Frankie Edgar: “I Will Defeat Charles Oliveira”

July 2, 2013
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Frankie Edgar UFC 144Former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar will compete in a non-title fight for the first time since 2009 when he faces Charles Oliveira on the UFC 162 main card on Saturday. He believes fighting a three-rounder instead of five rounds could force a welcome change his approach.

“It’s a blessing in disguise, I feel like, coming back to a three-round fight.  It’s going to make me get out of the gun early and make sure, first round, I’m in his face and I’m in the rhythm that I like to be in fourth and fifth (round),” Edgar told

Oliveira (16-3, 1 no contest) has logged submissions in all four of his UFC fights, earning Submission of the Night honors twice.

“He’s tough.  He’s dangerous.  Probably the tallest guy I may have ever fought.  He’s got pretty good Muay Thai.  He mixes it up well with kicks, knees, elbows.  He’s got a slick submission game. He’s willing to go from broke to go for submissions,” said Edgar about his opponent.

Edgar plans to utilize his striking against Oliveira and believes his takedown defense will be a key factor.

“For him to be able to take the fight to the ground, he has to be able to take me down.  As long as I can defend takedowns pretty well, I can keep the fight standing or I can end up on top,” he said.

“My biggest concern is just making sure you show up and do everything you did throughout the training camp, all the preparation that you prepared to do, and put it to work and make it all work for you,” said the 31-year-old former champion. “I will defeat Charles Oliveira.”

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  • I really hope one of these guys finishes this fight. Everybody is pretty much counting out Oliveira, which will take away all credibility for Frankie if he wins.

    • JRod

      No one should sleep on Charles. His submission game is second to none, and he finds ways to use it when fighters least expect it (ie Calf Slicer). I almost spit my drink all over my monitor the other day when someone said Frankie’s BJJ was better than Charles’. That world doesn’t and will never exist.

      I’m pulling for Charles to upset, but I certainly wouldn’t put money on it. Should be a good fight either way.

      • TheCerealKiller

        Actually, his submission skills are second to Jim Miller.

        • Jerm137

          Took the words out of my mouth…..

        • Manuel Lopez

          Oliveira is better than Miller as far as submissions go, in my eyes anyways.

          • TheCerealKiller

            Jim submitted him. Jim > Charles

          • Manuel Lopez

            He did? I stand corrected.

        • JRod

          I will admit that knee bar was freakin’ sick, but I’d take Charles in a pure BJJ match. Jim caught (use ‘caught’ loosely, it was perfect) him, and did a great job in that fight.

          Miller’s another guy (and JLau) that I really enjoy watch fight and always pull for.

      • Yes indeed, I just hope it is a good fight. It will be a very big win for Olivera if he can pull it off. His submission game is so slick.

  • Ryphon

    Going to be pretty refreshing watching Frankie fight in a non-title fight. The last one was in December 2009!

    • solo

      yea, thats incredible

  • WashedUpFrank

    You better Frankie…you better