Frankie Edgar to Meet Urijah Faber in May at UFC Fight Night Manila

February 11, 2015
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Urijah Faber will return to the featherweight division and fight Frankie Edgar at UFC Fight Night Manila, UFC officials confirmed on Wednesday.

urijah faber frankie edgarThe 145-pound affair will go five rounds and headline the UFC’s first trip to the Philippines on May 16.

Faber (32-7) has fought at 135 pounds since 2010, coming down from 145 pounds. In that time, “The California Kid” fought for the division title three times (one interim and two official), coming up short in all three outings.

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The Edgar bout comes off the heals of two consecutive wins. It is his first featherweight bout since losing to Jose Aldo in a bid for the divisional title at WEC 48, a belt Faber held from 2006 to 2008.

Edgar (18-4-1) is a former UFC lightweight champion. Since coming down to featherweight, Edgar has gone 3-1 with his only loss coming to Aldo, still the 145-pound champ.

UFC Fight Night Manila is scheduled to take place at the SM MOA Arena in the country’s capital city.

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  • Sir_Roy

    Very interested in this fight. I give Edgar the edge … but Faber has some slick moves and can submit the best of them off his back.

    (Edgar is looking more and more like a battered, grizzled and beaten old pit bull … some real mileage on that dudes moniker.)

    • Get down Brown

      Cali Kidd will win this . And will set him up for another chance at a belt, wish it was against Cruz pussy ass,

      • Sir_Roy

        Well, he won’t win by grinding out a 5 round win against Edgar. Edgar has too many tools to dictate where the fight will go at any given time. This goes to decision, I think Frankie takes it.

        If the Kidd wins, it’ll be by submission IMHO and against Edgar that’s a tall order (so short and stocky, can only imagine how tough it would be to throw a solid lock on him). Faber’s got some slick BJJ though, he’s also got great movement on his feet and may be able to stay clear of Edgar’s hands, so I am looking forward to this one.

      • taylor2008

        He wont beat Edgar.

  • cheflacsto

    This fight is ridiculous for Frankie to take, everything to lose and not a damn thing to gain. Uriah loses at 135 his buddy is the champ. If he beats Frankie he is immediately in the mix at 145. Frankie beats the number two guy at 145 after the champ beats the number 1 guy and he is number three. Instead of fighting for the title he gets to fight a guy tough as nails not even in his weight class. If he wins he still waits. and if he loses Uriah will be in the mix for a shot at 145. I think it is a bad decision for Frankie to take this fight, hopefully he wins.

    • shakejunt

      i’m sure frankie is getting paid well for taking it plus i’m not sure how faber wins this. he’s on the downside of his career, hasn’t looked amazing his past few fights, and frankie is probably better than him in all of his strengths.

      • Jewmannaclease

        What is not to like? I really can’t see Faber winning but I can’t see it being a boring fight. Both fighters draw big numbers so they get paid good money. Aldo is fighting Conner so Frankie needs a fight until he gets his crack at the title. If he loses it will definitely cost him all the momentum he has built. If he doesn’t fight he isn’t making much money and we all know that is very costly.

        • shakejunt

          yep, that’s how i see it. it’s a keep busy fight for frankie and a moneyweight fight for faber. it doesn’t seem as high risk for frankie as some are making it out to be though. it’s his fight to lose and one in which he’s better than his opponent everywhere. psyched to see it play out though.

  • RoBEERtoe

    Durrrrrrr, this matchup is more about $$$ for the UFC. These two draw a LOT of viewership and its a intriguing matchup that hardcore fans will watch. Ratings and viewership is all that matters these days, not what’s “right.” Cough cough….Rampage back in the UFC.

    • Seth

      Duuuuch….How did you get that, captain obvious? That’s the case for a last couple of years. It’s not a rocket science, man .-.

    • shakejunt

      are you saying that this isn’t a good fight or something? because this is one that fans have been asking about for a while now.

    • Gary Fredericks

      Edgar vs Faber is in no way, shape, nor form to ANYTHING that involves Rampage and the UFC in the same sentence! This bout it between to veterans that still have the ability to be relevant in their division. Rampage is on a farewell tour that should have happened a few years ago.

  • freenyt16

    wow! thank you UFC for bringing the best fighters in my country to fight, and this will be my first ufc experience!! great!!! super excited..

    • taylor2008


  • Id like to see Edgar win….Unless Faber wins and tries to get Elephantities of his leg from Aldo again….

  • shakejunt

    frankie is gonna be a huge favorite, but i’m looking forward to this. great fight for the fans and for business.

  • MaritalArtist

    I’m thinking -350 Frankie. Also, I really hope we can see Frankie also take on mcgregor

  • Sarge

    if frankie wins, he gets a title shot.