hell probably havnt been in a fight since that girl took their cookie in day care,,,,guys when you win a UFC belt, when you have sacrificed whats these guys do every day to fight for a living, feed their families, and to entertain internet keyboard warriors like you guys….then you have room to talk. Until then learn respect, get educated on what really goes in mma fight. If you do that then you will probably realize how ignorant you all sound.

    • Sir_Roy

      GSP has not earned the disrespect you afford him. It’s that simple. You show a distinct lack of character in your unwarranted spite. These champions deserve our respect unless they truly do something to warrant otherwise. GSP has done nothing save make smart career choices for himself. It’s his life and fighting Hendricks next is essentially the welterweight champion defending his title against the #1 contender. It’s the kosher play. It’s the right play.

    • Gil Blevins

      You’re one of the “people” who hasn’t ever fought MMA, You are not a fan. You probably went and bought an Affliction or a Tapout shirt so people would think you were tough..Plus, you have no idea what it is to try and pack on weight to come up a class.

    • ink

      Big difference in moving up to fight a can and moving up to fight the champ…

  • King_DG

    don’t be scared homie!

    • Sir_Roy

      You confuse intelligence with fear. Don’t be ashamed. It happens.

      • King_DG

        nah there’s no mistake here, he’s talking about dropping down to 155, which we all know would never happen. He should just come right out and say he doesn’t want none of that Silva fight, he’s been saying for years that he needs more time to put some weight on.

        • Jeremy Blake

          He never for a second said he was dropping to 155. He said he could make 155 easier than 185. And doing it “naturally”, he’s right. You don’t fight at 185 when you naturally weigh 190.

          • Sir_Roy

            Hard to understand how so many don’t get this …

        • Exactly, he’s just as scared of Silva as he is of Hendricks. GSP will get his ass handed to himself the first time he faces a real contender. He dodged Hendricks and took the joke of a Diaz fight and couldn’t even end that fight! Thank God the lay and pray days are about to come to an end and we will have some exciting talent in a new champion. Well, as long as White sticks to his word and makes GSP fight Hendricks or Silva next.

          • Dice_420

            And if he fought Hendricks first, you probably would have said he was dodging Diaz. Get your head out of your ass. GSP will beat Hendricks and you will be bitching once again.

          • doooob

            he aint got nothing to prove you are just all jealous fans of fighters hes beatin him fighting silva is a dumb move everyone knows silva vs jones is more appropiate gsp aint that big

          • King_DG

            Yeah one day he will be beat, but I doubt it will be by Hendricks, I don’t think he has enough in his gas tank to last but I do believe he will get smashed by Silva for sure. I’d respect him alot more if he just said ” hey guys I don’t want to fight Silva because he’s too big and I know I would get my ass kicked” but he keeps saying that he’s waiting for this and that. its annoying

          • So the undisputed WW champ is afraid of real contenders? This guy has been around since 04′ and has taken on every top fighter thrown at him. Every guy he fought was on a roll before fighting him and earned a shot at him. He’s either fighting Hendricks or Silva, he’s not dodging anybody. Hendricks isn’t looking to take a fight while GSP does the movie, so he’ll remain #1 contender. You say he’s all about lay and pray but he stood up with Koscheck, Shields and Diaz. All his other fights he mixed things up and kept top position to disfigure great fighters like Alves and Fitch.

          • I’ve been reading your comments and no doubt it would seem that you have nothing but hatred for GSP. Fair enough! GSP is one of those fighters like Machida who you either love or hate the guy. I am a GSP fan! To be honest I would love to see GSP finish a fight once in a while. However I have come to this conclusion that GSP is like a puzzle. He has to be out played to be beaten. It would seem that anyone in MMA has a chance to KO or submit someone in the cage. Those loses are expected and fighers seem to accept those outcomes far more than the ones where they were unable to execute their game plan or out classed by their opponent which would leave them embarrassed or even humiliated. With that being said, I should think that Hendricks will implore more of a gameplan than winging left hooks at GSP’s head. Hendricks will have a plan of attack and won’t take GSP lightly as you seem to conclude. Hell! Perhaps Big Rig will indeed KO GSP. That’s not a bad thing! Perhaps GSP will out class Hendricks on the feet as he has many opponents before. I ask you this. If Hendicks is unable to defeat GSP and GSP continues to perform like he has so many times before will you list Hendricks as one of many so called bums that GSP has fought? I would also add that Hendricks has one loss on his record to someone you might consider a bum in Rick Story. I think it’s safe to say that Rick Story won’t be fighting for a title soon if ever. I mean no disrespect to you, but I do think that it is important to give credit where it is due. GSP is the champ for a reason and not because he fights “bums” but simply because he is the best. Johnny Hendricks is not the number one contender because he whined like a bitch to get his shot. He’s the top contender because like GSP he earned it.

        • Sir_Roy

          Not doubting he doesn’t want to fight Silva. It’s clear he does not (at least not at 185). What I’m telling YOU (which I thought was obvious) is that “fear” has nothing to do with it “homie”.

          • King_DG

            really?! I thought the offer was a catchweight of some sort, I’ve heard of the 185 offer as well. But anyways, my beef is not the fact that he doesn’t want to fight Silva, my beef is him constantly saying he will do this and do that when he should just come right out and say he doesn’t want to fight a bigger stronger fighter, which is understandable. Don’t have to keep giving the fans false hope that he is going to go through with the fight.

  • ezdamduzit

    Did u copy and paste this from yahoo?

  • Sir_Roy

    GSP’s making the smart play. He has zero real reason right now to move up to 185 to fight Silva. Everyone wants a piece of the GSP paycheck – including Silva. He draws more PPV than any other fighter, no matter who he fights and banks more than enough money as is.

    Georges knows how dangerous Silva is. It’s not fear. It’s smarts. There’s a difference. These fighters are not afraid. They’re doing the most with the very short career window they have open to them. If Georges feels the timings not right to fight Silva, who are we to argue with him. It’s his career.

  • DJ

    There’s nothing wrong with being the king of one division. The media mob mentality has forced the idea of this “superfight” down our throats for what seems like years now. I’m fine with GSP not wanting Silva at 185, why put yourself at a clear disadvantage when there are still legit challengers in your own weight class.

    • Sir_Roy


      • spongebobmx

        THAT IS A MORE THAN valid point, but Dana Wwhite wants the Dough. He is just trying to experiment and blend fights of different divisions. There is no cntest here. For me GSP and Silva are very different kinds of animals, very difficult to say which animal is better overall than the other

        • KevStinx

          Forcing fighters to fight outside of there weight class…Not sure about these alleged super fights, removing the idea of a weight class or creating a sub weight class in order to show 2 top fighters in separate divisions fight, sounds like the ufc is reverting back to its old style of open weight fights. This super fight appears another of Dana’s stupid ideas. Lets undermine one guy’s career in return for a sell out event. Next, fighters will be getting paid to take a dive.

          GSP is leaving the sport soon, which is a good thing, I am bored of watching him lay and pray for 5 rounds.

          • mikes1025

            i hear that. dana contradicts himself too many times.

          • KevStinx

            I get the impression Dana is wired a lot of the time, how many times have you heard him say “that is the most stupid …….. in the world” or “the most stupid … I have ever seen” very big statements which are thrown around. A week later he will be upset by someone and claim its the “most stupid comment ever”, changes like the wind.

            One thing that made me laugh was at the end of the intro you get to see a shot of his mug.

        • GSP is a lay and pray has been who doesn’t stand a chance against Hendricks. His reign will end as soon as he fights the TRUE number one contender.

          • LOL 😀

          • Marcus Miles

            true #1 contender? All of his title fights have been a number 1 contender fight. The Diaz fight is questionable. Since when has GSP just laid and prayed on someone? Lat i saw, GSP uses crisp striking (that may not ko) to set up take downs. When he has opponents on the ground he does a grip of damage. Don’t be mad at GSP, be mad that the”number1 contender” just can’t hang with GSP. Now if GSP gets his ass kicked by Hendricks, right on. I for one would be stoked to see someone else there holding the belt. But lay and pray is what Kos was all about when he was on TUF, and GSP in the opposite.

          • Ryan FitzGerald

            Has been? He’s the friggin champ lol how does that make him a has been? Lay and pray? Go watch the BJ Penn fight, the Kos fight, the Condit fight, the Shields fight… GTFO of here ya walking clown shoe.

          • hell yes I could’nt say it any better

          • You mean the same Hendricks who barely beat Koscheck and Pierce? Koscheck arguably beat your “true” contender, and GSP made koscheck look like he didn’t even belong in the cage.

        • jom

          SILVA IS

    • Indeed, exactly, correct, YES!

    • eh

      It would just be nice to see a GSP fight get finished… either way

      • GSP isn’t a fighter that even looks for a finish anymore. He’s the welterweight champ of lay and pray, not MMA.

        • swa

          ur an idiot. Hendricks will lose like all the rest.

          • M,K K aka ramboxx!

            thats were your wrong gsp sucks he hasnt been about to finish a match in how long!!! lets see how he does when he vs another great Wrestler..

          • GSP is the best wrestler in the UFC… period…he out wrestles heavyweights at the Greg Jackson camp…

          • marcus miles

            Kos is All American and GSP took him down pretty easy and controlled him, and when Kos got the take down, GSP got right to his feet. If you havnt seen GSP fight a real Wrestler you should watch that fight.

          • mikes1025

            that’s where you mess up, son. you think a guy knows wrestling until he fights gsp. just like you think a guy knows boxing until he fights silva.

        • Linnan85

          I’m guessing from your absolutely idiotic response here that you know nothing of wrestling or BJJ. He outdid the self proclaimed king off BJJ, Nick Diaz, in every way. It is clear that you have never practiced the sport, otherwise you would know how much skill it takes to hold the top position for that amount of time. The internet is full of over-opinionated armchair critics, congratulations on being one.

          • brian stevens

            What did he out due? He openly admitted he didn’t want to take Diaz’s back and didn’t do much from his top position. There is no denying GSP has mastered the take down and has amazing wrestling skill, but he isn’t even trying to finish fights. If an opponent gives you their back and you say no you aren’t trying.

          • lay & pray my ass

            Are you joking? He can see when he’s being setup. dASS couldn’t do a thing so he gives up his back to set up a sweep or something…All you “lay and pray” guys are the real joke. What you sap want to watch is boxing not MMA. tfb GSP is the CHAMP

          • Lucas Freire

            And here I am,guessing you have little to no knowledge of JJ.
            Diaz wasn’t just giving his back,he was setting a sweep as soon as GSP looked for his back.

          • brian stevens

            So you are saying GSP was afraid of getting swept? This is exactly point. Thanks for validating me.

          • Dee jay

            So what you’re saying is that you would take something knowing full well it’s a trap?

          • brian stevens

            GSP was afraid of the trap. If it was dominate he would’ve avoided the sweep took his back and choked him out. It was smart and i agree but it wasn’t dominating.

          • Sir_Roy

            He wasn’t “afraid”. He was aware of it and was skilled enough not to fall for it. Diaz has amazing BJJ skills. GSP did well not to underestimate and does well not to take unnecessary risks when he wins in dominant fashion regardless.

            The Diaz fight was underwhelming. I can’t argue that. But GSP still dominated all aspect of that admittedly lackluster fight. Hey, it’s not like Diaz was fighting like he really wanted that title! He needed to put his money where his mouth is and failed miserably.

          • brian stevens

            I’m not bothering debating the rest of these idiots but i feel like you seem to know (some) what you are talking about.

            The statement above is the exact reason I can’t stand GSP lovers. If you are being objective you understand his absolute refusal to put himself in harms way isn’t entertaining. It’s smart. I’ve said time and time again that he is by far the smartest fighter in MMA and maybe athlete in sports. After GSP got caught by Serra he determined to win fights and not lose.

            GSP has not reached his full potential as a fighter and he will not until he loses the fear of being finished. In the Rogan interview he admitted he was afraid to advance position against nick because he didn’t want to get submitted. He used the word “afraid” not me. GSP is far and away the best fighter in the WW division, but his fans refuse to admit that he is not entertaining. Why? I don’t know. Everyone needs a hero.

            Objectivity is lost on most fans but i hate when people try to invalidate an opinion because they don’t agree with it. The author doesn’t know what he is talking about because i don’t like his opinion. I recognize why GSP didn’t take his back but that doesn’t mean it was entertaining and it doesn’t mean it was dominate. Dominating would have been taking his back, preventing the sweep, and choking him out.

          • Sir_Roy

            You make some good points. I see where you’re coming from I just disagree with the conclusion or blanket comment that GSP’s fights are, on a whole, not exciting. I do, however, agree that GSP does not take any unnecessary risks and see how this could leave fans wanting more.

            I think all the negative feedback he receives stems from us feeling he is not, as you stated, attaining and exhibiting his full potential. We all feel there’s more to tap there and some may feel cheated that he’s erring on the side of caution and not going for the jugular. Is it smart? Yes. Is it the penultimate in fighting entertainment? At times, no. No it isn’t. However, there are a few battles where he’s clearly doing his best … Condit comes immediately to mind. B.J Penn is another. Fitch yet another. These were entertaining fights.

            He was also really swinging for the fences in his Shields fight … and look where that got him (he had trained for power punching and really wanted the KO but was forcing the issue too much and lost a few rounds as a reresult). He doesn’t have KO power and has fought some top level BJJ guys so finishing is far easier said (from the safe confines of our armchairs) than done.

          • Its called smart and seen straight threw Diaz the problem is Diaz thought he was fighting a guy like you who had no clue what was happening an even if diaz swept him GSP would still have torn him apart any day

          • brian stevens

            your statement doesn’t make sense.

          • Part of grappling well is knowing how to not fall for your opponent’s setups. “Afraid of getting swept”? Are you freaking kidding? Of course you don’t want to get swept when you’re in the top position. Georges is a brilliant positional grappler. He passes guard more than anyone, and he takes more dominant positions than anyone. He completely neutralizes his opponents offense, and whether of not you believe it, that is a very, very legitimate fight style. In fact, it is pretty much the core of most martial arts.

          • brian stevens

            I don’t disagree with anything you said. But that isn’t dominating your opponent that is neutralizing your opponent. That is my problem with him. Since the Serra knockout he out points and neutralizes opponents.

          • Scott Jewett

            At the end of the day, what is more difficult – going 25 minutes full steam ahead to win a unanimous decision or getting a knockout or submission in the 1st round? 99.3% of GSP trolls really don’t know much of anything besides grabbing a beer and tuning into the next fight.

          • brian stevens

            uh? Getting a finish is obviously harder.

          • gnodeb

            Diaz said that he turn his back to GSP to protect his face from elbows. He also was dominated on feet… Diaz did even less to finish fight…

          • Sir_Roy

            Well said. 100% agree.

          • he clearly has no idea wth hes talking about.hes just a keyboard takes skill in stand up but 90% of fights end up on the ground at some point and only the truely skilled fighters are going to know wth to do.This isnt boxing and dont get me wrong stand up’s important but just look at how much more skill fighters had to have ones the Gracie’s got in the game.

          • BRAD

            Did he really though? Did he? Maybe we watched a different fight but I saw no Jiu Jitsu dominance from either fighter. Obv the edge goes to GSP because of his takedowns and top control, but thats about it

        • Mma fan.

          I think its funny that you talk s*** on Gsp when he outranks everyone hes fought.You must be a lazy ass person who sits on his computer criticizing these fighters that put everything on the line.Honestly if you were in the ring with one of them would you not survive.

        • MJamesM

          You wish he’d lay with you. I promise you don’t wish he’d fight you. Moron.

        • Sir_Roy

          You have absolutely no idea what mixed martial arts is bud.

        • gnodeb

          Do you even know what L&P means? Did you ever watch Ben Askren or Sonnen fights. They spent no time standing. They don’t produce any damage from top position.
          GSP landed more shots then Diaz while Diaz was hyped as volume puncher. He also out grappled Diaz while Diaz’s ground game was hyped to the sky.
          I truly think that all you miss about GSP is some pointless trash talking.

        • what are you talking about that is the most stupid thing I have heard. It would be you laying on the ground praying he had not knocked your ass out with with just the wind from one of his punches lol.

        • kujo

          its cute when the uneducated weigh in.

    • Timothy Malone

      I miss the days when the Ultimate Fighting Championship was about finding out who the ultimate fighting champion is

      • jon

        In this case…… SILVA

        • Hal Fisher

          Bulls*** its GSP by a huge margin, Silva has only fought “bums” inthe past 4 years

      • Michael

        I love weight classes. The more talented fighters are at lower weight classes. Back in those days there wasn’t much talent at all.

    • Driden

      It’s like the first UFC’s where shamrock fough the superfights and there were no weight classes. Bring that back!

      • sdx76

        I remember the Shamrock – Severn superfight (1st meeting perhaps?) That was the most boring match ever. They circled for 20 minutes and neither would commit.

        • Daniel Tucker

          I think it was the second meeting.The first shamrock-severn was at UFC 6 and had a lot more action.

    • Oh Adams

      you make sense my friend

    • Lucas

      ” there are still legit challengers in your own weight class.”

      after hendryx, that will the problem for GSP…

    • Sean Michael

      The better point is that its the fight the fans want to see.

      • mikes1025

        at what expense? are the fans controlling the structure of the sport or is it UFC?

        • Sean Michael

          The whole sport is for the fans. It’s not unreasonable for either to make a catch weight.

          • mikes1025

            nobody’s belt is on the line in a fight like that. it’s just money and recognition. both guys will still walk away being called champs no matter who loses. it’s gotta be an official thing.

    • If Spider comes to his class then GSP will have no choice. Also, if you are the champion and supposedly the best in the world, then why not fight the best in the world…isn’t that the point?

      • mikes1025

        not if the weightclass is being undermined. they’re there for a reason. to undermine those regulations for certain fighters jeopardizes the structure of the sport. like you said, “if spider comes it to his class” then it’s peachy. if he cant, then it shouldn’t happen.

    • jon


      • mikes1025

        silva’s scared of silva. who isn’t?

        • Sir_Roy

          Every single MMA fighter worth their salt is unafraid of Silva. Does not mean they do not acknowledge his talent and have a proportionate respect for said talent. But afraid? Highly doubtful.

      • MJamesM

        Let’s just do an experiment. How about YOU get in the ring with someone that weighs you + 23%. I’m confident that you will get your whiny ass handed to you. You can bitch all you want about GSP’s decision, but the bottom line is that these guys are professional athletes, getting paid to compete in their sport, just like any other professional sport. This is exactly why you don’t have receivers face off head to head with line backers. The weight classes exist for the purpose of providing a fair fight. And for that matter, GSP said as much as that if they agreed on the weight class and both met the req’s, he’d be fine with it. Personally, I still think Silva would win the fight, but you really have nothing to bitch about.

        • Im pretty shure your right hes too afraid of your reply to even reply to you lolllll

        • yo dog

          I see it the other way. Silva is afraid of Jon Jones. That’s a way better match up than Silva-GSP imo. Although in all fairness Jon Jones is a lot bigger than Silva too. Either way it would be fair to have either of these superfights at catch weight in between weight classes to even the size differences out.

      • Homie

        Admittedly, Hendricks has the power to KTFO of GSP or anyone in the division. However talking about the style and technique, GSP is on top. This is what bugs me is the fact that they call GSP’s wrestling style a lay and pray one, but if you saw Hendricks fight with Condit, he was the one who did the lay and pray. Even Joe Rogan said that Hendricks wasn’t doing any damage during that fight once he took condit down. On the other hand if you saw GSP’s wrestling, he was doing damage against Diaz.

        F*** this s***. Just make the GSP and Silva fight happen!

      • Why is it that everytime GSP chooses to fight one oppenent over another he is automatically scared? First he was scared of Diaz, then he took the Diaz fight. Once took the Diaz fight he was dodging Hendricks. Now that he wants the Hendricks fight, he’s scared of Silva…. It seems like GSP can’t win…

        • Sir_Roy

          Valid point. I do not take with any ounce of credibility comments made by ignoramuses touting how scared ‘X’ fighter is of ‘Y’ fighter. Such taunters are, in a word, ignorant and have no idea how to run a fighter’s career … only ruin it.

      • Denny Swain

        Silva is afraid of jones and weidman

  • UFC Fan

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t recall Silva ever fighting at 230lbs?

    Silva fights at 185lbs, and GSP fights at 170lbs…

    I’m sure they can meet in the middle at 178 lbs.

    Jon Jones stands 6’4, and Silva stands 6’2. I’m sure they can meet and fight at 195lbs. If Silva can fight Sonnen and Belfort, both of who will have fought Jones, I don’t see why Silva can’t fight Jon Jones.

    • FiresOfOrion

      He WALKS AROUND AT 230. Do you not understand what that means?

      • Yea he walks around at a fatty 230. GSP walks around at 190 ripped. Do you not understand what that means?

    • mikes1025

      silva fights at 205 when he’s light heavyweight

  • I had no idea that these guys cut so much weight for a fight. I thought maybe 5 lbs. or something. Walking around at 190 and cutting 20 lbs. for a fight?

  • If Silva wants to make 170, sure. But if neither wants to go to a different weight class, no big deal. If the super-fight happens, I will thoroughly enjoy it.

  • RR

    How about GSP vs Anderson Silva in a catch-weight, non-title fight? I’m down with that… That way, they both can fight as if they have nothing to lose.

    • Dana White made it clear that in the super fight situation, neither belt would be put at risk. GSP just doesn’t want to fight Silva because he knows he can’t lay and pray for 25 minutes of dry humping, same reason he dodges fight Hendricks. Hendricks is better on the ground, and on the feet.

      • Dice_420

        OK now you are bitching that he’s “dodging” Silva to fight Hendricks, yet on post on this same article you claim he is dodging Hendricks… get your head out of your ass Bubbles.

  • Sorry

    You spelled Hendricks’ name wrong.

  • What about Silva and John “bones” Jones as the super fight? I mean Silva fights in that Jones’ s weight class anyways from time to time.

    • If we dont get Silva vs. GSP, then we should at least get Silva vs. Jones.

  • GSP deserves a super fight against Silva more then anyone but if he’s going to be talking about the weight advantage to this extent then maybe Jon Jones is the better choice for Silva and GSP should stay at 170. I wouldn’t want to see GSP at 155 ever.

    • King_DG

      it would be cool to see GSP vs Benson Henderson for the lightweight title though, they pretty much have similar styles.

    • Jeremy Blake

      Anderson doesn’t want the Jones fight for the same reason GSP doesn’t want Anderson at 185.. size. Jones is a huge LHW while Anderson is an average sized LHW.

      • I don’t think Silva will turn down the Jones fight is officially offered. He’s a veteran of the sport and has went up 3 times already against decent sized LHW’s. He asked for ten fights on his contract there’s no way he can’t expect to fight Jones on one of those fights. The fans really want this fight and I think he’ll get a lot of heat if he doesn’t take it. If he dismantles Weidman I think Dana will offer him the fight and actually be looking to set it up. These super fights have been nothing but talk this whole time and Dana has even admitted that. Would you want to see Silva retire if he does fight Jones and wins?

        • mikes1025

          i see your point. but the complication of it comes out when you talk about title. should these two guys fight just for kicks and measuring? or should this be legit like all fights have been and be rewarded a title to the winner? why should any champion be able to fight with no title on the line while everyone else has to work up to a title shot?

          • I would like to Silva get a chance to finish his career with at title shot at LHW and defend it a few times. BJ Penn had the chance to hold two titles. Silva has earned this chance as well.

          • mikes1025

            he sure can if he wants to. butr dude probably doesn’t want to take challengers from two weightclasses at the same time. especially if that means fighting machida.

          • Machida is still a contender for sure. They would never fight each other though. They train together and are very close. I just hope Silva defeats Weidman so we can get on with what’s next. The anticipation is killing us all.

        • Sir_Roy

          Silva went up and fought third rate cans for the most part … or those that played 100% to his strengths (striking). Let’s see him fight Jones at 205lbs before we all gasp in awe at his ability to fight top tier competition in higher weight classes (and really, his frame is not smaller than many fighting at 205 to begin with).

          • James Irvin is a tough guy. Before the Silva fight he was stopped twice by TKO and once by Submission. Forrest had just lost the title and Bonnar was known as a durable fighter that was never finished. Let’s assume I don’t like any of these guys I just named. That doesn’t take away the facts I just stated about that. I don’t get why fans need to try and take away Silvas accomplishments by saying he fought cans. All 3 of those guys are veteran mma fighters who knew what they were doing out there.

          • Sir_Roy

            Right. And all three were principally strikers. Again, playing to Silva’s strengths. Anderson knew what he was doing when he took those fights. Bonnar was never title contention. He’s entertaining, but he ain’t the swiftest skates in the Octagon. Forrest took the belt via leg kicks from an out of shape Rampage who never took him seriously. Forrest lost the fight against Anderson mentally before it had even begun. James Irvin was never a contender at 205. I’m not questioning Silva’s greatness. He’s the GOAT. But lets not compare Silva going up to 205 and fighting these folks, to GSP moving up to 185 to fight the best pound for pound fighter in the world. Silva moving up to 205 to fight Jones is a completely different ballgame to him having gone up to face the likes of Bonnar and Forrest.

        • Jeremy Blake

          It doesn’t really matter to me if he retires if he beats Jones, but it doesn’t make sense for him to stay at MW if he takes the fight and wins. They’re just easy, meaningless wins at that point.

          • What are your thoughts on this Weidman fight? Do you feel Weidman is a threat or that people have been underestimating Silva’s wrestling because an olympic caliber wrestler like Chael Sonnen took him down and controlled him? If Silva defeats Weidman in fashion I think everybody needs to shut up and completely reevaluate the MW division before giving Silva another fight.

          • Jeremy Blake

            I think Weidman is probably the biggest threat to Silva at MW, even when Sonnen was at MW. Look at what Weidman is. He’s a bigger GSP/better Sonnen. His wrestling might not be quite as good as Sonnen, but his overall game is much better. If he can consistently take Anderson down, we’ll have a new MW champion.

          • I can’t imagine Silva asking for GSP after watching the Jones fight. He should know all fans would hate that. I’m hoping he knows he will beat Weidman in fashion and hopefully make the biggest superfight by taking on Jon Jones at LHW. I like the way you think please follow me on fbook and twitter to talk fights. I also have new gear coming out this summer so keep in touch buddy.

  • Richard

    I respect GSP for knowing the physical limitations of his body and giving respect to the differences in weight classes. It’s no reflection of his quality as a competitor, fighter, or human being to honestly assess a situation and step away when it appears untenable.

  • Jeremy Blake

    If Anderson wants the GSP fight.. GO TO GSP’S WEIGHT CLASS. You don’t call guys out in another weight class and expect them to come to you. It’s stupid.

    • Well Anderson is not asking for fight at MW. He’s asking for a fight at catchweight right in between the two weight classes. Seems pretty fair to me. It means GSP wouldn’t have to cut as much weight and Anderson would have to cut slightly more than usual.

      • Ryan

        Exactly. make it a 5 round catchweight fight at 175 pounds and settle thhe debate once and for all!

        • yea then 24 hours from weigh ins silva is 30 pounds heavier than gsp, not a good idea

          • sdx76

            If you gained 20 lbs after the weigh-ins, wouldnt that put you at a major disadvantage suddenly putting all that weight on? (dont really know so I’m asking)

          • He would be back closer to his normal everyday weight. He would be healthier and have the weight advantage.

      • mikes1025

        so i guess that means it’s not a title shot? just two guys who have the rules bent for them to fight in gladiator glory?

      • Jeremy Blake

        It’s more fair, but it’s also kind of pointless. I hate catchweight fights.

  • So will GSP dodge and hide from Hendricks AGAIN? “probably” almost sounds like it. Too bad Dana isn’t giving a choice this time! No more title fights for “old time sake” against low ranked fighters like Diaz who only got a pick up in rank to try and make him look like a contender.

    • Alex

      Your lack of MMA knowledge is mediocre at best. Either that or your just a GSP Hater attempting to believe your own words. Calling GSP “lay and pray” or saying he’s “dodging” people and saying Nick Diaz is a “low ranked fighter” is stupidity at it’s finest. Diaz did just as well if not better against Condit than Hendrix did. Diaz is just as as legit opponent as Hendrix will be and it will probably end up the exact same way unless Hendrix can catch GSP off guard with a big punch that GSP usually wont be standing in range of. GSP will spend just as much time out techniqing him on the feet at range as he does on the ground controlling them and constantly attacking and trying to advance his position (which I guess morons like you refer to as “lay and pray”) Boring? Yep, it can be. Lay and Pray? Not even close. You could always watch WWE or bar security cam footage of people getting one punched while GSP is fighting if you don’t appreciate the “sport” side of MMA and just want to see people getting dummied.

  • Andrew

    Silva does NOT weight 230 lbs. Not even close. Maybe 210 soaking wet after thanksgiving dinner. He weighed in at 202 against Bonnar, which means he barely cut any weight if he cut weight at all.

  • gspgppro

    silva needs to go up and fight john jones, but silva is scared to fight anyone good in light heavyweight, stephan bonner?cmon man

  • Josh

    Agreed, it’s a joke. Guy’s a wuss. Has always been a greased up phony champion. He only fights guys who he knows he can beat. That’s not a real warrior. But at least he knows Anderson would whoop his ass and isn’t delusional about it.

    • Sir_Roy

      You’re so full of BS. GSP has fought every #1 contender the UFC has fed him. Your comment is idiotic and without basis in fact … just slanted opinion.

  • Jones and Silva are closer to the same weight. GSP is to small to fight Silva. Let’s see Jones and Silva go at it.

    • mikes1025

      i hear jones is getting to big for light heavyweight

  • Heatcliff

    This will all go away once Weidman beats Silva!

  • Thomas Lonardo

    GSP Is Scared of Spider Bottom Line

  • Joe

    I would love to see GSP and Silva fight, I would rather see Jones and Silva Fight, and my personal belief is that Silva wins both. I can’t criticize GSP for not taking the fight with Silva, but what I can criticize is all the people on here that calls fighters scared. Even the worst MMA fighter in the world had the balls to step into the ring/cage and fight. So before you go calling an elite fighter scared, get out from behind the keyboard, put on a set of gloves and step into the ring. I’ve seen guys puking in the dressing rooms from the nerves before walking out to fight, but even in those extreme cases most of those guys still went out into the ring and fought. Did you? If not and you don’t like a guys style, then criticize his style, but to say a UFC champion is scarred to fight someone because he took a different fight first, or because he made a decision about his career that you didn’t like is just ridiculous.

    • Sir_Roy

      Well said.

  • i luv gsp…but it does go against what he has said in past interviews that technique will always beat size..

    • Sir_Roy

      Right. And Anderson’s technique is second to none as well. Especially in the stand-up. Plus he has the size. So GSP’s not really going against anything he’s said. He’s acknowledging facts. Assuming the two greatest pound per pound fighters both have said “technique” you speak of in spades which, it’s abundantly clear, they do, then in the end analysis, size really does matter.

  • Did he really just tell Anderson Silva to go from 230 to 170? LMAO WHAT A BITCHHHHHHH

    • Sir_Roy

      Did a fighter who walks around at 230 really call out a fighter that walks around at 190??

      • you can really tell you have no idea what you or I am even talking about, Anderson silva is anywhere from185-200 pounds, GSP been saying this same s*** since 2011, GET WITH THE TIMES

  • brian stevens

    GSP is propagating bs. Silva and GSP weigh roughly the same on fight days. I think GSP is the smartest fighter in MMA. I also think he is the most overrated fighter in MMA. He sounds like a politician double speaking to make his stance the correct one.

  • wrestlefan01

    ufc is supposed to showcase their martial arts skills. so is george saying that no matter how much stuff you know that a bigger man will always win? i mean considered he is trained and has all of these skills he shouldnt care about the size of silva if he really has faith in the skills he has learned over the years

    • Dice_420

      well then according o your logic, we should book a fight between Demetrius Johnson and Cain Velasquez because size doesn’t matter right? Quit being a fool, there are weight classes for a reason.

  • Makes me Crazy

    & im Not sure bc im Not sure how Good J. H. Wrestling is but i Hope Good Enaf i Would prefer a Nasty KO… But if he controls GSP & do hes thing & Win 4 Runds or evan all it Would be as F****** Great as a KO. Bc GSP wan’t get an emed. Rematch…. 😉

    • Dice_420

      Go back to school and learn to spell.

  • Kyle

    is anyone else feeling some irony here considering they bent the rules for gsp in his last fight because he couldn’t make 170? seems a little disingenuous to say anderson should have to make 170 when you have trouble making that weight yourself.

  • St pierre is the man and I think that if they could fight at 170 it would be a perfect match up and possibly the fight of the decade

  • TheFlock123

    How and the hell is Silva 230? He looks 200 max.

  • pk

    I want to see jones vs. silva that would be a fight after jones kicks sonnen’s ass

  • MikeyMic

    If all you agree with GSP not fighting and sticking to WW Division, I hope you feel the same way about Silva not fighting Jones.

    • Dice_420

      I actually do. There are weight classes for a reason.

  • cron805

    is it me or do others read his comments in a french accent?

  • jared

    gsp is beast’ but hes acting like a bitch. straight cop out

  • oOqUiS

    It’s OK to be scared GSP….your just human after all.

  • Joseph Perez

    i dont want GSP vs. silva i want silva vs jones! i think the first ones being pushed because silva wont do the second.

  • dan

    cheal sonnen for president!

  • Lawdog1521

    Let’s just stop the act, this has been going on for years. GSP won’t move up because he’s more concerned with protecting his brand than challenging himself. While GSP may be the greatest WW of all time, he doesn’t have the drive to be the greatest fighter of all time. Silva, Jones, Aldo… they all push themselves. GSP won’t do that.

    • Sir_Roy

      There are many elements you’re missing.
      One, is that Silva, Aldo and company have more financial incentive to “do that”. GSP makes plenty of $$$ staying right where he’s at, and is already billed as one of the greatest of all time. People want a piece of HIS PPV action, not the inverse. Moving up weight class to fight not just a 185lbs fighter, but the best of all time, is a huge leap.
      Another element, is that Silva’s cleaned out his division completely. Where else does he have to go for the kind of PPV draw his wallet thirsts for? Other divisions. GSP has genuine contenders at 170 still.
      Additionally, let’s wait till Anderson does agree to move up and fight Jones before we compare. When you walk around at 230lbs and move to 205 to fight third stringers who play to your strengths, it ain’t all that impressive.
      As for Aldo, let’s likewise wait till he moves up and agrees to fight someone of worth. GSP has already clearly stated he’d fight Anderson at 170. Aldo fought Edgar only because Edgar moved down.
      How has Jones pushed himself in ways GSP hasn’t? You don’t make sense, like many other haters in this thread.

      • Lawdog1521

        You’re just in denial, like most GSP fans. Look, the guy is great. It’s just when you refer to his greatness it has to be qualified with greatest WW of all time. Several other fighters will always be ahead of him for greatest fighter of all time because he won’t move up.

  • Lomyca’s

    Brow’s to down Silva, the oponnent have now what is the “…jeitinho de brasileiro.” That is in DNA people from here. E a luta será o bixo manoo!

  • Scott Jewett
  • darcwolf73

    Smaller guys have been beating bigger guys in fights since the begging of time nothing new . i’d like to see them fight at 180 that way GSP doesn’t have to cut as much and silva would have to cut a little bit more. Also it wouldn’t be for a belt so both men would still be Champions

  • tour

    I heard easier to make 155. Ok, lets call Bendo and Mike Dolce and make that happen.

  • earzmundo

    Hendricks is gonna KO GSP. Like it or not. I’d rather see Silva v Jones in any case

  • seanb

    GSP is great, but i understand the weight issue as well. I would rather see a fair fight of jones vs silva

  • Jesse james

    I don’t blame GSP for putting it off. The time off for the injury has definitely affected his conditioning. I have never seen him as winded as he was in the diaz fight. I think it is smart for him to continue in his weight class and improve his conditioning so when he does finally face Silva they are both in top condition and we see two fighters that are at their best.

  • Oliver Presley

    This is soooo truncated, before George makes the comment about him coming down to 170, Joe points out that Silva himself said he could make 170 for the superfight. “closes the door” indeed … He was actually very open to it, he just said he’s going to fight Hendricks next and he’ll look into it after that fight.

  • averagefred

    GSP will never go toe to toe with Hendricks so Hendricks will probably lose cause GSP will take him down the whole fight and win on points and call himself a champion!!!

    • averagefred

      also want to point out that Silva has had only 2 fights go to decision since he got to the ufc and the last 6 fights for GSP have all gone to decision…weak

  • Nate

    No way in hell GSP walks around at 190. And no way on Earth he can drop to 155.

    Silva doesn’t weigh anywhere near 230, he’s 210-215 tops. Sounds like a pack of excuses.

  • i would much prefer to see silva vs jones superfight i think it would be a lot more exciting

  • john_maniak

    All these arguments for and against GSP crack me up. I dont think he is a ‘lay and pray’ guy like Koshchek has been for most of his career, but the critics will always have a voice until he starts finishing fights again. He is undoubtably one of the top fighters out there but until he starts doing a bit more to finish his opponents and thereby create more exciting fights for the fans he will never be known as the top P for P guy. JBJ and Silva will always be better from a fans point of view because they are way less predictable than GSP and thats why the majority of fans love MMA in the first place.

  • Daniel Tucker

    I don’t think he’s scared. He just wants to fight top contenders in his division first. If he chose Hendricks he would be “scared” of Silva and if he chose Silva he would be “scared” of Hendricks. Some people seem to be damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

  • Street Ninja

    I agree that GSP should go more with mentality for finishing his opponent. I highly appreciate his skills anyways. But.. That’s why I’m huge Anderson Silva fan. He usually finishes his opponents, and with style. Street Ninja has spoken…………………

  • BRAD

    In my opinion, GSP is a brilliant guy. I honestly feel he’s gonna wait until he sees a slow down in silva as he gets older before he takes the fight. Just a feeling a get when he speaks on the issue

  • drkdisciple

    smart move by GSP, why take a fight that you know you can’t win?

  • PD

    Just pointing out the obvious here. Wouldn’t it be more realistic for Henderson and GSP to face off and Silva and Bone Jones to match up? Just saying, why should GSP be required to fight Silva, if the obvious match up and a great SUPER fight would be Jones vs Silva at 205!

  • Jozsef Nagy

    GSP is scared of Silva. GSP hasn’t had an exciting fight in…well…I honestly don’t even remember the last time his fights didn’t bore me to tears.

    Also what’s this nonsense about GSP not cutting a lot of weight? That runs counter to EVERYTHING that I have ever heard about GSP. He’s positively huge compared to the rest of his weight class…Silva is, by comparison, a bit doughey compared to GSP…I think GSP just knows that he’d get KTFO

  • How about splitting the difference, That way neither fighter can complain about weight class.

  • themindseye

    I still find this weight cutting crap to be so stupid. Just weigh in the guys an hour before the fight. Why are they cutting at all? Just fight at the weight you are….

  • Ken

    Everyone who bitches about GSP should stop. If you don’t like the way he fights then vote with your wallet. I haven’t purchased a GSP ppv since the second BJ fight because GSP is a boring fighter to me. He is an excellent athlete, but his style of fighting doesn’t interest me. Anderson’s style and the fact that he does things I’ve never seen makes the fights worth buying. Simply a matter of preference.