Frank Mir Still Unsure About His UFC Future

September 21, 2014
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Frank MirFormer UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir has been rather quiet since his last fight, leaving us all in the dark about what the next step will be in his career.

He’s coming off of a four-fight skid, losing consecutive bouts to Junior dos Santos, Daniel Cormier, Josh Barnett, and, most recently Alistair Overeem. All those fighters are or were near the top of the division, but losing four-straight all but ensures that Mir will never get another glimpse of the UFC belt.

Despite the writing on the wall, Mir has yet to make a definitive decision about his future. He has trained at Greg Jackson’s gym in Albuquerque, N.M., for his past three fights, and has continued to help other fighters, like Travis Browne, train for their bouts even though he has none scheduled, but that’s still not much of a hint that he’ll continue fighting.

“I really don’t know. I’m kind of just taking time off and weighing that out,” Mir said on a recent edition of the MMA Fight Corner Radio, when queried about his career. “That’s a decision that me and my family are still trying to… we haven’t come to a conclusive idea yet.”

Mir has been busy traveling throughout South America to help promote the sport and build awareness of mixed martial arts, but as for his in-cage escapades, he remains unclear.

Mir has spent nearly the entirety of his career in the UFC. Stepping into the Octagon to fight has to be almost equivalent to breathing air for the Las Vegas native.

He began his career in 2001, fighting twice before finally entering the Octagon; where he would go on to defeat the likes of Pete Williams, Tank Abbott, and Tim Sylvia, en route to becoming the UFC heavyweight champion.

Continuing on into the more modern era of the UFC, Mir notched victories over Brock Lesnar, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic, Roy Nelson, and others.

His career record currently stands at 16-9.

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  • name

    Mir vs Arlovski.

    • gigger

      Man, if Mir were to win that would be a sad day in my life

  • solo

    Wait Frank, wait for Velasquez to beat Werdum so that you two can square off!

    • julian moran

      Mir would not deserve Werdum (even coming off of a loss), and Werdum would just offer Mir his 5th consecutive loss.

      • Guest

  • julian moran

    Mir vs Vera rematch.

    • Dragon Kid

      Vera got cut a while ago.

    • TheCerealKiller


      • snapdad

        its people like this that make the world F’ed up. then u got people who glorify people like chris benoit(dragon kid), who murdered his wife and son before killing himself. yah, that’s real funny.

        • Dragon Kid

          Glorify? I was a fan of his work in the ring, not so much what he did on the final days of his life. Unlike you I can seperate the good he did in his life & not view him as a monster and still crying about what he did 7 years ago and then bring up a sore subject that will never get resolved. Ppl like you really need to move on from it.

          • snapdad

            fan of his work? a roided up fake wrestler. ok, sure. and when someone commits a crime as bad as he did, you cant separate the good and the bad. my guess is, you are a young kid, so you wouldn’t know. I have a wife and kids, so whatever “good” he did gets overshadowed by the bad, and that’s what he will always be known for.

          • Dragon Kid

            Maybe you can’t seperate the good and the bad so don’t pass your bulls**t onto me. Ever occurred to you he wasn’t in the right mind mentally & psychologically?!? Look up the facts before u start trolling. I think you’re just a hater who just wants to hate for the sake of it. Sorry I haven’t got time for d#ckheads like yourself. Like I said, you need to move on and stop crying bout something that happened 7 years ago.

          • TheCerealKiller

            You can’t spell separate. You are a fan of WWE. How can anyone take your comments sirius?

          • Dragon Kid

            I don’t care about spelling unlike grammar nazis such as you who think they’re so perfect & complain about the dumbest things … smh!!!

            I may be a fan of the WWE product previously but I know my stuff when it comes to MMA. Unlike yourself I don’t see the ufc as the be all, end all. That’s why no one takes you seriously.

          • snapdad

            sorry it took so long for me to reply, I got this thing I do everyday called a job. wow, you are one angry kid. sorry if I hurt your feelings. I see you changed your avatar. why? I guess its not so cool anymore.

          • Dragon Kid

            I can always change it back but then you’d get all butthurt and cry more about the Benoit incident. So much for being a “dad with kids”. You’re just an insecure punk who can’t handle an opinion.

          • snapdad

            but you keep coming back to see what I have to say, and you changed your avatar because of me. for being a insecure punk, ive had quite the influence on you. but anyway, this is boring me. tell mommy I wont be home for dinner.

          • Dragon Kid

            Nah I changed my pic because I can and felt like it. I think u have influence on me? Haha. You keep telling yourself that insecure little punk. Go troll elsewhere dimwit.

  • Dragon Kid

    Wouldn’t mind seeing a Mir vs Gonzaga fight. Decent strikers with good bjj. Or maybe a fight with Brendan Schaub.

  • TRT-rex

    I was thinking more on the lines of Mir vs Lesnar. The weird thing is, that fight would sell!

    • TheCerealKiller

      Sad thing is, I’d buy it.

  • greaterworks

    Best thing is to let him fight an up and comer rather than a big name, to see if he still got it. If he loses again, at least he knows where he stands and can make a better decision on his career.

    • Guest

      Mir vs Soa Palalei?

  • TheCerealKiller

    Mir vs Ruan Potts, loser gets cut.

    • Guest

      You’re an idiot.

      • TheCerealKiller

        Tell us something else we don’t already know.

  • mmalive

    Frank Mir is a EXCELLENT submission fighter.

    His striking is decent but NOT in today’s MMA standards.

    Give Mir a name fighter to square off with.

    If He loses then RETIRE is FOR SURE.

    Mir has and EXCELLENT chance in new career with analyzing fights for Fox, HDNet Fights, and any other organization.

  • troop

    I thought it was a done deal that he was going to fight Big Nog in early 2015?