Gegard Mousasi Wants the Next Crack at New UFC Middleweight Lyoto Machida

October 27, 2013
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Gegard Mousasi 478x270Lyoto Machida got through Mark Munoz on Saturday night, and now Gegard Mousasi wants a piece.

Mousasi, in a message to, said he wants next dibs on Machida, which he believes would earn him a shot at the middleweight title.

“I want to make an impact in the middleweight division and to fight the best contenders out there,” said Mousasi. “I respect Machida and would like to test my stand-up against him. I believe a fight between us would determine the No.1 contender in the middleweight division. ‘The Dream Catcher vs. The Dragon’ sounds good to me. Let’s do it.”

Machida made quick work of Munoz in the main event at UFC Fight Night 30 in Manchester, England, getting the knockout victory in the first round. The win put many within the UFC on notice that Machida would be a strong contender at 185 pounds. Those who took notice of Machida’s efforts included his boss.

“Welcome to 185 @lyotomachidafw,” tweeted UFC president Dana White.

Mousasi made his promotional debut in the UFC last April in a 205-pound fight at UFC on Fuel TV 9. The fight was originally slotted to be against highly ranked light heavyweight Alexander Gustafsson, but a pre-fight cut forced Mousasi’s opponent to pull out of the match-up. The Dutch-Armenian fighter instead went on to earn a one-sided win over Ilir Latifi, one of Gustafsson’s training partners.

In May, Mousasi told that he went into his April bout with a knee injury. Following the fight, he began his recovery work and made statements about his intention to move down to 185 pounds. With recovery going smoothly, the fighter targets the start of his UFC middleweight run for February 2014, which lands his return at either UFC 169 in Newark, N.J., or UFC 170 in Las Vegas.

Nima Safapour, Mousasi’s manager, said that the recent influx of new talent at middleweight provides a lot of interesting options, but a fight with Machida is all he and his fighter want at the moment.

“The middleweight division has been revitalized recently with the new faces that have entered that division from Strikeforce and guys like Lyoto Machida that have come down from light heavyweight,” Safapour told “We believe the fight (with Machida) would determine the No.1 contender.”

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  • u kno who

    even if he won he wouldnt be number1 contender dont know why he keeps askin for big fights

    • MaritalArtist

      Look at his résumé. It’s full of studs.

      • Werdoomb

        Come on. Let’s not judge a book by its content.

        You have to take into consideration that he is a very well-rounded, talented guy. 4 years ago, the three LHWs that were considered top 3 were Machida, Shogun, and Mousasi. Maybe that was because Mousasi was training with Fedor and hardcore MMA guys thought association with Fedor = good.

    • Jay Mcgarrity

      Why wouldn’t he ask for big fights? Mousasi has been a top contender for a long time now. If not for his injuries, these “big fights” you are talking about would’ve already happened. He would’ve fought Gustafsson already had Gus not been injured when that fight was scheduled and Gus arguably just beat Jones in a title fight yet you think Mousasi is not worthy of these other fights?

      • dgs

        Absolutely agree. The OP doesn’t know much about the fight game to claim Mousasi is not a top contender. Mousasi is worthy of any top ten fighter at 185, and if he beats Machida should they fight, I agree with Mousasi, that it should put him first in line for a title fight.

    • Werdoomb

      Obviously, someone is new to MMA.

      At 205, Mousasi needs at least two more fights to be in title talks.

      At 185, I see a much stronger case for a title shot. Mousasi vs Belfort, Machida, or any other top 10 MWs has been talked about for years.

      Yeah, he does come from the minor league. And his notable wins are against Jacare (up kick), Denis Kang (career down hill), Babalu (never really a top 10 guy), and Sokoudju (the greatest one hit wonder).

      But hardcore fans know that Mousasi is a really well rounded top class fighter. And at 185, he, and not Jacare, was the Dream MW champion.

      Where is Paulo Filho???? In his prime, that guy was a beast!

  • jeff

    Mousasi is a Gran Prix Champion. Fighting twice in one night takes a very special athlete. If Mousasi was in the UFC 6 years ago he would be in the GOAT talk now.

    • johnspartan

      That is one colossal “if”

    • Oswald Cobblepott

      Probably not buddy. He lost to King Mo Akihiro Gono and draw against Jardine, not exactly the resume of legends! I like him but c’mon

      • Mac McDonald

        Anderson Silva lost to Ryo Chonan and Daijsu Takase…

        • Mac McDonald

          Plus, if you’re bringing up the Jardine fight, you didn’t watch it.

      • julian moran

        Mousasi clearly beat Jardine up.

        • Dragon Kid

          jardine has been a punching bag for years now so that’s not really say much.

      • Blake Williams

        Mousasi, really beat the crap out of Jardine, remember Mousasi had a point deducted in that fight. Mousasi in reality won. That fight with Mo sucked, and Mo won only because of his takedowns, as far as damage done, Mousasi did the most damage and should have won. It’s too bad the judges favor wrestling so much. Anyway, Mousasi was fighting those guys at LHW, but now he’s at MW where he’s more dangerous.

  • Kenny Powers

    As soon as Lyoto’s kick landed on Munoz’s head, I was think Gegard Mousasi. This would be a great fight. I like Machida/Mousasi, Jacare/Bisping or Machida/Bisping, Mousasi/Jacare rematch. Either way, Mousasi moving down to MW is awesome. He and Machida are title contenders at 185 from day one, and with both of them down there we can finally squash the myth that MW is a weak division.

    • Ray

      Ok, I normally don’t make responses here, but your post caught my attention. You mentioned that we will finally be able to “squash” the myth that the MW is a weak division…. It HAS ALWAYS been a weak division in the UFC. Only recently has it been stacked. Machida just had his first fight at MW, and you mentioned it yourself that Mousasi is moving down, and Jacare barely had his first fight in the UFC this past May. You make it sound like these fighters have always been in the division or overlooked somehow…which is simply not the case.

      • Kenny Powers

        I dont think any division in the UFC is ‘weak’ except flyweight. MW has seemed weak cuz Anderson made world class fighters look amateur. It definitely was never stacked like LW & WW but there was always solid competition there. But now w/ Machida & Mousasi going to MW, 205 is looking like the more shallow division.

        • El Gvapo

          I agree. The only reason it was weak was due to Silva dominating so easily. For the last five years or so, if AS hadn’t been around then you could have seen any one of ten fighters holding the belt. It’s difficult though, what makes a great division? A couple of standout fighters that nobody can beat or ten guys who can all beat each other but aren’t necessarily supremely talented?

        • Lucas Freire

          Adding to your idea about dominant champions, I think people see WW as stacked only because GSP doesn’t finish fights, but putting in comparison I think GSP is much more dominant than Anderson was.

      • Ray

        Yes it has always been weak. It may have the illusion of not being weak cause someone like Dan Henderson popped in every now and then, but Henderson’s main reason for being there was to get another crack at AS. Vitor fought AS only two years ago, and before that last fought at MW in 2009. Bisping is good, but never had a real shot at the title. Of course this is just my opinion, and you guys are entitled to yours.

      • Jason Decipher

        Correction Jacare has so far fought twice in the UFC he subbed Camozzi then knocked out Okami

  • Mike mckinney

    From an “eye test” stand point I’ve always thought mousasi was well over rated, but he still has the ratings none the less. Let him fight some of these guys and we will all find out.

    • Lawdog1521

      I agree. I’ve never been that impressed either.

    • Kenny Powers

      He seems overrated cuz only hardcore MMA fans really know about him. His resume is pretty impressive. He beat Jacare, Manhoef, Lombard, Kang, Kyle, Babalu, not to mention Mark Hunt & Gary Goodridge at HW. His only loss in 7 years was being dry humped by King Mo. I think if he had been in the UFC earlier he’d be at the top of 185 or 205. But w/out a doubt he will be a beast at MW and a contender on day one.

      • Mike mckinney

        I agree with what you’ve said about his record. It looks impressive. I’m in no way new to mma and would easily be considered a “hard core fan” but I understand why everyone jumps to that conclusion about everyone on message boards.
        King mo is another guy I haven’t been fond of. His style can be effective as wrestlers can find their place when they’re good at it.
        Lombard is a guy who has looked like he could be scary. Speed can kill.
        I understand that Gerard will get a chance. And probably should. I just don’t believe he will do much with it. Time will tell.

        • Kenny Powers

          I agree, we’ll just have to wait and see. I just think w/ the landscape at MW, Mousasi is in good position. I think he would outclass Vitor, Weidman, Bisping, Munoz, and he already beat Jacare. I think the only guys that can take him are Anderson & Machida.

          • Lucas Freire

            I used to be just like this, be it because of TRT or whatever, this new Vitor is so much better than the old(younger) one. lol
            I don’t think Mousasi would be able to handle him. Being kept on the minor leagues made him stop in time IMO.
            6 years ago, he could be lots of things, now…I really don’t know.

          • Blake Williams

            Actually I disagree, I think Mousasi would handle Vitor pretty easily. No one has ever beat Mousasi, or came close to beating him in a striking battle. Mousasi has the better striking and would get a TKO or KO against Vitor. Just go watch his fights, and pay attention to how rarely Mousasi gets punched or kicked, he’s always outclassing his opponents with his striking.

          • Judge Dredd

            You must be high if you think that Mousasi can EASILY beat Vitor.. Vitor is a monster.. Mousasi got awesome technique but Vitor ain’t not slouch himself. I’d like to see all 3 of these guys fight each other.. I’d give Machida the edge over both guys just because of his stay away style, but between these 3 guys anyone can win…

          • toom

            I 100% agree I don’t like vitor but he has changed a lot as a fighter from trt he used to be hesitant at times now he’s knocking people out with round house kicks

      • machettie

        his recent resume includes a draw against keith jardine too

        • Kenny Powers

          Yeah but he was deducted a point in that fight, and even with the point deduction he clearly won the fight. But judges will be judges.

        • Blake Williams

          Yes, where he beat the living hell out of Jardine, and had a shitty referee deduct a point away from him.

        • Kris-tyahn

          The same Keith Jardine that beat Chuck Liddell?!?

      • Blake Williams

        I completely agree with this!

    • Blake Williams

      No, he just hasn’t had his chance. He was fighting at a heavier weight class when he lost to Mo, and drew to Jardine. At MW he is going to destroy guys.

  • watsnxt

    i want to see michida fight one of the fastest guy in the divsion thats always been his biggest advantage at lhw

  • Denny Swain

    Mousasi beats vitor, vitor already backed down.mousasi already beat lombard and jacare. Mousasi would destroy anderson silva and machida. Weidman is the only one who can defeat mousasi.weidman a finisher, ask munoz and silva.

    • Denny Swain

      Bisping couldn’t whoop any of the guys named except maybe munoz.

  • John Bunch

    185 is finally filling up with strong bouts to make. Could be the best this division has ever been, on paper. Would love to see this fight.


    Machida vs Mousasi
    Souza vs Carmount
    Munoz vs Rockhold
    Philippou vs Bisping (if Bisping cant go then Belcher)
    It sucks Vitor fighting at LHW vs Dan, he could of been fighting Souza, Machida or Gegard!

    • toom

      Souza carmount would be sick


        Yeah for sure! I really think Vitor vs Hendo at 205 is a waist of time for MMA fans. If Vitor really gets the next shot at the Weidman Silva rematch since he is #2 per ufc rankings he next in line. That fight should of been at 185! Bring Dan back into the conversation if he wins? Also Chael back at 185 would be nice as well.. Can you imagine Vitor vs Souza or Machida??

  • shakejunt

    simply, yes please

  • Ahmaid Ahdoodi

    I like this fight, but I am more intrigued by seeing Jacare vs. Machida next.


    @ Mousasi “be careful, what you wish for” !!!

  • Collideoverme

    This would be a good fight…

  • Kris-tyahn

    Mousasi is definitely NOT overrated, and I’d love to see him fight Lyoto. For those who are talking about the “new & improved” Blefort, well that’s b/c he is “new” since he gets TRT before his fights. I beleive he’s going to be TRTless in his fight vs. Dan Henderson, which doesn’t really mean much if he wins, since Dan has lost his last 2 fights I believe. Let’s see Belfort fight Mousasi, Lyoto, loser of Weidman vs. Silva or Jacare without TRT & then we can talk about where Belfort stands.