Frank Mir Could Still Get UFC 146 Main Event Slot Against Junior dos Santos

April 12, 2012
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Frank Mir
When UFC president Dana White made the announcement that the No. 1 contender’s match between former champions Cain Velasquez and Frank Mir would still happen at UFC 146, many wondered why Mir wasn’t the choice to face Junior Dos Santos in the main event with Alistair Overeem’s status still up in the air after a failed drug test.

Overeem tested positive for a high testosterone to epitestosterone ratio. He is currently awaiting a hearing in front of the Nevada State Athletic Commission on April 24 to find out if he will be licensed for the UFC 146 card or not.

And that’s where the story takes an interesting twist.

While most have already eliminated Overeem from the UFC 146 main event, technically he’s not out yet, so nobody has been contacted as a potential replacement, and likely won’t be until after the April 24 hearing.

“The latest is the following: I think if you notice the (Cris) Cyborg thing, she was never stripped of her title until they go in front of the commission and get their cases heard and stuff, and now her title’s been officially stripped. The same thing happens with things of this nature,” Frank Mir’s manager, Malki Kawa, explained when speaking to MMAWeekly Radio.

“Overeem’s not officially out yet until the Nevada State Athletic Commission decides.”

As Kawa explains it, should Overeem be exonerated of any wrongdoing, his rightful place will still be in the UFC 146 main event. Until that point, he doesn’t believe the UFC will make any changes to the upcoming title fight with Junior dos Santos.

“So let’s just say they were to say ‘you’re out,’ we’re going to put Frank Mir in. I think there’s a bout agreement in place right now between Overeem and Junior dos Santos, and I think legally if he gets licensed, he has an opportunity to take action or what would happen is they would say ‘hey Frank Mir you’re going to JDS (Junior dos Santos)’ and the 24th comes, which is two weeks away, and then they turn around and say ‘Overeem here’s your license.’ Well now Frank guess what you’re going back to fight Cain (Velasquez) and Overeem you go fight JDS,” said Kawa.

“So to avoid confusion, what I think is happening is they’re going to wait for the decision, if Overeem gets licensed, everything goes on as planned. If Overeem doesn’t get licensed, then you can bet your house there’s going to be a replacement. I tend to think that it will be Frank Mir, but who knows? No one has said to me it’s going to be Frank Mir for sure. I asked, I’ve been pushing, I pushed, I’ve been trying to get a commitment from somebody, please just tell me it will be Frank Mir, but I think they’re being tight lipped about this one.”

Should Overeem not get licensed by the powers that be in Nevada, the UFC will soon turn to alternatives to face the heavyweight champion on May 26 in Las Vegas.

Some fans have been pushing for former K-1 fighter Mark Hunt, who is currently also slated to fight on the UFC 146 fight card against Stefan Struve, to get the title shot, most believe if the call is made to anyone it will be to Frank Mir.

A former UFC heavyweight champion, Mir has won his last three fights in a row including a devastating submission victory over Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira at UFC 140 last December.

If Overeem is not able to get licensed for UFC 146, Kawa believes that his client will be the first person on Joe Silva’s speed dial to get the fight.

“I think it will be Frank Mir. I don’t know anyone else that can get it,” Kawa explained. “I think Frank Mir will end up getting the shot in the event that Overeem can’t get licensed.”

To hear Malki Kawa’s full radio interview including updates on Carlos Condit, Benson Henderson, and more, tune into Wednesday’s edition of MMAWeekly Radio.

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  • If I was dos Santos I would start switching my training to focus on submission defense. Overeem isn’t going to be in this fight.


      there is no need to train submission defense when u r fighting Mark Hunt. im not interested in watching Mir vs Dos Santos.

      • DrkDisciple

        I guess that would mean that you really believe that Dana White would give a title shot to a fighter that is not even likely to be ranked top 20? I have serious doubts on that!!!!!

        • Cptmats

          Do you really believe Dana White would pass up money for the sake of fair play ? A lot of people want to see JDS vs Hunt, and don’t be fooled by his record, JDS is looking for a ground war and Hunt is as dangerous as anyone standing !

          • Cptmats

            correction: JDS Isn’t looking for a ground war

          • DrkDisciple

            I also want to see JDS vs Hunt but it wont happen. As far as JDS looking for a ground war? ohhh I think he would need a gps to find it!

          • Cptmats

            It very well could, Don’t see why you think its so far fetched. Its the kinda move thats come to be expected by Dana White.

  • tsszaltax

    Second to last line….”I dont anyone else that can get it”. Shouldnt there be a “know” in there somewhere?

  • Maine2Alaska

    It stinks, if it is Frank. If he wins, it really stinks for the UFC. Put Mark Hunt in there. I could see that being a war. And if Mark Hunt won, wouldn’t stink..

    • johnnylopes

      ^^ im with him… Give Mark Hunt a shot.. nothing gets messed up that way n its still a great card… Mark Hunt has a fighters chance, JDS got lucky wit Cain..

      • pooby

        Yeah, JDS is just the luckiest bastard in the world……. lol

        • johnnybooker

          I guess you could say he got lucky that Cain must not have read the scouting report on JDS…and decided to test JDS’ standup instead of trying to rough him up a bit ala Gonz/Mirko before standing with him.

          But drugs or no, I’m very disappointed the original fight isn’t going through. Many people alluded to it in other posts…EVERYONE knew Overeem was juiced…and wanted to see the fight anyway.

          Hunt would be fun to watch though, as improbable as that may be.

  • ardog

    The Mir/JDS matchup is a good one. JDS will want to beat Mir down for breaking Nog’s arm. I don’t know that it will be a great war of a fight but Hunt isn’t really a better choice, people are just sick of Mir.

  • mradriel1

    Mark Hunt is the logical choice and he needs to be given a shot. It is the only good option that won’t mess up the card.

  • zacharydetal

    Mark Hunt would be a terrible choice. He could barely get by Ben Rothwell. JDS could probably beat both of them at once.

  • julianmoran

    Mir vs Dos Santos for the title.
    Cain vs Werdum for the next title shot.

    What ever the outcome of these bouts, the next one will be interesting.

  • TKD

    Mir vs. JDS. And when Mir loses, hopefully he will ride off into the night and never be seen again.

  • joan

    What a let down. I was looking for the overeem-dos santos fight so much. Now I dont care too much for that event. Well, at least we still have jones vs evans. But its true, the logical choice is mir.

  • maddawgmar

    You people that say Mark Hunt is the only logical fight are stupid. He would be murdered inside the first minute. He is a brawler, JDS is a boxer. JDS has heavier hands and cleaner striking. Hunt is a joke on a lucky run. I bet you are the same people who believed Brock earned a title shot after beating one guy.

    In the real world, not lala land. Mir is the next in line. Mir or Cain are the highest ranking HW after Overeem and JDS, and since Cain just got KOd by JDS, Mir gets the nod. If Mir or even Cain gets the shot Werdum can fill in against the lone fighter and the card doesnt take that big of a hit.

    • johnnybooker

      Hunt is a brawler…implying he’s not a kickboxer? Or are you just saying in the “open air” of an MMA fight his kickboxing is reduced to mere brawling? Not even gonna say he would win a fight with JDS…but he most def could.

    • Cptmats

      You Sound like a bit of a joke to me, Hunt is one of the most elite stikers on the planet even past his Prime ! He has beat three or four guys in a single night, all of which would have a chance against JDS ! Mark Hunt Is A K-1 Legend !

  • 47willys

    mark hunt is not all around fighter, he was amazing at kick boxing, is is a hall of famer. he got caught by fedor and overeem and others by subs. in fact he was controlling them. ya he sucks with submission by ufc standards. but frank mir sucks with boxing by ufc standards. and no chin, from what i can tell. and i really like frank mir. he’s very smart. mark hunt is 3-1 in the ufc, let him fight for the ufc belt. not pride or other promotion belt. he was a hall of famer before ufc, its hard for me to argue if he earned it or deserves it. hes not in the top 5. the only two things i can support mark hunt is he had a great all around career and he is the peoples warrior. im a big fan of mark hunt i was so excited to see him get his chance in the ufc. all the mark hunt haters dont know real mark hunt. you gotta love his will and toughness. and i gotta add in i have alot of respect for jds, i love a rags to riches story, respect a man with humble heart.

  • Maine2Alaska

    I can understand everybody’s points.. accept the one about Hunt being a brawler.. He’s actualy almost opposite.He times counter punches, very accurate, His power is scary. And the guy never gets busted up. You could wrap a baseball bat around the guys face and it wouldnt scratch.
    Like i said earlier..the match up would be a war. It would be fun just to see if JDS could bust him up. If he did.. just more respect..

  • overeem is fighting 146 dana just sent in 12 of the best us lawyers in the united states overeem flew in 17 doctors that he has seen over 5 years he has a 51 page report zuffa is backing him 100% he will get a license he will test after an before and be clear there positive of this that is why dana is so calm this is major money nevada knows this much backing on the fight could hurt them in the long run overeem was not licensed to fight he was just showing up for a presser so he did not have to tell them anything and he will fight come ufc 146 and the show go’s on when you have the money the power and the position things happen an this will be one of those things where zuffa uses there power to back someone so much that it is forgotten. And you think that can’t happen it has many times before without anyone knowing if zuffa said we will put every event we have in California or somewhere from now on for big fights that would suck Nevada dry on the economy side of things! And zuffa is backing this harder than anything they have ever done before! overeem will be cleared and will be the champ at ufc 146 easy ko victory and he will run the ufc until someone learns you must learn his fight