Full UFC Primetime: St-Pierre vs. Shields Episode One Video

April 15, 2011
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The premier episode of UFC Primetime: St-Pierre vs. Shields debuted on Wednesday night on Spike TV.

UFC Primetime takes a behind-the-scenes look at UFC 129 main eventers Georges St-Pierre and Jake Shields as the days dwindle down to their showdown before 55,000 fans on April 30 in Toronto.

Watch the full UFC Primetime episode one video below…

UFC 129 Primetime Episode 1 | UFC 129 Primetime Episode 2

  • judo johnson

    cant wait for this fight!!!!! WAR Jake!

  • bdono554

    Dear GSP,
    If you want to win this fight please use strikes on the ground cuz sitting on the ground for 25 min. is not going to work for this guy.

    • armendo420

      lol thats funny cuz gsp is one of the ONLY fighters that keeps buzy on the ground!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol u guys nd the world will c u cant fuck with canadians!!!!!!!!!!!!! BANG!!!! lol shields barly beat martin kampman barly what make u ppl think he stand a chance!!! his record????? even he says he has won lots of fights but not in the ufc (high grade fighters) not strikeforce scrubs or lil nippers!!!!!! gsp is 4 real ill be there cheerin for GSP live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mmaworld

    Jake shields the new ufc champ you better believe it watch as gsp falls to a bigger stronger guy do u think gsp can beat Dan Henderson not likely.