Frank Shamrock: Bound by Blood Premieres Thursday Night (Video Preview)

October 10, 2013
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Frank ShamrockLegendary mixed martial artist Frank Shamrock is ready to confront his past, including his estranged brother, Ken Shamrock. Watch “Frank Shamrock: Bound By Blood” Thursday, October 10, 11e/10c on Spike.

Preview video courtesy of Spike.

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  • sbuffalonative

    All the best, Frank.

  • #1mmafan.

    Good show. It was done well. Glad to see the Shamrock brothers patch things up and get closure. Good job guys!!!

  • bboycoy

    That’s hilarious! What? Maybe five people care about watching a docu on the Shamrock’s??

  • FokkNvts

    I missed the first 15 minutes…. when will it air again?

  • loren binaley

    AWESOME DOC. FRANK SHAMROCK was a big inspiration to me and one of the GREATEST fighters of his era.

  • tom

    ariel helwani just quoted on mma hours that we might see a fight betwenn frank and ken in a near future!!! if its true it would be a joke!!!!