Frankie Edgar: UFC Will Give Conor McGregor a Title Shot Before Me (EXCLUSIVE Video)

December 15, 2014
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Former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar has reeled of three consecutive high-profile wins since he failed to capture the title from featherweight titleholder Jose Aldo last year. But as successful as he’s been, Edgar believes that, if he wins his next fight, Conor McGregor is likely to get a crack at the belt before he is… although, he’d be down for a No. 1 contender’s match with the Irishman if the UFC would make it.

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  • cheflacsto

    That match will never happen. Frankie is the type of fighter that will stifle McGregor. Give him no space to pull of all the stuff he like to do. Frankie would be in his face with pressure and takedowns the whole time. McGregor probably has a better chance to beat Aldo than Frankie. Aldo is a better matchup stylistically.

    • David

      So he will just take the belt from Conor if he wins it from Aldo (not that i think Conor will win)

      • cheflacsto

        Exactly, Connor will most likely lose to Aldo and Frankie will get the next crack. At least almost everyone commenting here understands Frankie would have little to no chance at losing to Connor.

        • Ben

          “almost everyone commenting here understands Frankie would have little to no chance at losing to Connor”, well that’s all the experts consulted then, what an idiotic comment.

        • Sir_Roy

          I give Connor more credit than you do. After watching what he did to Siver, you still feel Connor has “little to no chance” against Frankie? Not saying he’s the favorite to win, but c’mon now …

          • cheflacsto

            Frankie and Siver are completely different fighters. Frankie will smother Connor not giving him room to do all of the devastating strikes he likes. Sure Connor could win but my money would be on Frankie.

  • Frankie already had his shot, I’m not saying he doesnt deserve one but he needs to let the others in line take their shot as well. I do believe frankie would beat Connor, probably by a decision but would def beat him.

  • Cory Hurrle

    Why would the UFC make a fight with Frankie and Connor?!? It makes no sense at this point.

    • UfcUltimateFloorCuddling

      It would make LOT OF SENSE. Come on having connor fight denis siver and he win he get a chance at the belt? Bullcrap… and siver is coming out of a loss to. The ufc always played biased. Determining who the legit #1 contendor would be conner vs frankie.

  • broseppi

    The title of this article IS NOT what Frankie said in his interview. He was clearly asked if he’d be up for fighting Connor, and he said he was, then smiled, said the UFC doesn’t want that, and said “they’ll give him a title shot before they give him to me.”

    Based on his smirk, and the way he answered it, it sounded like he was saying the UFC knows he’ll kill Connor, so they’re unlikely to put Connor in with Frankie. They’d rather Connor lose in a title fight that sells big than in a number one contenders match…which makes total sense if they do feel Frankie beats Connor.

    The only way Connor fights Frankie is if one of them wins the title first.

    • Sir_Roy

      100% agree. It’s not rocket science.

      Conner fizzles and dies too quickly should he lose to Frankie. UFC want to juice that PPV paycheck a little more first.

    • cheflacsto

      Agree 100%. The laugh and the smile are so telling. He already knows Connor is getting the shot with a win over Siver, and has probably asked to fight Connor and been told no way. His style would be smothering for Connor and would wear him down, and probably get him submitted or lose a unanimous decision for sure. Frankie has taken big shots from guys bigger than Connor and not been knocked out, and I think that would be Connor’s only shot in that fight. Is it strange that Connor has not really talked any shit about Edgar? He always has a lot to say.


    Frankie is a good fighter regardless of all the crap I give him but I’m not interested in seeing him do just enough not to win the title. He has already lost to Aldo. It wasn’t close. I’m sick of seeing rematches. The UFC is turning into my sex life: same faces involved in something that’s either way too short or I fall asleep half way through


      Aldo vs. Edgar wasn’t even close?!? WaitWHAT?!? WTF are you talking about dude, thats why Edgar won 2/5 rounds, many people actually thought Edgar beat Aldo (I thought Edgar lost 48-47). To say it wasn’t close proves you don’t have a clue, this was Edgars 1st fight @ 145lbs & he fights a guy who’s been in the top 5 P4P fighter on the planet, yet Edgar looked as good as he did for figthing for the very 1st time at a weight he had no idea how he would feel or how his body would react, but the fight wasn’t close?!? Maybe you should rewatch that fight junior, b/c your comment proves you were either watching a completely diff than every one else, or you just don’t know much about MMA.
      Though, not surprising coming from a guy who somehow falls alseep half way through sex, you must be a panty drencher (wink wink). If you can’t stay awake while naked with a woman, you’re clearly doing something wrong, if you knew how to please a woman, not a chance you’d fall asleep, more importantly she wouldn’t allow you to take a nap, but if you’re jello coc in the sac, then I guess there’s a reason you fall asleep half way through. The fact that the female allows you to ZZzzzZZ should tell you everything you need to know. SAD!

      • JJDNB

        Everyone please welcome Frankie Edgar’s mom