Frankie Edgar: Jose Aldo Left With the Belt and He’s the Champion, Deservedly (UFC 156 Video)

February 3, 2013
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Frankie Edgar UFC 156 PostFor the third consecutive fight, Frankie Edgar went punch-for-punch for five full rounds. For the third consecutive fight, he also ended up on the wrong end of a decision.

While he may have argued against the decision in other bouts, the former UFC lightweight champion had no argument against Jose Aldo’s victory.

“I don’t wanna be talking about do you think you won, this and that,” said Edgar after the fight. “He left with the belt and he’s the champion, deservedly.”

Check out what else a dejected Frankie Edgar had to say at the UFC 156 post-fight press conference…

  • Rainman

    Gentleman and a superb fighter. The match was a draw, sad that the judges went for visual damages regarding landed punches, kicks and takedowns. I hope for a rematch.

    • Lucas Freire

      Other rematch?

      Dear God no. If Edgar wants to be a point fighter,he should follow GSP’s school.
      He may have landed more punches and kicks,but since when throwing lots of punches instead of damaging the opponent is the way to go?

      Or you really wanna compare the effectiveness of Aldo’s kicks with Edgar’s? Aldo’s punches with Edgar’s?

      • Rainman

        My friend, at UFC143, Carlos condit won over Nick Diaz due to the fact that he landed more punches. I agree that Frankie DIDN’T win the match, but neither did Aldo. Frankie dictated the match and had more takedowns…but let them fight again, just to see who’s the better man.

        • Lucas Freire

          But Condit landed more,and also in an effective way. Nick Diaz couldn’t find Condit on the ring,and that’s not even close to what happened at the Aldo x Edgar fight,Aldo countered Edgar all the time,even at the fourth and fifth when Edgar controlled the rhytm.
          I really like Edgar,and for me he’s on top10 p4p but the line must move,the featherweight is already stacked,there are a lot of fighters that need only one more win to get the title shot. I don’t think he should get another rematch,after a 3 loss streak

  • Brazil forever

    Dear”staff” what do u mean edgar ended up on wrong end of the decision?not that the ” real writers” are any better on this site but to make a comment like that shows how poor these writers are,Edgar is where he belongs ” in second place” as usual, too much talk on media and not enough punches to get aldo out…
    So now ” staff” look at records and before u make a comment like that.edgar is on “right” side of the decision.
    So please” staff” go back at cleaning bathrooms.
    Poor Americans…..

    • Scotty_O

      lol what the F are you talking about, being on the wrong end of a decision means he lost, which he did. Where were you even going with that, stupid?

      • Milosc

        No, he is right. It’s too ambiguous, and potentially misleading

        They should have written it in single quotation

    • Jenny

      Poor Americans…your an idiot! Edgar pushed the pace the whole fight and took round 3, 4 and 5 . Regardless of what you think that was a good fight and Frankie clearly can fight. brazil forever? Last I checked it’s poor ass brazilians begging to live in a country where they can have a better life, not the other way around. Back to your ghetto pork and cheese!

      • Brazil forever

        Yes poor Americans …the only real good figther they have is a Mexican lolol, u have too much to learn about fighting Jenny…and of course keep eating your pizzas and pasta is good for and don’t forget your donuts , it’s good for your brain and maybe one day u will speak 4 languages.
        Do not worry, soon u will see Edgar fighting , I mean moving and running again lol
        Brazilian fighters are killers man!
        Spider for u

        • Chris

          pizza and donuts? Keep slumming around looking for food to eat and wearing girls bikini bottoms at the beach you greasy spic! The only language important is the one the world has adopted as the language of cash! and I do speak spanish and french ….porkandcheese isnt high on the need to know list unless I was planning on greasing around brazil robbing people for money to support my 4 kids by 3 different woman while wishing I was in the US collecting food stamps. Did you steal this computer you are writing on ?Mexico is not part of the U.S idiot and as far as America goes there is North and South moron so that actually includes you jerkoff! you’d know that if you were in a part of the americas where education was important! Say hello to your bed bugs and staph infection!

  • This is a perfect example of officiating in combat sports being nothing but a debacle. We need retired fighters judging fights. Period. I personally think in rounds 3,4 and 5 FE controlled the ring. Dictating the pace and engagement. Jose was landing the bigger shots in those rounds,but at a four or five to one deficit. I could see if what FE was throwing were slaps and arm shots,but just because Jose didn’t look as busted up,that they weren’t solid shots. Jose’s legs actually looked worse at the end of the fight despite the four or five homerun leg shots he landed. Jose even stated after round two he abandoned the kicking game for fear of the takedown. FE was in his head in those three rounds. Jose decided to not push the pace to engage,happy to land a big shot now and again while FE was swarming his azz like a bee. That’s why I know he won. There were NO 10-8 rounds.

    • Your_Dad

      Where do you get this nonsense from? Edgar wasn’t landing anywhere close to 4 or 5 shots to Aldo’s 1. Aldo landed more strikes…. and he did much more damage…. What the hell should Edgar have won for?

  • Stefano ‘Zwonimir’ Sega Nogaro

    props to Franco, a great gentleman.

    Like him and Dana I gave the win to Aldo, more a 48-47.

    Casual fans must switch off Rogan commentary, it’s misleading.