Fuel TV Didn’t Want to Interfere with TUF Live, So TUF Brasil Will Air in June Instead

April 12, 2012
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Now that the Ultimate Fighter Brasil is underway, many fans have been asking the question why it has only been available online in locations other than Brazil, but not on television?

When TUF Brasil was first announced, UFC President Dana White and others all but confirmed that the show would air on Fuel TV as part of their programming deal with the network.

But when the show started a few weeks ago, mysteriously the online option was the only viewing one for those not watching on Globo TV in Brazil.

Now Fuel TV Executive Vice President and General Manager George Greenberg clears the air on the subject, and explains why TUF Brasil is still coming to the network, just not at the same time it’s airing in South America.

“We’re probably going to air it in June,” explained Greenberg.

“The reason why we’re not airing it simultaneously is we don’t want to take any of the air out of the room promotionally for TUF on FX. TUF Brazil is something that is airing in real time down in Brazil, and if you haven’t seen it here, just means you haven’t seen it here.”

The plan is to air the TUF Brasil episodes on Fuel TV after the inaugural season of the Ultimate Fighter Live finish airing on their sister station, FX.

“In the wonderful world of time shifting, as soon as TUF on FX is done, then we will premier TUF Brazil, which will be a great promotional tool to feed into the next TUF on FX,” said Greenberg.

The Fuel TV executive says that the plan currently laid out is for the international versions of the Ultimate Fighter, and the new live version on FX to alternate back and forth throughout the year, thus giving a constant stream of the show on television.

“There will be a constant give and a go between a series that is happening right here and now, and a series that did not possibly happen at the exact same time that it was going on in real time.”

The fact is from Greenberg that while the Ultimate Fighter continues to be a great avenue for new fighters, and a promotional machine for the UFC, there just may not be room for two of the shows to run simultaneously on TV.

There can be too much of a good thing.

“There isn’t a lot of room in the world for two TUF’s at one time,” said Greenberg.

“We want the first one on FX to really sit on there and plant, and seed itself, and we’ll use the next one as a vehicle with TUF Brazil.”

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  • TUF’s run it’s course, time to take it out back and put it down. They need to come up with something else.

    Maybe something like the “Primetime” series but more in depth with a “reality show” format / feel to it. They could follow a few fighters as they prepare for an upcoming fight. Maybe 2 or 3 guys from the same camp fighting on the same card and all their training partners. Could do it right there in Vegas and utilize the TUF house and gym. Could also use the Vegas nightlife to showcase all the “distractions” out there and play to the casual viewer who eats up that kind of human drama.

    Follow them from the time camp starts and all the way through to the fight. They could even do a couple of “wrap up” episodes after the fight goes down and show highlights from the fight, behind the scenes stuff, the aftermath, closure…

    Ramble complete/

    • you are missing the point of TUF… part of it at least.

      sure the #s are down and most hardcore fans lost interest long ago, but TUF does 2 other things that help the UFC.

      1- Recruits new fighters

      2- Exposes UFC to casual TV audience

      In any business, to continue to succeed, you need to keep your product up to date (steady stream of new fighters to replace those who retire, get cut, etc) and you need to keep attracting customers. TUF does exactly that.

      The UFC has shown time and time again that they will do what is right for business, even if that is not what hardcore fans want. Accept it and just dont watch. I don’t, TUF sucks, but some decent fighters (and a bunch of not particularly impressive fighters) come out of the show.

      • I don’t think they have a problem recruiting new fighters. Pretty sure Joe Silva has a stack of applications and demo tapes a mile high on his desk.

        As far as exposing the UFC to casual viewers, the lagging TUF numbers show that people are losing interest. Something fresh and new will draw in more people and pick up where TUF left off. Every business has to evolve if they want to continue to grow and be successful. TUF served it’s purpose but it’s time for a change.

  • jesseyrock

    Doesn’t make sense. So here’s what their strategy is:

    Film two TUF’s at the same time, one in the U.S. for TUF Live and film the 2nd one in a different country and air it later. So when they’re airing the taped TUF later, there’s no filming happening of a TUF season at all.

    Why don’t they just alternate them like anyone with half a fn brain would’ve figured out? There’s going to be downtime between TUF Live seasons right? Hello?

    • Anthony

      agreed, Jesseyrock, I was thinkin the exact same thing.