Frankie Edgar Still Likely Receiving Next Shot at Jose Aldo When He Returns

September 13, 2012
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There was disappointment in the air on Tuesday when the announcement was made that UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo would be forced out of UFC 153 after suffering a foot injury from a motorcycle accident from a few days earlier.

Aldo’s removal from the UFC 153 fight card also led to former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar being pulled from the show.

Edgar had stepped in as a late notice replacement to face Aldo at UFC 153 due to Erik Koch‘s removal when he suffered a knee injury.

If there is a positive side to this entire ordeal for Edgar, it’s the fact that, while he won’t get a title shot against Aldo at UFC 153, he will still likely get the next crack at the featherweight belt.

Sources indicated to on Thursday that all signs are pointing towards a Jose Aldo/Frankie Edgar fight as soon as the champion is back on his feet and ready to compete again.

Aldo’s foot injury was actually an infection that he was dealing with after the motorcycle accident, and if the healing process goes smoothly, he may be able to return in fairly short order.

Aldo told on Thursday that he still wants the Edgar fight, as well stating, “Hopefully the UFC keeps the opponent and postpones this meeting because I really want to face him.”

It appears Aldo and Edgar will each get his wish with current plans keeping the featherweight title bout in tact, just moved to a later date.

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  • Great another division in the mix and on hold with Frankie being ahead of the line. It it goes to decision I hope they don’t rematch.

  • jasondecipher

    Aldo shouldn’t have been riding a motorcycle knowing he had a fight coming up. Oh well things happen why be bitter about it. I think Korean zombie vs. Frankie would be a good fight. Too bad for Koch who was next in line till he got injured.

  • Triggerman99

    Though I prefer this fight, it still isn’t very fair to Koch. he was given a title shot, and now doesn’t get it (at least not in the foreseeable future).

    • shakejunt

      now imagine being pettis

      • maddawgmar

        Pettis lost his shot by fighting and getting schooled by Guida. Koch will get his shot when he is healed. But he will be out longer than it will take Aldo to heal and Aldo/Edgar to fight.

  • Dud ur retarted hes no scared of wiedman he know its a bad ppv buy isnt gonna sell good hes trying to retire soon even though he said 7 more year hell still prob retire soon if he nos if weidman wins couple fights hes gonna fight him u must be retarted to by now still be saying andersons scared

  • MrAdidas

    Agreed Silva is scared or at least very worried about Weidman. Silva 1st said he wanted “big fights”, which is why he didn’t want to fight Weidman b/c he wasn’t a “big name.” Yet he’s willing to a fight a CAN/BUM in Bonnar at LHW?!? Yeah what a huge fight Silva you ass clown. Silva only fights 1 dimensional bums at LHW, so he keeps his incredible record going, BUT that record is b/c of ALOT of C to B level oponents he’s faced in the UFC, Bonnar is just another example of the lesser sklled oponent Silva loves to fight, especially at LHW. As long as they’re 1 dimensional & have NO wrestling, Silva will fight them at LHW. Who has Bonnar fought & beaten lately whos been ranked in the top 10 … okay top 15 … okay okay top 20?!? NOONE! While Weidman is the real #1 contender, who’s beaten 2 top 10 MW’s & the “next” #1 contender in Munoz & he’s undefeated, but Silva would rather fight Bonnar. BAHAHAHA Silva’s so pathetic, it’s almost sad.

  • kennypowers

    Mr adidas is jus mad that the spider signed with Nike instead of him haha. Andersons never ducked anyone, he knows he’d smash Weidman so what’s the point? He’s had 9 fights! Andersons had more fights as a champ then Weidman has in his whole career. Who did he beat by the way. Maia, barely, who Anderson destroyed, and he’s not even a MW anymore, and a way overhyped Munoz. I will say he destroyed Munoz and it was impressive, but not enough to call out the GOAT. let’s see how Weidman does in his next couple fights. If he beats boetsch and then either bisping or belcher, then feed him to Anderson, until then, get off his nuts you Sonnen/Weidman bandwagon jumping pr!ck

    • MaritalArtist

      Well, those other Weidman fights have to happen, because silva’s holding out for GSP. After georges, then i’m sure Weidman will get his shot…

  • So is Hendo still in line for a shot?