Frankie Edgar Believes the Featherweight Questions Disrespect His Past Opponents

March 13, 2012
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While Frankie Edgar now knows that he will be facing Benson Henderson later this year for the chance to recapture the UFC lightweight title, his mood wasn’t always so jovial.

Just moments after losing his belt to Henderson at UFC 144 in Japan, UFC commentator Joe Rogan immediately asked him about a potential drop to 145 pounds.

A little while later, at the UFC 144 post-fight press conference, reporters in turn hounded Edgar about a potential move down to the featherweight division.

With a 14-2-1 record overall, all while competing in the lightweight division, in that moment Edgar wasn’t mad that the questions about him dropping to featherweight kept coming in, but he just didn’t understand why.

“At the time I was just so upset I just lost my title and everything, I don’t think I was even thinking about what anybody was really asking,” Edgar said on MMAWeekly Radio.

“In hindsight, I guess you could say I don’t know if you’d call it disrespectful, people have got a job to do, and (dropping to 145) is something that Dana was kind of hinting to, so I think the media was just following suit a little bit.”

Over the past several years, Edgar has picked up wins over names like B.J. Penn twice, Gray Maynard, Sean Sherk, and Jim Miller, who most believe are still the best of the best in the lightweight division. Not to mention he just lost a very close decision to Benson Henderson, in a fight many scored him winning.

So when it came down to questions about his move to featherweight, Edgar didn’t take offense, but he actually felt like it was a slap in the face to some of his past opponents.

“I’ve been so dominant at this weight class, I beat some very good guys, and I don’t feel it’s disrespectful towards me, I feel it’s disrespectful towards them,” Edgar stated. “It is what it is.”

Will Edgar ever decide to move down to featherweight?

The possibility will always be there, but with his rematch with Benson Henderson looming overhead for later this year, Frankie Edgar is looking to be the best lightweight in the world and featherweight is in his rear view mirror for now.

Earning another chance to get his belt back, that’s all Edgar wanted, and if he had to endure some talk about dropping down to 145 pounds to get there, it was all worth it.

“I’m just super fortunate to have the team that I have and the management that I have,” Edgar said. “And the support from the fans and everyone else to really have my back and get me this shot.”

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  • adam1848

    I agree with Frankie completely. Nobody hounded Machida or Shogun after Jones came along, and he didn’t squeak out a controversial decision, he finished them. And everybody can see they are natural middle weights, just like Frankie is a natural feather. Frankie does a great job at 55, so if he loses three in a row and and gets finished a few times, then lets begin the conversation about him moving down, but until then, Dana and reporters and everybody else needs to close their mouths and let the man fight.

  • handwash77

    I think its disrespectful toward frankie. its like there forcing him to 145 and giving him no shot at 155.

  • I am not not forking over money to watch him fight Henderson again.

  • Steven UK

    DW’s call for Frankie to move down says more about the reletive strength of the featherweight division than it says about Frankie. I’d much rather watch Frankie v Aldo rather than Frankie v Henderson II.

  • D-rail

    I say, let “The rematch kid” annoy all of us with his mission/goal to turn all his fights into repeats in the lightweight division. He wants to keep fighting there, so let him. But when the obvious happens, & he starts getting KTFO, he should not be given an immediate title shot at featherweight. He should get in line like everyone else and really earn it without any special treatment. I would pay to watch Aldo kick his little jersey ass to bantamweight, that way him and Dominic can have a five round dance-off.

    • Triggerman99

      You do realize that his rematches against Penn and Edgar weren’t his idea, right? Saying it’s his mission to have rematches is ridiculous.
      As much as some people don’t want to see this fight, the fact of the matter is Edgar deserves it.

      • MrAdidas

        Nicely said & I concur 100% with your assessment!

        D-rail: WTF? Yeah Edgar “WANTS” rematches, you idiot! He gave BJ & Gray instant rematches, but when Edgar “loses” a very very close decision (in which I thought he won), doesnt Edgar deserve the same “respect” he gave to BJ & Gray?!? HELL YES!

  • So does Ben get an immediate rematch if Frankie beats him? Would only be “fair” right.

    I hope this fight ends in a draw.

    • MrAdidas

      No, not the same at all. Edgar did 2 instant rematches with BJ & Gray. Edgar also defended his title 2 times, after he won it from BJ. So if Henderson loses this fight, he gets no rematch (unless Henderson actually won the fight, he could get a rematch, but I doubt it). If Henderson defended his title 2 or 3 times & then he “loses” a close fight that many had him as the winner, then you give him an instant rematch.

      Let’s not forget either, that … Most people, Dana White included, thought that Edgar won the fight Vs Henderson. So, unless Henderson loses a fight, that alot of people believe he won (like what happened to Edgar Vs Henderson), then I do not see a rematch.

  • Towers66

    Saving 44.99 on that PPV. Not a fight I have any desire in seeing. Plus a result that will be no different. Maybe less complaining on Edgars part. If it is a close decision and Edgar gets a win……Is it an automatic rematch for benson? Or a draw is it a rematch? That would be too funny. Sorry anthony, sorry jimmy, sorry nate you guys get to wait another year cuz we have another rematch in the lw division.

    • collideoverme

      I don’t want to see this either. And why Frankie is taking offense to dropping to 145 is completely childish. Period. It’s not disrespecting anyone at all. Edgar is a tough dude. But damn, get over it Edgar! I thought you won, but I don’t want to see you fight for the 155 title! Let someone else who has earned it get a shot. Go take a shot at the 145 and get over yourself.

  • Triggerman99

    I hope he and Henderson fight to 6 consecutive draws. That would be really funny to me!

  • Towers66

    If Edgar wins Benson gets a rematch because they will be 1-1. If Benson wins, edgar will complain and UFC will put the lw division on hold so they can rematch. If it’s a draw they will rematch. If a mouse farts they will rematch. If a t…etc…etc…etc.

  • Triggerman99

    I say if Henderson wins this time, have Edgar fight Maynard a fourth time. If he wins, immediately give him the 3rd fight with Henderson. If he loses to Henderson, have Maynard come in and fight for the title vs Henderson. Then, Edgar can fight the winner… another rematch.

  • shakejunt

    “I’ve been so dominant at this weight class.”

    Did your corner tell you that?

  • Towers66

    Maynard vs. Pettis would be nice or Guida vs. Maynard. Just a thought.

  • Short bus ur retarted and frankie should go down to get rapped by jose aldo but ok stay at 155 were ur gonna get butt rapped by ben smooth

    • Why exactly am I retarded?

      • Triggerman99

        You better be careful with that guy, he might butt rap you!