Frankie Edgar Not Dropping to 145lbs, Wants Immediate Rematch with Henderson

February 26, 2012
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When Frankie Edgar first captured the UFC lightweight title from B.J. Penn in April 2010, he won by unanimous decision.

Still some felt Penn, who had widely been considered the top lightweight in the sport and one of the best pound-for-pound fighters on the planet, deserved a rematch so UFC officials opted to give him one more shot at Edgar.

Edgar won that fight by an even wider margin to defend his lightweight title.

Fast forward to his two bouts with Gray Maynard in 2011, and while few would argue after their UFC 125 bout ended in a draw that a rematch should occur, Edgar stormed back in the next fight and knocked Maynard out to truly define himself as the top lightweight in the sport.

On Saturday night at UFC 144, Frankie Edgar lost a close and somewhat controversial decision to now champion Benson Henderson. Following the fight, UFC President Dana White stated he believed Edgar won, and the New Jersey native definitely agreed with him.

“I don’t want to take anything away from Ben. He did a great job, but I do feel I won that fight,” Edgar said after the bout was over.

On Sunday, Edgar’s manager Ali Abdel-Aziz says their objective is clear and it’s pretty certain what they want.

“Frankie deserves a rematch,” Abdel-Aziz told “We’re going to ask for a rematch.

“I talked to Lorenzo (Fertitta) and he believes Frankie scored 3 to 2, Dana White scored Frankie winning the fight.”

Another issue that Abdel-Aziz had problems with after UFC 144 was over was the amount of questions being thrown at Edgar about dropping down to the featherweight division. Is Edgar the biggest fighter at 155lbs? Absolutely not. But his manager believes he’s proven he can hang with the best of the best at lightweight, and one close controversial loss won’t force him to drop to 145lbs.

“Frankie in the future will go down to 145, but he’s not going to go down now, he’s not. He’s not getting manhandled, he’s not getting destroyed, he won the fight,” Abdel-Aziz stated.

“Frankie’s not the type of guy to lose and then just cower and move to 145. This kid has so much heart and determination.”

The UFC has yet to make an official decision regarding what will happen next for Benson Henderson or Frankie Edgar, but after several title defenses and two rematches of his own, it seems like the now former champion has earned at least the argument for another shot at regaining the belt.

Abdel-Aziz will has requested a rematch for Edgar to face Benson Henderson again. Will it happen? will have more information when it becomes available.

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  • KBEsq

    Did I miss something in this fight? Maybe I need to watch it again. I love Edgar, I wanted him to win, and I thought he would. After watching that fight, however, it just looked like he had nothing for Henderson. It was a close fight, no doubt, but I don’t see how Edgar could have possibly won that fight.

    I couldn’t believe Edgar in the 5th round. He needed to be going nuts, and I guess he just thought he had the fight and was going to wait it out. I hate that Frankie isn’t the champ anymore. I saw him as the Rocky Balboa of the UFC, but he deserved that loss.

    It also was a perfect example of how all else being equal, size does matter. Henderson’s size and strength clearly was an element in his victory.

    • GiovanniB

      I watch the fight at my local hooter’s joint and though the chicks were awesome to behold, yet I was paying close attention to the fight and honestly Edgar has got to still be rattled from the up kick if he thinks he deserves an immediate rematch. What does he mean he “feels” he won the fight? On what grounds. He may have landed more punches, but his punches wouldn’t even kill a fly. Look at Bendo’s face, that’s right, NOT EVEN A SCRATCH!!! And here we have Edgar saying he did enough to win the fight? Come Frankie, just accept it, you need to go down to 145 and face Aldo. There’s not a current challenger to Aldo’s belt that is worthy of challenging. You may have lost to Bendo because he’s better than you and he pummeled your ass, but don’t be afraid of taking a shot at Aldo, though I think Aldo would truly destroy your ass and your career as a whole. Now, Frankie, and I hope you’re reading this: QUIT BITCHING and go down to feather weight and try to become the champion there; if not, take a seat and wait for Henderson vs Pettis to take place, then and only then you can fight the winner of those two. Meanwhile, do what GSP did when he lost his belt. He took it like a man, fought Koscheck and THEN he rematched Serra. That’s what you need to do Frankie: Get your ass busy with one fight (winner of Miller vs Diaz) and then if you are successful and win in a convincing way, then and only THEN you can rematch Bendo. If you don’t like it, then be man enough to shut up and go down to 145 to challenge Aldo. I’m sure Dana won’t mind giving you an immediate title shot if you move to 145 right this moment.


      • fitefan

        He got beat by a guy that doesn’t belong in the LW division. It’s no longer the UFC, it’s the Ultimate Weight Cutting Championship.
        Even Bendo admitted in the post fight that he cuts large amounts of weight to be bigger and stronger. Regardless of how many fighters do that. It isn’t what they all do, and isn’t what defines a champion. The philosophy of martial arts isn’t to go out and beat up on a smaller, weaker, lighter opponent.
        Edgar is a true LW. It’s asinine to suggest he should drop to 145 or even 135 so he can fight guys at his natural weight of 155.
        These weight ins 30+ hrs before the fight are an atrocity. They should step ona scale before they get in the cage.
        The variance in weight designed for the LW division is a maximum of 9 lbs. 136 to 145. This is intentionally set up so guys are not facing people significantly heavier than them. Bendo was easily 18 or more pounds heavier than Edgar. Twice the parameter of the LW division.
        Frankie got beat by a welter weight, or maybe a small middle weight.
        And it makes Bendo look all the worse, he couldn’t finish a guy 20 lbs lighter than him? He couldn’t finish a guy in a tight guitione in his full guard? He couldn’t break Frankie’s will, heart, or morale. Hell he couldn’t even slow him down with any of those supposed ‘power’ hits.
        Bendo eeks out a controversial decision against a smaller, weaker, lighter opponent. That’s no champion. It sure as fuq isn’t the performance of a p4p fighter either. Bendo needs to grow a pair and fight in the WW division. Chickenchit.

        • MikeMc1983

          Bravo with the idea. I don’t completely knock bendo because it’s how combat sports work. We would get better fights if making weight were not a “sport” itself. Bendo is doing what everyone for the most part is. It just sucks thats the case.

          • fitefan

            It does suck. No, he’s not doing anything directly wrong. But it is mucking up the fights, and the weight classes.
            We shouldn’t have to hear commentators say ” it looks like a whole weight class seperates these guys” or ” i hope the weight cut doesn’t affect his endurance”
            Rampage admitted to succesfully cutting 21 lbs and still ending up at 211. Add that weight back in and he’s 232 at fight time. Kongo weighed in at 229 without a cut.
            There would be a bigger, talent stacked HW division without this weight cutting fiasco going on. And supposedly, the HWs are a bigger draw. It would be in the UFC’s best interest to display these guys fighting at their heaviest fight time weight, and not their lowest possible weight cut limits.

        • ToxicDLA

          Minus the insults to Henderson, I pretty much agree. I would like to see fighters have to weigh in on fight day instead of the night before, that way if they still decide to cut a ton of weight they have to deal with the dehydration and exaustion during the fight. I applaud Edgar for fighting at his normal weight, and it’s unfortunate that doing so puts him at a disadvantage due to extreme weight cutting becoming the norm in mma.

  • pooby

    This guy is so used to fighting everyone twice, it’s becoming a habit. Henderson/Pettis needs to be next. Frankie can fight the winner between Miller and Nate Diaz for a chance at the title.

  • Rematch? He CLEARLY got beaten by the bigger, stronger fighter (Henderson). Go down to 145 Frankie!

  • awesome1001

    sick and tired of fighters complaining that they thought they won the fight. Well guess what you thought wrong. Then they complain how the judges got it wrong. Since the fighters has seen this kinda scenario play out over and over, why leave it on judges hand? Stop complaining and just finish fights.
    Frankie didn’t win this fight and he should not get a rematch.

  • maddawgmar

    Clearly got beaten??? Then how come Dana and Fertita both scored the fight for Edgar? I scored it for Edgar too. Only the first round was clearly for Edgar and the second clearly for Henderson. Every other round is up for debate. I believe three and four went to Edgar, stand up was even Henderson landed harder shots but Edgar landed more, the different being the quick takedowns even though he did nothing with the he scored the none the less. And five I thought Henderson edged that one out. It the age old question, harder shots v more shots. I score it a two to one ratio. The harder shot getting two the lighter shot getting one. Edgar landed more shots easy two to one equaling henderson points but the takedowns did it in 3, and 4. Thats my view, and it all depends on judges view. I think Edgar deserve a shot.

    That being said, I’m tired of people thinking that moving down In weight means less talent or better match ups. What is Edgar’s most dangerous weapon, his speed. He goes down to 145 he loses a little bit of his speed advantage. It didn’t work for Florian, Faber, Bisping, etc. The list goes on and on. Edgar is where he needs to be. At a division he has great success at.

    • KBEsq

      I realize we don’t look at peoples’ faces to determine who won and lost, but in this case I think it’s warranted. Edgar got beat up – bottom line. Henderson didn’t even have a scratch him. I think it would have been a huge mistake to have Edgar walk away with a victory after a fight like that just because he possibly landed more punches or got an extra take down. Edgar had nothing for Henderson, and I don’t think anyone wants to see the fight again. It is a shame because Edgar has had to rematch twice, but that’s just the way it goes, because those were the fights the fans wanted to see at the time. The fans are going to want to see Henderson/Pettis, or Henderson/someone else. Even though the fight was close, I don’t think Edgar did anything that would lead the fans to believe he could beat Henderson. That’s the biggest problem with a rematch in my opinion.

      I also don’t agree with your comments about a drop to 145. Edgar would still be a smaller 145 fighter. He cuts no weight at 155 – that’s a huge disadvantage to him. I realize the counter argument is that he keeps his endurance and speed, but that is still the case for guys who cut only 10 pounds. It’s when you start cutting 20-30 pounds that the cutting disadvantages come into play.

      • maddawgmar

        Your absolutely right, we don’t look at fighters face to determine the winner. There is a reason for this, that being some have scar tissue, i.e. Nick Diaz. You flick him he bleeds. And one well place hit to yh nose opens up the faucet, like last night. Once it’s open any tap keeps it flowing. Now growing up in Vegas and around the fight game, my uncle was a boxing judge for many years, I know there are judges who score fights by the 2:1 ratio for jabs to power punches. A jabbing boxer lands two hundred jabs, and their opponents lands one hundred power punches, it’s a draw. Now this is MMA so the number fluctuate a bit and take into consideration kicks. MMA is harder to score because how many points do takedowns get, and ground control, and even octagon control. This is what leads to controversial decisions, because people score the fights differently. The way I see scoring Edgar edged out 3,4 and clearly won 1. But I don’t fault the decision because a slight tweak of the numbers by a judge put Henderson on top.

        Not saying that Edgar would win a rematch, but he does deserve a chance.

    • RubeKegal

      LOL Maddaw, Dana is not a pro judge, neither is Lorenzo, and neither are you. I am from Jersey, I am a HUGE Edgar fan, but he lost that fight. He landed more strikes that did a whole lot less damage, Henderson controlled Octagon, yes Frankie looked better with wrestling, but he also got roughed up in the process.

    • If I bust you up with 6 heavy blows and you don’t put a mark on me with 10 bitch slaps, I win!

  • D-rail

    He’s in denial and wants to keep getting beat-up by the bigger lightweights until eventually someone KO’s his ass to featherweight. Edgar wants to be remembered as the lightweight champ with the most re-matches in the UFC.

  • fsunoles09

    despite melendez name not being brought up id be willing to bet majority of yall are melendez nuthuggers.edgar is a hell of a fighter and as you said fights bigger fighters and still has only got 2 losses on his record.the guy can fight and win at 155 i mean he had the belt for a reason.

  • jesusdidnt.tap

    Frankie fought Bj Penns black ass twice, Gray twice, why not Black Bendo twice. WTF?

  • denarius13

    Frankie lost,period. bud for u to say he won the 4th rd shows u dont watch very close the 4th rd most certainly went to hen,shit he almost choked out frankie. I love edgar hes a beast and im annoyed he loses once & everyone says drop. BUt ben hen won that fight & i truly think frankie is being a poor sport about it.accept u LOST,this decision isnt even close. rds 2,4,5 bens a 100%, rd 3 is debateable,rd 1 frankie but close. And for the love of god can people quit saying wel lorenzo or Dana said said it,like their opinions are the be all end all, Danas just like u its his opinion,Rogan also said he thought condit won then went back & watched it & said diaz won. Every fight that goes to a decision can go either way cause everyone has their own opinion of what wins rds. also for u to say frnakie landed more,mayb read the stats he didnt,lol. plus ben looks like he can go out on a date after the fight,frankie looks like he was in a car accident. broken nose,and eye socket damage doesnt sound like a win to me. Condit/diaz or frankie/maynard 1 u can go either way but this one isnt really close and i dont think it warrants a rematch. this win was more decisive then any of frankies previous close decisions. he got alot of takedowns 5 for 12,but didnt do anything with any of them. BEn attempted 1 and got it. damage,cage control,attempts to finish or come close to finish all go to ben hen. Lose the sour grapes train hard and fight someone to get another title shot. Ia ctually lost some respect for frankie & pouting over that fight. U LOST,and for u guys who love so much what Dana says,to quote Dana’U dont like the result dont leave it in the judges hands.’

  • denarius13

    & why would u bring melendez into this,lol i didnt see one comment about him except urs,lol.

    thats cute a frankie edgar fanboy awe so cute,lol

    oh and imo Melendez beats frankie just like ben did. seeing how u wanted to bring him into it,and im not a very big melendez fan either.

    • fsunoles09

      not really the fact of the matter is alot of people feel like gil was #1 in the world and not edgar prior to this fight and alot of people made negative remarks about edgar strictly on the basis they felt gil was better and i felt like that prolly played part in some of the comments hatin on edgar cuz the man can obviously fight.and im not to big of an edgar fan so your fan boy shit holds no water kid.

  • MikeMc1983

    I can only imagine how annoying it was for Edgar to be the champ and have people talking about him dropping to 145lbs. I don’t know how you could disrespect the guy more. Of course now that he’s lost a fight people being it up more.
    If I was Edgar the next time I was asked about moving down I would announce that he is considering bulking up a little and moving to 170lbs. Just as a “screw you” to whoever is asking.
    It’s funny because people give heat to the “bigger” guys in a weight class for picking on smaller guys.
    The weight cutting is an unfortunate part of combat sports. It creates silly situations.

    • Triggerman99

      This is exactly what I was thinking. Everytime somebody opens their mouth about Edgar, they feel the need to say he should drop to 145. Even when he was the defending champ at LW, Dana was saying he should drop down. Why?! He seems like he’s doing OK, being the champ and all. Give the guy a freakin break already. What does he have to do to prove he can be successful at LW? Because apparently being a defending champion and beating one of the best LW’s of all time twice isn’t enough.

  • johnnybooker

    When I saw the headline on this, and Dana’s rubberstamp, I was like WTF???? Love Edgar’s game, loved Henderson’s fight…how is there any dispute over who won? I would love to see a rematch…but if only because Edgar really won…no way. As far as the size issue, have always agreed having a day of fight weigh in would be best…but until they change the rules…Henderson won. In retrospect I can see waiving my appreciation for the physical damage Edgar incurred would make this fight seem closer than I thought it was…but just can’t see giving Edgar the win. Henderson dominates in a rematch imo…he makes Edgar pay for massaging his bunions after every kick.

  • Mario

    Give it to him. Make Pettis wait again. I’m sure he’ll get there eventually. He’s a good fighter.

    But yes, Frankie deserves HIS rematch. He had to fight the same people twice due to the controversy in those fights, so – give him the same treatment.

    • Triggerman99

      Exactly. He had to go through the BS of fighting BJ twice and then had to fight Maynard twice. Now it’s his turn to get a 2nd chance.
      I understand that the fans don’t want to see him fight 3 guys over 6 fights, but if he wants the rematch, I say he has more than earned the opportunity to get it.

  • Booker T

    I like fitefan’s idea of weighing them before they get in the cage. Terrific idea and I wish that would come about. If you want to cut weight and fight weak so be it.They should do that in wrestling also.

  • D-rail

    Seems like every fight with Edgar is going to end up a rematch now. Someone’s going to do what Maynard couldn’t and KO him, then what will his excuse be? When he faces dudes like Cerrone, Diaz, Melvin, Barbosa, the list goes on of dudes that can crush him, he will then get it. Bring that fire to the featherweight division, or even Bantamweight, its where u BELONG.

    • fitefan

      I doubt Frankie makes an excuse if someone finally KO’s him. He’s not that kind of guy.
      Frankie easily handles Cerrone and Diaz. Melvin has fast hands and big power, he could manage to put Frankie out IF he can land cleanly on him.
      Barbosa is a beast, I expect him to be champ soon.
      Edgar is a LW. He doesn’t belong anywhere except in the LW division.
      Why not scream for Bendo to take that size, strength and power to the WW division where he belongs without having to cut 20 lbs?

  • ToxicDLA

    How come every time there’s a close fight now, it’s always labeled as a “controversial decision”? Just because a fight is close and people view the outcome differently, doesn’t make it controversial, it means that both fighters worked hard and one did a little better. Get over it.

    • KBEsq

      Yeah, I totally agree with this comment. People are starting to forget what “controversial decision” means. Controversial is NOT just because a fight was close and an argument can be made for either fighter. Controversial SHOULD mean that a fight should have got called one way, and it got called another. Some people may think Edgar won that fight, but I don’t see how anyone, in good faith, can think it’s controversial to give the win to Henderson.

      By the way, people mentioning scar tissue and how that affects cuts, Edgar got his freaking nose busted and his eye pretty much closed from punches. The marks on his face did not result from scar tissue.

      • Triggerman99

        I think the scar tissue thing was simply meant as an example of how it’s unreliable to judge a fight based on visible damage. It wasn’t a direct observation of this fight.


    take a look at that if you think Edgar won, hes a running jab style fighter which I hate, Hes just like Carlos Condit, just runs around throwing nondamaging strikes trying to outpoint his opponent, boring IMO

    • phrankthetank

      Carlos condit has finished every opponent except for two in his entire career. How the hell does that make him a point fighter? Watch the sport for more than 6 months before making ignorant comments.

  • hexacheese

    Just to share some things I know about weight cutting, 1st they do the weigh ins the day before to protect the fighter that cuts weight, if Ben were to fight Frankie just a short while after the weigh in or just after the weigh in, he would die from the fact that the protection around his brain would be compromised and even a weak jab could do serious damage, so the day before weigh ins protect the bigger fighters…the fighters iv.s immediately after they weigh in and each iv. Puts about 5 lbs. Back on the fighter…my guess is that Ben was 180 at fight time putting Frankie at a 25 lb. Disadvantage, I am a big fan of Fe , but I hate to see him at such a disadvantage, Frankie does have a very good chance to win a rematch as he makes great adjustments in rematches. It’d be great to see a rule change that makes fighters fight within their divisions but that doesn’t seem probable…

  • k488

    I posted a simple solution to the weight-cutting problem back in October: “Eliminate weight-cutting from combat sports by controlling for water weight”

    Should be doable with a simple blood test.

  • phrankthetank

    Personally I think Edgar won this fight, I had it 3-1-1 or 2-2-1 depending on how you saw it. As forcjudging by their faces, Yea Edgar’s face was busted up. he was getting punched by a bigger guy and Bendo never shows damage. That’s like saying bj penn beat GSP the 1st time because GSP was bloody. Edgar scored takedowns, landed punches, and almost every time bendo landed a shot Edgar hit him back. Bendo played the bigger man and took the center of the cage. But all he did that entire fight worth talking about was land a wicked upkick. Which he landed because Edgar took him down. Hell, Edgar even put bendo down with a punch. Only other time I’ve seen that was courtesy of the showtime kick. I understand that it was a close fight, just giving my opinion. 49-46 bendo is absurd.

    • you cant be any more wrong. bendo won. google henderson vs. edgar mma mania metric fight stats. the proof is in th e pudding and in frankies face. I cant believe people ar trying to argue the dec. It was an easy fight to judge.

      • phrankthetank

        Yes, Henderson landed more jabs, bravo. I addressed the whole face argument already, and all you say is look at his face. Fight metric is a nice aid, But it only measures so much. At the end of it it’s just my opinion. You can disagree all you want and tell me I’m wrong but I don’t think I am. Your only counterpoint was “look what fight metric says!” well done. Try developing your own opinion.