Frank Mir, Bigfoot Hunter: ‘I Am Very Capable of Beating Anyone in the World’ (UFC Video)

February 19, 2015
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(Video courtesy of UFC)

Frank Mir is a dangerous heavyweight and confident in his abilities, especially his submission skills. But he is heading into enemy territory when he faces Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva on Sunday in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

> CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO of Frank Mir Submitting Brock Lesnar

Check out what Mir has to say about his athleticism, strength and his opponent, Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva.

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  • jaxx1213

    hahahahaha he isnt serious is he? Oh he is let me laugh harder HAHAHAHA

    • drkdisciple

      lmao..completely agree with you.

    • Sir_Roy

      Why wouldn’t he be serious … how did Frank Mir become someone’s joke all of a sudden. Bigfoot’s not out of his league. Not even close. Frank’s a dangerous, dangerous HW grappler.

      • Roymom

        You are funny we get it.

        Frank is a dangerous, dangerous HW grappler?

        • Sir_Roy

          Dude holds the record for the most Heavyweight finishes inside the Octagon. Just stomped Bigfoot in the first two minutes of the first round. Time to shut your pie-hole.

          You paper fans crack me up. Keep creating them “mom” accounts chump. Gives me a fun platform to say what I want to say. You do me a favor. Only brand of attention you get in life I suppose. Moron.

    • Sir_Roy

      Still laughing?

  • Seth

    He is not serious. Its one of those things they have to say to try and hype up the fight. Frank is smart dude, he knows he’s no where near being top HW as he used to be – thats why he thought about retirement after his last fight. No need to make fun of him for saying that, even he himself doesn’t believe that.

  • Poopy

    Franky poo, if that’s true, why have you lost your last four fights?

  • taylor2008

    I know you are hyping the fight Frank. You couldnt take Overeem down do you think you will take Silva down? How many fights have you lost in a row? I hope Frank wins but it seems like its time for Bellator.

    • deepgrim

      frank did manage a takedown against overeem

      • taylor2008


        • deepgrim

          was simply correcting the fact that he did take overeem

          • taylor2008

            And thats all he did. Couldnt do anything to him. Overeem owned him.

        • Boris

          funiest reply of all time… Hahahahahahahaha… you make stupid comment but a least you’re funny

          • taylor2008

            Evidently you arent educated by your reply. What did Frank do to Overeem? Overeem took every round and owned Frank. And I wanted Frank to win. I truly hope he trained hard at Jacksons camp and beats bigfoot.

    • Sir_Roy

      Can we all say “Timber!!!”. Yeah. That’s Bigfoot going down.

      Looks like Frank’s got his shite together.

      • taylor2008

        I was happy. I am a fan of Frank. I was hoping he would beat Silva, but his last 4 fights didnt prove well. Hope he finds a home at Jacksons camp.

  • cheflacsto

    Frank was my favorite fighter for a long time, and somewhere along the way he lost his drive. I think the ability is still there, it is documented that he just doesn’t train as hard as he should. He is right about his ground game, but if his wrestling is not good enough to get a fight there he is toast.

    • FrankMom

      Doubt Frank Mir appreciates ignorant fans.

      Frank Mir trained as hard as anyone in the game. He is just not good enough to cut it. Period.

      • cheflacsto

        Wrong, Frank himself admitted that he wasn’t training properly, in Vegas and that is why he has been at Jackson’s the past few camps.

      • deepgrim

        I remember interviews with joe rogan were they would hint at the fact that he wasnt training hard enough and that he could be in better shape to fight back in the day. Those were the days when having talent alone was enough to be a top level fighter

    • deepgrim

      i think since he has been at jacksons he has looked in good enough shape but with the few pounds he lost, he seemed to give up a bit in the grappling department (on the feet), he has only lost to good fighters but big foot is decent so it could be a hard night for him. The statement itself isnt that ridiculous, on a given night im sure he capable of getting a win against top fighters- but he hasnt done it for a while

      • cheflacsto

        I agree completely and his cardio does look better but he can’t take any of these guys down anymore. Hopefully he can pull it out.

        • deepgrim

          He never seemed to persue the takedown enough for me even tho his submission skills are top notch. seemed happy to work his guard if he was taken down. Big foot off the trt against arlovski didnt look anything special and pretty slow so frank might have a chance to show the striking off in this fight. another defeat is surely retirement

          • cheflacsto

            You called it exactly.

  • I’m sure you’re capable of doing so Mir, except you cant beat those that you lost so miserably to.

    • proposition69

      And he has been getting destroyed left and right for some time now, right?