Frankie Edgar Doesn’t Want Jose Aldo; He Still Wants Henderson Rematch

February 28, 2012
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Frankie Edgar and Dana White UFCThere is a battle a brewing in the UFC, but this one is set to take place outside the Octagon.

Former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar lost his title to Benson Henderson at UFC 144 in Japan over the weekend. Most fans and pundits agree that the decision – although it went unanimously to Henderson according to the judges – could be argued in favor of either fighter.

In the end, however, Henderson walked away with the belt, while Edgar went home empty handed.

Having granted immediate rematches to both of the two most recent fighters he’s faced (B.J. Penn and Gray Maynard), Edgar believes that such a courtesy should be extended to him, as well. But that’s where the crux of the situation arises.

UFC president Dana White has long believed that Edgar, as successful as he’s been at lightweight, has been fighting outside of his natural weight class of 145 pounds. He’s now using the loss to try and nudge Edgar out of the lightweight division down to featherweight.

“I have a lot of mixed feelings about a rematch. Frankie Edgar absolutely deserves one, seeing as how every fight this guy has fought, he’s given everybody else a rematch,” said White at the UFC on FX 2 pre-fight press conference.

“Yet, I don’t want him to fight at 155 pounds. I want him to go to 145 and fight for that title.”

He’s even offering Edgar an immediate shot at the belt currently wrapped around 145-pound kingpin Jose Aldo’s waist.

That’s all well and good by Edgar, but he wants a rematch just the same.

Edgar’s manager, Ali Abdel-Aziz, told as much on Sunday following the fight. And when contacted by senior reporter Damon Martin on Wednesday following White’s remarks, he reiterated those sentiments.

Abdel-Aziz was clear.

Edgar does not want to drop to 145 pounds. He does not want an immediate shot at Jose Aldo. He wants to get back what he believes is rightfully his, the UFC lightweight championship that Benson Henderson currently harbors.

White has made it just as clear that he would like Edgar to drop down to 145. But he has often said that he doesn’t make those decisions for fighters, he leaves it to the fighter and his camp to determine the fighter’s weight class.

And at this point, Edgar and his camp are all-in at 155 pounds.

Make no bones about it; Frankie Edgar wants his rematch!

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  • bajafox

    I hope the rematch is free on Fox if it happens, because if it’s on PPV that’s an extra $50 in my pocket

  • Towers66

    yup. I’m not shelling out 44 more dollars for a fight that i have no interest in watching. I’d rather wake up and read the results if Frankie is the main event. He is an outstanding fighter but not my favorite to watch.

  • Booker T

    Quit your whining and fight Aldo. Hendo will just kick your butt worse next time. He owns you now. Get over it.

    • MrAdidas

      WTF? Dude are you ******* stupid or just an idiot?!? Edgar should have won that fight, how Henderson gets awarded “pts” for kicking Edgar, who cought about 90-95% of them kicks, only to kick or punch Henderson after EACH & EVERY kick was cought.

      I find it so funny that morons like you, who clearly have no clue about MMA or anything, and your comment is proog of that … “Hendo will just kick your butt worse next time. He owns you now. Get over it” – Yeah b/c Henderson did so much Vs Edgar.

      The fact that Edgar was able to throw Henderson around the way he did, was very surprising, considering Edgar looked like a weight division below Henderson.

      • avbryce1

        WTF? Dude are you ******* stupid or just an idiot?!?
        look at the post fight press conference… Henderson looked exactly like he did before the fight. How did Edgar look? Like he just got his ass beat.

      • XIRandomHeroIX

        Dude catching a kick after it has done its damage is like trying to put a pin back in a grenade after it detonates… completely pointless. I think Frankie deserves his rematch but he definitely lost the fight

      • daviduppercut

        are you stupid or just an idiot?! taking someone down and not doing anything while on top doesn’t win fights! punching somebody’s fist and shin with your face doesn’t win fights! getting upkicked into oblivion doesn’t win fights! please tell us you dummy how he won the fight?

      • Booker T

        mradidas must be a stupid mexican who knows nothing about fighting. I’d like to kick his ass up his shoulder blades.

  • GiovanniB

    Yep, let him get his re-match, but only after Henderson vs Pettis II happens. GSP fought once before getting a re-match with Serra. Faber had to fight again before he got his re-match with Cruz and Faber vs Cruz was an exciting fight and more close than Edgar vs Henderson where Henderson pummeled Edgar’s ass. So yeah, let him fight a fight and if he wins in a convincing way, then let him get his re-match, mean while, he doesn’t deserve one.

    Oh, and by the way, the only rematch Edgar did was B.J. Penn’s the one with Gray doesn’t count because he had to rematch due to the fact he came to a draw with Maynard and not a close decision like with Penn.

    So forget about it Frankie, you got your ass handed to you, now sit and wait or fight one more guy and then you can get your rematch you are bitching about. Don’t give him an immediate rematch Dana, he’s not the boss, you are!

  • GiovanniB

    By the way Frankie, the only reason you don’t want an immediate title fight with Aldo is because you know damn well Aldo will leave you looking worse than Henderson left you and he will absolutely finish your career and you will have to go back to plumbing again.

  • drewnathan

    Not only do people not want to see an Edgar-Henderson rematch, but everyone wants to see Pettis-Henderson and Edgar-Aldo. Edgar is probably the only guy out there right now who could give Aldo a run for his money. I think after he cools off and talks to his management, he will make the smart decision.

  • D-rail

    Edgar has to keep proving he belongs at 155 by rematching every fight he feels he won? Size does matter at this point, with the list of lightweights pending, we’re not interested in anymore hissyfit rematches or watching u get KO’d. Dana’s giving u a fast-pass title shot at ur weight class, TAKE IT!

  • JBroce

    what are you gonna do Edgar? try to out point him again? Its not like youre going to try and finish so it’s NOT something any of us want to see. The only time he can finish is when the other person gasses. And he didnt even try to finish a gassed BJ in either fight so no, we dont want to see it. Dana gives the fans what they want, NOT the fighters, so hes not getting it. He’ll have to fight his way back at least one fight.

    • fitefan

      Maynard wasn’t gassed when Frankie ko’d him.

      • daviduppercut

        what are you talking about?! he was a zombie from trying to chase Edgar down and KO him!

        • fitefan

          Maynard punched himself out in the first round of the first title fight. Allowing Frankie to come back and eek out a controversial draw.
          He did not exhaust himself into a zombie like state in the first round of the second title fight. Frankie out struck him fair and square in the second round, and did what Maynard couldn’t, finish a hurt opponent.

  • lycan

    fight pettis kick his ass and theres Ur title shot frankie, and bendo won that fight , agree disagree i dont care hes the champ so just deal with it

  • natpaukar7

    I would be willing to watch that fight again and have a look at what they saw with Henderson winning. No one kicked any ones butt though…I must say. It was as close as a fight can be but I did personally have a slight edge for edgar considering that he looked stronger, quicker and with the exception of the upkick landed by Henderson, did more damage.

    all the same…rematch??? not too interesting though I think Frankie would more easily win the rematch it’s not my most exciting fight…Pettis Henderson 2? I think Henderson would probably kill him this time around…IMO…I would ideally of course…llike to see a motivated BJ penn come back and destroy everyone but he is either too old or too un motivated becasue he is useless past the first round…

    I see Edgar giving Aldo a good fight but perhaps ultimately not being enough….great fight though I’d pay to see it …

    • fitefan

      I agree. I think Frankie would win the rematch.
      Henderson would come in with too much confidence. He most likely wouldn’t develop a new fight strategy to fight a guy he already beat. Henderson is young, he would make that mistake.
      Frankie is very determined. He would come in focused, catch Henderson off guard as a different fighter and get the win.

  • Booker T

    mradidas must be a stupid mexican who don’t know ant thing about fighting. I’d like to kick his ass up his shoulder blades.