Frank Mir Thinks Big Nog Hasn’t Changed Much

December 7, 2011
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Frank Mir wasn’t jumping up and down about facing Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira again after knocking him out in their first bout.

Mir was more motivated however after Nogueira said he was injured and was dealing with a staph infection for their last fight, so he’s happy to do it all over again.

Looking at Nogueira’s win over Brendan Schaub, Mir was impressed but says he still doesn’t believe the former Pride champion has changed that much since their last fight.

Check out the full interview with Frank Mir prior to UFC 140:

  • bajafox

    Even if Mir beats Nog again, he’ll most likely never hold the belt again

  • Mir is making a big mistake by underestimating Minotauro. Mir is a joke!!

  • Big Nog is a good fighter but he is also a cry baby stay home an dont bitch if you are hurt. I hope Mir beats your ass agin

  • MikeMc1983

    I guess I might have read it wrong, but I didn’t get that he was under estimating big nog. When he actually said he was the same fighter it was being compared to a time when big nog was doing well. I can see Mir not liking the fight. It would be hard for him to out do his first performance.

  • RubeKegal

    Yeah MikeMc, I didn’t get that he was underestimating him either, but Jose often talks out of his rectum on this site.

    Mir certainly is no joke

  • tsszaltax

    I had an opportunity to meet Frank Mir when he was promoting a muscle building drink in my home town. There was a fairly small line of people there because MMA is still not as popular here in Indiana. Once we got up to the table, he took pictures and signed a photo and we talked about 10 minutes (we were last in line at that time) about all sorts of stuff. A crowd of people came up and he actually asked us to stick around till he was finished and we said sure. After he finished with the crowd, he took the time to find us in the store and continued the conversation where we left off. He even came out to the parking lot and checked out my bike because he used to ride. Very, very cool guy. I never understood why so many people criticized him for being a (jerk).

    • Cptmats

      Its not that he’s a jerk, he’s just really cocky sometimes. Just the same he seems like a decent guy and he’s a fairly good fighter.

      Funny you should say “he used to ride” cause thats how he lost his UFC tittle. He was T-boned on his bike and shattered his leg !

  • tsszaltax

    I know. He was riding a black Hayabusa and a car ran a stop sign. He told me all about it and showed me the scars. I dont even make him out to be cocky. He’s very well spoken which makes him sound that way, and he’s confident, but name a fighter thats not confident in themselves? Others just answer questions honestly while some tend to hold their true feelings back. I admire his forwardness.

  • tsszaltax

    I just noticed one of my words were changed by the moderation team and would like to apologize to the mmaweekly staff for using such language. It wasnt directed toward anyone specifically, but nonetheless I could have chosen my words better. My apologies.

  • fsunoles09

    yea ts thats happen to me to but mir isnt underestimating big nog.mir himself says he has such and i quote”esteem” for nog i just think mir is tellin people exactly what the deal is nog hasnt aquired very good head movement in his mma carrer, nog still doesnt move side to side but laterally thats not underestimating him thats just understanding his opponent. and id have to say nog is full of excuses like mir said how u gonna underestimate a former world champion, then he comes out talkin bout he was hurt and sick and all this but if ur that hurt and sick drop out the fight instead of takin the fight losing then makin excuses about it.and again goin back to what mir said “staph infection doesnt effect your chin, i knocked him down 3 times in the 1st round” i agree mir i agree