Gegard Mousasi Wants to Show He is One of the Top Three Light Heavyweights in the World

January 11, 2013
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Gegard Mousasi at StrikeforceIt’s scary to think that through more than 30 professional wins, Gegard Mousasi hasn’t even tapped into his real potential yet.

Despite picking up wins over some of the world’s best at both middleweight and light heavyweight, Mousasi is the first to admit that in the past he’s not been as serious about his training as he should have been.

But in the last year, with no fights on the horizon and healing up from various injuries, Mousasi has found a new fire lit inside of him, and he’s hoping to unleash it at Strikeforce: Marquardt vs. Saffiedine this weekend when he faces Mike Kyle.

“It was difficult, but it was also good because I was not motivated, and now I have that drive again. I really want to show everybody what I can do. That’s a plus point and I’m focusing on that,” Mousasi told MMAWeekly Radio about the time off he’s had lately.

“The training I’m doing now, I’m a lot more professional and I really had a good training camp. I had good trainers, good sparring partners, so everything fell in place. It wasn’t like clowning around a lot so it gave me good motivation to show what I can really do.”

When he’s on point, Mousasi remains one of the most dangerous fighters in the world at 205 pounds, and if his training really was less than the best before now, he could become an even bigger threat when he moves to the UFC.

With Strikeforce closing its doors after Saturday night’s event, Mousasi now has a goal of debuting in the Octagon later this year and showing the world what he can do when fully prepared and motivated.

The only way to ensure a trip to the UFC, however, is to beat Mike Kyle this weekend.

“The main focus is actually this fight because you never know because you have to perform and I have to win. After that, I think going to the UFC is the plan, and after talking to my management it should be a done deal. First I have a fight with Strikeforce and that’s the most important thing,” said Mousasi.

It’s hard not to anticipate some of the potential match-ups for Mousasi in the UFC, and even he loves to hear fans theorizing and plotting out fights for him. There is a lot of talent in the UFC and Mousasi is ready to face all of them.

“I’m glad the fans are excited about the fights, especially stand-up fighters like Shogun (Rua), (Lyoto) Machida, or (Alexander) Gustafsson, I think those are fights that are going to be exciting,” Mousasi stated.

It’s not enough though for Mousasi to just be another face in the crowd or an exciting fighter who goes through the ebb and flow of victories and defeats. No, Mousasi wants to be defined as a top contender and eventually a challenger to Jon Jones and the UFC light heavyweight title.

“That’s my goal to show that I am in the top five or the top three (in the world),” Mousasi stated.

“I feel like I have the potential and with the right training and the right mentality I can do it, and I feel that way right now. January 12 is the date I will show it.”

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  • el che

    a lot of fans (both those still on his bandwagon and the disgruntled ones who have had it) have been waiting for Mousasi to get focused and finally enter the octagon…

    really look forward to it, only time will tell how well he will fare.

  • Mousasi is so young still with an incredible record. I’d love to see him might Machida if possible or Shogun. Then theres always Brandon Vera and Glover Tex. A lot of good fights for him. All big name fights.

    • drkdisciple

      I like your posting just dont like the order. What would Mousasi have to gain by fighting Brandon Vera if he previously beat Machida and or Shogun?

      • I didn’t mean in that order specifically I meant in general. I think the stylistically all those fights make sense. But order wise Brandon Vera of course would be a great welcome fight. He is on a rough road right now but he’s still talented and very well rounded.

  • No Regrets

    He isn’t top three, and beating Mike Kyle won’t make him top three. And honestly, what fighter comes out to say they are “one of the top three”?? Every top fighter comes out to say they are the best, number one, etc. Either he is modest (which we know from the past he is not modest), or doubtful about his potential.

    • Joey

      He is saying he wants to prove the he belongs in the rankings as a top 3-5 fighter in the 205lb division. This would then give him an opportunity at the title.

      He has beaten some of the higher quality, non-UFC opponents that he could. Before he made the move 205 he beat Babalu, Hector Lombard and Jacare. Not to mention he tapped out Mark Hunt, who is a heavyweight.

      If he is motivated, he can be extremely dangerous anywhere the fight goes. Not saying he is a top 5 205’er right off the bat, but the idea of him fighting those that are should be fun to watch.

      • Sir_Roy

        Well said. I agree.

    • starchandwater

      Where has he shown anything other than modesty? I’m really curious because all I’ve ever seen from him is modesty. He was hanging with Fedor, who is the most humble fighter I know of. And they kind of have the same attitude inside and outside of the ring/cage.

  • Eye of the Tiger

    Gegard is an awesome fighter. I think that he could beat Jones.

  • jeremy

    I’m excited to see how he will do in the UFC against the top guy’s. he has a lot of potential and skill. Now we get to see how good he really is.and im excited to watch

  • Mousasi is the best striker in the division. I think he would beat Gustafsson, Shogun, Teixeira, Machida, Davis.. not that any of these fights are given. Harder fights for him would be Rashad and Jones. It all comes down to how he has prepared for wrestlers.

    • drkdisciple

      I like Mousasi however let us not forget that he was unable to deal with a wrestler like King Mo and had his hands full with Keith Jardine. All the guys you listed above are way more skilled and dangerous then these two guys.

  • Gene

    Is he just waking up now? Where the hell was his sense of motivation and confidence 5 years ago when everybody was behind him?

  • BearSchmoo

    I’m certainly interested to see how he gets paired up in the UFC, but christ, I honestly think he’s going to get smashed. I don’t ever buy this “renewed focus” nonsense. Luiz Cane has renewed his focus after every fight, along with countless others. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kyle took this next fight.

  • PJ Brennan

    He reminds me of the poker player Antonio Esfandiari, “The Magician.”