Fox Sports Introduces Ref Cam for UFC on Fox 4

August 1, 2012
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Fox Sports has often pioneered new ways to watch sports… or at least new views of certain sports, and they are doing so again with mixed martial arts.

Fox released a press statement on Wednesday about the Ref Cam, which it will introduce at Saturday’s UFC on Fox 4: Shogun vs. Vera event at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

The Ref Cam will bring fans “to a place they’ve never been – inside the Octagon, within inches of the fighters battling in the cage.”

Mauricio “Shogun” Rua vs. Brandon Vera headlines the four-bout main card on Fox.

The Ref Cam is similar in idea to the Catcher Cam and Diamond Cam that Fox Sports has utilized in baseball and the Gopher Cam in NASCAR.

Similar in size to the latest evolution of Diamond Cam, Ref Cam is a small, lightweight, wireless high definition, radio frequency transmission camera showing the point of view of the only other person inside the Octagon with the fighters.

During Saturday’s broadcast, the lens will be placed at the top button of the referee’s shirt. The power-source, a long-life lithium ion battery and the transmitter are worn as a light chest vest under the referee’s shirt.

Developed by Inertia Unlimited, it was first used earlier this summer during HBO’s broadcast of Amir Kahn vs. Danny Garcia fight and received very positive reviews from production and viewers.

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  • tomkevill

    by pioneering you mean taking what was going on in japan 10 years ago.

    • Machterf5

      lol. +1

    • I usually lurk around reading the articles but felt compelled to comment on this subject. I must admit that I was a bit shocked to see MMAWeekly promote the ref cam as an innovative step for MMA. They have done amazing, extensive work on MMA in Japan in the past. To overlook the fact that the Pride refs have been using the ref cams well before UFC raised my eyebrow.

    • Touche!

      Mmaweekly come on, your better than this, why are you just printing a fox press release. Everyone knows Pride used webcams.

  • Triggerman99

    Yeah didn’t Strikeforce already do this like 12 times?
    Right, pioneers for sure….

  • About time the UFC got with the times. PRIDE and Strikeforce have used Ref cam in the past.

  • mad555

    The real funny thing on top of not even mentioning pride, k-1, or strikeforce as using this before this, is the fact that Dana White hated this idea when this was brought up to him before they went to Japan. He blew off the reporter that asked about using the ref cam. I wonder how he feels about it now?