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Ronda Rousey: I Don’t Owe Cyborg Anything

Posted on by MMAWeekly.com Staff

  • Guest

    dude either or steriods or not.. FIGHT WONDA if mayweather can move up to get a shot at cotto… you go right back up to get Cyborg

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000493632092 Anthony Lopez

      I totally agree. She’s already fought twice at 145 anyway. The fact is that it’s pretty much physically impossible for Cyborg to come down to 135. If Rousey really wants the toughest challenge of her career, she’ll move up for this fight

      • Samwrestle

        You don’t just reward cheaters by giving them an easier fight. If she was still active, not suspended, and never got busted for steroids…I’d agree with you. Since she IS a cheater, she doesn’t deserve anything.

        • jbear

          A lot of fighters have been caught using steroids and been given second and even third chances.

        • Blubberbutt

          s*** why not fight? juicing or not there’s great fighters who have fought people who were on roids and still wooped their ass.

    • Pete the Bull

      Bunch of fools you guys are! Ronda is the CHAMP and the champ calls the shots, if the cheater oh I mean cyborg wants a shot we’ll come down and get Ronda

  • Eric

    easy knockout for cyborg, that’s why rousey won’t come to her, she is hoping to throw off cyborg by making her do a hard weight cut, it’s easy for rousey to be 145, she is naturally a bit chubby anyway, i don’t think rousey’s really done enough to earn a fight with cyborg, she should maybe take on another rising star female fighter like rachel howarth strikeforce needs to sign that girl!

    • Mario

      By “i don’t think rousey’s really done enough to earn a fight with cyborg” do you mean she hasn’t done enough steroids?

    • Golgothan

      Hard to knock out anybody when your arm is secure in an arm bar and you are squealing for mercy. As Mike Tyson used to say, “they all have a plan until they get in the ring”. Rhonda will dismantle the Sasquatch before she can throw a punch.

      • jbear

        Hard to take someone down when your face is being smashed in, and taking someone down in all Lousey can do or has ever done.

    • Ray Judson

      That’s why we have weight classes, right? Ronda Rousey is doing the correct thing, by staying at her vantage point. Cyborg is doing the calling her out, so Cyborg should do the weight cut and get her arm ripped off.

  • Kurry_C

    Eric Ronda is correct.. Cyborg needs to go to her .. Rousey has won without juicin.. advantage rousey…

  • Mani

    Well i think Rousey is bit hesitant in facing Chris Cyborg. Deep inside Rousey knows that is not at all be going to easy for her to beat Cyborg. Shes just trying to avoid her. . Comon Rousey , face Cyborg like a true champ . . . .

    • Kthul

      I believe Ronda herself would like to fight vs. Cyborg. But the big guys in the UFC just won’t let her. They’ve invested a lot on her being the poster girl for women in the UFC.
      It’s still too soon for them to risk her going down.


    Cyborg cheated and therefore goes to the back of the line for Champoinship fights! Ronda Rousey is the Champ and she gets to call the shots!

    • david checich

      fo temizz


    Cyborg cheated and therefore goes to the back of the line for Championship fights! Ronda Rousey is the Champ and she gets to call the shots!

  • tonewall

    Rhonda will smoke the Borg…juice or no juice…when shes in the cage she ain’t playing…crunch/crackle pop….d a y u m……..

    • jbear

      Lousey has NEVER fought a big puncher or someone as strong as Chris. This fight will never happen because Dana fears his little girl will lose.

  • rock2bach

    Rousey is the champion. If Cyborg wants the title she has to go out and get it. A championship fight is not what you deserve, it is what you earn. Championship fights do not fall on your lap. And secondly, there is currently only one women’s weight division in the UFC so the implication that it is Rousey’s fault that Cyborg has to cut weight is misguided. It’s Cyborg who was or is on steriods that prevents her from cutting down to that weight to begin with. If you don’t like Rousey, fine, it’s cool, but do not personally attack her to prove your point. That’s how we know you don’t have a point.

    • http://www.facebook.com/richard.conley.96 Richard Conley

      well said man.

    • Uri Paul

      Championship fights don’t fall in your lap, but championships do for Rousey.

  • disqus_XcXGL8vHGD

    I would love to have Rousey wrestle me to the ground.

  • Bud

    who is the champion?? Ronda is a joke guys, a UFC product, thats it and everybody knows it. It was the same with Gina Carano, when Cyborg destroyed her to death. Ronda cannot fight and thats a fact. The day Dana allows this fight she will move into the movies, just like Gina.

    • Layla Hunnam

      LOL. Exactly.

    • Golgothan

      Bud, you are right. Ronda cannot fight; she just wins.

    • Captain Marvel

      And Cyborg is a product of Steroids

      • $9244763

        Guyborg has been roided up for years and was roided to gills when she fought Gina carano. Anyone can pass a simple steroid piss test. They don’t go into the bathroom stall with the women to get their samples. No doubt whatsoever Guyborg was using someone elses piss to pass those B.s outdated tests. They don’t even test for HGH ,EPO;s, hcg or Victor Conte’s “CLEAR” or any other of the newer generation of PED’s

  • Bud

    and sorry, but hiding about one fight steroids case is just a shame for Ronda, she is just so afraid of that fight happening that she better pick on that forever.

  • Andy de Lucca

    Cris,,, you are the best MMA fighter… simple!

    Sorry, Ronda, you know it!

    • Golgothan

      Did you say you are the “beast” MMA fighter?

      • Andy de Lucca

        no, baby…

        the “Best”!!
        you saw the fight this weekend, Cyborg vs Coenen?

        • jbear

          Awesome fight. Cyborg showed patience, good technique, strength, endurance, and talent. Best women MMA fight I’ve ever seen.

          • $9244763

            Guyborg showed she is still just as roided up as ever if not more. UFC had acquired her contract from strikeforce and was demanding she submit to pre-employment drug testing and next thing we know she is asking to be released. Dana didn’t want anything to do with GUYBORGS steroid baggage and having her stink up his expansion into women’s MMA. Guyborg is horribe for the sport and she absolutely freaks people out who have never seen her before and UFC knew they could never market her to new fans on big FOX.

    • Wolf Ticket

      “best MMA fighter”? that makes no sense, unless you mean best “female” fighter. But wait, it’s cyborg, that makes no sense either… :)

    • Elle Murad

      She is scared and white is scared too !! And 4 the hates cyborg takes drugs test now too fight and she is THE best

  • http://www.freebieiphone.com/ Free Iphone Now!

    And she doesn’t owe you anything.
    She’s now the champion as well.
    If only Rousey didn’t starve her self (eating once a day) to make 135, this fight woulda happened.
    Bitch needs to shut the hell up.

  • Golgothan

    I have to disagree with Rousey: She owes Cyclops a good beating just like Nick Diaz inflicted on her husband.

    • jbear

      I don’t think she really wants to fight Chris. She hiding under Dana’s skirt because Lousey is his little girl and the ONLY reason why females are in the UFC to begin with.

      • Elle Murad

        Is a joke !! What is going on with UFC

    • S. Maestro

      Lousey doesn’t know HOW to “give a good beating”. She can’t even strike! Dana White is the grand hypocrite for not pushing this matchup considering how much he claims to “hate one-dimensional fighters”. Lousey Rousey’s armbar is nice, but will only get her as far as Ken Shamrock’s anklebars and heel hooks. When her career ends, it’s going to be reminiscent of Hughes v. Gracie.

      • Joo

        In the TUF show, Dana said he wanted to see fighting, “because this isn’t the Ultimate Wrestler, this is the Ultimate Fighter”. Meanwhile Ronda fits perfectly into his first category! Duhhh

  • Golgothan

    Enough Cyclops supporters! She needed 5 long rounds to dispose of Coenen this past weekend. Rousey will be at home on her second glass of champagne by then. Rousey by submission in Rd 1

    • jbear

      Chris paced herself and looked great doing it. She fought a smart fight against a highly ranked opponent. Oh, by the way, Cyborg knocked her out in round “4.” For those who can’t count, that’s all the fingers on one hand (not counting the thumb.) I’ve seen them both fight live and believe Chris would win.

  • DeadPool

    Cyborg would have lost to Carano if she wasn’t on the sauce.
    Rousey doesn’t have to go anywhere or do anything for any other fighter, she’s the champ. Why should she give Juice-borg a shot that she didn’t earn? She’s not even in the UFC.
    If she wants a shot, she needs to go through the other girls waiting in line in the UFC, at Rousey’s championship weight, with drug tests before and after ever fight she has.

    • Johnny Outlaw

      Yeah, just like Rousey did. Right? Wait in line. Gimme a f*****’ break, man. Ronda Rousey had the UFC Women’s Bantamweight handed to her based on her merits fighting in Strikeforce. If this is the actual criteria for being the champion of that division then Cyborg does indeed deserve the fight and the shot at the title. If that ever happens Rousey should just give Cyborg the belt and retire because Cyborg will absolutely shred that pretty little moneymaker of a face and then she can say bye bye to Hollywood and all of her “fans” who only like her because she is (somewhat) pretty and knows how to win by armbar against lesser competition as well.

      • DeadPool

        Well, there was no woman’s champ in the UFC, so they had to start somewhere, right? What better way than to take the Strikeforce champ, and go from there?
        So far, she’s 5-0 in her professional career, with 3 title defenses.

    • $9244763

      Rousey has already stated if she was ever to fight GUYBORG she would demand WADA (olympic style blood carbon isotope testing) and their is no way Guyborg would ever submit to that stringent of testing. Guyborg would be exposed even worse than she already was

  • jbear

    Wow, what a humble champion. How about owing Chris a little respect. She was MMA fighting long before Lousey was. There are still a lot of people who think she can beat you, and I’m one of them.

    • jase0910

      Respect to a steroid cheater? You have a pretty broad definition of what type of behavior deserves respect.

      • Vanda

        Exactly, Jase0910……. it is shocking and amazing the concept of “class” and “respect” that many people in this forum have of she-man Cyborg…….

  • Blaity

    There is no denying that Rousey is the best in her division (145)

    But if Cyborg was to drop to this division she would destroy Rousey and both the UFC and Rousey know this.

    Cyborg currently has no reason to drop unless Rousey and the UFC agree to the fight, which they wont because of two reasons:

    1. Rousey is much more marketable being the Pretty White AMERICAN girl meaning $$$$ (as opposed to the tattood rougher looking Brazilian girl).

    2. Dana hates Tito (Cyborg’s manager) with a passion so not letting this fight happen is a personal win for Dana against Tito.

    • jbear

      Good points, but Lousey fights at 135 pounds and Chris fights at 145.

      • $9244763

        Guyborg walks around and trains at over 170 lbs and unless she loses all that steroid muscle no way she ever could drop to under 145 lbs

    • buffalo

      I think your wrong, Blaity. Take ten pounds of Cyborg she’s gonna be pretty wrung out and Rhonda’s been doing this stuff since she could walk. That arm bar is a bitch.

    • Elle Murad

      Tito left !! Cyborg is super hot

  • jbear

    You owe her the respect of paving the way for divas like you to the world of MMA. You may be prettier, by you are not as classy as Chris way any means.

    • $9244763

      Yeah right Cyborg is real classy. Have you taken one look at that roided up mutant man beast? That is what happens when a woman shoots massive amounts of steroids into their body over many years. Guyborg has a “MAN” jaw now. Its freakish as all h’ll

      Guyborg should not be able to compete against NORMAL/NATURAL women

      Just like in bodybuilding they have the freak steroid division and then the all natural

      Cyborg either needs to fight men or not at all

      • Vanda

        Indeed….. classy they say? She looks teroid mad all the time and as if she just got out of max security prison…… The tatse of some guys here is simply appalling…….

    • crabwalker

      CB was BANNED for a Year 4Steroid Use. How can any1 Hate RR so bad they’ll just Disregard that & still call her…..,Classy?

  • C Nick

    Reality… Cyborg would destroy Rousey. Why not cut to the chase and get it over with? If Cyborg is clean that’s the obvious fight and always has been any other discussion is useless drama.

  • jensenanthony

    Rosey is a champion that only shows strenght motivation & skills on their graps & jiu-jutsu g&p game. Cyborg is a champion that shows skills in any mma facts so how canyou tell me now??????? What did you think about??? Rosey is a incomplete champion, & cyborg is a complete champion….. i have a truly point now baby boy????

    • S. Maestro

      I SO agree with you! “One trick ponies” generally have a very short shelf life in the UFC.

    • $9244763

      Cyborg is a complete steroid abusing FREAK and a disgrace to the sport of womens MMA

      • Derrick McCormick

        So is every fighter who has been caught a disgrace? Royce Gracie, Belfort, Sylvia, Overeem, Barnett, Bigfoot?

        • $9244763

          Any women who shoots massive amounts of steroids over years and years and completely transforms themselves into a man is a disgrace. Guyborg is a MUTANT FREAK

    • $9244763

      Guyborg’s legacy is tarnished for life and she will always be known and remembered as being a STEROID CHEAT and everyone of her wins will have an asterisk next to it

  • Macca

    Ronda has no problem calling Cyborg out on live TV when she wants a shot but Cyborg can’t do the same? Hypocrite.

    • Derrick McCormick

      Ronda is a stuck up idiot. She calls people out and then she acts as if she did not. I cant wait for her to go away.

      • Vanda

        And i can not wait for juiced up she-man Cyborg to go away either……

        • moQ

          Me too..can’t wait to see Cyborg kiss the ring floor and banned with her steroid muscle>>>

  • Amanda De

    Rousey is right. She has the belt. If Cyborg wants to call her out for a fight, great, but she needs to bring it to Rousey. Rousey has no reason to raise her weight class just so Cyborg can get a fight with her. Cyborg has the reason to change her weight class, because she wants to fight the champ.

    And considering Cyborg was caught juicing, she has no place demanding that Rousey do anything. Cyborg is the one who has to prove herself while clean.

    • Drak

      Glad to see someone else who “gets it”. Cyborg disgraced herself AND expects the champion to come running to her? Yes Rousey has a big mouth, and so far has backed it up and made a huge name of herself in the process, she’s earned that right. Cyborg doesn’t have to respect Rousey but her insistence that the champion should come to her shows she has no respect for the belt or the sport either.

  • buffalo

    Cyborg is as lean as can be at 145. Rousey could probably drop down five pounds but it’s not her problem to come up in weight to fight Cyborg.
    Does anyone else wonder how prevalent steroid use is among the male Brazilian fighters? There are some great fighters down there and Aldo and Anderson Silva don’t look juiced but they have a disproportionate number of unnaturally beefed up guys.

    • Kthul

      Dude, they’re all juiced, not just brazillians but our fighters as well… And, also the gals, including Ronda.

      • WalnutCreekScott


      • Elle Murad

        Walnut creek Scott u look creeeepppp

    • $9244763

      Guyborg is a roided up freak plain and simple and has lost all credibility with fans. Everyone already knew she was on steroids but now its confirmed as she was busted dead to rights

  • S.maestro

    I don’t thing Rhonda “owes”, that being said, the girl’s a tw@. She’s got “Ken Shamrock’s Disease” (she believes in her own one-trick pony bs too much). No doubt a raw talent, but at this time there are really not a a lot of female challengers out there with the years of training that she has, but they’re on the way.. The fem that learns to counter the armbar, or the second she gets kicked in the face…THEN we’ll see the if that spoiled little turd can hang.

    • Joo

      You say what happens when someone counters the arm bar? Or kicks her in face? Then we’ll see… nothing. Won’t happen. She says over and over “when / after i retire…”. After she wishbones Miesha Tate she is gone.

      She makes so much loot that she does not need to fight to live. Unlike most of the MMA fighters, who are some broke-ass broke-asses, driving cars with crappy heating and a/c. Nate Diaz was too broke to go to his HS reunion, if we believe him.
      Most are “dollar-aires,” Rousey is not a millionaire but is wealthy and will reinvent herself after December. Into what?? Actor, pundit, trainer, commentator? She has no desire to get her pretty face beat up – other opportunities are too good. We all wanna see RR get beat up for once, a fat lip or something, but not. gonna. happen.

  • armbarsareforsissies

    wait didnt ronda lousey call cyborg out then drop in weight?

    • gandhimaster

      nope. :D

      • crabwalker

        That’s all u got? Read up & u’ll find that 1ce a roid “set”(6-12wks) is done, the density of the muscle & bone NEVER return to Pre-Use density. You’re right though, it’s much easier to just say “nope.” That’s only a good argument to the true RR Haters though. ;D

        • gandhimaster

          I think we have our wires crossed. My “nope” reply was made to a comment about Rousey calling out Cyborg and then changing weight class. (Not her fault the UFC only had a 135?) The steroid thing i agree with totally. A users body is forever changed, and as such, everything they are is based on cheating. Lifetime bans, in my opinion once caught.

    • gandhimaster

      She’s always maintained Cyborg has to drop to her weight class. Can’t blame her considering Cyborg is the size she is due to drugs.

      • $9244763

        Guyborg is a disgrace to the sport of women”s MMA. Guyborg has lost al credibility now that it has been confirmed what everyone already suspected that she is a ROIDED UP mutant/man beast


      • Derrick McCormick

        Not true. She called out Cyborg all the time and Ronda fought at 145. Hell, she had problems making weight to fight tate. So no, At the start she called out anyone at any weight. But that is Ronda for you, Selfish and always stating she never did anything

  • Afightisafight

    It’s crazy to say RR is a one trick pony, wtf she uses technique and skill to get her foes in the position to take the arm bar! And her last fight with Tate she showed improved striking, g&p, and huge heart. She will continue to evolve the longer she fights bc she has the will and a good camp to help her. Cyborg needs juice to be a good fighter (obviously) it would be a interesting fight with the 2 and we don’t know how well cyborg performs without the juice. So maybe we could see it one day?

  • Bo Guss

    No you don’t Rhonda. But you do owe the fans everything. And the fans want to see you fight Cyborg.

  • Shirtless Fran

    Anyone with one punch knockout power can beat Ronda Rousey. This is why she will never fight Cyborg or any KO artist in the 145 weight class. REAL champions fight the best fighters regardless of weight class… Cyborg has proven she’s clean.. Dana white can’t wait to see Ronda lose… B/c he will make Double if not more on the re-match… Ronda needs to learn how to snap her punches, along w blocking better… If she throws her punches like an amateur boxer does… Then I’ll see improvement on her striking… The way I see it… Was Ronda’s strategy in the last fight with Meisha… Was to get Tate so exhausted to the point where she cud get her Armbar on her… That’s how she was able to perfect it.. in addition to taking her time instead of rushing….

    • crabwalker

      Regardless of weight class? Then why even have weight classes? That’s just plain Stupid.

    • Vanda

      Exactly CRABWALKER…….. real champions Shirtless Fan are wise enough to know their ideal fighting weight class and know whether or not they can jump up or down without compromising their fighting ability to win the match. And Cyborg is hardly a real champion for being stupid enough to taint her reputation forever with using no less than anabolic steroids….no wonder she is always so hyped up for war it seems. And having a jackass manager as Tito Ortiz does not help much either.

  • brad king

    They both look like dudes but RR will be destroyed and Dana had better protect her with some easy opponents. Cyborg will always be rated higher because she has paid her dues

    • js4321

      Cyborg will also probably win because she beholds the power of STEROIDS. I don’t understand why Cyborg is still respected in the MMA community (UFC even more) when she cheated in order to have an upper hand with her opponent compared to Ronda Rousey just being judged for her being herself and not falling into society’s urge to be politically correct.

    • js4321

      …And does it really matter what they look like???!!! I Don’t know about YOU guys but when I watch fights, I actually watch the FIGHT…I’m not trying to figure out who looks better in lingerie or a dress!!! Rousey is an amazing athlete and she is beautiful; however, I think people should discuss her HIGH submission stats, her being an Olympian, consecutive Women’s Bantamweight title holder, she has strong will power, she is extremely passionate and the fact that she’s not a fake…she is real with a no apologies attitude.

    • Ol’ Rooter


  • Elle Murad

    Cris cyborg !!! Any were any time Ronda !!

  • chuckspires.com

    I agree that Ronda doesn’t owe Cyborg anything. But Ronda, you need to think about it like this.Everyone, or 80% better believes Cyborg would beat you. It’s everywhere. Look around the internet. Listen to interviews, most people put her up there as the one fighter preventing you from being universally acknowledged as being the best female fighter ever up to this point. Cyborg has stated numerous times that you are running from her. A lot of people claim Dana is protecting you from her. You yourself are wearing a belt that says you are a world champion. She is wearing a belt that says she is a world champion.
    You know if this fight ever gets signed you can demand a much higher purse in that fight and all subsequent fights if you win because there would be NO DOUBT at that point that you are the best. Cris Cyborg is your spoiler and you are her spoiler. She is and has call you out because she has the drive to PROVE BEYOND ANY DOUBT at she is the greatest female fighter of this time. And all you ever say is “I don’t owe her anything”, or “I’m the champ and she has more to prove than I do”.
    Ronda, you are dead wrong. Totally wrong You are wearing a belt that makes a claim for your case. he is wearing a belt that makes the claim for her case. So what if your fighting in the badarse UFC. If that is what you are hanging your hat on that makes you a real female world champion then you will never be called the best ever female fighter.If you really think you are a true world champion, then you should have the burning desire in your gut that would be driving you to make this fight happen. You should be turning every stone to make this fight happen. Not because you owe anything to Cris Cyborg. Not because the fans want to see this fight more than any fight you could have. But because of that belt you are wearing. That belt that is making a “claim” that you are the best. Isn’t it about time you held that belt up and said, this belt is my statement. My statement for the whole world. I AM THE BEST. THIS BELT SAYS SO.

  • PLD

    They both have dick…

  • nlandll

    PLD you are a dumb ass. Have you watched the video footage above, definitely looks like somebody with a dick doesn’t she. The girl is very attractive, and when she is dressed up you would never have a idea that she was a ufc champ. You are just jealous because you probably have he world’s ugliest wife.

  • nlandll

    Take Cyborg off of the Roids, and Rousey will kick her ass. She is technically much more sound than Cyborg. She will do to her the same as she has done to all the others. She would whip most 135 pound men. Men want to refer to her as one with a d–k, because they are jealous that she would whip most, if not practically all their butts.

  • Moses Rodas

    Cyborg will destory Ronda! When Ronda feels the frist power of her punch or kick from Cyborg she going back away from her real fast!