Frankie Edgar Moving to Featherweight, Agrees to Fight Jose Aldo at UFC 153 with Koch Injured

August 31, 2012
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Frankie Edgar at UFC 125The injury bug takes no prisoners.

UFC 153 took the hit on Thursday when Erik Koch fell out of his main event challenge of UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo due to an undisclosed injury.

While many events take a pretty big hit when a main eventer drops out – UFC 151 was recently cancelled due to just such a scenario – sometimes things work out for the better.

Koch, a worthy contender, carried little name value into the match-up with Aldo, but the UFC brass has already replaced him with former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar. Edgar’s manager, Ali Abdel-Aziz of Dominance MMA, confirmed the news to

Edgar recently announced that he was dropping down to the 145-pound division, but expected that he would have to fight at least once or twice before getting a shot at the champ.

When the UFC comes calling with a title shot in hand, however, it makes for a difficult offer to pass up.

The fight offers Edgar more than the opportunity to jump right back into the championship mix after recently failing to regain the lightweight belt from Benson Henderson at UFC 150. It also offers him a spot in UFC history.

BJ Penn and UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture, thus far, are the only two fighters to ever capture belts in two different UFC weight classes. Edgar could become the third if he were to defeat Aldo.

Edgar and Aldo will square off in the UFC 153 main event on Oct. 13 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The news of Koch’s injury and Edgar stepping in was first reported by USA Today.

Stay tuned to for more UFC 153 news and updates.

  • acspida#244


    • onehitwonder

      i bet this ends in a finish!!, and YES The Answer does get a pass to the front of the line, he’s a CHAMP that has already proved he can hang at the top!! Good Move.

  • Drock420

    I think this is a bad fight for Frankie. I see him getting beat worse then when he fought Benson the 1st time. However I think he won the 2nd fight with Benson. Should be a great fight!!

  • Perfekt matchup, lets see what Aldo is made off. I put my money on Aldo

  • SuperNate-AO

    Was never an Edgar fan but wow…what a stud. Taking this fight gives me a whole new respect for the guy. Should be an excellent fight!

  • If Aldo beats Edgar in fashion I hope he moves up. Aldo/Henderson or Pettis would be sick. And Edgar and Mike Brown is the only interesting fight at 145 IMO. The only thing that sucks is Maynard may never get to settle his score with Edgar now if he stays there. And if they ever give a champion a chance to hold titles at the same time again it better be GSP or Silva before anyone else. Especially since GSP is willing to go up in weight and Silva has gone up before.

  • Surprised to see Edgar get a shot coming off a loss but then again alot of people think that it was actually a win. Regardless, I dont see him winning this one.

  • I think the Korean Zombie just got screwed out of a title shot. Maybe the UFC did and he declined like Machida or Shogun. Regardless I cannot wait for this fight. Aldo will finally get a real test at featherweight although Edgar is more of a featherweight than a lightweight.

  • Mario

    That sucks if you’re the Korean Zombie. Wasn’t he next in line for a title shot? I think Frankie should of worked his way to the top instead of just being givin’ the title shot for his first fight at 145.

    He needs to win this one. If he loses, he’s going to become irrelevant fast. Especially if Aldo runs through him.

    • youdosuck

      Mario, I don’t get it. The man is coming off two losses. Just moved down to 145. Lets give him a title shot. I wonder if they even asked Zombie if he would take the bout.

      • shakejunt

        he might be coming off surgery or something

      • MaritalArtist

        The reason is prolly financial. You think zombie will bring in more ppv $ than the Answer? No way. However, as a case in point, Frankie has said he doesn’t deserve it. Another interesting conspiratorial point would be if Koch made some deal with Dana whereby if he faked an injury or exaggerated a small injury, ad bowed out, he would be taken care of later. Not out of the question.

        • daytradetom

          Well said.

          Definitely something has been cooked up behind the scenes here. Koch vs. Aldo holds no value. Dana believed Edgar won both bouts vs. Bendo = Dana convinced Edgar to drop with guaranteed immediate title fight. Feel bad for Koch here though. He was granted a shot, then waited when Aldo “got injured” now he is being forced off the shelf again by the brass.

          I sure hope that my assessment is wrong here as I’m hoping that the UFC is remaining the clean, fighter-friendly, and just organization that they’ve been promoting for years.

          On the other hand Edgar vs. Aldo should be great!

      • a superfight for to make up for a canceled event

    • MrAdidas

      Ughhh NO, Edgar is taking this fight on short notice dude and there are a lot of 1st’s for him with this fight. Edgar will not win his first fight at FW vs Aldo on short notice. We don’t know, he’ll Edgar doesn’t know what he’ll be like at FW, he could get drained, he should be faster and stronger, but there are many question marks about Edgar going into this fight. I think Edgar needed a fight or two to get used to this weight division/weight cut and to see what it’s like to fight “faster” opponents. I don’t see Edgar winning this fight, but after he gets two or more fights at FW and he gets used to his body, weight cutting, the diff type of opponents etc., and a full training camp, I can see Edgar beating Aldo. Just not in his first fight and on short notice. Edgar better work on checking leg kicks, or it could be a painful debut for him.

      Not very often a main event gets better when the original challenger gets replaced on short notice, but this time it does, enjoy Brazil … You lucky fookers!!!

  • sofhanson

    Wow will be fun fight to watch. I see leg kicks by aldo to slow down edgar jumping around. Knock out by second round- Edgar is going down in Brazil….

  • shakejunt

    damn, so unless aldo finishes him we’ll have to deal with at least one immediate rematch for the next year and a half?

    • TKD

      LMAO!!! I was just thinking the very same thing!

  • Maine2Alaska

    edgars a big name.. sells more ppvs. sounds better to me, a tough guy dropping down a weight class.. i wanna see it

    • bradwesley

      Probably not that many more PPVS especially for such a stacked card even though it has dropped a little bit with no Belfort and Belcher.

      Unfortunately only 1 lightweight fighter has really shown to be a big seller in PPVS and it isn’t Edgar.

  • I actually hope this ends up to be a trilogy. This is a real super fight. They are both in the top 5 P4P list. I like both fighters, but I hope Edgar gets redemption for the horrible decision he had against Bendo and shocks the world by beating Aldo.

  • Who whould fight jose aldo in short notice? FRANKIE EDGAR that’s who. balls to the wall

    • MaritalArtist

      Absolutely. What would you rather do…. Fight an undersized couch potato with pillow fists in 8 days, or fight aldo who I’m sure will be prepared, in a month an a half? I’ll take the former, thanks. Jones = wrong move, dude.

      • i was never an edgar fan, till about the moment he agreed to fight jose aldo in 8 weeks notice

  • gnodeb

    I would enjoy watching Edgar in proper title run. This is like sex without foreplay.

  • bradwesley

    Kudos to him for stepping up but it isnt that short notice. He still has like 7 weeks to train and unlike other fighters the lil runt probably keeps himself in great shape so he really has a 6 week training camp.

  • stevemcz11

    Frankie has faced much tougher competition than Aldo. Its not even close. Edgar beat Penn when we all thought Penn was unbeatable at that weight. Who has Aldo really fought? Faber?? Brown?? Dont get me wrong im a big Aldo fan. This is a huge test for Aldo and just another day at the office for Edgar. I honestly cant see either one losing 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • MaritalArtist

    Frankie should win this one. 2:1 favorite IMO. Aldo is a beast, but he’s fighting a non-undersized Frankie. Frankie has never been schooled by anyone since Maynard out-wrestled him in their first fight. Anyone. Ever. In the history of him fighting in the UFC. And he’s been doing that with 5 lb weight cuts, people. Now he has to cut a massive 13 lbs. you’re going to watch Frankie dismantle Aldo on the 13th, and it’s gonna happen whether people like it or not.

  • gnodeb

    I think is hard to call but Aldo should be slight favorite simple because he use more tools. Edgar will probably play his usual boxing game and because he is not known for KO power (that might change at 145) he will be exposed to Aldo’s KO power for 25mins. Also, he probably won’t have any speed & cardio advantage against Aldo. Even if he try to use his wrestling, Aldo showed that he has great TD defense.

  • triangle choke

    If there is one thing I have learned while watching Frankie Edgar’s fights, it’s NEVER to count him out. I’m going with Frankie by decision. After all. Most all of his past fights have.

  • b-soc

    Oh hell yaaaaaa!!!! This completely makes up for the cancellation of UFC 151!!!!

    Frankie beat Benson in the last fight, hands down, now he will be Aldo!!!!

  • KingSlaughter

    Finally an injury im happy about!!! aldo vs edgar is wayyyy better!!! but i do think korean zombie should’ve gotten the next shot…hes been asking for it and hes certainly earned it

  • pooby

    I just gained a ton of respect for Edgar. This is a huge risk for him. I hope he can pull it off.

    • shakejunt

      huge risk? this situation is nothing of the sort. edgar has nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  • leugim41004

    true challenger and threat to aldo cant wait for this match up

  • markrenton

    This just shows what an absolute warrior Frankie Edgar is. Not only did he agree to fight one of the best P4P fighters on short notice, but he did so just 1 month after he fought a 5 round title fight. When is the last time we saw someone fight 2 title fights within 2 months?

    The Korean Zombie has been on fire, and has become one of my favorite fighters… but on short notice Edgar makes more sense. With all the injuries/cancelling of an entire card, Dana knew that he had to go big on this one and a superfight like Aldo/Edgar was his best move. The Korean Zombie will get the winner of this fight, which means we should get great back to back FW title shots.

    • shakejunt

      next title shot will go to frankie… again… and maybe once more after that… just to make sure he’s getting the full-on faber treatment.

      • markrenton

        You’re right, Edgar will get the next title fight because he is going to beat Aldo.

        Quit crying

  • pooby

    Frankie will miss weight. His balls weigh more than 145 lbs.

  • elguapo

    I’m not one for conspiracies usually, but I’d bet pennies to pounds that Koch was paid to step aside. After GSP and Cruz injured for months, the overeem fiasco, Anderson not wanting to fight again for a while and then Jones bitching out, the UFC needed something along the lines of a big, big fight to appease the fans. They’re firefighting though, it’s gonna come crashing down unless they sort out a number of issues, first and foremost of which is the quality and depth of the cards.