Friday Flashback Blog Video: Dennis Rodman’s K1 USA Rant, “UFC? F*** That!”

January 10, 2014
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Dennis Rodman is known for his recent rant from North Korea and his friendship with that country’s leader Kim Jong-Un, but it isn’t the first time he has said some crazy stuff.

We dusted off some footage from the K-1 Dynamite USA event in June of 2007 where Dennis Rodman showed up and went on an MMA rant ripping on the UFC, Chuck Liddell, and mumbling something about buying the MMA promotion.

Welcome to’s latest Friday Flashback!

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  • otto

    What is this guy doing on an MMA website, he is a classless and utter mess of a person, and who cares what he has to say, its either jibberish or nonsense, just wish his arrogance would walk him into the cage so we can watch this clown get his clock cleaned…..fool

    • Dennis Who?

      so is ronda rousey

    • dgs

      Could not agree more. He is such a moron, scum sucking piece of sh!t.

      I would LOVE to see this idiot in the cage with ANY UFC fighter in ANY weight class and watch his dumb ass get tooled all over the octagon. Imagine what fighters like Dos Santos, Hunt, or Browne would do to this mental midget.

      My hope was that during one of his North Korea visits, Kim Jong-un would have enough sense to line that piece of trash up with the rest on the firing line and be done with him. Talk about a complete waste of DNA.

  • jrcr_15

    Shaq by 2nd round TKO

    • Now who wouldn’t want to see that fight in the Octagon? UFC 200: Shaq vs. The Worm!

      Let the Twitter campaign begin… @DanaWhite

      • wtf a mod actually posted

      • jrcr_15

        I would only be onboard with that if Verne Troyer is the special guest referee… What do you think Kenny?!!!!!?


    Can North Korea just keep him there please forever!!!

  • candelario

    june of 2007, come on… give us something fresh.. jeeezzz

  • Dennis Who?

    can you put that dress back on for a minuet or two?

  • put me in the sauna coach

    Will do or say anything for a dollar. Instead of a sign this homeless guy uses a camera.