Frankie Edgar Tells How He Got the Rematch with Benson Henderson

March 6, 2012
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On Tuesday, Frankie Edgar got the news he has been waiting to hear.

Just a couple weeks after losing the UFC lightweight title to Benson Henderson at UFC 144 in Japan in a hotly contested fight, Edgar had his wish granted for a rematch that will go down this summer.

Henderson won the fight across the board by unanimous decision, but that’s not to say there wasn’t some controversy attached to it after several fighters, media outlets and even UFC President Dana White stated they scored the fight for Edgar.

White was in New York City on Tuesday for a press conference for the upcoming UFC on Fox 3 event taking place in New Jersey and he took some time before leaving town to meet with Edgar and his manager, and he gave them the answer they have been waiting for.

“It was a relief, it really was. A weight lifted off my chest, it’s been weighing on me. I definitely made it known that I wanted the rematch, I’m not going to sit there and I don’t want to argue for a title, I want to fight for a title. I’m just happy I get to fight for it now,” Edgar told MMAWeekly Radio on Tuesday evening.

Edgar says that White wasn’t convinced when they first sat down that they should do the rematch because the UFC’s head honcho was still of the belief that his best move was to drop down to 145lbs and challenge for the featherweight title.

Edgar made his case otherwise and White was sold on the rematch.

“Dana he was still concerned and I respect him for that. He thinks 145 might be better for the longevity of my career and my health and what not, and I disagree. Being the competitive person I am, feeling that maybe that fight should have went my way, I want another chance at it,” Edgar said.

“That’s when he said ‘alright man, you’re going to get it.”

Now that the fight is made, Edgar can get back to the business of training and preparing for a second showdown with Henderson later this year. Edgar has excelled at rematches recently defeating both B.J. Penn and Gray Maynard in back-to-back fights, and now he’ll try to create the same kind of magic when he fights Henderson again.

“That’s always the plan to get better between each fight and now that I kind of got to get in there and mix it up with him, we can only build and get better from there. He can too as well so that’s going to be the chess game. I feel like my track record’s pretty good in rematches so I want to keep it going,” Edgar stated.

“I also want to say I want to thank Ben too for taking the rematch, just like you mentioned before with B.J. (Penn), I didn’t have to accept it and I did, and Ben he didn’t have to accept it, and he has, so much respect to him as well.”

Check out the full audio interview with Frankie Edgar below just minutes after getting the news that he would get the rematch with Benson Henderson for the UFC lightweight title:

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  • Enough with the rematches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Santz

      I agree!

      • rogeriodossantos


    • match maker

      Unanimous does not mean close!!!
      You need to stop protecting these so called fan favorites. Take Lesner very good wrestler but he was garbage. It’s becoming like boxing loads of politics i really thought UFC was about the best of the best. Seriously dude you need to kill off the dead weight and retire some of these chumps. MMA is growing with younger audiences no one really cares about rampage, leben, ortiz. Focus on developing the raw talent.

      …its simple get that bad arse melendez from strike force in. Champ V Champ. If his ranked in the top 10 pound for pound he deserves the chance to unify or leave the strikeforce tittle vacant and be number contender.
      Petitis V Edgar
      Guida V Maynard
      Diaz V Miller
      Cerone v Barboza If Barboza overcomes this battle he will shot up the rank. definitely the one to watch

    • lonniebatt

      Iknow how is this going to be going forward all title fights in the LW division are the best of three so going into a fight a fighter knows that if he loses he will get another chance.. this is crazy….

  • zap

    Rematches can get old, but a proven champ like Frankie losing a close decision when many thought he won deserves another chance to prove he’s the best. I don’t think Ben did enuff to beat the champ and strip the belt. Frankie deserves this. The problem is that when Frankie wins a decision, Ben will call for #3. I think he will have to wait at that point. I think Edgar is slightly more marketable than Ben also. Young scrappy kid with a Jersey accent and huge heart. Frankie vs Jim Miller next.

  • Mario

    I agree that rematches are getting annoying at this point, but in Frankie’s case

    He deserves it.

    It’s fair play.

    • collideoverme

      Agreed. Aside from the upkick, I think Frankie worked harder. I really don’t care about the haters saying Bendo won. That fight was close no matter how you look at it, and if they didn’t think it was close, they don’t know shit.

  • Towers66

    Here = Hear, first paragraph.

  • Towers66

    If edgar wins a close decision does Benson get an instant rematch? That would be too funny. The Ultimate Rematch Championship. It kind of takes away some of the integrity of winning the title with all of the opponents just getting an instant rematch.

  • bajafox

    Surprised Dana gave Frankie the rematch without the new Champions opinion

    • dgs

      “Surprised Dana gave Frankie the rematch without the new Champions opinion”

      Dana’s the boss, and you fight who he says you’re fighting, so Benson’s opinion means nothing. I’m sure Dana talked to Benson about it, but whether he likes it or not, it ultimately is Dana’s decision. Only an established champion (think Anderson Silva or GSP) gets to be a little more picky about who he fights.

      And yes, like a few others, I absolutely agree that Frankie deserves an immediate rematch. The fight was very close, and Frankie has been extremely gracious in granting rematches to other fighters in close fights he’s won. Now it’s his turn.

      • skiman

        So Frankie’s opinion counts, but Benson’s doesn’t? Shutup douche

  • Corrected Towers66, thanks for the heads up.

    There’s a reason why I’m a writer and not an editor haha

  • Travalator

    So not excited about the rematch. Only way I’m watching it is if it’s free. I would have been ok with Edgar waiting on the sidelines while the winner of Diaz vs Miller fought Ben and then Edgar get the winner of that fight….more interesting imo

    • pooby

      I agree, the rematch should be free, or at a minimum, placed on a card as a co-main event with another title fight.

  • I hope they fight to a draw.

    • Travalator

      lol! That would be hilarious!

  • REMATCH!! Ha ha to all the Haters! REMATCH!!

  • hollafront1314

    ben won all the rounds..i dont see how hes getting a rematch… crying in the ufc will get u rematches i guess…wasnt even a close fight..

  • D-rail

    “I feel like my track record’s pretty good in rematches so I want to keep it going,” Edgar stated. What a goal to brag about, “THE KING OF REMATCHES”, a good legacy to leave behind, u should be very proud of this non-sense.

  • i dont mind frankie geting a rematch since he gave bj and maynard one but i would really like to see him and aldo fight that would be fight of the decade

    • Penn was a dominant champ and he fought to a draw with Maynard, that’s why those rematches happened. Edgar hasn’t done enough as champ to warrant an immediate rematch.

    • davestiles

      I’m pretty sure that’s the only reason why Dana Gave him the rematch if he loses he drops class and fights Aldo not sure if the story above stated that.

      • If I’m Aldo, I wouldn’t be too hyped on giving a shot to a guy who’s on a 2 fight skid.

    • Aldo would wreck the **** out of him. that footwork wouldnt last long against Aldo, his leg kicks would murder anybody’s legs, and he has proven time and time again his takedown defense is ridiculous. I wish Frankie would fight him, so I can see him take a beating that is nowhere near worthy of a rematch. Actually ben gave him one of those…

  • davestiles

    No one wants to see Frankie Edgar fight Ben .I’m not going to buy this fight for sure Ben is going to KO Frankie in the First round. Waste of a title Shot the fight was a one sided fight for sure….

    • fsunoles09

      i seen a couple people say the same thing about maynard

      • maynard did’nt dominate the entire fight or almost finish him 2 different times. Ben is going to put the stamp on his ass and I cant wait.

  • How pissed is Anthony Pettis right now?

  • D-rail

    Dana is the only one looking like a fool for letting this happen. He wants to bore everyone with this rematch that could possibly become a rubber match if Ben looses by an arguably close decision also, then what? WTF people!!

    • collideoverme

      That’s the other end of it. I am in total agreement of Edgar getting the rematch. But if he wins, what then? It taints Bendo’s win and a rubber match I really don’t care for.
      I also agree it should be for free.

  • k488

    “I thought I did enough” is not grounds for a rematch.

    Like a lot of people, I found myself saying, “well, you COULD give that round to Frankie on points, but he’s getting beat up the whole time.”

    I respect the judges for drawing the line and saying, you know what, if you’re getting beat up the whole damned fight, we’re not going to give you the win.

    Also, given the limited number of rematches there are to go around, does it really make sense to give one guy three in a row?

    I have tons of appreciation for Frankie’s skill and heart, but no more than I have for Pettis and a score of other great fighters. Why not let Pettis kick Henderson off the top of the mountain and then let Frankie try Pettis?

    It’s a travesty to have such a deep division distorted by this artificial blockage at the top. If Frankie wants to stay at 155, let him stay. It doesn’t mean he needs another freaking rematch!

  • juliosanchez

    Though rematches get old, the man is deserving of it. Fight was close enough and he did give two immediate rematches during his reign as champ. Hopefully Ben dominates him in the rematch then Frankie can go down to 145.

  • juliosanchez

    Though I agree that the division is being held hostage with all these rematches taking place.

    • D-rail

      Pettis was supposed to have been giving a title shot based on him being the WEC lightweight champ. Based on Guida’s 3 round dry hump and Lauzon’s finish not being impressive enough who should Pettis fight next lycan?? Haters don’t see this kids potential, they want him to go through the tired list of un-impressive lightweights. With Frankie’s immediate rematches, I don’t see that happening for anytime soon. Dana’s an idiot, that’s all there’s to it.

  • kenshark9191

    Lets be honest….The fight was close, if you were to look at it based on points, it would probably be Edgar with the advantage on strikes and takedowns. I think the reason people are having such a hard time with this fight is that never at any time did Henderson look injured, damaged, and physically he just seemed to big and strong to be affected by Frankie. He also physically absorbed the most damage. If you are to look at it strictly from a round by round (current) points judging scenario though…it was very close……and very possibly in Frankie’s favor.

  • mmachoman

    At this rate, PETTIS might as well consider dropping to 145. Geez!

    Remember the phrase, “Don’t leave it in the hands of the judges”?

  • k488

    The fight WAS close. That’s a reason NOT to have a rematch. There should only be a rematch when the judging is a travesty, like the Mouse-McCall blunder. Scoring like that just can’t stand. It debases the sport.

    I agree with the “don’t leave it in the hands of the judges” adage. Henderson definitely deserves blame for being too confident that he was winning and not pressing the fight enough. Sure he might have lost if he had pressed more. Frankie’s big take-down at the end came when Henderson showed a bit of last-minute urgency and it backfired on him. But hey, if you can’t win by mixing it up then you haven’t really demonstrated that you deserve the win, so if the judges go against you, you can’t complain.

  • juliosanchez

    Let’s face it the current MMA scoring system is atrocious the only way to not get controversial decisions is to finish fights. How many robberies have to take place before they change it. The only way to win decisively is to finish your opponent.

  • lycan

    pettis doesnt deserve a title shot , he just came back from a loss to guida , if he gets a title shot from fighting joe lauzon who isnt even in the top ten that would be ridiculous , i wanna see him and bendo fight but jeez beat better people pettis

    • collideoverme

      Agreed. I would rather have seen a rematch between Guida and Bendo. That fight was amazing.

  • lycan

    and lets not mention his fight with jeremy stephens

    • Prodigy815

      i agree

  • D-rail

    Pettis should get Maynard next, that seems to be the only relevant opponent. If being a WEC lightweight champ & beating Ben isn’t good enough, then give him a legit lightweight to beat for a title shot. Don’t di@ck Pettis around with the rest of shitty list, like Melvin or Barbosa-who clearly got beaten by Pierson, just to amuse all of u Haters.

  • Palelok

    I like Frankie but he lost that fight, simply because he fought like he just wanted to win by points like what some title holders did when they defended their belt and won. Trying to takedown seconds before the end of round is not acceptable – add it up with backing out and counterpunching is clearly a formula overused. For a second there i thought it was a good lesson to all title holders but then again absolved by giving him a rematch. Its a stacked division to have so much title rematches.

  • TandmWarElephant

    Everyone does realize Ben landed more strikes right? every article i read the comments say Frankie out struck him but the strike count was in Ben’s favor so how does that make sense to say that Frankie was out striking him? I became a huge fan of Frankie throughout all of his title fights but he lost… yea it may have been close but he LOST… theres like 5 guys that could easily be ready for a title fight but they have to weight for Frankie? and if frankie wins all of his opponents better be prepared to fight him twice…

  • Towers66

    Pettis vs Dunham
    Stephens vs Maynard
    Benson vs Diaz
    Miller vs Edgar

    Those are the lightweight fights I wanna see. They don’t make sense but they would all be fun to watch. Better than Hendo whoopin Edgar again.

  • MMALibrary

    I could care less about this fight. Let’s watch Frankie Edgar run away from yet another opponent for 5 boring rounds trying to land his girly punches. Complete waste of time. Aren’t we ready for a different look?? Frankie Edgar fights r always going to be close controversial decisions. Because he’s just not good enough to make it clear he won. Especially when he losses. Champions win fights. Frankie hopes judges give him fights. But he lost and should have to earn a rematch by beating a contender.

  • How come everybody is looking over Clay Guida? He beat Pettis on all three scorecards. Why should Pettis get a title shot? Guida’s only loss in his last 6 fights was to Benson. I think he should be higher in the mix. And why not a rematch for Frankie? That was an exciting fight. Every minute. It doesn’t matter what 2 fighters are in the cage, if you know they are going toe to toe, you will watch it.

    • That’s just the issue, Frankie didn’t go toe to toe with Ben…. Frankie RAN and backed up the WHOLE fight, Ben was the Aggressor the WHOLE fight…. Yeah every now and then, Frankie caught a leg, that was buried into his ribs but no way possible did he win nor does he deserve yet another Rematch….

  • kneedleskane

    In this corner its Fankie “The Rematch” Edgar vs. every guy hes ever faced for a second time in a row!!!!

  • pooby

    Pettis is overdue for a title shot. He was supposed to get one right off the bat when the WEC disolved. Instead he got Guida-humped.

    • collideoverme

      Regardless, Guida beat him. Pettis doesn’t deserve a title shot atm. Not anymore than Guida does after losing to Bendo.

  • you get dominated, the shit beat out of you, and you get a rematch. I for one dont think the fight was all that close, combined with the fact that henderson out struck Edgar across the board and almost finished him twice, while contolling the octagon, frankie got 5 weak ass takedowns and didnt do shit with them. Henderson is going to beat his ass again and worse next time. These rematches are really becoming a joke, and is ruining the LW division for the time being. Dana should know better, maybe he should check the metric fight stats to that fight. This dude talks shit about the judges but to be honest Dana’s judging skills are ******* pathetic… Ben beat frankie with 2 fractured hands and a fractured ankle, all im saying is frankie never did shit in that fight to warrant a rematch, or to make me think a rematch will be any better for him. I dont blame him for not wanting to fight Aldo, because Jose Also would wreck the living **** out of him.

  • timskinner

    Not a close fight! How are we to take you guys serious when you leave such ridiculous comments. Anyone who actually watched that fight and post a comment like that must be on crack. Or just plain stupid. Do we really have to question why the ufc has an up hill climb in mainstream media. It’s idiots like u guys. How can they take you seriously with such stupid comments. The fight deffinately a good one an also a close fight. Could have went either way. Henderson IMO did not do enough to earn a right to wear that belt with any pride that’s for sure. Hendo claims to be the best light weight However he could not even come close to putting awAy a natural 145er. Let me also add that benson is probably the biggest 155er. What a joke. Let him move up to welterweight an face Georges. Then we will see what Ben is made of. Similar comparisons there. It won’t happen Benson wouldn’t even make it out of the first considering howmany times Petit Frankie threw him on the mat with ease.

  • Towers66

    The fight was obvious scored correctly. Unanimous win for Henderson. Period. You are bias if you saw that fight any other way. That’s that. Lame rematch, it really is not good for the division or the UFC to slap this fight together. The fans don’t want it. Damon Martin, will you put up a survey poll dealio asking whether : O yes you want to see rematch or O no rematch, winner of miller Diaz should get title fight.???? Pretty please.

  • adam1848

    Let’s not forget this isn’t Frankie’s fault. The UFC should have never given BJ and immediate rematch, nor should they have given Shogun one against Machida. Its bad for the sport. Doesn’t matter how dominant BJ was or how many people think Shogun won the first Machida fight (or that he validated it with the second fight.) The point is, you start giving immediate rematches and of course everyone who loses a close championship fight (which this obviously was) is going to piss and moan for a rematch. This is Dana and Joe Silva’s mess, but honestly, I think they have learned their lesson. They didn’t want to do this rematch but they were forced into a corner because of Frankie’s unique situation and the fact that he is an under-appreciated champ. If they didn’t give him one, it makes it look like he is the UFC’s whipping boy to Prince BJ. Some rematches are justified. Bonnar Soszynski 2 needed to happen. But other than a cut or draw, I say let the rematches happen naturally a few fights down the road, like it did for GSP Serra.

  • rogeriodossantos

    This Rematch thing is BS.How many times gonna be the same history? Frankie wins lets do a rematch,he loses it let’s have a rematch.So Ben wins now edgar wants a rematch if he wins Ben gonna ask for a rematch too.Come onnnnnn this is a Bull..Dana and Edgar must get married.Stop this REMATCH thing for the sake of UFC.

  • opposition13

    Wow, way to go Edgar, now you’ll look twice as bad….you did it to BJ Penn, now Karma is going to get you for pouting…I hope Hendo rearranges his face…

  • el gato

    The fans have spoken “enough with the rematches”, and Dana STILL gave Frankie the rematch. Goes to show you Dana did the right thing, even though its obvious that fans don’t want to see another rematch. Dana went against the fans and gave Frankie the rematch he knows he deserves.
    Im not a big a fan myself but, if anyone ever deserved a rematch it would Edgar. I thought he won the fight. Good call on this one, but then stop with rematches. 5 or more title defenses, then you deserve one. Defending your title five times in the UFC is no easy task.

  • Yo if u think frankie won ur retarted and shows how much u no about mma yo frankie almost got stopped twice pluse he cought his kick after it landed and did nothing to wen he cought it sorry frankie fans no more gifd decisions sorry ben won that fight but man lets just give frankie a rematch every till he loses or its close there will never be a LW title fight with out edgar i like edgar but ppl r making me hate him say he beat bendo thats insane