Frankie Edgar Says There’s Still Unknowns About Conor McGregor

November 24, 2014
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UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo defended his 145-pound title for the seventh time in a rematch against Chad Mendes on Oct. 25. There are two names in the hat for Aldo’s next opponent: Frankie Edgar and Conor McGregor.

Edgar decisively defeated the No. 2-ranked Cub Swanson at UFC Fight Night 57 on Saturday, strengthening his case to be next in line. McGregor faces Dennis Siver at UFC Fight Night 59 on Jan. 18, but an impressive performance by the Irish star could land him in a title fight.

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Edgar believes he’s earned another shot at Aldo based on his career accomplishments, which include being the former UFC lightweight champion. The seven-time Fight of the Night award winner thinks there’s still unknowns about McGregor and wants to see them answered. But he doesn’t think the match-up with Siver is going to shed any light on those unknowns.

Conor McGregor UFC 178“It’s not my job to make the fights,” he said during the UFC Fight Night 57 post-fight press conference. “I think it’s a good match-up for him, but I think everybody wants to see him fight a wrestler.

“There’s still some unknowns about him, but he’s been doing everything that he’s supposed to when he’s in there with whomever he’s in there with. Dennis I don’t think is an easy fight by any means, but it’s not the match-up that everybody wants. They want to see him fight a wrestler and someone that can take him into deep water. But it is what it is,” continued Edgar.

At some point, McGregor will face a wrestler. Edgar hopes it’s before “The Notorious” gets a shot at the title.

“He’s going to eventually and that’s all that matters. And that’s when all the answers will be told about him, ,” Edgar said during a recent appearance on UFC Tonight.

“There’s still a lot of unknown about Conor. I think with what he’s been presented thus far, he’s handled it tremendously. But he hasn’t been in deep water and he hasn’t fought a wrestler. Those are definitely the unknowns.”

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  • Diverjoe

    Edgar would destroy McGregor

    • pointman


    • Eire Combat

      Cant see Edgar getting out of the first round. He hits to hard.

      • Jason Priest

        Are you kidding me?! Frankie has never been knocked out, let alone beaten in the first round. All his losses are split decisions lolz. Conor punches Dustin P in the back of the head (which didn’t knock Dustin out mind you, it was a TKO) and all of a sudden he’s the ultimate finisher lmao. The UFC is going to do everything they can to protect Conor from someone like Frankie, who will take him down and grind the piss out of him.

        • deepgrim

          the punch that dropped poirer was the behind the ear so that was legal. connor has a very high ko rate 14 out of 16 wins have been ko/tko’s and quite often in the first round- that is why they talk about him as a finisher

      • Baller31

        You realize aldo couldn’t come close to finishing Edgar…

        • UfcUltimateFloorCuddling

          This is.. by far the most idiotic comment ive read. So what if he didn’t finish edgar.. let me ask you a question baller31.. who has finish him? like EVER?

          Aldo distroy him face wise.. Only because hes great at defending his takedowns.

          • Baller31

            Dude said mcgregor would finish Edgar in first round. My point is, if Aldo can’t finish Edgar, how in the f%#k will mcgregor?? Get it now??

    • Baller31

      Agreed, easy matchup for Edgar. Mcgregor definitely hasn’t come close to earning a title shot. If he gets a shot over Edgar (who lost a close decision to aldo and since has only gotten better), then the ufc may as well merge with the wwe

      • UfcUltimateFloorCuddling

        Exactly! Pretty much my same thoughts. Lol

  • Kenny Powers

    In my opinion, Conor should get the next shot if he KO’s Siver. Why wouldn’t he be next? Mendes, Lamas and Frankie all recently lost to Aldo, and now Cub just lost. Let’s see if Conor has anything new for Aldo. If Conor beats Siver badly he should fight Aldo next, and Frankie and Lamas should fight for the next shot.

    • DamianCross

      The only reason not to give Conor a title shot after Siver would be if everyone at the UFC suddenly becomes allergic to money.

      • riverdawg

        The UFC would be absolute fools not to cash in on McGregor vs Aldo asap. If they let Frankie have another crack at Aldo first, they risk blowing one of the biggest & most lucrative fights for the company and for the fighters. Edgar has fought for the title 73 times already. Of course if McGregor somehow loses to Siver then the hype is derailed and theres nobody left to fight Aldo except Frankie.

      • blob

        Omg you won the comment of the day.

      • Theduke

        How does beating Siver earn anyone a title shot??

        • Kenny Powers

          Usually it wouldn’t, but who else is left? Mendes lost to Aldo twice already, Lamas and Frankie just lost to him, Cub and Bermudez just lost. If Conor beats Siver they should give him the opportunity. The only fight I’d wanna see more than Aldo/Mcgregor is Aldo/Pettis, but I doubt thats happening anytime soon.

          • UfcUltimateFloorCuddling

            Honestly i rather see Pettis vs Mcgregor. WHY DOESN’T ANYONE WANT THAT? I like aldo but hes such a careful fighter since coming to the ufc. Not a monster he once was. Which in my opinion is a great thing.. a smart fighter.

          • Kenny Powers

            Idk he was pretty vicious in the last Mendes fight, its just Mendes is so tough he was hard to finish. I think Pettis would bring that monster out of Aldo. I wouldn’t mind seeing Pettis/Mcgregor either but we don’t how he would fair at LW yet.

          • deepgrim

            im interested to see if pettis is going to be the same destroyer he was before he won the belt or will he be more reserved now that he has something to lose like so many other champions

    • Renata

      sorry – the fans are for the fighters not the almighty dollar!!!! who are you? someone with shares in the game???

      • Kenny Powers

        I am a fan for the fighters, that’s why I’d rather see a FIGHT with Mcgregor instead of a wrestling match with Frankie. No disrespect to Frankie tho, he destroyed my man Cub.

        • UfcUltimateFloorCuddling

          I’m a huge fan of cub also and sucks to see the way things went. I would be glad to see frankie fight mcgregor its going to look exactly how cub got beaten… Mcgregor knows that. Not trying to be biased.. i hate wrestlers in mma because of the rules but they are by far the best “Fighters” in the ufc right now. Just their styles are so boring. I get it is part of mma but what normal fan would want to see a fighter go on another back for 3 whole mins throwing pitter patter shots and get them to submission or whatever.

  • Renata

    Frankie is deserving of the title shot!! Is the UFC about money or about the FIGHTERS!!! and who deserves the shot!! Frankie has proven time and time again that he is deserving!! Let’s face it – Frankie won that fight against Aldo – and yes – he has destroyed Penn and now Cub – Mcgreggor beating siver shouldn’t boost him above the number 2 and 3 contenders! What is wrong with you people?? Give Frankie the shot that he deserves!!!!! He works hard, never bad mouths fighters and is so respectful – Dana – be a man of your word for once – not just a puppet!!!! Give Frankie his due!!!!!

    • Brian Revell

      im not sure which fight you saw but aldo clearly won that fight.

      • Renata

        Again – i was not dissing Aldo – but you have to admit at the very least it was CLOSE!

    • taylor2008

      Aldo/Frankie is missed. I knew Aldo won, but was it that close? I heard Aldo clearly won.

      • Renata

        It was a close fight – even the commentators thought that Frankie won it. You should watch it on youtube or download it from pirate bay – I always give cudos to the winner even if it is not someone I was rooting for. These guys work hard and dedicate their lives to this – i am not a fan of decisions for that reason – but honestly – watch the fight. My comments were not a diss to Aldo by any means – he is the champ because he deserves to be the champ.

        • taylor2008

          I heard it was a good fight but I missed it.

      • deepgrim

        i think aldo fairly well won the first 2 rounds and frankie probably edged the next 3- just. so on paper frankie probable had it but he didnt clearly beat the champ and round 3 was close

        • taylor2008

          I have to find that fight somewhere.

    • UfcUltimateFloorCuddling

      i agree with you about the conor part.. honestly i think this problem can be solved easily by Frankie edgar vs Conor mcgregor. Winner of that get a shot at aldo

  • Aaron

    How does Lentz/Guida/McKenzie/Meza/Elkins make Chad worthy of a second shot, but Holloway/Brimage/Brandao/Poirier/Siver doesnt make Conor worthy of a first shot? You’re all biased ignorant morons.

    • UfcUltimateFloorCuddling

      Let see for chad… Lentz/Guida/McKenzie/Meza/Elkins – Wrestler/Wrestler/
      BBJ/Mixed/Wrestler … Chad fighting guida alone is better than 5 of the fighters conor fought.. Guida beat pettis.. not by striking but PURE WRESTLING. As “good” as pettis was you see how he did against a wrestler..

      Conor fought all Strikers no wrestlers. If he get a title shot next is total bullcrap… Seeing frankie vs cub swanson was such a lopsided fight. I’m a huge fan of cub..It sucks to see him get derailed just because frankie is a better wrestler and personally it makes MORE SENSE For Conor to fight cub swanson or frankie edgar than he get the title shot. I lol its a joke seeing conor fighting dennis freaking SIVER. To get a belt.. dennis lost his match before so it makes no sense for him to fight him.

  • Joe

    Frankie knows that McGregor has momentum behind him right now, and if he wants the next title shot he has to position himself ahead of Conor. So why not publicly question his accomplishments, imply that he will lose as soon as he fights a good wrestler, which also happens to be his base.

    Edgar did just finish the #1 contender, but that was also the only top ten rated fighter he has been in the ring with since losing to Aldo. Remember Frankie is 3 & 3 in his last six, and three of those were title fights. A win over Cub puts anyone into the title picture, but I would like to see another fight or two against top 5 or 6 opponents before granting another title shot.

    The bottom line is that if both win their next 2 to 3 fights, they will fight each other for the title. But to do that someone has to beat Aldo and honestly I don’t know if either can do that.

  • uncle

    Give Connor the title shot if he wins Frankie had his chance.

    • Guest

      Frankie dominated the no.2 featherweight & has more credibility than mcgregor

      • uncle

        I hear you let me tell you the truth, I’m not a really a fan of Frankie’s style
        Aldo fights are rematches now. I want to see what Connor can do .No doubt
        Frankie gets a shot just after Mcgregor if Aldo beat him once he can do it again.

  • burgerman7

    Do we wanna see frankie pitter patter punches with Aldo again or two bombers like Aldo and Mcgregor not afraid to standup and meet in the middle of the ring?

    • Renata

      what we would like is a person who deserves the title shot get the title shot – the Frankie / Aldo fight was not a pitter patter fight – im not sure who you were watching….

      It was a hard fight for both and i think that was Aldo’s toughest test to date…. I am not here to pick apart fighters – all i wanted to say was that Frankie is a good, clean cut, honest fighter who works hard to be where he is and being in the top he deserves that shot . . . Why is it ok that Lawler/Hendricks are fighting right away again – why not give a bottom of the barrel guy that shot instead of lawler – come on they deserve it!!Lawler as well as FRankie

      • Spike

        Most the welterweight contenders have been dropping right and left. Robbie defeated top contenders in Rory Mac & Matt Brown. There’s nobody else above lawler that’s deserving of the title shot so it makes sense for a rematch, not to mention their first fight was razor close.

  • taylor2008

    If Conor beats Siver he does NOT deserve a title shot! Who has he beat? Dustin? Dustin is NOT a top 10! The best guy he fought in my opinion was Brandao. Its all about the money with Dana and he isnt going to put on the best fight. What true top 10 feather did he beat?!
    Have him fight frankie and winner fights for the title.

    • Renata

      and . . . Dustin was kicked in the back of the head – not even a legal shot….. I agree – he needs to fight a few of the top 10 before he gets that shot – and prove it in more than a few fights –

      • TRT-rex

        Re watch the fight. He was never kicked in the back of the head. Dustin complained of being punched in the back of the head when he was finished, whi didn’t happen it was a clean shot

    • Nass Waitforit Ahmadi

      dustin was number 4 when they fought wat u talking abt n now he is at 6.

      • taylor2008

        Dustin is NOT top 10 material. Who did he beat? Brandau? Brandua is becoming everyones punching bag. Who did dustin beat to be top 10?

        • Lucas Freire

          Eric Koch. That guy who was going to fight against Aldo twice. You also have to look at his losses, he only lost to the top of the top guys.

  • djjdj

    Since there’s so much controversy. Make Conor fight Frankie.

  • John Stamos

    I pray Siver pulls out of the fight and is replaced by Mendes/Lamas/Edgar. That way McGregor will finally be exposed.