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Chris Weidman: “I Still Haven’t Really Looked My Best”

Posted on by MMAWeekly.com Staff

  • Cptmats

    Chris Weidman: “I Still Haven’t Really Looked My Best”

    I hope not, it took him a round and a half to beat a guy who refused to fight back !

    • jbear

      He was fighting, he was not only physically fighting, but was also fighting to get into Weidman’s head and it didn’t work out. Silva felt or saw something in the first round that got to him. He was upset between the 1st and 2nd rounds.

      • Cptmats

        He was not fighting ! After watching that fight it was clear that Silva could beat this guy blind folded !

        • ThomasER916

          You’re saying Silva could be him blindfolded yet he couldn’t beat him without a blindfold. Basically, you’re an idiot.

  • Anon D

    I hate to say this, but for a guy who connected with a well-timed punch to someone who was just clowning around he sure talks much garbage. But then again this moron kept talking like he’s the best out in the world even before the fight.

    • Bo Guss

      I can’t say it was a completely well timed punched that meant to draw Silva in and connect. Weidman was just throwing combos, hoping one of them will finally land. Had Silva not messed around like he did, and step into the punch, instead of back and away, Weidman would have never connected. Silva’s mistake was Chris’ gain. But he didn’t do it all on his own. I’m glad the rematch is happening. It will either prove, Silva was just messing around and got caught with a lucky punch, thereby taking his belt back. Or Weidman legitimizes his championship status.

  • Bo Guss

    It’s hard to look your best with the likes of Silva. Who’s made the best look not so good. And considering he Weidman got lucky with that punch (just throwing punches, and Silva messing around, walks right into it), I can’t say it’s a definitive win for him. But a win none the less. IMO, he will only legitimize his title, by beating Silva in his serious top form. No f’n around like last time. Which by the way, even with Silva playing around like he did, Weidman looked like molasses trying to hit Silva, before he actually got lucky with that last punch.

    • jbear

      Sylva is highly overrated!!! Go back to 2006 and look at how many really tough guys he’s defeated. Only a couple. Sonnen, Belfort, and Henderson, and that’s it. Go back and look!!!

      • Bo Guss

        And who, pray tell, has Weidman beat? No one in the top 10. lol And decisively. Sure he beat Munoz. But Munoz was off for over a year, and he wasn’t even 100% coming into that fight. And just like Silva, Munoz stepped into that elbow. Silva has beaten the likes of Newton and Horn in his pride days. You must have a different view of what a “tough guy” is. He’s finished Franklin, Lutter, Marquardt, Maia, Okami, Belfort, Sonnen. And while competing in the MW division, he also defeated and finished opponents in the LHW division. Something Weidman has never done.

        Notable mentions are Bonnar, Griffin, and Leben. Those are tough guys. No one has ever finished Bonner (although he’s lost fights). Griffin and Leben were tough guys to fight back then too. You can’t compare Weidman to Silva. Weidman got lucky because of Silva’s stupidity. As a Silva fan from the very beginning (long before he came to the UFC), even I have to say he deserved that loss for taking Weidman very lightly. And like I said, just like his second fight with Sonnen, he won’t make the same mistake twice. And Weidman will still be molasses compared to him.

        • Will Davies

          It’s called being smart and cautious. He wasn’t fighting like he was in molasses, he just knew that Silva was waiting for him to cut loose so he could counter-punch. That’s how Silva beat a lot of people. He was very conservative and only threw punches he was the most confident about. He set Silva up by controlling how Silva dodged, and then landed a solid one right on the jaw when the opportunity was there.Luck had nothing to do with it. He capitalized on an opportunity like all good fighters do. As for Munoz, give Weidman some credit, not everyone would heave been able to dodge Munoz’s blow like that and then think to hit with an elbow.
          Also Franklin, Bonnar, Griffin, and Leben were good but not THAT good. Belfort is also very suspect due to his need for TRT. It’s also worth mentioning that who someone has beaten is not the ultimate indicator of their skill, especially early in their career. Jbear’s point was that Silva’s wins are far less impressive when you consider who they were against, thus making his reputation undeserved.

    • Rick

      watch again, he set Silva up. He lands the left,then he then pushes out a fake right to get Silva to pull to the left, then nails him. Most MMa fighters throw a left then right ( or reversed ). Weidman put him right where he wanted him.

    • Thomas Payne

      Bo Guss maybe you shouldn’t let your boyfriend blow you while your watching ufc. Watch it again dumbass.

  • jbear

    I hope Weidman is better against Siva the next fight–he will need to be to beat him again. I hope Weidman knocks him out again.

    • Cptmats


  • Saberol

    Silva was not clowning around when he got that devastating punch from
    Weidman. He was doing what he had always done with his other opponents – to get
    them into his mind game, frustrate them so much that in their eagerness to land
    a punch on a fighter who is apparently not fighting but playing around, they
    forget Silva’s killer punch or high kick that is already primed and cocked
    right from the beginning and is just waiting for the opportune split-second moment.

  • harddazeknight

    Straight up fight… Silva beats Weidman by rear naked choke.

  • Jfitz8391

    Weidman!!!!!! i would die if it wasnt for cagewatcher dot eu!! get to watch the fight for freeeee!