Frank Mir ‘Absolutely’ Wants UFC Rubber Match with Brock Lesnar

February 23, 2015
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The MMA world just can’t seem to let go of Brock Lesnar. Even his former opponents still want a piece of him.

Following his win over Bigfoot Silva on Sunday in Brazil, Frank Mir said he would “absolutely” want to face Lesnar in a trilogy fight if the former UFC and current WWE champion makes his return to the Octagon.

“I think it would be a huge, big fight,” Mir said at the UFC Fight Night 61 post-fight press conference. “I think it would be something that would catapult my name even higher up.  A rubber match between the two of us would be a phenomenal fight.”

Mir steamrolled Silva in the first round, knocking “Bigfoot” out with a punch combination that led to a finish via ground and pound. The win was Mir’s first since 2011 and it stopped a four-fight losing streak.

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Lesnar-Mir-UFC-100-weigh-750Given the consecutive losses and obvious wear and tear that comes with fighting as heavyweight, Mir revealed that he was uncertain about coming back to fighting following his last defeat. Hanging up the gloves, however, would eliminate any chance of getting payback on Lesnar for the loss the hulking heavyweight handed Mir in 2009.

Luckily, conversations with his wife, Mir said, led to him deciding to take time away to let his body heal and rest. In his pseudo offseason, he took up gymnastics and yoga.

“I went to yoga with [my wife],” Mir said. “I did it for about 10 minutes [and] couldn’t even hold downward-facing dog because there was so many different aches and pains. I’m sitting there looking at all these soccer moms kicking my butt. I’m like, you know, my overall fitness kind of sucks right now.”

After embracing yoga and other physical activities, Mir said he began to work on his boxing and noticed an improvement in his physical well being. He added that he brought in old training partners who said the former heavyweight champ was moving like he did in his mid 20s.

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The results of his physical improvement showed in his win over Silva on Saturday, taking only 1:40 to dispatch his main-event opponent.

And as he had his hand raised signaling him as the evening’s winner, Mir had a couple thoughts in the back of his mind: maybe he’ll get one more shot at Brock and continued employment.

“To keep [a fight with Lesnar] anywhere in the works, I had to get a win tonight,” he said. “I really just kept it in the back of mind. It’s not something like, ‘I’m gonna win this to fight Brock.’ I was like, ‘Man, I need to win this so I can keep my job or my wife’s not going to let me go to the gym anymore.'”

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  • The Milkman

    Mir did look quick and mobile I’ll give him that.

    • Eddie Silva

      I’m always worried he drops his left hand Guard too Low and run’s out of Steam after 2 Rounds!

    • arana

      but how long can that speed last? 3 rounds? 5?

    • BFsMom

      against Bigfoot, the most sluggish HW fighter on roster.

  • George Sperry

    He gets a big win and calls out a WWE wrestler. Geez.

    • Seth

      calls out a WWE wreslter, who’s also former UFC Heavyweight champion*

      You forgot to mention that. No need to thank 🙂

    • TheCerealKiller

      I don’t even think of BF as a big win. All he does is hit hard. A black belt in BJJ and only 3 subs in his career.

  • Okaa

    UFC needs this fight!

  • Muttley76

    Huge Mir fan for well over a decade but if Lesnar does come back the rematch of like is Shane Carwin.

    • mmafanguy

      Never going to happen Carwin is 40 yrs old and retire since 2013 and his last fight is in 2011…

      • Muttley76

        Actually there was a (recent) article on here that said Carwin was finally healthy (not fighting for a few years does help I’m sure lol) and would come out of retirement to fight Lesnar.

        • mmafanguy

          WOW seriously?!? ok I miss that one but still… But we have to be careful like when Dana said that he is confident that GSP will come back but he did not even spoke to him. I will be very suprise to see Carwin back.

          • Muttley76

            I would too, he said that Lesnar would be the only guy he would come back to fight, and I know I’m probably in the minority wanting to see that rematch, but always liked Carwin.

          • Sarge

            i enjoyed carwin’s fights too.

        • deepgrim

          yeah but i think mir v lesnar sells more tickets there has been plenty of trash talked and i think brock would be more open to fighting mir again, everyone wants a fight with lesnar its guaranteed dollars, even overeem called him out for some dumb reason a while ago

  • Joe

    I miss the pre Ian Freeman Mir who pulled off spectacular subs and made grappling fun to watch. That guy could beat anyone, but even with all he accomplished he never seemed the same after that fight.

  • Sir_Roy

    I think a lot more fighters should take the time off, reset, and rebuild their bodies overall health (psychological health too).

    Mir did seem to be moving like an old man his past few fights. Going through the motions more than anything else.

    If he’s genuinely feeling it, I’d love to have a new and improved Frank back in the heavyweight line-up.

    A fight ending in a grapple match with a 100% Frank against Werdum would be awe inspiring.

    • FranksMOm

      “A fight ending in a grapple match with a 100% Frank against Werdum would be awe inspiring.”

      100% Frank Mir can’t beat the top UFC guys.

      What 100% Frank Mir are you talking about? He beat Bigfoot who has taken an unbelievable amount of punishment as of late.

      • Sir_Roy

        You, as usual, are a complete idiot. Bigfoot was ranked 4 going into his fight with Mir. That’s called “top ranked” bud. Frank dropped him easily. Against most level headed blokes, that would buy him the benefit of the doubt. That is, if you’ve been following in the slightest the details surrounding his comeback … which given your propensity to comment on sh!te you know nothing about is highly unlikely.

        Mir is the only heavyweight who could possible pose a challenge to Werdum in any kind of an MMA grapple test in the octagon – thus the comment. Folks said Mir didn’t stand a ghost of a chance on the mats against Minotoro either … till he just about tore his arm off.

        Styles make fights bud. They really do. Get a clue.

        • JJDNB

          Mir has serious killer instinct once he grabs a limb. Weeding is a beast. That would be amazing grappling match

      • JJDNB

        Surprised Mir hasn’t hit up any grappling tournies

  • Eddie Silva

    I think Mir should go for “Overeem” first…, then get “Brock” for that POS Trash Talking he did after his disgraceful win!

  • asdasdasd

    Who lost to him in a devestating kneebar in previous fight.

    Who allso got outboxed by mir untill he took it to the ground*

    • FrankdidnotoutboxBrock

      Who allso got outboxed by mir untill he took it to the ground*

      Which didn’t happen. The fighters were on feet for less than a minute. Not sure you can say anything about either fighter “outboxing” anyone.

      • Sir_Roy

        Brock was an athletic powerhouse “before” his health trauma knocked the fight out of him. Had the power to roll over most in the division “at the time”. Carwin, had he conserved a bit more and attacked more intelligently, would / could have had Brock. He gassed himself and essentially lost to cardio.

        Don’t know if he was forced off PED’s because of his illness, don’t much care. He wasn’t the same man at all afterward, and should stay retired. He is psychologically compromised (being humbled by a failing body and coming near death can do that to a man). Make some cash in the WWE (or whatever it’s called these days), enjoy the ranch, the wife, hunting and the brewskies.

  • Coco

    Frank Mir looking for that Brock Lesnar money… Oh S–t!

  • The only thing your name is gonna catapult is into retirement Mir, get over it

  • George

    Cain Velasquez exposed the real Brock Lesnar, as nothing more than a two-bit bully with a big mouth.

    • drkdisciple

      Anyone who fights Cain will be exposed because Cain is by far the best hw out there!

  • uncle

    But he had to wait to get a win to call him out a man whom is not on the rooster
    anymore.. Call out Barnett ,Overeem ,JDS He certainly put gas on the fire
    I was glad When Brock beat his a** he stop talking trash real quick

  • Sarge

    struve and schaub has bigger glass jaws than bigfoot. even mark hunt couldn’t knock bigfoot out in five rounds.