Frankie Edgar Calls For Rematch (UFC 144 Post-fight Video)

February 26, 2012
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Frankie Edgar at UFC 144Frankie Edgar at UFC 144 Post Fight press conference calls for a rematch with Benson Henderson starting that he had to deal with two rematches of his own.

Check out what Frankie Edgar had to say at the UFC 144 post-fight press conference in Japan….

  • No.

    Enough with the rematches. Go win a few and work your back to the title.

    • RonnieV

      rematches sre usually only rewarded if thw win was controversial. This was a controversial win!

      • No it wasn’t. Clear win for Henderson.

        • hollafront1314

          i agreed he got his owned..look at his face after the fight..i dont see how this fight is controversial..shields vs akiyama is cuz i had akiyama 2-1

          • RonnieV

            I had no preference who won the fight, I just thought Edgar won. It was very even most of the fight.

        • What fight were u idiots watching. Edagr won clearly. If you go back to when they annouce the winner you can see that Ben thought edgar won. Go back and look.

          listen this is a sport based on points unless you get knocked. frank out struck hendo 3:1 in punches and got multiple take downs. Of course Ben did damage because he is bigger but Frankie is a White boy so he bruises easy as shit and bleeds fast. Black/asian people have thick ass skin.

          Ben got muscled by a little guy getting thrown around and he was on his back. And Why is everybody forgetting when Ben got knocked down in the 5th. franks round.

          in order to beat the champion it has to be a domination win and this was not

          look at the diaz and condit fight.. same shit

          if frank doesnt get a rematch

          • omg u r talking out of you ass….. frankie did not outstrike him, my god are you just making that shit up??? Here I’ll give the REAL numbers supported by facts. significant strikes Ben 87, frankie 68, total strike ben 100, frankie 81, head shots ben 59, frankie 40. body shots, ben 28, frankie 23. and leg kicks ben 13, frankie 18. Ben was 1 for 1 in takedowns and frankie was 5 for 12.Ben locked on 3 submissions to frankies 0 and and he almost finished the fight via, submission and via knockout. Frankie never once improved his position after taking him down, ben got right back up suffering no damge eveytime. Henderson did 10 times more damage, almost finished the fight 2 times, controlled the octagon the whole fight. About as dominating as it gets. It’s all right here and it is facts. these numbers were calculated by a computer, so it gets no more clear cut. Google henderson vs. edgar mma mania metric fight stats. Ben won and there isnt even an argument.

  • The_SaavedraFiles

    that’s kind of unfair to say he could’ve very well won that fight , he to me landed way more shots than benson got more takedowns only defect from that was he wasn’t landing with power. i’d be okay with a rematch edgar. but he could go back to the drawing board and rack up wins if he choose too.

  • emmettbarnacle

    I don’t think I’ve ever agreed with short bus. If Carlos condit won then Frankie Edgar clearly won and it would be only fair to Frankie to get that rematch but he should still consider dropping to 145 where he would probenly be considered top 5 without even fighting there

  • maddawgmar

    I am completely in agreement with Edgar. I felt he won the fight, but I don’t fault the judging it was close. 48-47 okay but not a 49-46. He landed more and got the takedowns, mind you he didn’t keep him down, but scored none the less. I think he deserves a rematch. He was forced to fight BJ after the same type of win. Then after a draw an immediate rematch against Maynard. I take my hat off Ben Henderson he fought really well, but he knows he should give Edgar a rematch. Make it happen, Dana. I think Pettis needs one more fight before a title shot. Two in a row is not enough, after getting owned by Guida and a poor performance against Stephens (Stephens shoulda won), then one good KO deserves a title shot, no way. I say Pettis v Diaz winner gets a shot.

    • natpaukar7

      that sounds perfect…that would be a decent matchup too…I say diaz takes it rather easily if he looks as good as he did on cowboy. well said maddawgmar

  • DrkDisciple

    Frankie got beat up for 4 rounds….walked backwards for 5…made zero submission can anyone think he won the fight?…The only thing he one was the 5th round!

    • mma24069

      I don’t think I would give Edgar the 5th round, but I see were some are arguable. I went into this fight thinking Benson was going to win so I think that plays in a little, but I thought Edgar did walk backwards the whole fight and did zero damage, I think the take down before he caught the heel was the only take down where he held Benson down for more than 10 seconds and did a little ground and pound. Benson Bullied Frankie around the whole fight. If they would have gave it to Frankie that would have been a bad decision, but Benson looked like the champion out there owning his cage. Thats why he won. Frankie is a champion, Edgar vs Aldo is what needs to happen

  • whiteman17

    Yes he did land shots but they were meaningless shots,also he got takedowns but he did no damage on the ground therefore he didn’t score on them..he should really drop to 145 or pack on some weight

  • It wasn’t all that close. 49-46 is spot on. Henderson is just too big and strong for Edgar.

  • Frankie, seriously, he did enough to win the rounds, NOT A CHANCE DUDE YOU LOST AND GOT BEATDOWN IN THE PROCESS!

  • Prodigy815

    Frankie is a point fighter which i really hate,his corner even said something about it during the fight.

  • RonnieV

    49-46, 49-46, 48-47 = RIDICULOUS!!! Two PPV fights in a row, the judges scored the fight unanimously for a fight that should have been at least split decison. I thought Edgar won the fight, I simply do not understand the judging. Henderson looked awesome, but Edgar in my mind won three, possibly four rounds. Sounds like many people agree with me. This judging was almost identical to the Diaz/Condit fight. It seemed like almost every round could have went either way. Edgar deserves a rematch, simply because he was forced to give two rematches already. Sounds like the UFC Brass also thought Edgar won. In my mind a rematch is more deserving than a Pettis fight right now. Everyone is high on Pettis, because of last night Please check out his last two fights before saying he deserves a title shot.

  • decolonize

    While this was a close match, the bigger question for UFC, I think, is, with the decision done, what’s a money fight?

    This was a close match. Exciting fight? At points, but I don’t know this was nearly the show that Edgar-Maynard was or even Henderson-Guida was. And now with the Pettis backstory so attractive to sell for the UFC, with both Henderson and Pettis being exciting fighters, Edgar feels like the odd guy out.

    I watched this fight with casual fans who like Edgar and, before the decision was announced, even they said he didn’t do enough to win this fight. If casual fans are convinced Henderson overpowered Edgar clearly, they’re not likely to shell out money for a rematch.

    Do I personally think Pettis deserves a title shot? No. But UFC is in the business of attracting what Damon Martin often says are those casual fans. The Showtime kick/revenge match storyline plays well with casual fans. People will pay to watch it.

  • maddawgmar

    Clearly got beaten??? Then how come Dana and Fertita both scored the fight for Edgar? I scored it for Edgar too. Only the first round was clearly for Edgar and the second clearly for Henderson. Every other round is up for debate. I believe three and four went to Edgar, stand up was even Henderson landed harder shots but Edgar landed more, the different being the quick takedowns even though he did nothing with the he scored the none the less. And five I thought Henderson edged that one out. It the age old question, harder shots v more shots. I score it a two to one ratio. The harder shot getting two the lighter shot getting one. Edgar landed more shots easy two to one equaling henderson points but the takedowns did it in 3, and 4. Thats my view, and it all depends on judges view. I think Edgar deserve a shot.
    That being said, I’m tired of people thinking that moving down In weight means less talent or better match ups. What is Edgar’s most dangerous weapon, his speed. He goes down to 145 he loses a little bit of his speed advantage. It didn’t work for Florian, Faber, Bisping, etc. The list goes on and on. Edgar is where he needs to be. At a division he has great success at.

  • Towers66

    I’ve watched the fight just about 9 times. I’m a big fan of both fighters. I thought Edgar was going to win. Unfortunately he was outclassed in this fight. No need for a rematch on a fight that was so one sided. Grow from your loss, go down a class or get a W or 2 lined up and shoot for another title shot. He should not expect one, his performance does not merit an instant rematch in any way, shape or form.

  • google henderson vs. edgar mma mania metric fight stats, and tell tell me frankie won. you guys are ******* blind if you think frankie won….

  • im just glad you who though edgar won arent judges lol

  • tmaisons

    How about move down a weight class win the title defend it once then come back up and win the lw title again and make history as the only fighter to hold 2 weight class titles at once 🙂 Oh and I had Bendo 48-47 I think if it wasn’t for that upkick (and following pummeling) in 2 I would have gave the fight to Edgar because he was def in control before that happened.