Frank Mir Approved for Testosterone Replacement Therapy Prior to UFC 146

June 1, 2012
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Frank Mir UFC 146 weigh-ins
Call it controversial, but the practice of testosterone replacement therapy is becoming more commonplace in MMA and it’s probably not going to change any time soon.

So with that the latest fighter to be approved for a therapeutic use exemption (TUE) for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) was former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir prior to his fight at UFC 146 against Junior Dos Santos.

Nevada State Athletic Commission Executive Director Keith Kizer confirmed the approval to on Friday.

The TUE allows a fighter to receive treatment from their physician for low testosterone, but they must still test multiple times prior to and after a fight for ultimate approval.

Mir underwent all the necessary testing required by the commission and his testosterone levels all fell in line to compete on the card.

Ultimately, Mir lost in the fight as he was finished by Dos Santos with punches in the 2nd round.

TRT has become a highly publicized issue lately in mixed martial arts with more and more fighters coming out as practitioners of the process as prescribed by their doctors.

Recently, UFC 148 main event fighter Chael Sonnen had his application for a TUE for the same TRT treatment approved by the Nevada State Athletic Commission for his bout against Anderson Silva on July 7.

Several other fighters have admitted to using the TRT treatments in the past including former champions Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson, Dan Henderson and Nate Marquardt.

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  • zacharydetal

    I have a hard time believing all these elite athletes are walking around with abnormally low testosterone levels. In reality, most UFC fighters could probably find a physician that would prescribe them TRT. It’s bullsh1t. Honestly, Henderson, Mir, Rampage, Marquardt, and Sonnen all suffer from the same illness. I don’t buy it.

  • gary

    haha guess the trt doesnt help your chin hey frank. better luck next time… seems like everyone is ok with trt as long as the fighters using are ufc fanboy favs. av gott low test so i use replazement teraupy. helps keep the horse meat on so its easier to maintain for when they cut to piss clean. what a joke.

  • johnt

    you’r right zach. they do not all have low T for real. faking that test is actually very very easy and if timed right they can get some strong dose testosterone
    talk about concidences. injectable testosterone is prescribed in less than 5% of all low T cases. And even in those cases it is normally only sent home with the patient if he cannot regularly get to the Dr’s office for the injection or if the patient has terminal illness such as cancer or AIDS. its funny how so many UFC fighters all manage to fall into the injectable test parameters and that they ALL seem to have Dr’s perfectly willing to send home bottles of testosterone for them to self administer.

    • Anthony

      dont forget about Androgel and Androderm–both junk IMO–great for libido but very little performance enhancement for athletic purposes

  • I can’t believe they’re cool with guys doing drugs that make them bigger, stronger, faster and better able to injure their opponent but if a guy smokes weed (and gets hungry) a week before his fight, they want his head on a platter.

    Welcome to bizarro world.

  • Why is this information being discussed openly by Kizer? Isn’t this kind of information protected by HIPA?

    • Anthony

      your right Short, thats a good question–Id be pissed if my medical history became public info—Be like your drug dealer posting all the stuff you bought from him on FB –NOT COOL!!!!!!

    • tsszaltax

      HIPA is to prevent medical personnel from providing information about ones health to anyone that is not providing treatment on a patient. NSAC is not medical personnel therefore doesnt have to follow HIPA guidelines.

      Plus Im sure Mir gave them the okay to release the information regardless.

  • MuayThaiFood

    If any of these guys really have low T it’s because they’ve already messed up their own natural production by taking steroids. It’s cheating no matter who it is. Nice to see the UFC is addressing it proactively. Probably giving referrals to Doc Feelgood.

  • Marquart is the only one cut by the UFC. The rest are welcomed with open arms.

  • Booker T

    I don’t like Mir. Cheating basturds. I don’t buy it. And the dumb ass Mir doesn’t eat meat, is an atheist, and now TRT. WEAK MINDED I SAY!!!!

  • Prodigy815


  • Every state has different laws when it comes to medical information being released. Nevada can release that information as opposed to New Jersey which cannot. HIPAA laws are by state .

    • It seems highly intrusive and inappropriate for matters of this nature to be discussed openly by a state regulatory body.

      For example: Take Chael’s reason (not that I buy it for a second), if he really has some sort of shriveled / underdeveloped testicle issue that was a great source of embarrassment for him as a child (as he claimed at his CSAC hearing), shouldn’t that sort of info be discussed behind closed doors? If a guy has a real medical issue, especially one that’s of a sensitive nature, why make the guy lay it all out there in a public forum where he’ll be subject to ridicule? Seems like a litigious time bomb waiting to go off.

  • elguapo

    Can anyone explain explain what this treatment is all about? Or rather why anyone would need it? So what happens if you have low testosterone levels? You struggle to grow a beard? Have a squeaky voice? I’m calling bullsh*t on this and it should be addressed immediately. As far as I’m concerned you fight with the gifts god gave you, some fighters are faster, some are stronger and some have bigger/hairier bollocks, it is what it is so get on with it.

    • Booker T

      Couldn’t agree more elguapo. Just another way to cheat. I armwrestled for 14 years and you had your steroid cheaters there also. They don’t test armwrestling for anything.

    • TRT / HRT is nothing more than cheating with permission. Guys figured out how to game the system and will continue to abuse it until the athletic commissions wise up and shut this ridiculous program down.

  • MuayThaiFood

    If fighters can’t fight without TRT then they just shouldn’t be fighting plain and simple. Not everyone has the physical characteristics that make a good fighter and if you don’t come by them naturally then you shouldn’t be fighting.

  • bajafox

    Looks like it’s as easy to get approved fro this as it is a California Prop 215 recommendation.

    Maybe Nick Diaz should look into this, can’t imagine how much ass he would kick if he quit smoking pot and started taking TRT, lol