Frankie Edgar: “It’s Bittersweet; We All Owe BJ Penn a Lot” (TUF 19 Finale Video)

July 7, 2014
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Frankie Edgar has gotten the best of BJ Penn in each of the three times they’ve fought, but don’t think that Edgar doesn’t hold any gratitude to Penn.

After Edgar defeated Penn for the third time, the Hawaiian determined he’d run his course in the sport and retired. Edgar had nothing but respectful comments for the former two-division champion, going as far as to say that the victory was bittersweet and he felt indebted to Penn.

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  • Smell It

    Boooooriiiiiing, UFC is booooriiiiing!!!

    • TheCerealKiller

      So, which promotion is better?

    • taylor2008

      Stick with your WWE.

  • dandogood

    Listen BJ Penn is terrible. Nick Diaz and Edgar showed how overhyped BJ is. 16-10 record screams average. No HOF for that boring lacklustre dull BJ Penn. BJ has no heart. gives up too easy.

  • dandogood

    screw BJ Penn that weak girly soft talking wimp. Rousey destroys this girly guy Penn. named right. weak as a broad.