Gegard Mousasi Shows Ronda Rousey That She’s Not Ready for Men’s Middleweights

March 9, 2015
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There’s been a lot of talk about UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey fighting men in the news lately. UFC president Dana White says she’d beat Floyd Mayweather in a street fight. Commentator Joe Rogan thinks she can beat half the men in the 135-pound division.

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While all of those claims may or may not be true, Rousey didn’t fare so well against middleweight contender Gegard Mousasi during a friendly workout session a couple years ago.

Check it out…

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  • Seekers2

    Is this supposed to mean something about her fighting men? Then put her in with a man that doesn’t out weigh her by 50 pounds! She fights at 135 while middle weight is 185. This only means she shouldn’t be expected to win against men that are 50 pounds heavier.

    • Aunt Jemima

      I think the issue is that she claims she could beat velasquez

      • Make Sense

        And everyone thought she was serious? Hah, that’s funnier than her saying it.

    • Futur3Fo3

      Perhaps this is the reason she won’t fight Cyborg at 140 or 145.

    • Guest

      Stop pushing her fighting men. Cause the minute she has a cat zinago moment and gets her face rocked til the ref stops it, you’re undermining all this pro-female, anti-domestic violence stuff by showing a man wrecking a woman while people cheer

  • clem wilson

    Let Rousey fight Brian no balls Carroway , Meisha’s friend.

  • Joe Dog

    Old video. Scrappy little sh*t, anyway you cut it. Grappling with much bigger opponents can only make you better. Looked like fun for Mousasi.

  • James Mckaskle

    All stupid conjecture.

  • SixToedPete

    Ronda is about 160lbs in this video, Mousasi much larger but it exposes the complete nonsense that Rousey could beat Cain Velasquez. In the video, Rousey tries her best while Gegard barely breaks a sweat. She’s rag doll for Mousasi but unable to do anything with Gegard. Kudos to Ronda for rolling with the former Champ but her many boasts that she could beat Cain, Floyd Mayweather, all the UFC bantamweight men, etc. make her a laughingstock. Not only because none of those boasts are true but for the glaring fact she is afraid to fight Cris Cyborg at 145lbs, the natural weight class for both women and the one she offered to Gina Carano.

    • truth

      The bigger male mma fighters – no. At least not the elite like Mousasi – who’s as technical as anyone – Mousasi is championship level, despite being less known to mainstream UFC fans.

      However, Floyd Mayweather is a much different story- first of all he’s much smaller than. Mousasi, Cain, etc… Floyd is actually closer to Ronda’s size. Further, Floyd is only a boxer and has no grappling knowledge- this is actually a much closer fight and probly about 50/50.
      Can Floyd stick and move on outside avoiding Ronda’s grappling- b/c once Ronda grabs a hold of Floyd he’s gettin thrown and game over.

      • SixToedPete

        LOL….you are drinking the Kool-Aid. That fight, like all of Rousey’s “I can beat the UFC Heavyweight Champion, PBF, 100% of fighters in the UFC men’s Bantamweight division, Batman and Superman” will never happen. Just shut up Ronda and agree to fight Cris Cyborg at 145lbs.

      • Anthony Pagan

        lol are you serious dude? Floyd can be smaller than her and it still wouldn’t be close. the strength per pound ration between a guy and lady is not even close. Mayweather is in tip top shape, would slam her repeatedly and she wouldn’t handle his punching power that has knocked out grown men. your a joke

      • Jason Silva

        I agree, floyd gets dominated on the ground, she would shoot on him and he is tapping within. 10sec…..

      • Chris

        She couldn’t get within 5 feet of mayweather. I’m a big fan of Rousey’s but let’s be real here.

        • mikeydidit

          Yeah, Floyd runs the hundred in 10 seconds flat…backwards.

  • Scott Barker

    She lost terribly. This made it look like she fights #likeagirl

    • Larry

      It was a training session, stupid.

  • Tony Ridgway

    One fights at 135. The other at 185. Even if they were both men, that’d be an unfair grappling matchup.

    • Guest

      So. What’s the end result in this she can do anything a man can do nonsense? Cause if she gets wrecked it sets women back on a couple different fronts.

    • Steve Shaw

      There were several instances in the absolute division of the Abu Dhabi when a much smaller grappler gave a larger grappler all he wanted. The difference is that Rousey is a chick.

  • Jason Silva

    Gegard is a monster and probably had 40lbs on her, gotta give her credit for what she does in the ring…..there is a reason why he is that good, he would make most guys (at her weight) that would get manhandled… Rhonda is still a beast

  • So Krates

    She battles with bantam-weight men every single day. Probably cleaning the floor with a lot of them. Even as a Rousey detractor, this video means absolutely nothing.

    • Grenplen

      She’ll probably get pregnant by one of them

    • David

      What man has Ronda beat? Her sparring partners don’t even try against her!!

  • Keith Pascariello

    Ur a moron! Nobody ever said that Ronda could beat men in the MMA that are 50+ lbs heavier than her! What ppl are saying is Ronda could beat up some of the men in her weight class & the majority of men in the world! Besides….this was a couple of years ago! Ronda is bigger, stronger, more mentally tough & more experienced than she was 2 yrs ago! SMH!

    • Arturo Roque

      full of s–t to think she can beat a man of equal size…even an amateur would knock her out….s–t even I could take her out…..her skills are only magnified because she is going up against mediocre girls….low level fighters who havent evolved yet in skills

      • Larry

        She has fought every top female at 135. Look at the record, Arthur.

        • Steve Shaw

          And I was the fastest white boy in my school. Look at the bar, Larry.

        • Arturo Roque

          yeah..that doesn’t mean anything when the top females at 135 dont amount to anything!….show me one that has the finesse of an anderson silva….or the toughness of a ken shamrock….im sorry but the top females at 135 remind me of the WNBA….when it first started….or even the NBA when it first started…CELTICS were dominant because the teams they were going up against just sucked….the houston comets were dominant because of the same reason….it took a while before the playing field was even and real players started joining the teams. Same for these female fighters….TOP FEMALE fighters at 135? some bearly have 10 fights under their belt…and lets not even get into the muscle and bone advantage….brute force that a male has over a female

  • Deacon Frost

    This video doesn’t prove anything. I’m a guy and to have a skill set of a RR is a dream…
    Love her or hate her to have her skill set would be awesome

    • Ron

      Skills are only a small part of a battle

  • Irish Sweetness

    A couple of years ago? How is that relevant ?


    Unless you have rolled with this guy, or unless you even tried paring with a pro. Please keep your comments limited… Rick Cheek the USMC heavy weight championship boxer use to train at Nor Cal fighting in Santa Rosa and that guy would punch a hole through Cain, Brock or JDS…

  • oodles

    to ALL the no-brainers: Rhonda, in case you forget, is a female….NO MATTER what your warped perspectives want to project…..

  • Arturo Roque

    full of s–t to think she can beat a man of equal size…even an amateur would knock her out….s–t even I could take her out…..her skills are only magnified because she is going up against mediocre girls….low level fighters who havent evolved yet in skills

  • Ron

    She is used to guys going half ass against her and he was going less than half ass, what a joke! She looks like a girl in very move she makes too. This guy is a stand up fighter too

  • Ron

    She is clearly trying her best and he or any man could grab her with a bear hug and slam her through the floor.

  • Grenplen

    he shoulda stuck a finger up her ass. Where I came from men don’t fight women

  • James Hubbs

    There’s a reason why they have weight classes this guy was much bigger than her and it was mostly wristling . No indicator on how well she would do.

  • roginator

    Mousse mostly fights at light heavyweight (205) now. There’s a 50 to 80lb weight difference between these two.

    Besides Ronda didn’t say she could beat guys at 135, she said she’d have a chance to beat any of the guys at 135 and that’s clearly true, her skills would clearly give her that chance.

    • Steve Shaw

      There is a chance that the sun will not rise tomorrow, so yeah, she has a “chance”.

  • nunya biznatch

    such a dumb comparison and a dumb article. He outweighed her and that was several years ago. Can we get someone that actually knows what the f*k they are talking about please?

    • billy

      She did mention at one point that she can beat Cain Velasquez…lol

  • Bob Hoff

    I thought she did alright considering Gegard is 1) far bigger than she and 2) he’s one of the best in the world. My favorite quality of Gegard is his reaction time. It’s really hard to surprise him.

    • Tavor Brown

      gegard one of the best in the world. LMAO

    • Steve Shaw

      Well, except for the fact that he was not trying at all.

  • Ron

    Look at any sport and you can obviously see that men are far superior to woman in every sport, Gerard was barely trying. So rather than let people talk about it and fuel the flames, she should simply say she could not stand with a man but will take on any woman. She won’t even fight cyborg for god’s sake

  • Tod

    Her only chance of beating a man would be from him passing out from the stench of her beef curtains

  • mikeydidit

    Mousasi didn’t fair as well against Fedor who took him to school.

  • skifri3

    Dang! I didn’t realize a former 205 pound champ would be able to toss around the 135 pound champ so easily! This is a shocking development indeed!

    • Doug

      She would not be able to beat a male MMA athlete of any size. Period. Stop talking this nonsense.

  • Larry

    He was quite apparently not at his fighting weight of 185. More like 225. It was probably used to build up grappling strength.

  • Terd

    She is horrible, except when she is fighting woman

  • The Rog

    Being the best woman fighter is like winning the special Olympics

  • Earl

    Wow, cyborg would destroy her smelly man vag

  • Carcosa

    He fights at 185 and 205. She fights at 135. The same would happen if he was grappling with Cruz. Size matters.

    • Jon Holden

      He’s got 50 lbs. on her for sure, but he’s also playing around.
      Did he look like he was grappling at 100% to you?
      Guys at 135 would destroy her, period.

    • monkey god

      I disagree. I would much rather see her go against someone like a Dominic Cruz.. well an uninjured version of Cruz. She has a decent chance i think because Cruz isn’t exactly known as as a grappler. I think when it comes to straight up grappling and submissions, someone with superior ability and technique could overcome someone who is stronger, assuming they’re within the same weight class. Regardless of sex.

  • peralez2383

    This is like 2 years old

  • Hulk

    “Dana White says she’d beat Floyd Mayweather in
    a street fight”. Yeah right. Hell she can beat Mayweather,
    John Legend, and Usher at the same time.

    • monkey god

      I doubt it. She’ll be vulnerable as she starts applying an armbar against one of them. Then all Mayweather has to do is KO her with his chainwrapped knuckles. the end. It’s a street fight after all; no one has to play fair.

  • Tom Casey

    I have no issue with Rousey, but this nonsense about her beating a man is a joke. She won’t even fight someone at 5 to 10 pounds heavier than her (I’m referring to Cyborg BTW).

    • Drooperdoo

      Exactly! She won’t even fight a woman on steroids (which boosts her testosterone rates)! Men have naturally higher rates than Cyborg–even without steroids. So if she’s terrified of fighting Cyborg, she’s not going to be able to beat even the worst male fighter from her weight-range. Remember when Rousey said that she would never fight a transgendered fighter [like Fallon Fox] because it’s cheating? She said that biological males have different muscle-mass, thicker bone-density, etc. So if she can’t even beat Fallon Fox, she’s not going to beat anyone in the male division. . . . Here’s the fact: I love the women’s division and will always be a fan. But lightweight fighters [both men and women] have trouble knocking each other out with punches. So in the lighter weight divisions, fights are won more with wrestling and submissions. Heavyweights put people out with a single punch. Lighter weight classes have more trouble doing this. Especially female fighters–which is why Ronda’s so dominant. In a world where punches aren’t going to lay you out, mastery of a sport like Judo will make you a goddess. (None of the female fighters are going to lay her out with punches.) A male from the same weightclass? He’d lay her out with one punch. You know how I know SHE knows that? She wouldn’t fight Fallon Fox. Hell, she wouldn’t even fight a roided up Cybog. So if she’s terrified of them, there’s no way she’s beating even the worst professional male fighter. It’s like when Venus Williams in tennis bragged that she could beat any male competitor, and some guy ranked 206 destroyed her. (She had these delusions of grandeur, assuming that her dominance over other females would equal dominance with males. Oops.) Ronda Rousey in a fight with Urijah Faber? That’s just spousal abuse. That’s not a fight. He’d pop her one time in the face and she’d realize, “Crap! This isn’t like fighting females at all!”

  • Brian Uy

    wasted a few mins of my time watching a lame article

  • Tavor Brown

    Lol, no. ron is a destroyer of all men and unless you say otherwise you may get banned.

  • monkey god

    This is a little pointless. I wanna see how she does grappling against some smaller guys like TJ Dillashaw, Urijah Faber, and Demetrious Johnson.

    • Brittany Snow

      Dillashaw, Faber and Johnson would reck her. Don’t believe the hype.

      • monkey god

        Perhaps, but at least i’d be more competitive than Ronda Rousey vs a middleweight like Mousasi. I’m talking about grappling here, not MMA.

        • Brittany Snow

          I don’t want to see Ronda vs any male. I wish she would have never started running around bringing men into this. Women fight women, men fight men.

          • monkey god

            A grappling match is not a fight. And it’s good to train with men, especially if you don’t have any equally skilled or capable female training partners avaialble.

  • andrei

    she will lose against most men fighters her own size let alone this…he is like twice her size

  • Michael Vlachos

    lol so a guy 50 lbs heavier tossing her around proves she can’t hang with 135 lb men how?

  • otown689a

    She needs to fight cyborg at 140 catchweight if cyborg can’t make bantamweight. Even if she loses she can blame it on being undersized. Let’s give the fans what they want.

  • This video is two years old, right? If so, she’s a very different fighter today than she was then.

    • Vlasec

      She wouldn’t win today either. He’s a lot heavier, so he has lot more strength (and he’s an experienced fighter, too). Maybe against a guy of her weight, probably not even then though.

      She’d still KO most of us here with hardly any difficulty I guess, with a well aimed punch.

      • burgerman7

        she might ko u but not any real men out there regardless of how much they weigh!

    • Michael Wakefield

      So now she would win? Use your head for something other than a hatrack

  • logat890

    hand fighting with a dude alone gets her beat

  • Tyr

    Joe Rogan needs to smoke less. Of course Rousey would not stand a chance against a UFC male bantham weight. Even straw weight male will be stronger than Ronda. The opponent would need to be some average hobbyist for Ronda to stand a chance against a male opponent. CM punk perhaps? 😀

  • disqus_ArQv6e31it

    He doesn’t even look like he it giving it his all.

  • Realdeal

    Merge the men and women’s titles, lets all be equal, of course that would mean there would be no women in the UFC so be it. So sick of all this BS. without Rousey there would be no womens MMA. Thats why Dana is scared to bring in cyborg for fear of losing his golden goose.

    • JJ Vercetti

      More often than not some of the women fights are more entertaining than the men fights.

      • Lump

        nah, dana’s not scared, just knows its no superfight – Miesha tate would pwn cyborg, even. dafuq’s the point?

  • Ling

    Is she trying to get injured? Grappling with someone 50lbs heavier is not neccassary, it’s just stupid!

    • FastEddie

      It’s called training. She cannot find a woman her size that has equal strength.

      • David

        She thought he was going to let her win like most guys do in training with her! When she realized he wasn’t she quit!
        hehe, he just picks her up at the end!!

        • FastEddie

          Wow, what a stupid thing to do! If you’re correct he just destroyed his career as a sparing partner. David, I’m assuming you have been a geek all your life. You certainly don’t understand what it’s like to train for a fight. hehe.

          • David

            Lol, you don’t know me. I was a sparring partner throughout my 20s. I roll 3 times a week to this day.

            Cpl. D.Woodward Usmc
            1st Battle of Fallujah

            Go back to your pork rinds and miserable life of being mindfreaked into believing a woman who cuts down and dominates 135 pound women with one move can beat up the world!! Can HH beat Mayweather now? Lmao!!

          • FastEddie

            You don’t make a living sparring, no one would hire you. Apparently you don’t know the function of a sparring partner. Your Mom is calling you to come up from the basement.

          • David

            Since your reading comprehension and concept of time seemed to be in juvenile stages still, I’ll leave you to it!

          • FastEddie

            Since you think sparring partners try to win every sparring match you don’t understand the concept enough to argue with.

          • David

            You sound more ridiculous with every post!
            I completely understand he wasn’t trying, and anyone can see she was trying very hard. He embarrassed her without trying.

            The top of my head has more mat time than the bottom of your feet. My boot bands have more hang time disembarking the back of a 5 ton, then you have in a fight.

            Stop embarrassing yourself.

          • FastEddie

            You get more windier with each response. Big deal, you jumped out the back of a truck, what does that have to do with your thinking a sparring partner would beat up the fighter he was training with? If the top of your head has that much mat time, that could explain your fantasy.

          • David

            You continue to make less sense with each post..
            What part of Ronda was trying her ass off and Mousasi was bareley trying do you not understand? Your comments have nothing to do with that.
            They had a quick roll, yet your ignorance keeps telling your mouth “sparring partner”
            The only fanasty lies with you. I was never ridiculously ignorant enough to believe a 150 pound woman could beat average to pro men. Ronda is a hype job and you fell for it!

          • FastEddie

            Why have any divisions at all? Why not just have everybody regardless of weight or sex just draw straws to see who fights who?

          • David

            Don’t you have family?

            It’s Thanksgiving!

          • FastEddie

            Yep, and had a terrific dinner! Going out now to make a turkey sandwich.

  • DS Hammer

    Tired of the delusional nitwits that keep blowing smoke up Rousey’s netherlands. Women’s mma is in the very early stages and she happens to have caught the wave at the right time. Wait and see how things play out before all this greatness talk. Competition is scarce and if fighter pay remains as shitty as it is that won’t change anytime soon. One quick question: are you Rousey lovers ex WWE fans??

  • J donsante

    She has already said she wold never fight a man, it would be sick to pay to watch man hit a woman. Case closed.

  • J donsante

    Grappling with someone heavy is many times different than being in a boxing match with someone 50 pounds heavier and pound for pound equal as a fighter.

  • Tim 1111

    I want to see her grapple with mighty mouse or a guy that’s flyweight. Gegard is twice her size…all that aside, a guy on the street trying to assault rousey is gonna loose his nuts.

  • Jerry Lavoy

    Noted. Too stupid to really comment on, but noted.

  • Cool Cool

    Rousey will be dominant for another 5 years, and then she’ll retire as the competition starts catching up. And while she’s as dominant as she is because the competition is scarce, she will be a very large reason why the competition around her will get better. 10 years from now, we’ll see half-a-dozen fighters that are as good as Rousey, but won’t be as dominant because the competition will be much-improved. And probably thanks to Rousey.


      Dominate for another 5 years? LOL Women aren’t as durable as men. Even Ronda admits by 30 it’s pretty much over and how she only has a handful of fights left in her.

  • jack lee

    ronda doesn’t have a chance against real mma men fighters ,not strong enough cant out muscle them at all. plus a real fight she would take heavy strikes much harder than any thing shes got from other women fighters. shows in this video she couldn’t throw or stop from being throwed down an dominated

    • Yanick Lavoie

      dude the guy in this video is 50lbs heavier… Of course she is getting thrown and can’t throw him. Put Mighty mouse and GSP in the same rink and someone too would get a beating. But I’d definitely would like to see her with a man in her weight class.

      • Brittany Snow

        Oh God you think Ronda was 135 in this video? She was like 165. She walks at 155 right now. He was bigger but certainly not by 50 pounds!!! Besides, they were training not sparring so the entire article is irrelevant.

        • David

          It’s relavant because it shows how inferior Rondas skill are vs a man. Even a 150 male fighter could have fared better. They were sparring. Mousasi was just bored and trying not to hurt her whilst she was going all out.

          • Brittany Snow

            In an interview Gegard said they were training! So this article is irrelevant.

          • David

            Of course they were TRAINING, LOL! Was the video misleading in some way? Did it lead you to believe something else was going on? Mousasi was bareley trying! Ronda was going all out. Just because they were training doesn’t make this article irrelevant.

            Honestly, what are you talking about?

          • Brittany Snow


          • David

            How? How is the fact that they were training make the article irrelevant? First you point out the fact that they were training, when it is completely obvious. And on those grounds you deem the article irrelevant…. not making sense, Brittany.

  • Tim 1111

    O really? Michael…firstly, if you fight a woman you’re automatically a pussy…have you spent brain power contemplating this? Do have you experience in Jiu Jitsu? I’m a Shichi-dan belt and i can tell you that you can be an untrained 250 brut and a trained woman can take your life….

  • Robert Storey

    Lmao, she’s trying so hard and he’s smiling giving absolutely 0 effort.

  • JeffSmith

    That guy weighs 180 pounds.

  • FastEddie

    Is that why there are separate weight divisions? He is training her, that’s what she’s paying him for.

    • David

      He isn’t being paid for this!! They just had a quick roll. Mousasi is no one’s sparring partner! Ronda was most likely shooting of at the mouth and though Mousasi would let her win like most guys do. I’m sure Mousasi was really training before this, look how winded he was! You don’t think Ronda got him that tired…. do you? Maybe you do, because you were foolish enough to believe he was a paid sparring partner!!

  • jason1000

    Article is misleading. Why would she be ready for middle weight?

  • David

    No one commented because he was right. You are wrong. Even an average sized untrained man would injure her unless he was disabled or had the mental block most sane men have when it comes to hitting women.

    If a 150 pound woman can beat you in a fair fight you are a disgrace to testosterone.

    • Vlasec

      She is trained to guard herself, to attack where it hurts. She is also used to some beating, she can take the pain. Not sure what you mean by average weight tho – is it some 230 lb obese guy in USA, 120 lb Indian, or some idealized athlete you consider “average”?

      I would still rather bet on her than on a random untrained guy.

      • David

        Ronda doesn’t “guard herself”

        She bullrushes and doesn’t protect her head or body. She has to be square in front of an opponent to be effective. What RR are you talking about? Not the one who fights in the ufc

        Yes, I’m am speaking of American Men average weight. Ronda uses power and size to win her judo is 3rd. She loses that against an average male. She is 160 pounds at best And leaves her head wide open at all times. After HH exposed her, I figured this hype would die.l, but you guys are completely brainwashed.

        You are a plum fool if you bet on Ronda vs a Man of average size and health.

  • lance mentzer

    but rhoda said she could beat any man