Frankie Edgar Officially Moving Down to Featherweight

August 21, 2012
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 Former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar will officially move down to featherweight for his next fight in the Octagon.

According to a report by UFC Tonight on Tuesday, Edgar has decided to drop down to 145 pounds and hopes to fight in December, although no decision has been made as of yet who or when he will make his featherweight debut.

Over the past few years, Edgar has fielded more questions about dropping to featherweight than he probably has about his lightweight title. Now, the New Jersey native will finally make the drop to 145 pounds to see if he can find the same success at featherweight that he did at 155 pounds.

UFC president Dana White was quoted earlier in the day on Tuesday as saying, “Frankie Edgar is probably gonna have to move down to 145,” in terms of earning another title shot right away.

First things first, Edgar will look to make an impact at featherweight and then hopefully make a run at Jose Aldo and the 145-pound title in 2013.

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  • Mario

    It’s about time.

    Hell, he could even make 135 if he get’s his butt kicked at Featherweight. Time will tell.

  • triangle choke

    Frankie is a stud fighter. He is going to be a bad ass at featherweight. I certainly don’t see anybody beating him there except Jose Aldo, and he might even beat him too.

  • D-rail

    They should swap Kotch with Frankie. It’s a much better ppv. It sucks bigtime to make Frankie (The ex-lightweight champ)fight some deusche beforehand, especially one’s that dropped down to 145 and weren’t even top 10 lightweights.

    • Nah, he needs a win at 145, maybe 2.

      Even though he is probably better than the bulk of 145ers, Frankie is on a 2 fight losing streak with 1 win in his last 4.

      The UFC will know that fight will sell better if Frankie gets a win or two under his belt at 145. I also don’t think he loses to anyone besides Aldo, so there probably isn’t that much risk in him taking a fight or two.

      • phrankthetank

        Thats harsh, he has a draw that could have easily been a win, he has a win by KO, and then 2 very close and controversial losses.

        • 1-2-1

          It is a fact. nothing harsh about it unless you consider it to be a harsh reality.

          He needs a win.

          • phrankthetank

            Is everything in life so black and white for you?

        • dathump

          I agree to let him have a fight or 2 before a title fight, let him get used to a weight cut. I know its not a big cut, but i don’t believe he has had to do it before, he is actually listed at 154.5lbs, so 10 lbs on his frame could take some adjustments and i would hate to see him lose some of his snap, speed and endurance over a weight cut and blow a title fight. Confidence and the unknowns are better tested before a title fight.

      • KBEsq

        Yeah, I don’t agree with that just because he technically lost. The UFC looks at the way you fight. Not just the result. They do it ALL the time.

        In fact, one could argue that Edgar is still the number one lightweight. Honestly, I don’t think it would be a good idea for Edgar to fight Aldo immediately. It would be his first fight at FW and if he loses, then what?

        However, just because I don’t think it’s a good idea for Edgar, I still think it would be completely justified if they gave Edgar an immediate title fight.

        • MikeMc1983

          With the exception of rematches, I don’t recall the UFC ever giving a guy a title shot coming off of a loss. Much less two losses. Other companies have done it, and it’s always seemed odd/wrong to me.

  • somecokehead

    he is going to fade into the background, and eventually be cut. under 155 does not interest me anyway. later frankie

    • MrAdidas

      Ur name says it all, with a dumb ass comment like that. Frankie get cut, the guy should still be LW champ & if people thought he was fast at LW, wait till he fights FW. Aldo better not take Edgar for granted, or he could end up tasting defeat for the 1st time in the UFC. Edgar was a beast at LW while undersized, now he will be a threat for anyone at FW.

  • bajafox

    Frankie has a very good chance at being the Anderson Silva/Jon Jones of 145.

    Can’t wait to see his debut, I wasn’t really a fan of him until now. The 145 division just got interesting

  • Can’t wait for Edgar to fight Aldo. I know he has to get by one of the featherweights in the division first but it has to be a formality at this point. Aldo vs Edgar in early 2013 would be awesome. I think its a fight both of them need.

  • B-rok

    Frankie is a dynamic fighter, but there is something very interesting about him fighting Aldo. Frankie has never fought a fighter as aggressive as Aldo. BJ was way too reactionary as was Bendo. I think Aldo is the one fighter who can finish edgar.

  • julianmoran

    I look forward to Aldo easily taking Edgar out. That is if Edgar makes it to the championship bout.

  • shakejunt

    i think people will want him to fight mendes, but i’d like to see him against hioki.

  • used2bgood

    It`s going to be an exciting fight – Edgar vs. Aldo. Though my favourite is the FW champ Edgar will bring the fight to him as he did in his last match with Bendo and in my opinion he won that fight.

    • MrAdidas

      Alot of peoples opinion Edgar won that fight! Not sure why people seem to think Aldo will “destroy” Edgar? The guy was/IS the best LW! Aldo is stronger, no doubt, but I guarantee you Edgar will be faster. What’s the old saying … “speed kills” – I wouldnt count Edgar out vs. anyone, Aldo included. If Hominick lasted 5 Rounds with Aldo, why couldnt Edgar do that & then some?!?

      • used2bgood

        Totally agree with you sir. Edgar is like a hurricane..he is crazy fast, has good stand up and incredible takedowns and as you mentioned earlier ..speed kills indeed

  • adam1848

    This is good for Frankie, good for the 45 divisions, good for fans, great for the UFC…its a good move all around. I say one dominant performance against a top 10 guy and he deserves a shot at Aldo. That fight interests me. We’ve all been waiting to see Aldo tested and Frankie is the guy who will do it.

  • I wish he would stay at 155. Just b/c he lost his title rematch he’s going to go down? It’s not like he was being dominated by guys. There’s no fights at 145. Aldo should be given the chance to go up in weight and now he might be set back b/c everyone’s going to be asking for Edgar/Aldo.

    • adam1848

      Frankie wants to be champ, and he knows there is a long line of contenders at 55. He’ll have to wait a year or two at least for another shot at the LW belt, even if he wins all his fights. With a win at 45 he could be facing Aldo in under a year. Same reason Chael moved up…the big fights (and money) are for the belt.

      • Chael went up in a division still full of challengers. Any fight at 205 is interesting for him. Aldo should move up. What fights interest you for Frankie at 145? I hate over looking guys but I just can’t think of anyone.

        • MrAdidas

          LHW is still full of challengers?!? Like who? There are possible challengers if they win their next fight or two or for some three fights way. If there were “still full of challengers” @ LHW, the UFC wouldnt of had 4 guys Jones already owned in the last 2 yrs, to fight & see who becomes the #1 contender … AGAIN!

          • adam1848

            Exactly. I agree with MrAdidas and KBEsq. The only new challenger I see for Bones is Gustafsson, and like many people, I’m not really too interested in seeing him run through a list of people that he dominated in the last 18 months. Which is why Chael knows he can get in the mix after a fight or two.

            As far as Frankie at 145, it isn’t that I see a bunch of great fights for him, but that I believe he can win the belt, which is any top athlete’s goal. As a fan of Edgar, I’d like to see him with that strap around his waist again, and I just don’t see it happening at 155 anytime soon. I think he matches up great with Aldo, and I wouldn’t mind seeing him throw with some smaller, faster guys, like Mendez, Koch, Poirier, or Jung (and probably some others that I’m not as familiar with). The 145 division needs some attention, and a fight between Frankie and Jose does exactly that. It would be the first fight at 145 that anyone really cared about. The LW division doesn’t need Edgar or Aldo…Featherweight does.

    • KBEsq

      I’m torn by this. I tend to agree with you that he shouldn’t HAVE to go to 145, but I think it’s a good move for him. He’s actually still going to be small for that division. A lot of 145ers cut from higher weights than Edgar. Edgar walks around at 155ish. Therefore he only has to lose 10 pounds, which he could do in an afternoon.

      I still think he keeps all his speed benefits, but gains power. Edgar was having too much trouble really hurting guys at 155. That KO of Maynard was the exception; not the rule. I want to see Edgar finishing guys, and he has a much better chance to do that at 145. I wish him success.

      • MrAdidas

        I think Edgar gains speed & power by losing weight! True Edgar hasnt fought a fighter like Aldo, but BJ Penn was no slouch at LW, BJ was only the most dominant LW EVER! (I dislike BJ, but @ LW he could … COULD be untouchable – if he trained). The same is said for Aldo, he hasnt fought anyone like Edgar, not even close. This fight will be alot tougher for Aldo than Edgar … in regards to being tested. Edgar was in soem crazy wars where he was hurt BADLY & still cameback to beat his oponent & even KO’ing Gray. Aldo has NEVER been “tested”/he’s never been in a war like Edgar has MANY times vs. stronger fighters than Aldo. Dont try & tell me Maynard isnt stronger than Aldo, even Ben Henderson, he could be fightign @ WW.
        I think this fight could be alot closer than what most people think.

  • i think a fight against chad mendes would be sweet:) mendes is one of the top guys in that division and want another title shot and frankie needs a win over one of the top guys to get the fight against aldo;)

    • ToxicDLA

      I would love to see that fight! It would be a high paced, action packed, technical wrestling clinic!

  • lycan

    ^ argeed , they’re styles match up almost the same , besides frankies movement. That would just be a brawl

  • He can’t beat Jose Aldo but he doesn’t have any other choice but to try. As long as Henderson has the LW title he isn’t getting another shot.

  • markrenton

    Frankie would dominate every guy that Jose has beaten and to say Aldo is going to destroy him is crazy. Edgar has dominated the takdown game over LW wrestlers like Maynard and Henderson and has dropped big lightweights with punches. At 145, he is WILL be a different fighter and will be by far the toughest test Aldo has ever had. Aldo has not fought someone who can mix the striking and wrestling as good as Frankie. Mendes had the wrestling, but not the striking which made him easy to figure out. Kenny Florian went 5 rounds with Aldo and was DOMINATED by Penn and Maynard. Either way, I can’t wait to see Edgar at FW where he belongs.

    I also don’t see Henderson having the belt for another year. If Diaz doesnt beat him, Pettis will.

  • marsbar

    Jose will move up to 155 before they get a shot at each other.

  • dgs

    In my (not so humble) opinion, Frankie is one of the most improved fighters I’ve ever seen in the Octagon. When he first started fighting he was like every other traditional collegiate wrestler to enter the Octagon, meaning, pretty one dimensional. But now he is a complete fighter, and his standup/footwork is fantastic.

    One can tell just by watching his progression that he’s put in lots of time working to improve himself. That is a rare trait among pure wrestlers who enter MMA, as most are just content to win on take downs and positional dominance.

    I wish him all the best at 145 lbs, I think he will find a permanent home there as champion (that is if he beats Aldo, which would be an epic fight).

  • MikeMc1983

    Moving down for Edgar may not be as easy as you’d think. He risk loseing stamina with the cut, but it probably won’t be too bad for him.
    Where he may really lose out is with the advantages he had at his last weight. He was faster, and quicker than most everyone. If he now ends up with matchups where he’s not the quicker guy, that changes game plans entirely. We really don’t know what Edgar looks like with a different gameplan, as he’s had the same one for about the last 3 years.