Frankie Edgar Believes He Should Get the Next Shot at UFC Champ Jose Aldo

November 23, 2014
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After dominating the No. 2-ranked featherweight Cub Swanson at UFC Fight Night 57 on Saturday, Frankie Edgar believes he should get the next title shot in the 145-pound division.

“It should be me. I think based on my performance, based on what I’ve done in my career, it should be me. That’s it,” said 33-year-old New Jersey native during the post-fight press conference in Austin, Texas.

It’s hard to argue against Edgar. He’s the former lightweight champion of the world. He’s earned seven Fight of the Night awards. He’s been nominated for an ESPY.

Jose Aldo vs Frankie Edgar at UFC 156 weigh-insWhat’s working against him is the fact that champion Jose Aldo holds a win over him. Edgar faced Aldo in his featherweight debut at UFC 156 in February 2013. He lost via unanimous decision in a fight that the scorecards didn’t reflect just how close it actually was.

Heading into Saturday’s fight, UFC president Dana White had said that if Swanson won, he’d get the next crack at Aldo. Edgar eliminated Swanson’s title shot and hopes his name will now be penciled in place of Swanson’s.

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“The next fight is always your most important. Of course this one had a little more implications because that title shot is looming. Certain people were promised it. I just beat the guy that was promised it, so I’m hoping I take that spot,” said Edgar during the UFC Post Show on Fox Sports 1.

Conor McGregor faces Dennis Siver at UFC Fight Night 59 on Jan. 18. If he wins, the Irishman believes he’ll be granted the shot at the belt. Edgar would be upset if he had to wait for a rematch with Aldo, but knows what he’s going do if that happens.

“I’d be disappointed. I’m not going to be a baby about it. What can I do? Just put my head down, go back in the gym, and earn another shot. That’s all I could do,” he said.

“I’m here to stay. I’m coming. I’m not going to be an easy fight for anybody. I guarantee that.”

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  • It was a good fight for Edgar….. But I would like to see mcgregor fight him instead for the title shot eliminator,…. It should be a definite test for both fighters to see who’s worth a title shot….. Not a big fan of the Irish guy cus of his big mouth, so go Edgar if it does happen!

    • Maddawgmar

      The only issue with that is you basically put Aldo on the sidelines for 6 months or more. One of those two need to be named the challenger, the other get a title eliminator. Now with Conor fighting Siver, depending on his performance and if he gets a medical suspension, that could tell who gets the shot.

  • Illanoid

    One of McGregor’s biggest advantages right now (besides his mouth) is that he has not yet fought Jose Aldo, therefore he has not has the chance to lose to Jose Aldo. The other top dogs in the division (Edgar, Lamas, Swanson and Mendes) do not have this luxury anymore.

  • Seth

    Edgar share his place with Mendes, Fitch, JDS and other guys like that. Good enough to win and stay as legit top fighter – but still not good enough to win the title. As much as I think he deserves that Aldo fight, I don’t want to see it yet. Because Frankie will lose, than beat 2 top contender…and what then? Trilogy? Based on what? He would be in the same spot in which Uriah Faber or JDS is now – absolutely top guy and obvious pick for no 1 contender…but no chance he will get it as long as Aldo is champion. That would be really his last shot as long as Aldo is the champion and he just can’t beat him… :/

    • Lucas Freire

      I guess we need to see Edgar vs Mendes vs McGregor vs Edgar sometime in the future to have a better view of the top 5

      • Seth

        I would really give Frankie 2 more fights. Now against Mendes and then against loser of Aldo/McGregor. I really, REALLY, don’t want see Edgar in the same spot that JDS is right now :/


      Pretty sure Edgar was the LW Champ and defended his belt multiple times, and he got robbed twice vs. Ben Henderson. Last time I checked Fitch & Mendes were never champs and dos Santos got lucky with a punch behind Cain’s ear, which still counts, but we all seen what happened in the next 2 fights between dos Santos vs Cain if dos Santos doesn’t land that lucky punch behind the ear, he gets embarassed for 25 mins or less.
      People seem to forget Edgar’s frst fight @ 145lbs was a title fight vs. Aldo and he barely won/lost that fight. Won two rounds and lost 3, not bad for his first ever fight at 145lbs. Now that Edgar has gotten used to that weight, weight cut, speed and how his body functions/moves around at 145lbs, I think he could definitely beat Aldo in a rematch. If Swanson was guaranteed the title fight had he beaten Edgar, how can Edgar not get it after he owned/spanked/humiliated Swanson?!? It won’t be an easy fight by any means, but I think Edgar will do much better 2nd time around, he always has in every rematch vs. Penn, Maynard and Ben Henderson (which he got robbed).
      I think Edgar vs. Aldo and then the winner figts Connor (assuming he beats Siver – no easy feat, but Connor should win in January). By the time Connor fights in Jan, Aldo vs. Edgar could be 2-3 months away and that can give Connor some time to rest, then train and fight the winner of Aldo/Edgar in late summer 2015 or early fall.

      • Seth

        All Edgar can do is go there, dance around for 25 min, PRAY for decision, lose and go back to saying “I thought I did enough to win”. He was LW champion only because he fought BJ, when BJ wasn’t his old self. Then he got lucky with 2nd Maynard fight – I will give him credit for 3rd one, he got that one hands down – and next 3 fights he…barely did anything. Maybe he was robbed, maybe not. But LOSING TWO title fight at higher weight doesn’t make you no 1 contender at other weight. For that alone he should work longer for another shot. He leapfrogged ALL top 145ers before, not they should leapfrog him.

        Anyway, its not like he can beat Aldo anyway…

        • cheflacsto

          Seth I think you are foolish. You won’t get Edgar vs anyone else besides ALdo or Mendes. They aren’t going to have future title contenders battling and knocking each other out of Aldo’s way. Jose didn’t dominate Edgar nearly as bad as people think. Frankie would probably beat McGregor and Dana is not about to let that happen. Edgar will get his chance either next or shortly after Aldo – McGregor match up. Mendes wants McGregor anyway and I don’t think Frankie or Mendes are a good matchup for Connor.

          • Seth

            All I want to avoid is Edgar being in JDS/Faber place. I don’t want to see Edgar being that top guy that can’t get the title shot because he blew all the chances he got. And if he faces Aldo now and losess…that’s what he will become. Eternal #2 guy, without a chance to fight for the belt again… :/

          • cheflacsto

            I understand your point but if the guy deserves the shot, you gotta give it to him. If Aldo beats him again you are correct Frankie will have a long journey to get another shot or he will have to change weight classes again.