Frank Mir: “If We Go Through My Career, I’m Always the Underdog” (UFC on Fox 7 video)

April 19, 2013
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Former UFC heavyweight champion Frank-Mir-UFC-146-weigh-478x270Frank Mir has often been the underdog throughout his career; that’s nothing new as he heads into his UFC on Fox 7 bout with Daniel Cormier.

He’s also often been told that he needs to change up his training, maybe look outside his comfort zone to go and train somewhere – like Jackson’s MMA in Albuquerque, N.M. – where he’s no longer the biggest dog in the fight.

This time in his career, after having a heart-to-heart talk with his wife and father, Mir decided it was finally time to get out of his comfort zone and moved his camp to Jackson’s MMA. He believes it has paid off, particularly in his conditioning. But, he still understands that he’s the underdog… and why that is so.

“If we go through my career, I’m always the underdog,” Mir recounted during a Thursday media scrum. “I think the pretty boy face just does not bode well for people to think I’m gonna smash somebody.”

Check out what Frank Mir had to say during his media scrum interview in San Jose, Calif.

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  • Scotty_O

    Like a dog with peanut butter in his mouth.

  • falloniousWolf

    Not really. He was the favorite in most of his fights that he lost.

    Against Cheick Kongo he wasn’t the underdog.

    Against Nelson, Cro Cop, Nog he wasn’t the underdog.

    Against JDS and Cormier he was is the underdog.

  • jeremy

    I have no clue why Mir would be the underdog..

  • Supaman

    pretty boy face?? lol

  • frankwillwin

    frank mir will win this fight simply because, he will use his head to think more sure he is a good boxer but, he wont trade with cormier he will try to use his bjj, and try to submit cormier…

  • tacocat

    Mir has always gotten under my skin in his pre-fight interviews. He’s very talented, but aloof and cocky at the same time. During fights, he tends to think since he’s got a big boy frame that he’s got a big boy chin. He often tries to shoulder roll as a defense or take on unnecessary punches thinking he can absorb them. He’s failed doing both. It’s like his ego wants to prove something he can’t back up. He can win fights with his great ground game, but sometimes gets caught fighting the other guy’s fight for perplexing reasons. Maybe it is cardio. Some fighters seem content to take punches when they get tired rather than exerting the energy to avoid them. I guess we’ll see if the stint at Jackson’s changes this. I say too little too late: DC takes the fight. (I must add, I’ll take Mir calling fights over Florian any day of the week.)