Frankie Edgar and Ronda Rousey On Hand for UFC Donation to Creative Bronx School

May 12, 2012
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Frankie Edgar and Ronda Rousey on UFC trip to Bronx Academy of LettersOn the UFC’s recent return trip to New Jersey for UFC on Fox 3, the promotion stopped by a local school with Ronda Rousey, Frankie Edgar, and Anthony Bourdain, host of the Travel Channel’s No Reservations, in tow.

The school, the Bronx Academy of Letters, was founded on the belief that students that can express themselves clearly in writing can do better in any path they choose in life. Their students achieve mastery of the written word in the context of a rigorous, college-preparatory environment that celebrates vision, expression, tenacity, inquiry, integrity, and compassion.

So what is the draw of the school for the world’s most prominent mixed martial arts promotion?


The Bronx Academy of Letters, founded on the academic principles of literature, has an ongoing jiu-jitsu club.

“It’s always great to see educators expanding their horizons and incorporating a program that will help the students learn focus, control, and commitment in the jiu-jitsu environment,” said Reed Harris, UFC Vice President of Community Relations.

Bourdain, who is a world-renowned chef, the host of “No Reservations,” and also happens to be a huge UFC fan, hosted the event. During the ceremonies, Strikeforce champion Ronda Rousey and former UFC champion Frankie Edgar took the stage, presenting the school with a $5,000 donation form the UFC.

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  • opposition13

    I used to like frankie before he became an overconfident doushbag…….nowa days…I welcome him getting knocked out….good riddance when the UFC cuts him out…..

  • Well I still like Frankie and I do not agree with you’re statement that he has become overconfident. If anything how can that be the case when in all of his fights he is always the smallest fighter in the cage.Frankie is still a cool guy with the best walkout song in the UFC!

  • alhmiel

    Ronda Rousey can be the world wide face of MMA and the greatest figurehead the sport has ever scene. Dana is smart making her recognition grow. Just keep the man cyborg away from destroying Rousey which will happen if they fight. Rousey will get beat worse than two ton Carano did.

  • alhmiel

    So refreshing to see a woman’s athlete actually look like a woman.