Frankie Edgar Can Get Immediate Title Shot, but Not Likely Against Benson Henderson

February 29, 2012
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Frankie Edgar UFC 144If the words of UFC president Dana White are any indication, it doesn’t appear that former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar is going to get an immediate rematch against new titleholder Benson Henderson.

He could, if he’s willing, however, get an immediate title shot.

“I have a lot of mixed feelings about a rematch. Frankie Edgar absolutely deserves one, seeing as how every fight this guy has fought, he’s given everybody else a rematch,” said White at the UFC on FX 2 pre-fight press conference.

“Yet, I don’t want him to fight at 155 pounds. I want him to go to 145 and fight for that title.”

As of Sunday, however, fresh off the loss of a fight that he felt he won, Edgar wasn’t anywhere near ready to consider a drop down to the featherweight division.

“Frankie deserves a rematch,” Edgar’s manager, Ali Abdel-Aziz, told after talking with his client on Sunday. “We’re going to ask for a rematch.

“Frankie in the future will go down to 145, but he’s not going to go down now, he’s not. He’s not getting manhandled. He’s not getting destroyed. He won the fight.”

Though he’s not getting manhandled, White points to all the wars that Edgar has gone through recently at 155 pounds. It’s difficult for a fighter to have a prolonged career when he has the back-and-forth, physically taxing battles that Edgar has had at lightweight, according to the UFC president.

Edgar has a tremendous heart, however, and that tremendous heart is a big part of why he is reluctant to step down in weight.

“Frankie’s not the type of guy to lose and then just cower and move to 145,” commented Abdel-Aziz. “This kid has so much heart and determination.”

He may have to employ that heart and determination outside the Octagon if he wants to remain fighting at 155 pounds in the UFC. White is adamant about the move, and is more than willing to dangle the title shot. In fact, White sees it not just as dangling a title shot, but as the right thing to do by Edgar.

“If I’m gonna deny him the rematch for the 155-pound title,” he said. “I’m gonna make him move to 145 and say, ‘Yeah, you’re gonna have to fight a couple fights first to get the title.’ Does that sound right? No.”

As of Wednesday, there had been no determination on what’s going to happen either with Edgar dropping down or in regards to who gets the first crack at Henderson.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen in this situation,” said White. “Frankie and I are still talking.”

Edgar and his camp were not immediately available for comment at the time of publication.

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  • T Spoon

    It would be a great move for Edgar. Henderson was just the bigger and stronger guy. Edgar does have a load of heart but lacks size! The drop down would be perfect for his career, he could do much more damage there!

    • MrAdidas

      How was Henderson was “stronger” guy – anyone who watched that fight seen Edgar throw Henderson around like a child. When they locked up, Edgar threw Henderson down like he was a child. The size diff was significant, but the strength seemed to be in favor of Edgar, which is very surprising, considering Edgars small size.

      BUT no way did Henderson seemed “stronger” Vs Edgar. Not even close.

      • fitefan

        You’re absolutely correct. Frankie did shrug Henderson off of him and toss him to the ground several times with little visable effort.
        No Henderson fan acknowleges it, none of them can get passed the up kick and Frankie’s swollen eye. The same eye that was all bloodied up when he KO’s Maynard.
        And Frankie did catch 90+% of Henderson’s kicks and retaliated with several strikes of his own. The kicks, credited for landing with power, had no visible effect on Frankie.
        The ‘manhandled and destroyed’ comments are 100% blatantly ignorant. The eye was the only injury. It’s moronic to think (not that morons think) Henderson destroyed Edgar in a fight he won by decision.
        Kind of a weak argument to claim such strong dominance and yet fail to finish it after 5 rounds.

  • No more rematches!

  • While admittedly we’ve never seen Edgar at 145, I dont think he can beat Jose Aldo.

    And if I was a featherweight, I would be pissed that Edgar gets a title shot in that division after coming off of a loss.

    • MrAdidas

      Dude, people often get title shots in the UFC when they move up or down in weight. BJ Penn got a instant title shot VS GSP. How do you think the WW’s felt about that? They fight in the WW for years, and then BJ wants to fight GSP, so he gets a title shot before any of them WW’s do. It’s called, part of the business. Not sure the featherweights would get pissed off at Edgar, considering it’s Dana’s idea & NOT Edgars.

  • GiovanniB

    “Frankie in the future will go down to 145, but he’s not going to go down now, he’s not. He’s not getting manhandled. He’s not getting destroyed. He won the fight.”

    What that hell do you mean? Frankie DID GET MAN HANDLED AND HE DID GET DISTROYED!

    LOL…this manager of his surely doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Both Frankie and his manager can kiss Henderson’s ass…LOL…

    Henderson, DO NOT GIVE THIS LITTLE ***** A REMATCH! If he chose to give a rematch to Penn, then that was his choice. I think Frankie is disrespecting Henderson by asking for an immediate rematch, so Henderson, for being disrespectful, don’t give him nothing. Let him earn his was back to a title shot, if not let him go get MAN HANDLED AND DESTROYED BY ALDO.

    Wait a minute, I got it. That’s what Frankie’s manager meant when he said, “Frankie is not getting manhandled, he’s not getting destroyed…” He meant, he will not deal with the fact that if he drops down to middle weight he will indeed get man handled and destroyed, so of course he wants an immediate rematch, so he won’t have to have his ass handed to him twice by two fighters who are better than him…LOL

    • MrAdidas

      Ur such an idiot dude, Edgar got manhandled & destroyed?!? WTF, thats why most people are saying Edgar won the fight. But you know what your talking about, some lsoer living with mom & dad. Maybe go back & watch the fight again junior, Edgar threw Henderson around when they used to get close, didn’t Edgar throw Henderson down to the ground 2 or 3 times, as if Henderson was a child?!?

      The ONLY damage Henderson did was the upkick, whic was nice, but what did Henderson do to actually win the belt? NOT much, since he actually lost the fight. Kicking is great, but when your oponent catches 90-95% of them kicks & then he lands a kick or combination … how did Henderson win this fight? Takeaway the cought kicks & Henderson didn’t land much, besides an upkick.

      • Henderson landed more strikes than edgar.. and pushed the pace, therefore he wins.

        • fitefan

          I don’t see how Henderson landed more strikes when Frankie answered every single leg strike with a combination of strikes. It is what it is tho, im not going to engage in an argument with fightmetric or compustrike atm.

          Pushing the pace is an outright mis truth. Henderson occupied the center of the Octagon. That’s because Frankie’s style is that of constant side to side movement and creating angles moving in and out of range. He’s not a stalker, he’s an angle creator and counter striker.

          Henderson bloodied Frankie’s face and swole his eye up real good, therefore he won. Period.

  • GiovanniB

    Correction: I meant Edgar drops down to feather weight, not middle weight…LOL

  • AmericanSpetsnaz

    This was a very close fight. I dont see how anyone could say Edgar got destroyed, they must not of been watching the fight I watched. IMO the upkick Henderson landed that did the damage to Edgars face was the difference in this fight between who would have taken the decision. Although Edgar does belong at 145 I think after this loss its not right for him to move down just yet. He was far from being dominated and I think he clearly deserves a rematch. However… If he was to lose a rematch there would be no way he could just go to 145 and expect a title fight coming off 2 loses.

  • oxygendrunkard

    Go rewatch the Maynard fights and see how Frankie was in those. FE was a shell of himself in this fight. Dont know what the deal was but if Frankie fought BH with the same fight as Maynard might of been a different outcome. I happened to watch the Maynard fight afterwards and the difference between the two performances was stark

    • fitefan

      I think Frankie training to fight only two different guys for the last 2 years may be to blame for part of his performance.

      I didn’t really notice any kind of game plan from him aside from some take downs that he wasn’t able to capitalize with. I think all of the leg catching was impromptu.

      He’ll need a better striking strategy to win a rematch. Like perhaps a 1.85 second 6 strike combo instead of his 1.5 second 4 strike combo.

  • lycan

    for the people that said edgar threw bendo like a child , heres the reall statistics out of 15 takedown attempts edgar went for, 5!!!! were sucessful , and 3 out of the 5 !! hendo got up in less then 5 seconds hendo kept his range and use his jab ( best weapon ) , and scared edgar and edgar putting more damage ? have u seen his face ?! the only damage he gave to hendo was his knuckles !! watch the fight again idc

    • fitefan

      5 for 15 is a 33% success rate. What’s that got to do with Frankie tossing Hendo to the ground when they got tangled, and Hendo NOT manhandling Frankie like the claim is?
      Nobody said Hendo had bad take down defense.

      The only damage is the eye. That’s it. The jab is a great weapon, no doubt about it. The only reason it put Edgar off was the upkick to his eye, which is where the jab goes, he didn’t want a doctor stoppage because it closed. And Henderson couldn’t capitalize on it. Some great damage dealer he was, none of those kicks from Henderson damaged or marked up Frankie either. so what’s your point? Henderson won becuase Frankie had the most visable damage? agreed.
      But that’s not manhandling, or destruction.

  • lycan

    I’ll give ya that one buddy , hendo was saying he kept tripping though hence the “manhandleing” but those are just words , Bendo hasn’t been able to finish in all his ufc fights coming to some pretty Damn close decisons ,but his fight with frankie I can’t see how it could have gone to edgars favor , the stats said hendo landed more stikes , and stats don’t lie , and the reason I brought up visible damage is cuz I see people writing Edgar inflicted more damage , if he won due to visible damage Chael sonnen would lose all his fights lmaoo