Frankie Edgar vs. Benson Henderson at UFC Japan

November 12, 2011
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The main event for the UFC’s return to Japan is set as lightweight champion Frankie Edgar will face Benson Henderson.

UFC president Dana White confirmed the booking at the UFC on Fox post-fight press conference on Saturday. first reported Edgar being in the main event for the Japan show earlier this week, and it was likely that the winner between tonight’s fight between Benson Henderson and Clay Guida would get the shot.

Henderson came away with the unanimous decision victory and now he will get his shot at Edgar and the UFC lightweight belt.

Following his third straight win, Henderson is ready for the challenge to face Frankie Edgar, and he likes the way he matches up with the world’s top 155-pound fighter.

“I think the match-up is great against Frankie. I think I can dictate where the fight takes place,” said Henderson. “That’s obviously a huge benefit to any fight, if you can dictate where it goes, whether it stays standing or whether it goes to the ground.”

Henderson was one fight away from a title shot when he had his last match-up in the WEC, but now, just three fights later, he’s back in the mix.

“I’m excited. I’ve got a date with Frankie. Him and I are going to go have fun in Japan,” Henderson said. “I’m very excited for that. I just know I need to find whatever it is to have a better performance in Japan.”

The show in Japan will go down at Saitama Super Arena on Feb. 26 for the UFC’s first show there since UFC 25 in 2000.

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  • Mario

    It’s funny how things work out

    A year or so ago, Benson fought Pettis in the WEC and lost. Everyone remembers what was on the line in that fight. Pettis ends up winning, and never get’s his title shot as planned.

    Ben losses, wins in the UFC, and now he’s getting a title shot.


    MMA – anything can happen.

  • emoney911

    it could go either way this will be a great fight

  • MrAdidas

    Will be a great fight, but if Benson thinks he can dictate the pace, then he better hope he gets ALOT faster! Speed KILLS & Edgar has that advantage over any LW (IMO), and now that Edgar is getting some “KO” power behind his punches, the SPEED kills comment is even more true when you have power behind that speed – ask anyone whos fought Mike Tyson! Not to mention the fact Edgar has a chin like concrete & heart for days.

  • natpaukar7

    well said MrAdidas…with that having been said though…I think this will be a great fight…I can’t see an area of Frankie winning the fight…but I believe he will…some logic huh?

    As for the Pettis anything can happen idea…totally strange I forgot about all that action…but in all honesty I don’t think Pettis stands a chance against any UFC LW elites or even against Henderson if they fought again…he looks like a different animal entering the UFC…

    The only matchup I see not going well for frankie in this division is a well motivated BJ but those days might be over…and sad to say he had his chance twice and blew it…

    Frankie is a BADASS