Fresh Off Win, Dan Henderson Asks for UFC Fight with Lyoto Machida

March 25, 2014
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Dan Henderson vs Lyoto MachidaIt didn’t take him long to want to jump back into fighting.

Fresh off his technical knockout of Mauricio “Shogun” Rua at UFC Fight Night 38, Dan Henderson said he wants to replace injured UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman at UFC 174 and fight Lyoto Machida.

The 43-year-old fighter wrote to UFC President Dana White on Twitter, asking for the match-up.


Weidman injured his knee and was forced out of the May 24 title fight, according to a statement made by the organization on Monday. The bout has been rescheduled for July 5, which, like UFC 173, takes place in Las Vegas.

If it’s up to Henderson, however, the fight won’t get pushed back, and he’ll step in to fight Machida a second time, all in an effort to avenge his 2013 loss to the karate stylist.

Henderson and Machida first faced off at UFC 157. The two fought as the c0-main event for that evening’s pay-per-view, battling to a split-decision win in favor of Machida.

Henderson has said publicly that he felt Machida was “running” for a majority of the fight, and a the Temecula, Calif.-based fighter has been open to a rematch ever since.

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  • Truthcore

    lol, Machida wasn’t “running”… he was circling and picking his shots… big difference.

    Machida isn’t going to just stand there and let Hendo punch him.

    • cs

      I can’t say there are too many people that would just stand there and let Hendo punch them. I doubt Rua “let” Hendo punch him. It was just a really awkward punch that came off of a wrestling clinch.

    • Baller31

      You’re right, he was fleeing.

  • laleggenda27

    This fight makes little sense, since 1.) Machida’s status as a title contender; and 2) the lackluster nature of the first fight. Given how slow Dan has looked lately, and his being unable to use TRT in future fights, I reckon that a rematch would go much worse for him than the first fight. I wonder if Dan wants this at LHW or MW. I assume LHW, which would make zero sense for Machida at this point. Can’t blame Dan for trying, though.

  • jimmy777

    henderson is an old school fighter who never adapted to current MMA, he fights the same as pride days, he hopes to get lucky with a punch, dont like watching him fight anymore and he needs to go.

    • Austin, TX

      Actually that’s not true. He’s just old and uses things to his advantage. As any fighter would. Pride days simply means back when everybody mixed it up and went for subs and tko’s. Like he still does. he’s gotten “lucky” many, many times in his career with his hands. He’s 43. And got “lucky” again last night. He’s a legend in the sport, man. His resume makes Anderson Silva’s look ridiculous. Go look at the fighters he has faced in his time. (10 champions or former champions). Now go look at Anderson’s opponents. Notice anything?

      Fighters today will also be regarded one day as “old school.” Everything is relative to whatever time you’re living in. Don’t forget relativity. In that since. One age is as good as the next. There will always be the next…and the next….and the next…..etc.

      • archaictext

        Mostly true, but…Anderson was fighting potential champs the whole time, they just couldn’t get past him to become champs, so that he could then fight them as champs. Hendo has fought some good competition, but his history isn’t really that much better than Silva’s as far as that goes. Just opinion about that anyway, as to who fought the better fighters. My opinion does somewhat line up with yours though. But let’s also not forget that Anderson beat Henderson…so, that settles it up nicely enough.

    • fsunoles10

      when you knock out as many people as he has with that same punch than that my friend is not luck no matter how you try and rationalize his
      ko’s in your head. but if you watch the replay on the clinch he uses his under hook to pull shogun toward his right hand which tells me and
      anybody that knows anything about fighting that he knew exactly what he was doing in that moment. you just need to brush up on your mma knowledge so you can catch little intricacies like that bud. hah

      • dgs

        “when you knock out as many people as he has with that same punch than
        that my friend is not luck no matter how you try and rationalize his ko’s in your head.”

        Bingo, perfect stated! Actually your entire post is right on the money.

        Only someone who doesn’t train at all (or is very new to the sport) would believe that all of Dan’s KO’s have been due to his “lucky” right hand punch. I’ve been training in martial arts, including MMA for over 20 years, and I can tell you, Dan’s KO’s have nothing to do with luck, and everything to do with timing, power, speed, proper technique, and repetition (I’m sure he trains that right haymaker over and over in pre-fight training).

  • laleggenda27

    This fight wouldn’t make sense, since: 1) Machida is in title contention, whereas Hendo isn’t; and 2) they’re first fight was considered lackluster and disappointing. Given how slow Hendo has looked lately, and his inability to use TRT going forward, I imagine a rematch would go much worse for him. I also wonder if Dan would want the fight at LHW or MW.

    That being said, you can’t blame him for trying. And I generally like when fighters call each other out.

  • John Lee

    Nothing to gain for Machida, by taking that fight. Henderson’s only way to the top (if that is his desire), is fighting young up & comers who could benefit from getting a big-name on their resume.

    And before I forget, Henderson is a TRT user.

  • MuayThaiFood

    Dana, order a CT scan for Dan’s brain asap!

  • archaictext

    The last fight Hendo won in the UFC before this was against the same opponent, 5 FIGHTS AGO! The 3 before this last win, he lost. One of those losses was to Machida, and he lost to Belfort, who was supposed to fight for the championship. Why does he think he deserves a shot at Machida who is supposed to be fighting for the championship now? Why would Machida agree to fight someone he already beat, who just came off of a 3 fight losing streak by beating the last person he beat before that losing streak, when Machida is supposed to be fighting for the belt? Stupid. Shut up Dan.

    • Baller31

      Did you see the machida/hendo fight?? Hendo didn’t lose, machida ran the whole fight, did zero damage, and eked out a very controversial decision. Also, hendo just ko’d a guy who destroyed machida. So yes, he deserves the fight.

      • TheCerealKiller

        “Hendo didn’t lose” – Yes, yes he did.

        “did zero damage” – Fights are not scored on damage.

        “eked out a very controversial decision.” – You just said Dan didn’t lose?

        “hendo just ko’d a guy who destroyed machida” – Destroyed Machida 4 years ago, then went 3-5.

        • Baller31

          Hey idiot, I feel he didn’t lose, as do a lot of other fans. I guess you thought machida deserved to win the first shogun match too? Unfortunately, poor judging has become a hallmark of mma, or do you just agree with every decision like the lemming you are?

          • TheCerealKiller

            Such a man to win conversations by insulting people. You must be 10 years old. “a lot” is not the majority. I only argued your ignorant points, which was most of what you had to say…

          • Baller31

            You didn’t argue, you reposted what I said with added idiotic comments. Big difference. And none of your posts exhibit the slightest evidence of intelligence.

          • TheCerealKiller

            Says the guy that thinks a fight is scored by damage.

          • uwot?

            Love how when it’s a controversial decision, the underdog always wins in the blind eyes of the bogans.

          • Baller31

            So you just said you agree with every controversial decision? Makes so much sense

          • Baller31

            Never said that moron. I said 0 damage was done. It was a statement of fact supporting my case that hendo didn’t lose. Never said it was criteria for judging, although if you follow mma at all you know that judging criteria for mma is universally recognized as being flawed, and several agencies including the California and Nevada athletic commissions are trying to change it. Lawyered

  • Hendofan

    Hendo is a legend. After that H-bomb on one of the legends give him the fight with Machida!

    • Toxic Mommy

      no no no …. counter puncher versus counter puncher..Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

      • shakejunt

        lyoto vs anyone with any semblance of striking zzzzzzzz

    • Mark McDowall

      So 1 lucky punch after getting beat down for 2 rounds gives him the right to get fights with guys who are in different weight classes and in line for a title shot….not so much.

      But I guess alot of people think that Melendez deserved a title shot for loosing a fight then getting a decision victory over unranked opponent…

  • Scooby Doo

    Hendo licks my balls.

    • Umeanscoobydouche

      Why’d you name your dog Hendo, and why brag about it??

    • MuayThaiFood

      With the name Scooby Doo I’m guessing you lick your own balls.

  • Jon Doe

    2014 and people still with the running BS
    1. “passive” = willful intent to do “just enough” “eek out a win” avoid Danger/Loss ex GSP, Okami, Davis, Guida, Carmont
    2. “countering” in mma = is willful intent to purposely wait for opening ex Chuck, Anderson, Dos Santos,
    3. “aggression” in mma = is to put constant pressure, always on the attack against an opponent ex Nick Diaz, Cain, Glover, Manhoef, BJ Penn, Chael Sonnen, KZ, and recently Big Dong
    4. running, wall n stall, lay n prey” = willful intent to not engage in combat ex Melvin vs Johnson, Kalib vs Quarry
    5. strategy, openings, angles and motion in mma ” = opponent specific, coaching, premeditated plan of attack ex Jon Jones
    6. Muay Thai, Bokator = aggressive striking
    7. Roman Greco = top body control and leverage
    8. Sambo = aggresive grappling and submission
    9. Jiu Jitsu = is defensive submission
    10. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu = aggressive submission
    11. Ground and Pound = aggressive wrestling and strikes on the ground.
    12. Shotokan Karate = Lyoto Machida

    • RoBeRtOe

      How much time did you spend creating this response? Kinda sad really…

    • uwot?

      definitely pulled number 9 out of your arse

  • dave

    no way this fight is happening again, unless one of them is the defending champion and the other is the clear number one contender. we are talking about two fighters that just don’t match well, both of them counter strikers, one with great wrestling, the other with great takedown defense, and one more problem, both of them don’t really give a s–t if it’s a boring fight!
    so please Danawhite, NO NO NO!

    • didastriperonce…inbangkok

      one of the only logical responses iv seen

  • Nate

    Hendo vs Cormier should be the next match up

    • MaritalArtist

      Looks like it.

    • Joe Dog

      Good idea although one would expect Cormier would cream Henderson. Cormier vs Nelson is the freak show fight I wanna see.

  • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

    “Machida is not a runner”. Ok , lets have two fighters that fight like him and watch them both circle the perimiter with thier backs against the cage waiting to counter the other. 15 minutes of no punches thrown.

  • Mark McDowall

    Way to go Hendo…call out a guy who is already signed to fight for a title?!?!?! Hendo needs to realize that he is a 44 year old guy that has no business in the title hunt in the UFC. He needs to do exactly what he did on Sunday…fight other past it names on free TV cards to help bring in viewers and collect a check.

  • Danstheman

    Wow can’t believe what I’m reading here hendo earn more respect than these guys are giving him. The only fight he really lost is vitor he won those others. I’m guessing most these pple hating on him are new to the sport. Hendo the last still competing to win the old school ufc turney. He earned it give in love the idea of him in dc that would be a great win for DC

  • MaritalArtist

    I think he has a puncher’s chance of h-bombing anybody not named Mousasi. How that guy took those head kicks vs Lyoto is beyond me


    Machida is the “Ultimate Elusive Champion”… He’ll run around in circles for 25 mins for a Split decision win

    • Lucas Freire

      Because that’s how he won most of his fights…right?
      He just doesn’t KO anyone that fights him anymore because every single guy that fought him, other than Jon Jones, was afraid to go for the kill. Oh wait, Bader went for the kill. KOed.

      If Machida is a runner, Hendo is a drunken brawler.

  • Joe Dog

    Although it seems Henderson has had an iron jaw, his brains are truly scrambled. Dementia is evident. Mark my words, by the time Henderson is 50 he will be drooling in his lap. Too many brain jarring strikes have taken their toll.

  • Baller31

    Ignorant statement. The list of top 10 fighters he’s beaten is second to none, and he’s been ko’d exactly once. Also, the guy he just ko’d destroyed machida, who is fighting for a title. Get off the hater bandwagon and do some research.

  • MuayThaiFood

    Congratulations, you bring idiocy to new heights.

  • Urgay

    You keep re-posting the same bs. Hendo must really haunt your thoughts….

  • shooter 1234567

    Embarrassing? And you aren’t? Man some fans in this sport are as cruel as they come

  • shooter 1234567

    When you guys aren’t insulting each other you are insulting the fighters….and everyone wonders why the sport isn’t mainstream …..maybe cause the fans are juvenile

    • Sir_Roy

      Can’t help but agree. Juvenile, while a generalization, is nonetheless, and sadly so, an apt term.

      Generally speaking of course 😉

  • Fern

    All the criticism and negative talk aside.
    Of course Hendo should get a shot. He’s still fighting top level guys and knocking them out. Why not? Its perfectly logical from a fight match up point of view.
    From a safety perspective..well, lets just say its a little bit suspect.
    The man is 44 and has taken quite a few head shots not to mention I believe he will not be able to use TRT for next fight (correct me if I’m wrong on that one). But thats for his doctors to decide (hopefully he has some good doctors)

    What would be even more interesting however is if Anderson could come back in time to reclaim an interim belt or #1 contender spot by the time Weidman gets better. Probably unlikely I know, but you can’t help but speculate on the chance timing of all this. Similar to the appropriate timing of Hendricks’ injury which also opens of some beautiful possible eliminator match ups..

    On a side note, I’m really sick of these premature stoppages. I don’t believe they are warranted and truly make fighters any more safe. They also nullify the months of super hard training these fighters put in to prepare and it robs both them and the fans of many potential fantastic back and forth battles, such as we used to have back in the Pride days.

  • mmalive

    horace, you are a DISGRACE and CLOWN to the MMA community. You really have NO CLUE about mma. Your perveptions are so OBSCURED that you actually believe it.You so get into real life experiences and fantasy land. Dan is a decent fighter that produces GREAT WARS when he is winning.

    Who can forget Mike Bisbing KO at hands of Hendo.

    Dan is very competitive, but will end up getting hurt.

    Age catches up with all fighters no matter how good they are.

    Couture, Liddell, Griffin, Coleman, Randelman, Silva, Bonner, etc…. are excellent examples.

    Dan should focus on making as much money as possible before his time is up.

    Dan could be a liability if he continues beyond for UFC.

    BTW, I like Dan since the Pride days and wish him the best.

  • RubeKegal

    Awww you must have bet on Shogun! Sorry sucker!